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With Soulblight probably in the making... a little poll


Soulblight finaly gets remake, choose one theme  

168 members have voted

  1. 1. Choose your theme type

    • Vampire + pirates = vampirets, yarrr shiver me timbers matey!
    • Nosferatu: bald headed creepy guys with alchemy thrown in
    • Classic baroque armored blood suckers: Carstein/Blood dragons
    • As they are right now in LoN battletome
    • Something totally else: discuss below
    • Sparkly skin daylight heroes with name that rhymes with Edward

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I would like to know what is your poison. If you were designer/s at GW what kind of theme would you go with new Soulblight?


I myself would prefer old style heavy armored vampires and creatures of the night thrown in, but I have faith that whatever theme GW comes up with, it should be interesting at least.

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I would be happy with new models!  Heck, even the Sartosa vampires would be something I could get behind.  They are popular in the computer game and a shooty death army hasn't been seen since the Tomb Kings packed up and left the realms.  More ways to play but skeletons are skeletons.

Though if given the option, I would like to see heavily armored vampires with armor similar to the Von Carsteins.  I could get behind a unit of thrall vampire warriors led by an actual vampire as a unit champion.  I would also like to see the Varghulf come back to LON just as a monster for soul blight just similar to chaos spawn but meaner with some intelligence.  

LoN has a lot of troop varieties, but I would like to see more ways to play based on your general or faction.  Ie - lots of skeletons, get a wight king to unlock more bonuses or rules for your army (give a unit -1 rend).  Want Soul Blight, get vampire troop units other than vargheists and blood Knights.  Play Night and get more scary monsters like werewolves, flesh golems, etc. (who wouldn't want a flesh golem that provided support like the OBR ones- just give me a 4/5+ death save on my zombies or something like that!)  Make corpse carts regen d6 zombies or give them an increased save when they are in combat.  Just +1 to hit is weak and the carts aren't too effective anymore - make them legit support pieces.  Our game has always been about attrition and key elite units to damage the enemy while the battle line absorb the damage.

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I would like to see something diffrent to the currents units Death can choose from. Skeletons and Zombies have bad or even no saves. Their attacks arn't that good (just many). Cavalery is quiet fast but durable.

I would like to see an elite army. Look at the Blood Knights for example. I like the Idea of a small unitsize of good armoured and good equiped fighters. Give all vampires something like a blood frenzy. when the killed something and spoiled blood they got some bonuses on attacks and to hit/to wound, but also get some malus on saves of can't flee. something like that to represent they had fallen into a status of wilder vampires and not thet noble fighters they ware at the start of a match.

there could be a healing mechanic, the leader cuts himself and get some mortal wounds, then he heals every soulblight unit in x" for D3 (other heroes included, not just summonable).

Like Honk said before, the 4 Bloodlines in LoN are a good starting point. 4 Bloodline, every representet by a named hero

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Asymmetric units would be cool...

A vampire lord leading a unit of zombielike chaff as ablative wounds...like old times blender vamp in skellis. would be tricky against pin point damage like the fec mawshard or the se dragon bite and with bad positioning tricky, so the opponent has options against that.

big heroes who can sacrifice d3 mortals to heal d6 wounds 

then for the different flavors 

constructs (yes maybe pirates), elite knights or nulahmia assassins (after terrain set up secretely choose a piece and hide an vamp-killer in there. Like a 40k lictor of old)...

loosen up cross book alliances up to 50:50 to implement buying incentives, with useful rules and abilities if you play grand alliance  and cool specials if you focus on only assassins or mighty knights of Abhorash. Play with battleline like SB vs LoB

make me want to spent 1k for the fun, instead of only 300 for the meta

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I voted Vampirates, we've seen the potential of this concept in Total War, and I like their aesthetics. 

But I would be happy as well with a Nosferatu style or a completely new concept, as long as it brings fresh air to the game. 
The fact is... I really love the old baroque armoured Blood Dragons, but I think they belong to the Old World.

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Just as a side note on this; why have all non female vampires been bald in recent times? I know a lot have helmets and what not, but any bareheaded ones are follicaly challenged!

This guy however; even has a beard!



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19 hours ago, OkayestDM said:

I'm particularly partial to the idea of vampirates, but I also really want an infiltrate/infest/turn theme that would make them a real menace to the cities of order (at least in terms of lore and story.)

If we get something like that, I'll be happy regardless of asthetic.

