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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all! 'been lurkin for quite a while, thought it was high time to say hello properly. I'm a relatively new (despite the rather grizzled beard) AoS player, especially keen about anything (un)dead - such as the bunch of newly painted ghosts below. I quite like the very relaxed/constructive TGA's setting - keep up the great work, folks!
  2. The Great Task of Ralazhar Deathsworn Nagash had led the emissaries of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer to believe that he would join them in their assault upon the fortress of Gothizzar, the All-gate that guarded the Endgate. Nagash knew that the arcway leading from the Allpoints to Shyish must be shuttered, but he did not aid the Stormcast Eternals. Such an alliance did not suit the Great Necromancer; after all, Nagash still did not consider his long-standing grudge against Sigmar for the wrongs done to him repaid. From his throne of bones, he watched the Stormcast Eternals die at Gothizzar. When he was ready, Nagash’s assault upon that fortress would not fail. -Excerpt from the Freeguilder General’s Handbook, a history of the Age of Chaos Shyish, some days following the battle of Gothizzar during the Age of Chaos. What utter Heresy, Ralazahr thought as he left the Sanctum of his Master. An order of Blood Knights had defied the Supreme One to save a band of the Thief-King’s Stormcast at the battle of Gothizzar. He had never understood why anyone would not bow their heads in subservience to the glory of the Supreme One in the first place. But for the Order of Allurah, favoured servants who had fought in the Supreme One’s Grand Host for centuries, to defy their Master was a Heresy almost beyond belief. Still, Ralazahr smiled to himself as he walked out of the Black Tower. His place was not to dwell on such matters, his place was to see the Supreme One’s will be done. Currently that meant claiming the Vampires’ souls for their just punishment. And as one of the foremost Dark Acolytes to the Legion of Sacrament that would be precisely what he’d do. ~ Hello everyone and welcome to my painting log! I have been painting and modelling on and off over the last 15 years. I have been in love with all things vampiric and undead since the ancient days of the world-that-was. However, over those years I have never managed to complete a full army 😅 So, after switching to a new job I now have the money and time to start building not one but two armies! In this blog I will keep everyone posted about my progress and the developing lore for the armies. Starting with Ralazhar Deathsworn's Undead Horde. Ralazhar is one of Arkhan's most zealous Dark Acolytes, a devoted servant of Nagash and a powerful Master Necromancer. He has been tasked with reclaiming the souls of the Order of Allurah, a band of Blood Knights led by Geneva Isidora. Once favoured knights of Nagash, they believe that the only way to resist the tide of Chaos is to unite the living and the dead under one banner as equals, not slaves. Of course no blogpost would be complete without miniatures, so here are a group of fallen Warrior Priests. Once, these priests fought valiantly to destroy necromancers and other evildoers. Now, they serve as Ralazhar's Hexwraith trackers. More pictures behind the spoilers bar.
  3. Hello all! So, to help keep myself motivated, i thought i'd start a plog.. Also, i may pick up some handy tips! Some of my work thus far.. Skeles and their dog.. Vampire Lord..
  4. "I've seen your fall, I've witnessed your courage... Standing firm in front of the gates of Hammeral against the tide of the Great Enemy, while the lackeys of Sigmar the Thief retreat behind their wall of lies and broken promises. But I hear more... I felt your cry of Wrath at the death of your men to protect undeserving human, I felt the flame in your soul at the outrage of defeat. Your soul shall not be wasted for the melancholy of the weak godlings of your race. You shall be reborn immortal, your comrades never to fall again, you will be my last act of vengeance upon who dares to oppose me, my testament of cinders and scorched earth to the mortals of the realm. Go now Master of the Black Flame, Lord of Shattered Pride, go my Mortarch of wrath" So... Some explanation : In our last narrative campaign I was playing an order draconis list, in the last game I got defeated by a tzeentch army in front of the gate of Hammeral but the tzeentch list got decimated nearly to the last man. In our new campaign I was asked to play death faction, and I thought to bring back Lord Fierion and his dragon from their last defeat playing a Legion of blood army, so I start to convert an undead elf army starting obviously with the Lord himself :D. This miniature is still wip, the dragon will remain as it is but I still have to add a few things to the rider, after him I will start with the blood knight. Hope u enjoy
  5. Hi-- I have finally finished painting my Legion of Blood conversion army. I'll be posting up pictures of it here. For reference, the army list is: Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon 2 Necromancers 3 Tomb Banshees 30 Skeleton Warriors 2 units of 5 Dire Wolves 5 Blood Knights Terrorgheist Mortis Engine Everything is fully converted and totally WYSIWYG, because I was super ****** about it. Tomb Kings are done when I say they're done.
