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Battle 1 Sudden Assault

The Red King


"Mazarak felt blood running from his ruined left eye as he surveyed the approaching stormfront. A good sign he thought. Mighty Kharneth blesses us with his gaze. The blizzard had appeared on the horizon without warning, in the wrong season, and approached at an unnatural pace. Or so his shaman Harrus had told him. Mazarak had never seen snow himself and the thought of learning things beyond the means for bloodshed made his lips pull back from yellowed fangs in a snarl that turned his hound like visage from frightening to absolutely terrifying.

Still, his eye bled, a sure sign of violence to come. As his keen ears pricked to the sound of distant bellowing coming from the stormfront his snarl turned to a predators smile.

He surveyed his small band who stamped their hooves and daubed their horns with fresh blood in anticipation. "Kharneth strong!" He shouted though they needed no goading. "Gor strong! Fresh blood comes. Flesh for gor. Blood for Bloodbeast, skulls for skull throne!" Mazarak hefted his axes high and the gorkin roared their hunger for battle at the approaching blizzard.

Mazarak decided quickly that he did not like this "snow". It stung his flesh like biting flies but he could not kill it. Perhaps more importantly it had concealed his enemies until they were nearly on top of his bands herdstone. A monstrous ogor tyrant larger even than the beastlord himself had barreled from the blinding storm mounted atop an even more monstrous beast. Its stone hard horns and hooves had scattered his gors and Mazarak himself had nearly been impaled by the tyrants brutal frost coated spear forcing him to withdraw in a way that made his blood boil. As Mazarak looked on, clutching his wounded side, his bestigor hacked wildly at the monster. Though they carved long gashes in its flanks the beast continued its rampage sending his best troops flying with wild abandon.

Worse still was the way the ogors followers, mounted on smaller beasts and hanging slightly back, were watching unconcerned. Laughing at his gors efforts to bring down the stonehorn, laughing at him! So great was his rage that he swore to Kharneth then and there that he would devour the tyrants heart and offer his skull to the great throne. He felt the eyes of something vast and terrible upon him, hearing his oath, judging him worthy to make it, but only just.

The heat of an endless flame filled him with the promise of pain and worse should he fail and before his eyes the spilled blood gathered itself into the shape of a muscular demonic being holding a sword that seemed a part of its charred flesh which flung itself at the tyrant. Its form was powerful but Mazarak could see in its eyes that it was a mad feral thing and he understood his gods promise. Succeed and be exalted, fail and burn till nothing was left. A simple order but such was Khornes way, such was the law of the beastmen and Mazarak was a true devotee of chaos. The consequences meant nothing, he would not fail, but Kharneth instilled not just red hot fury but iron will. With a vicious bark Mazarak ordered his warriors to withdraw. Khorne cares not from where the blood flows but Mazarak had a skull to claim and for that he would need his strength. The mocking laughter of the ogors followed him and he vowed that they would feed the herdstone well, and soon.

So pure was Mazaraks fury that deep in the realms of blood a daemon with the head of a great bull paused in his endless slaughter. Ripping his axe from his twitching foe he turned blazing eyes towards the material realms and snorted. Whatever mortal beast had dared draw Tauruk Gorefeast's attention would be worthy or he would be devoured."


Game 1 saw me withdrawing at the top of 2 after my friends Stonehorn mounted tyrant killed half my gors and my beastlord on his turn 1 (which did spit out a chaos spawn per the gavespawn rules) and all 20 of my bestigors by the end of my turn, after they did a whopping 5 wounds back. He was completely new to 3rd edition but a stonehorn is a little strong at 600 points. We are moving to 1000 points from there so I'll be adding in a demon prince of khorne and some bullgor to hopefully give me some chance against his big monsters. I've encouraged him not to go easy and just build towards what he actually wants to bring at 2000 points. 


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