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  1. Having a hard time figuring out how to make Radukhar’s Court work. Obviously the points cost is large, and the units take up all of your hero slots with analogous, less effective versions of regular heroes. I feel like with the rest of a 2k list being filled with shambling hordes could work (particularly if there are more command points available in the new edition), but this seems extremely slow moving and difficult to maneuver aggressively. Has anyone found a good use for this massive, 700+ point “unit?”
  2. I feel like there is something very strange about the whole death rattle section of this book. The Warscrolls aren’t very good, but neither are they priced as expendable speed bumps. Only the skeletons have the resurrection rule that seems like all the death rattle units should have had, and the Wight King’s command ability doesn’t make sense. I see an faq for these units very soon. If black knights and grave guard stood back up upon activation they might actually be decent as trouble-maker units. Legion of Blood’s focus on the most confusing warscrolls in the book makes it a confusing allegia
  3. I think battle standard bearers are about to be a thing. Models with the totem keyword will give you a bunch of bonuses relating to command points and will form the linchpin of your battle line.
  4. yeah and I heard they are getting rid of slaanesh because it’s not kid-friendly and then after they make female space marines Games Workshop is getting bought by hasbro and then going bankrupt!!! LOL This is not even slightly true. Just more nonsense. The stores will be doing demos only until the restrictions on capacity are lifted nationwide, as is perfectly logical and rational. There is a clear series of steps leading to the end goal of the shops returning to normal. It is comical is how frothy everyone is getting over this clearly silly idea.
  5. I believe each battle round should have one shooting phase right after endless spells are moved, and that all shooting units on the table should fire in alternating fashion, starting with the player who is taking the second turn in the battle round.
  6. Well said. People are kind of spergy about the fact that Warhammer doesn’t follow the i.p. for Twilight or the World of Darkness, forgetting that Warhammer predates both of those ip’s. Warhammer vampires always borrowed from old Eastern European folklore. The name of the old shape shifting bloodline that Ushoran founded and that eventually became the feral vampires of the flesh eater courts was Strigoi: From Wikipedia Strigoi in Romanian mythology are troubled spirits that are said to have risen from the grave. They are attributed with the abilities to transform into an animal, bec
  7. Haha me neither. It is such a beautiful model, though. I suspect the secret of the soul reaper is that 3rd edition AoS will have a 500 point game-mode like 40k’s combat patrol, and that models like the SoulReaper, or even Eltharion are mostly Intended to be HQ’s for use in those small games.
  8. Well I’d say it’s very likely a named-character SoulReaper, given the Mortisan cartouche on the axe and the head dress which is the same head dress as on the soul-reaper.
  9. A PRISON OF BONE Careful dissection and dismantling of specimens in my private laboratory has revealed that beneath the apparently skeletal exterior of the BoneReaper is a mechanism of fiendish sophistication. Some notes before we begin: BoneReapers are, as belied by their exceedingly robust appearance, in large part hollow! They are exceedingly sturdy but also much lighter-weight than they appear, lending them a swiftness we rarely associate with the undead. The form of the BoneReaper is superficially that of a skeleton, but this in itself is ceremonial. Certainly the armies of t
  10. ...cont’d A TAXONOMY OF DEATH It is a matter of little difficulty for a mage versed in the arts of death magic to anchor a vortex of wind from far-off shyish in the remains of a dead thing. A house of ill reputation, for example can act as a lodestone for the aether of far-off shyish. A rose clipped from the bush, or a timepiece does equally Well. Indeed, any symbol of death can act as such an anchor. No object pulls so hard on the winds of shyish, however, than the remains of the unsanctified dead. The most elementary, vulgar, and vile act of necromancy is to use this wind a
  11. Musings upon the structure and function of the walking dead of Fallen Ossia —From Cornelius VonSilence - Ipissimus and Dean of Shyishian Artes, frater of the most honorable and Esteemed College of Hallowheart - to Lord Commander, Magister of Hammerhal and a judiciary representative of the Stormcast Eternals during this time of tribulations, Aventus Firestrike. Greetings Magister! It has been too long since we have spoken face to face, and so I resort to this missive as a means of sharing the fruits of my latest research. I hope it finds you well and that the samples I h
  12. I do love the idea of the blissbarb archers or what have you firing arrows seemingly ineffectively at multiple units just causing a bit of damage here and there but wracking up a ton of pain and suffering in the process. That feels cool.
  13. This mechanic for depravity points makes WAY more sense than the old one. The only thing that will maybe make it run out of control is that is seems to generate from your units and the enemy units. I expect with a bit of shooting this will make for a disastrously large amount of summoning. Hard to tell without seeing the English version though. Also seems like it will taper off towards the end of the game when there are fewer units running around.
  14. I think the main reason is that the game uses six sided dice. With small order dive it’s hard to get a less step-wise and larger probability distribution they introduce two dice rolls for a smoother 36 step probability density function. One could argue they would have a much easier time just using d10’s or d20’s, but I think one of the original design constraints back in the 80’s and 90’s was that the game be playable with ordinary dice
  15. Haha that hadn’t Occurred to me, but yeah that makes sense. Would be brutal.
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