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  1. As a 40K Ork player, I can with quite some confidence say that that's certainly 40K Ork related.
  2. If those are 25mm bases (or even 32mm) then they are too small. And they look like rats, we know how much Seraphon like those.
  3. Could be, I have a gap between WFB 3rd and AoS 2. 😁
  4. I don’t know, in my experience 40k players take their lore a lot more seriously than AoS players.
  5. Pretty much my thoughts as well. Although I don’t mind it that much right now because Orks are my 40k army. Sooon Ghazghkull...
  6. They are 6 to a sprue and 4 sprues in the box of 24 skinks. So this new SC has two sprues.
  7. Get 2 boxes of Skinks (you want them anyway) and you have 60 total.
  8. You posted this on the internet so I believe you.
  9. Conjuration Points is correct as above. Also note that a lonely Astrolith Bearer generate D3 points even if your Slann general dies. The summoning point is measured from either the Slann general or the Astrolith Bearer, so if your Slann general dies and you still have your Astrolith Bearer you can still summon using your remaining points.
  10. I agree with all four points above. I started using them more and more on my 40k orks and I just love them. Especially the browns. Any slight patchyness on those models is just a feature really.
  11. Looking at the EU site (Finnish version) Stegadon, Bastiladon, and the Saurus Warriors are the only plastic kits that are temporarily out of stock. Of those only the Stegadon was repacked previously, iirc. The rest of the out of stock items are finecast. I doubt those are getting a repacking, and I'm willing to believe that their stock was low before and this is a sign that people are buying units before the BT arrives.
  12. Yeah, I’m hoping for that as well.
  13. Looks like a desert plant to me, like some sorts of cactus or aloe.
  14. https://www.warhammerdigital.com/all-products/white-dwarf-january-epub-2019.html https://www.warhammerdigital.com/White_Dwarf/white-dwarf-february-epub-2019.html
  15. Nobody knows what to expect. Wait and see.
  16. My guess as well, for a pre-order start on 15th.
  17. Yeah, looks like the Pointy Elves were squatted, instead we got these fancy "Lumineth Realm-lords"...not happy about this development!
  18. Of course, the amount of complaining must kept in balance.
  19. No need to invest in a name when we’re getting squatted any day now. 😉
  20. So 3-4 years in the future then? I’d say a new SC like StD before that is more likely.
  21. I'm thinking there'll be something similar to 40k's Psychic Awakening at some point.
  22. This is the first one in a long while that actually feels it could belong to Seraphon.
  23. The FAQ document wasn’t uodated, it still has a July 2019 timestamp. The errata document was updated. It’s best to drop a line about this to aosfaq@gwplc.com about this, I’m doing that myself since it’s unclear what Nagash’s and Arkhan’s points are after the errata.
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