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  1. Yep - from experience, though: always assume it's going to take you another turn to get the resurrected wolves (or indeed anything else) where they need to be. Those 9" charges are hard to get... I am saying this as I used to wait until the very last moment to pull back units from the grave, only to find out that turn 5 was almost upon me. My current strategy is: unless you have a strong reason to wait, bring them back asap. They way this list plays is a double-counter-charge: you'll be often gave first turn (if going second, not much changes though). At that point, send two/three units of wolves to grab two/three distant objectives (or, summon them via the gravesites, but that's a bit more risky as if you go second you have no screens). Sit with the necro, cart and reapers on the home objective. Position the VLoZD and Vhordrai ~15" away from the wolves and the blood knights 15" away from the dragons. The opponent has to deal with the wolves, as that's a 70 points units giving you an objective. Then, counter charge with the dragons. Try to avoid being double turned with the dragons in combat as they can withstand most things for one round, but not two without drinking from the chalice. Then, counter charge with the blood knights. A simplified version, obviously, but that's how I play it. The reapers can be run forward to bog down the opponent (they'll came back after all). It is KEY to get the charges off with the blood knights, and it is key to not get double turned with the two dragons in danger. Weak point: magic-heavy builds care not about movement finesse. Weakest point: shooting builds care even less.
  2. I would agree with you only up to a point, in that most large corporations are strategic enough to forfeit a short range margin/profit if they think they can make it up later on whilst keeping the customer satisfaction high in the meantime. In this case, they are not making a profit with the choice of prioritising the 40K app while basically forgetting about Azyr, as both customer bases (i.e. 40K and AoS people, where there is obviously quite the overlap between the two) are, I think it’s very fair to say this, rather unhappy about both apps at the moment. The clever strategy would have been to fix Azyr first (small job compared to the 40K app) and simply delaying the release of the 40K app. There is so much going on with 40K anyway at the moment that I very much doubt people would have gone “oh, but you promised us an app on day X, how dare you?”. Simply admitting that Papa Nurgle’s gifts have been putting some rot into the cogs would have been enough for anyone but the haters to understand. As we speak, we have both apps in a seriously bad place, with loads of users unsubscribing from both. Bear in mind that the whole package with the 40K app is 4.99 £ so it’s not unreasonable to say that they screwed this up badly. I, personally, don’t mind 0.99 £ / month as I am a lazy ******, but 4.99 £? I unsubscribed the very moment I discovered they claimed they have an app - only to realise the iOS version was not available (that did annoy me a bit, I’d have to admit... now the iOS version is up, but no way to get it to work if you have an iPhone 6 or older - what a joke...). In GW defence, when they realise they botched the 40K release they did wave the subscription costs for the first month. Would they be doing the same for Azyr? I think that’d only be fair, as it’s been months we have been paying for a service that it’s just not there.
  3. I think one has to put things into context. The development of the 40k app is a huge effort (the cross-referencing alone must be quite the nightmare given how dynamic the content is/will be) from scratch, hence I am ok(-ish) with the current version of it being rather awful (it really is. Fact). However, what we are asking for Azyr is a simple update of the points (5’ worth of work. For real.) and the addition of the new factions, which is basically the Lumineth and that’s it, I believe. This can be done very quickly very easily - I know a thing or to about code/app design and development, and even assuming the most arcane/slow pipeline, these changes should not take more than one week (and that’s a gross overestimate). Can’t GW (which I STRONGLY support as they make this hobby of ours an ever-improving reality) spare / invest in an extra week of work to fix Azyr whilst whipping the 40k app guys? I really think they can and that in this case they are not doing the right thing. Yes, 40k is the biggest slice of the cake and yes, some people, including myself, are still paying 0.99 GBP/month for a functionality that is simply not there, but leveraging our laziness is not the right thing to do. I am not massively annoyed by this (nobody should, in my opinion these are first-world problems) but I do think it’s important to point out that the devil is in the details, and that this particular detail is out of place. That’s my 2 cents anyway...
