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  1. it is possible t make a descent "-X to Hit" List with Allegiance: Death. Just by adding 3 Models (it's 2 specifical models and one Hero with a Artefact) to the army. Allegiance: DeathLeadersNeferata Mortarch of Blood (340)Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon (440)- General- Deathlance & Shield & Chalice- Command Trait: Red Fury- Artefact: Cursed BookBattlelineBehemothsMourngul (280)Total: 1060 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 35 Command Points are used on Neferatas Twilight's Allure. -1 to within 15" hit for enemy units (both ranged and melee). Mournguls Ghastly Apparition gives an other -1 to hit within 6" for enemy models (both ranged and melee). The wording models makes it abit wierd. Artefact Cursed Book gives a third -1 to hit within 3" for enemy units (without the Death Keyword, both ranged and melee). I choosed the VLoZD because he hase the biggest Base and is a very good unit/hero too. Roaming with these 3 units in a cluster aroung the battlefield modifies every 3+ to hit a a 6+. It is reducing the damage output to just 25% (both ranged and melee attackts). All three units are very fast, Mourngul is the slowest with 10", all are flying.
  2. I too think Glottons, Leadbelcher and Ironguts will be in warcry. Heroes like Tyrant and Butcher / Slaughter Master are to expensive und to strong. Maybe there will be some Leaders from the listed units above.
  3. Nighthaunt units without Guardian of Souls are a bit wasted imo. The +1 to Wound is such a good buff, you want it always. its for free! Maybe make a 30 uni of Grimghast and add the Guardian of Souls
  4. I hope there will be soon a new faq or even a reworked battletome for LoN. Reworked Legion Abilities, maybe some new battalions, Endless Spells and/or Terrain. LoN was the first Battletome which got some of the most new things listed above but not in its final form like in the Ossiarch Bonereaper Battletome.
  5. Thnak you both. But this is the worst thing i could imagine. In my opinion the new Warscroll is just suited for Bonereapers not for Legion of Nagash. There should be a FAQ that Nagash used in a LoN amry should know all Spells from the LoN lore. This way throwing Arcane Bolts for 880 points is pretty useless.
  6. Still no new FAQ. picking Nagash for LoN for 880 Points is pain in the nonohole.
  7. Hey guys, Nagash has a new Warscroll in the Bonereapers Battletome. It is made for using him in a Bonereapers army. Do i have to use this Warscroll in a Legion of Nagash army? I can't see any FAQ ruling this. Thank you
  8. As is understood it is a nerf for Nagash. Before he knew all spells by alls Death Wizards. Now he only knows his 4 spells, but he can spam Mystic Shield and Arcan Bolt. Shield is nonsense because of his Command Ability. Cast 8 times Arcane Bolt to do something around 12 Mortal Wounds. is pretty lame. I see the changes on Nagash's warscroll as a (big) nerf.
  9. @Walrustaco i think rules just say, that a unit can't get more than one Trait. But there is no rule which forbid to choose the same ability one multiply Mounts
  10. @Walrustaco don't forget, that in one BCR Tribe all Monster can get a Mounttrait. So both FLoSH can have +1 to hit on Horns. On top of that our Stonehorns do +1 Damage when they charged. 6 Attacks on 2/3/-2/4 average 12 1/3 damage. Average just by the Horns. Imagine Eurlbad still gives +1 Damage on all Attacks. 16 2/3 Damage only with Horns!
  11. I like the Damage Buff Mounrfang Packs get. Their Clubs now hit on 3+. i did the math for average damage to enemy units with a 4+ save. now the clubs and the gargant hackers do the same amount of damage. Plus the Clubs have Iron fists which send back 1 Mortal Wound each on a saveroll of 6. That way Clubs and Iron Fiss will do more Damage than Gargant Hackers.
  12. It was unmodified charge roll, when i get it right. so 12 MW would be top. But combining Trampeling Charge with Earth Shattering Charge will be a huge Damage boost to the Stonehorn, compared to the current ruling.
  13. Yesterday i played my first few games with Legion of Nagash and i have to say, they are awesome! i played an "elite" List containing: Necromancer, 3x Seneschal, 3x Grave Guard with great Wight Blade, 2x GG with Crypt Shield. They hit that hard. My Seneschal hitting the Ogor beeacher with Chosen Champion did 14 Damage to him. in only one Swing! ok that was lucky to roll 2 6's but even the 3'****** in that moment. Cursed Weapon is also a very good ability. Both of them only cost you a double. I won't forget my opponents face, when he killed one of my Seneschals, just to see me summoning him back, right next to his Leader. Question on that Point. A Model which was activated in the current Round and resummoned in the same round. Could this Model be activated again?
  14. on page 35 of the rule book it is written:" If a rule forn an action or ability preformed by a fighter refers to 'other friendly fighters', it means fighters for the fighter's warband, excluding itself." in my opinion a leader (Infernal or Haunter) can't use Chosen of the King on himself. Tell me if i am wrong, but it is clearly in the core rules.
  15. Maybe i underrate Nighthaunt, but i think they are not as good as FEC and LoN. 5 Tougthness is great, but every single modle hitting on 5+ because of a low Strength of 3 is pretty meh. Reach of 2" should be very interesting. Outpositioning the other factions by unsing the terretory, flying on a higher place and hitting in 2" range thus you can't hit back. Nighthaunt won't win any "kill all shields" or "kill XY" matches. the damage output is to low. even if you use the Firgthful Touch (tripple) for Spirit Hosts. It's a +3 damage per hit ability. that's not much for a tripple. LoN got something equal for a double, same for FEC. Even the Quad is pretty meh compared to other.
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