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  1. I will engage in the tantric endeavour of not looking at any rule/leak/preview (well, some are going to slip, I am sure...) until I get the actual book into my greedy hands. I don't want the internet to spoil the magical day when I'll get to open the book, smell the new pages (if you don't do it, there's something wrong with you), dive into the new lore and start thinking about lists. That's the plan, anyway - let's see if I can make it happen (which probably involve staying clear from TGA for a while 😜)
  2. The only problem with that is the name. I don't quite know why, but "Kastelai" sounds really lazy a name to me... The dream? Buffs that specifically target Blood Knights alone, ideally (but not exclusively) from Vhordrai. Let us hope.
  3. As they should be! It's happening. Or maybe not, but we'll make it happen nonetheless.
  4. Black Knights?! No no no, it should read BLOOD Knights, you fools!!! It looks like it's going to be the Kastelai Dynasty for me... which I accept, I LOVE Vhordrai... but I want Nef to be a part of this crimson dream!
  5. Oh, alright, so this is where we are headed... zombies and skellies being very strong. Maybe. Ooof - hordes are not my thing. Give me an elite option!
  6. Ok, I'm inclined to agree and/or trust you, but look at 40K (I know, I know...). The SoB codex was, according to everyone "written with 9Th edition in mind" (it still is a blooming strong codex, by the way), but they are re-doing it this year - less than 12 months from the release of 9Th. What I definitely don't want is a situation like this one... I mean, I'll jump into any Death battle tome in any case, but still.
  7. I would be 100% ok with that. On a VL, the chalice was useless (5 wounds equal certain death if your opponent wants you dead) . On a VLoZD, it was swingy af. On the contrary, D3 back at the end of each combat phase is fantastic, particularly if this applies to the VLoZD & Co. Blood Knights cannot really take advantage of D3 healing... oh wait. Maybe they have more than 3 wounds now? Hold my hand, brothers - the hype is about to shatter this old heart...
  8. Thanks mate. It was to be expected, I guess. As long as I can use (at least some of) what I have, I accept this. I just hope some "proper" bloodlines (yes, the "boring" vampires of the like of Neferata and Mannfred. Sassy, lethal, elegant creatures. Those ones) will survive nightmares, wolves, rats and whatever craziness is about to materialise.
  9. Same - but then again, that's probably the most sensible way forward, particularly for Death players who have a sizeable collection already. The only re-sculpt I'll buy is the Blood Knights - for now. If they'll come up with other dragons... well, they can have my money. They can keep the VL / monster kitbash, I don't care whether they're insanely good or not. Let's see what's in the battle tome. Then we'll talk. Also, I am mildly nervous about the fact this is probably the last battle tome of AoS 2.0? Are we to assume that AoS 3.0 will change everything and makes this battle tome e
  10. Obviously too early to draw any sensible conclusion, but Duvalle's 3+ save is most welcome. The fact that the hunger heals D3 is also most welcome. Can't wait. I just can't wait. I apologise if this has been discussed already, but... are we assuming that LoN are being replaced by this battle tome?
  11. A maxed out unit of Bladeghieist Revenants (20 models) looks like a points-efficient option and a handy one to maximise buffs as well, but in reality: They have a 1" reach on 32mm bases. It's very hard to get even 10 to pile in, particularly as we tend, as NH players, to rely on 9" charges or movement shenanigans, as opposed to "conventional" counter-charges where you position the unit in a very good place to pile in upon your target unit after the charge (and that's because leaving your glass cannon close enough to anything even remotely dangerous on the table is suicidal). Try to
  12. Nope. Not buying the book, not buying the new model. This changes nothing in terms of how this faction plays - and, crucially, it doesn’t mitigate any of the issues that have been there since the battle tome was released. I refuse to engage with the ghosts until we get rid of the “wholly within” nonsense. The attempt to make Stalkers viable is laughable and the Harridans now pale against both Revenants and Reapers. Let’s hope in a new battle tome, but if this is a taste of what it’s there, the future looks a bit bleak. Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong - I’d love to take my ghosts to tournaments
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