  4. This list is almost identical to the list I am planning to run in September at a 2-day tourney... a few thoughts: - I put in a Corpse Cart (unholy lode stone) instead of the extra command point (thus getting to 2000 pts on the nose!). That’s because both the Necromancer’s and Vhordrai spells are absolutely key - and in my case the one on the VLoZD as well. You don’t mention spells... I went for Overwhelming Dread (Necromancer), Amethistine Pinions (VLoZD) and Vile Transference (Vhordrai). The Cart also gives a +1 save to your wolves, which makes them uber-cost-effective. And, I very recently put together what I think is a decent conversion of that particular model, so... 😜 - The Sword is (marginally) better than the lance for the VLoZD (search elsewhere on tag, plenty of threads about that) unless you are running it with Mist Form in SoulBlight (as in that case you can always charge...) - I have split my 10 Blood Knights into two units of 5, as in that way it’s easier to get them in cover and they can countercharge whatever gets on both the VLoZD and Vhordrai. Easier to get them all in, harder for your opponent to shut down their charge, more board control with 2 units instead of one. This one I have thoroughly tested - it’s just better, unless you have no anti-horde unit, but that’s when the Reapers come in. Other than that, as I said, the most competitive thing I could come up with is something very very similar to your so... it must be good, right? I’ll let you know how it performs in September! It has the bodies, the anti-hero, the anti-elite and the anti-horde. It is super fast, the Reapers come back... I think it’s strong. Against the filthiest of the latest meta-lists... of course we are going to suffer, but hey, we’ll do what we can! This is incorrect. Both Vhordrai and the Blood Knights went down in points, thus effectively making this list possible with a 60 pts boon. Not bad!
  5. Best of luck with your upcoming tourney! I always stayed clear of that battalion (I really don’t think it’s worth it) but I’d be very happy to be proven wrong... let us know how it goes!
  6. Yes you can, as - according to the GHB 2020 - Deathlords are still Nighthaunt allies. To "trick" Warscroll Builder you can temporarily change the allegiance of your army (say, from Nighthaunt to e.g. Legion of Sacrament), add Arkhan the Black into your list, then switch back to the Nighthaunt allegiance. A tad bit of a hassle, but still better than Azyr... 🙄
  7. True... however (1.) the magic Doms are... Seraphons, Lumineth and Tzeench? "Only" three factions of the many out there. To be fair, against those every other faction struggles anyway, no matter the list; (2.) Both Neferata's and the Mourngul's minuses do not rely on magic. Not saying the list above has any actual play... I have never tried the dynamic duo (New + Mister Gul) before, though. Against Heroes/elite units it should do some work, at least on paper, and the minuses combined with their healing make for some form of resilience I guess.
  8. A few thoughts: @EnixLHQ comparing Nighthaunt to Dark Souls is probably the best thing I read on TGA ever - it really put a big smile on my face. Especially as a Sekiro (which is, if at all possible, even harsher) aficionado. .. Nighthaunt are challenging to play, but not 100% rubbish, you can still get some wins, and when you do you feel amazingly rewarded - this is why I like them. I echo @lare2's thoughts - albeit I am not entirely certain Nighthaunt will get a new dedicated battle tome, but a man can dream If you had enough of the struggle, why don't you branch out into some other DEATH faction? Nighthaunt models are an excellent basis to build upon in any Legion of Nagash list and they even ally to Soulblight. I play the latter as well as Legion of Blood and I enjoy the variety. Yes, Legion of Blood is, as far as my experience goes, the most competitive choice between those three, but even then it's still a struggle against the seriously top-tier factions. As I have been advocating for some crazy lists, here's an idea for one where the main idea is to stack minuses to hit. Magic and shooting will still wipe out or precious ghosts , you will never call anything like this "competitive" and the Soulblight equivalent works better (because of army-wide bonuses to cast) but hey, it's an idea - perhaps some cleverer person will do something with it one day... The idea is to stack as many minuses to hit as (in)humanly possible, for the ultimate opponent's feel bad experience. I feel a bit naughty today, sorry... I'd probably only run something along these lines against 27 eels or 60 berzerkers . Anyway: Shademist (Guardian of Souls, +1 to cast) is -1 to wound, Grief Stricken (Olynder) -1 to hit, Geminids (Reikenor, +3 cast) another -1 to hit, Neferata - 2 to hit (2 CPs and her ability stacks), the Mourngul has an in-built -1 to hit as well and we have the Shards for a potential, additional -1 to hit. That rounds up at a potential -6 to hit and -1 to wound, which is batshit crazy. Of course you only need a max. of -4 to hit, but equally not all the spells/ability will kick off, so... Ok, it's a silly list, but I felt I needed something refreshing... or: Yep - that'll do it, but I can't see myself painting 60 more...