 That infiltration and manipulation theme is also something I would like to see narratively, as it would give soulblight a unique and distinctive role within the grand alliance.  It would also give Neferata some time in the spotlight, as IMO she's been rather criminally underutilized since, like, forever.  Mechanically, it could take the form of turn order or deployment manipulation shenanigans like forcing an enemy unit into reserves, tied to units like neferata, the blood palanquin, and the coven throne, as well as alternate deployment options for vampire units within whatever bloodlines we end up seeing, debuff spells that force a unit to check bravery before it can move, shoot, assault, or fight, etc.

place it within a broader subtheme of psychology, with the usual undead debuffs to bravery but add in attacks that target bravery, ways to stop the inspiring presence command ability, ways to force additional battleshock checks, but by other names so that immunity to battleshock  checks doesn't help, forcing bravery checks when charged by soulblight units or else the enemy unit suffers a penalty to hit or even strikes last, and so on.

Again, lots of options.  I love the idea of supernatural dread and horror as an undead gimmick, and miss the oldhammer days when fear and terror were central pillars of the undead battle strategy.  Sadly so far that concept hasn't been implemented very effectively in AoS, particularly as more and more factions are functionally or even literally immune to battleshock.  A new soulblight book is a prime opportunity to make the undead scary again.

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I WANT a full Vampirate army in addition to a "normal" one, but what I think we'll get is an updated look of something along the lines of Mannfred or Vlad's armor for the generic lords and units. Bloodline stuff might come into play as a choice on their Warscrolls similar to how Tyrants and their Big Names work. I'm willing to bet that the closest thing to an official Vampire Coast we'll get is an updated version of the Wraithfleet rules as a subfaction. From there, it would be up to the converters.

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I know people are probably sick of me repeating this, but I really want them to take the Blood Knight/Crusade theme to it's natural conclusion of a kind of gothic spiritual successor to Bretonnia; a force primarily built around heavy shock cavalry, supported by flying monsters and expendable chaff of mortals/blood thralls in a similar vein (heh) to peasantry. 

Vampirates are just too... memey and a one-note joke for me. 

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I feel like Flesh Eater Court Ghouls are so close to Nosferatu fiends already.

Wouldn't mind an army of thralls or Igor's that can specifically help the Vampires.

We've got plenty of chaff, we're Death.

Would be nice to see playable elite units that feel like vampires. Slender proper human-looking vampires that can transform into Vargheists would be fun.

Emphasis on making the battlefield "NIGHT TIME" could be an amazing mechanic.

I love my VLOZD but we have plenty of 350+ point units as it is.

A vampiric mind control to use the enemy's shooting would be fun.

Big fan of the self-sacrifice themes i.e. warlock/necromancer in other games.

"Blood Bags" that are dragged along to keep the Vampire's health near full is another concept.


 Vampire pirates just seem so goofy. They work in the video game, but is an army of shooting really what GW needs to be adding?

Shooting is awesome to have, I'm just not sure that the world's strongest death vampires should have to rely on plain ol' guns.

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I've posted all over this forum on how i want Soulblight to incorporate living mortals as part of the army but a thought has occurred to me that while unlikely would be incredible. Vampires outside of grand alliance death or at least outside of Nagash's grand plan. 

Think about it, unlike the rest of death Vampires are living on borrowed time. They require the blood of mortals, the mortals that will all be dead would Nagash's plans be fulfilled. so it stands to reason vampires with enough foresight go independent or ally with other forces. Vampires of chaos would be an interesting take as we've already had Isabella as a vampire daemon princess of nurgle. Blood dragons of khorne, necrarchs of tzeentch and lamians of slaanesh aren't too far fetched a concept. Or make them a dark mirror of CoS, Cities of Death ruled by vampires incorporating basic undead units and limited amounts of the CoS roster. Or vampires of destruction, wild barbaric clans more in touch with their inner monster wreaking havoc across the realms as wild hordes of fur and bone adorned Vampires bound into battle with their venerated monstrous brethren like vargheists. 

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9 hours ago, Lucky Snake Eyes said:

Or make them a dark mirror of CoS, Cities of Death ruled by vampires incorporating basic undead units and limited amounts of the CoS roster

In the novels there are a bunch of mortals all over Shyish. It would be nice to see them fleshed out.

lately with the announcement of slaneesh and dark elves factions  in Warcry and underworld, I‘m not sure if we are on the verge of a new book, but you’ll never know

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I  voted "Classic baroque armored blood suckers: Carstein/Blood dragons" however I don't think that will be the route that GW goes. With their recent releases it is obvious they want to protect their IP with unique things and as such the classic baroque vampires just isn't unique enough. Now having said that, if they come out with a new Soulblight faction that is completely different than what we have now, I am curious if the current Soulblight stuff would be squatted. I certainly hope not, I love the VLoZD.

Based on the current meta and wanting Soulblight to be competitive, a Vampirates faction could be good, allowing them access to shooting, etc.

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