  6. The VLords upper body and upper arms came from the Abhorrant Ghoulking, his cape and the whole flesh/muscle/additional skin was done using Greenstuff. -- Detlaff, warden of the Queen's livestock, proconsul of the flayed fields.
  7. hey guys i am new here, get a question when i try to make my legion of blood list, here is the thing: I made a 1500pts legion of blood list, according to the general book ,i could have 200pts for allies, so i decide to add the new flesh-eater HQ abhorrant archregent into, the question is can it use its command ability by using CP? or can it even be the ally?
  8. Hey all, Got a local tourny this Sunday and thought I would try something different. I drummed up two different lists based off a very fast army. So Please take a look and let me know what you think and which list you would take, why. and some CC. Army 1: Vamp Lord -General, Trait: Aristocracy of Blood, Nightmare, Soulbound Garments, Vile Transference Vamp Lord -Nightmare, Spirit Gale Vamp Lord - Nightmare, Amethystine Pinions 3 Units of 5 Dire Wolves 10 Blood Knights 3 Units of 10 Black Knights 2 Units of Bat Swarms 2000 Pts/ 155 wounds Army 2: Neferata Vamp Lord -Nightmare, Soulbound garments, Amethystine Pinions Vamp Lord - Nightmare, Vile Transference 10 Dire Wolves 2 Units of 5 Dire Wolves 10 Blood Knights 2 Units of 10 Black Knights Bats Swarm 2000pts / 141 Wounds Thanks for the Help!
  9. Was thinking of a legion of blood hero fest because I think its got some cool tricks to it. 400 Neferata- General 440 Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon Orb Of Enchantment 440 Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon 320 Bloodseeker Palanquin Amulet of Screams 70 Court of Nuhlamia 80- 10 skeletons 80- 10 skeletons 80- 10 skeletons 80- 10 Skeletons 1990/2000 probably give neferata pinions for the bonus moves, the battalion makes them all missles, 18 inch move on everyone but neferate who would be moving 20 inches. If she gets the double cast from locus of pinions, she is a 30 inch missles. You use the skeletons from gravesights as regenerative walls. As long as one from each unit lives, you have walls that with the amount of invocations and gravesights are healing 3-5 d3 models each turn... use them as barriers, to try and get 9" charges to tie up ******. Then turn 1 or two you are kabooming with big melee fucksticks Bloodseeker palanquin and the legion of blood trait can make vampire lords scary as ******. Neferata kills a hero near the palanquin and the vamp lords or sporting +2 attacks to all melee weapons. imagine 5 dragon maw attacks like holy ****** and the vamp lord with the orb is great for denying a character while he spends two turns beating him raw. I just think this army would be baller as hell to play thoughts?
  10. Hello everyone, I’ve recently gotten some guidance towards where to progress my army after expressing my liking of the vampire theme, and my owning of the skeleton horde box. I’m going to build Neferata and now face the dilemma of choosing between whether I want to focus on soulblight and having blood Knight battleline, or the legion of blood. I’m wondering which one is more viable, and whether or not the blood knights are incentive enough for a soulblight allegiance. (With the soulblight allegiance I can still take 40 skeletons and a necromancer which add up to 390 points in allies so I don’t see an incentive for going legion of blood).
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