  9. I am afraid the wording is rather clear: it’s the British way of telling you “forget about this stuff in actual tournaments, but do feel free to play it with your mates”. Now: It’s ok. I had some success with the Dolorous Guard before (if mostly outside Nighthaunt, but that’s in the past now...) and in order to bring that battalion to the table I converted 5 boxes of Dreadblade Harrows because I couldn’t and I still cannot bring myself to suffer the Hexwraiths models (maybe it’s just me but they look awful...). Am I upset about it? Yeah, a bit. What good does it make to whine (not saying that anyone is but there is a risk)? None - we don’t make the rules. Let’s open Warscroll Builder once more (is there anything we like more than that? Naaah...) and get to work. It’s ok - you can still use your models. Think of the Tomb Kings players - they have all the reasons to be properly GUTTED, that’s a ton of plastic in the bin. They’re taking away from us - from a faction which is already struggling (but still has some play, let’s be honest). Fair. And yet, the Great Wheel of Power Creep shall roll again, folks - perhaps one day we shall be at the receiving end of a massive boon. Until then, let’s play with what we have. I never liked or played Legion of Grief - it didn’t make any sense to me. Personal taste, of course, but I am somehow glad that’s gone. I would never dream to ask a TO “hey, can I roll my Dolorous Guard?” I am getting a tad bit fed up with the usual “Nighthaunt suck” argument. It might or might not be true (some other factions are struggling even more at the moment IMHO), but what I’d like to see is some creative juice that plays with the stuff that we actually have. I am sure some interesting/crazy dare I say it competitive builds are still out there for Nighthaunt, waiting to be found. I feel it’s time to embark on that quest as opposed to endlessly moan about how poorly we are faring. Having said that... darn, 5 boxes of Harrows! ******...
  10. I'd love that. It has been said before: many of us will enjoy being able to play with different hosts/covens/guilds (whatever you want to call them). The thing is, really, that substantial changes to warscrolls are really rare - even in the latest books we have seen, it's not so much about different warscrolls (ok, with some exceptions) but it's about the additional layer provided by these sub-factions, which offer bespoke sets of powerful rules that synergise with the existing warscrolls, resulting in a net boost of the faction power level as a whole. Heck, you could even keep the Stalkers' warscroll as it is (I think we can all agree we have never seen any of those pointy guys in any competitive list, ever) but come up with a specific host which gives them -1 to hit if charged and -1 rend if charged. Suddenly, they become a good unit (as they re-roll failed hits if they get charges as well, already). Having said that, I do acknowledge that there are some core mechanics that have to be revised faction-wide. Namely (and this is mostly fishing from what has been said already)... - Bring our deathless save in line with the rest of the DEATH factions (i.e. within 6" instead of the flipping' wholly within 12"). This just has to happen, what we have now is a leftover and everyone knows it. - Our heroes should be -1 to hit if targeted in the shooting phase. This is sensible, in my opinion, as if they end up in melee it's probably your own fault. What we don't want is for them to be wiped out by ranged attacks we cannot counter as our heroes as to be close to our units so it's very difficult to cut line of sight. Yes, this would stack with the -1 for Look out Sir, but it's not too much to ask at all - you can still remove them via mortal wounds after all. - Our named heroes should have 9 wounds. I'd love Lady Olynder to have 11 (she's a Mortarch, come on!) but then she'll have to increase in points for sure. - Wave of terror should be a command ability accessible army-wide by any of our heroes. No it's not overpowered, as (1.) we don't have access to that many CPs and (2.) even a free round of combat is not enough for our puny ghosts to deal massive amount of damage. This is to bring us in the game, not to become massively powerful. - One of the "hosts" should give a +2 to charge to some specific units or the ability for them to come up 6" away from enemy units instead of 9". - Spectral Summons available to all of our heroes. I feel about this one. It still costs CPs, so it's not overpowered and it fits so incredibly well with the army! Changes I would be against: - Gravesites and/or Endless legions. If you bring them into the picture, not only that's a bit too much, but we basically become another Legion of Nagash. I want Nighthaunt to remain Nighthaunt.
  11. This is way too harsh, man. I don't think @EnixLHQ is implying he is the ultimate Nighthaunt player at all. They might have opinions and I do diasagree with some of them myself at times[1] but that's no good reason to jump on them like that. Re: Kurdoss. I too think he's not worth the points. Here's, in my very humble opinion, why: - I think we can all agree that Kurdoss' job is to kill an enemy hero, preferably the general - given his ability. Problem: he is horrible at doing that, because (a.) he is very slow, with a 6" move; sure, you can use From the Underworld They Come but (without Chronomantic Cogs) it's a slim chance to get it there and if you fail you risk to lose it straight off the bat because... (b.) he is squishy; 7 wound on a 4+ ethereal and a 6+ shrugh? That's laughable for most enemy generals. Examples? Frostlord on Stonehorn, Vampire Lords on Zombie Dragon, Megaboss on Maw-Krusha, Nagash, Runefather on Magmadroth, Keeper of Secret... the list goes on. All of these will wipe Kurdoss out in one go. And, (c.) he is not killy at all. Against a 4+ save, he dishes out, on average, (assuming he's re-rolling failed hits because he's targeting the enemy general) 6.79 (sceptre) + 1.5 (heralds) = 8.29 points of damage. Not nearly enough to do the job. - He is not a caster and, more importantly, he does nothing for your army. He is not a support piece at all. Stealing a CP on a 5+? Not cool in a competitive list, a 11% chance every enemey's hero phase is not reliable at all. - He comes at 180 pts (give or take, apparently points are a bit up in the air). Lady Olynder is only 20 pts more (again, if I'm getting the points correctly?) and she is a double caster that deals a ton of mortal wounds: Lifting the Veil + Gravesands of Time + Wail of the Damned + two spells (one of which is the dog's bollocks [Grief-stricken])! She is equally slow and equally squishy, but she deals more damage than Kurdoss, at range, in mortal wounds. She also has a very useful command ability. For 20 pts more? Absolute no-brainer in my opinion. - Yes, good players will either bubble wrap their general if squishy (how many people have managed to get to Kroak?) or just proceed as Kurdoss was not there at all (a Megaboss on Maw-Krusha does not care about puny Kurdoss - also, he can just fly away from him if need be, he moves so much faster). I don't think this has anything to do with attitude - it's what you'll see when playing against the majority of players at any given tournament. [1] I disagree. Personal opinion: Reikenor is pivotal to very specific builds, while Lady Olynder is always useful. Kurdoss should come down at 120-130 pts and have a proper command ability. Having said that, his +3 to cast, as opposed to Kurdoss' CP stealing on a 5, is quite reliable. Sadly, I fear we are heading toward a meta where even a +3 to cast might prove not-so-useful... I love Reiki's model and I did play it quite a bit. I have also included him in a Soulblight a couple of times, where he can get a silly +5 to cast (happy days)...
  12. I am afraid that, despite my bucketloads of bias (I have always played 30 Reapers and 20 Revenants...), @dmorley21 might have finally brought me to reason. A few numbers in addition to what has been reported above - and with specific reference to the comparison between Harridans, Reapers and Revenants - below. I have picked units of 20, no save as rend and damage are the same (I did take into account the extra damage for the Harridans if wounding on unmodified 6s, though)... ** 20 Harridans: 260 pts (20 pts of regiment discount - noice) - Vanilla: 25 damage (12.5 damage in one rank. Because you can have them to fight in two ranks, but it's very difficult with our dreadful "wholly within 12" and the like. I should know, I have struggled with Revenants for quite a while, they have exactly the same issue) - Vanilla +Spirit Torment (no CP needed. This is useful to make a comparison with Revenants) = 29.17 damage (~14.6 damage in one rank) ** 20 Reapers: 320 pts [can be taken in units of 30 for 420 pts, that's a 60 pts discount - NOICE] Vanilla: 13.33 damage (they have a 2" range - this is key!) Vanilla (against units containing 5 models or more): 20 damage (probably 1.5 more because of the bell - we all know it consistently fails to hit, though. Nagash's teeth...) ** 20 Revenants: 320 pts [60 pts discount - NOICE] Vanilla: 17.78 damage (8.9 damage in one rank) Vanilla + Spirit Torment (no CP needed!) : 23.7 damage (11.85 damage in one rank) Vanilla (on the charge - at least once / battleround unless you're very unlucky): 26.67 damage (13.3 in one rank) Vanilla + on the charge + Spirit Torment : 35.56 damage (17.78 damage in one rank) So. I think Reapers are still better than Harridans: the 2" reach is such a potent feature and they can be taken as 30-man blobs, which is great in terms of resiliance. Would you pay 60 extra pts for the Reapers, compared to the Harridans, for extra reach and greater durability? Yes I would. And yes, Reapers obviously suffer a bit if not going against 5(or more)-man units, but none of these units are meant to go after the elites! But. I think the Harridans might come out on top if compared to the Revenants. It pains me to say this, as I have 20 of them - and decently painted as well! - but the numbers are pretty clear. The extra damage of the Revenants is marginal compared to that outputted by the Harridans: you are paying those 60 extra pts for their ability of retreat and charge. Which can win you games - but that shenanigan is hard to pull off with the unit of 20. In a nutshell: yes, Harridans are now a strong choice. I don't like the models (well, at least not as much as Reapers and Revenants, which are amazing) but it is what it is. Harridans started at a whopping 90/320 point cost, which was utter bollocks. Now, at 70/260 pts, they finally got there. I still value the 2" reach of the Reapers and the Reatreat & Charge ability of the Revenants, but for the first time ever Harridans make sense!
  13. Thanks, folks! It seems that a good portion of "continental Europe" is feeling substantially more relaxed than UK people... that's understandable, I'd say, based on both (COVID-19) numbers and management. Debatable, of course, but let's not open that particular can of worms... It will also appear that while some events - on smaller scales than what we are perhaps used to - are starting to appear, not all of us are willing to take a gamble. I feel I might be one of those people: while I'm absolutely craving some games, the risk-benefit equation in this case is borderline ridiculous: do I want to risk contracting a very serious disease (or, most importantly, am I willing to risk spreading it!) for the sake of playing a game with plastic soldiers? It does sound outrageous... That is very true. I guess some people (and I am not judging anyone at all) might feel relaxed enough to just roll with it - hence why I feel that some forms of tournament will go ahead across the World. Can / do we want to have a conversation about whether that's good for the hobby? I am not sure. The last thing everyone wants is to read on the news that a 100+ tournament turned out to be a cluster of infections two weeks later. Conversely, I have faith in most TOs and I am starting to see a number of bespoke solutions that seem very safe to me. To roll or not to roll? That's a really tough one for me. Not now (that'd be a no-no) but perhaps in September, if the numbers keep going into the right direction? Who knows. Meanwhile, there is TTS - I hear. Downloaded it, had a look, looks amazing... can't be bothered - yet. You lose so much, compared to the real thing. Yeah, I've heard of this one... sounds really weird to me. Very "elite". For three reasons: (1.) I don't have a team - I'd love to, but... (2.) I don't have much time at all - tournaments are great because with a lot of effort I can carve myself a time window which is for me alone, 24/48h, and that's it. They want a "coach" as well? Come on now... (3.) This "bans" thing seems meant to be targeting people with a truckload of different factions and/or very comprehensive collections. I only own what I want to play, and I only play 2-3 factions, with a substantial overlap between all of them in terms of models. I appreciate this must look really cool as an event (I'll probably tune in to follow from time to time) but for the average player that sounds off the table... at least, that's my first impression - feel free to correct me!
  14. What?! This makes no sense at all... what an awful mess... Both Warscroll Builder and Azyr are considered “official” but that does not mean they are accurate and/or up to date. ..
  15. Disclaimer: I do apologise if this topic has been touched upon already in e.g. the Events section! So. I just got the GHB 2020. I have painted a metric ton of plastic. I have written more than 20 lists for the same faction, and some 10 more following the recent points changes. I have listened to all the possible podcasts, Twitch streams, Youtube videos, and more about anything related to AoS (including videos on terrain I will never in my life have the time to make). I have even brought LadyWife into the hobby (ultimate achievement: unlocked!). Now what? That is, when do people think we're going to roll some dice within a proper AoS Tournament environment? Here in the UK it would appear a couple of events are going to take place in Scotland soon... which is an excellent start! As I am not as well connected as I'd like to be, though, I genuinely don't know what to expect. Will the TGA Events Calendar fills out like crazy starting from September? And what about all over the World? Are people back to actual tournaments, or perhaps slowly getting there via a couple of games with their mates first, their local clubs to follow... and maybe in a few weeks (months?) the actual tournament scene is going to restart? Are tournaments going to look exactly as what we were used to (I doubt it)? Now more than ever, my gratitude levels for TOs are absolutely through the roof! I'd love to know, folks - as I am absolutely confident I am not the only one longing to roll some dice and having a grand time at tourneys again... P.S. I would never underestimate the seriousness of the present situation - I am just curious to know what people think it's going to happen!
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