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  1. There's so much stuff with the new edition I haven't even got my head round yet, +1 damage spell on Vhordrai on the charge makes our MVP for my money.
  2. I don't think there's much to entice to people in to do it. We have Vhordrai, Manfred, Neferata, VLOZD and at a push Nagash. All monsters all benefit from Soulblight Gravelords keyword, I suppose it's more if you already have a Mega-gargant model, then you probably would want to fit it in somewhere. Given the options we have, I wouldn't be going out of my way to purchase one to put in a soulblight force.
  3. Props to GW for releasing the rules on download early. Riders of Ruin is officially go baby!
  4. So other than very limited access to high rend (which is something not many other people seem to value) we do have a great army for 3.0. Also can anyone who has put the coven throne together some me from wasting money and tell how easy it would be to get rid of the vampires currently on it and replace with the new vampire lord stepping down or Prince Duvalle with his foot on the cauldron? I’m probably looking at paying someone to do it properly but just wondered on the feasibility. Another quick point... I’m assuming after everyone lost their minds Petrifex Elite will not be able to benefit from all the +1 to armour save stuff that coming?
  5. Do the crimson court gain the relevant dynasty traits for the army you take them in?
  6. Everything appears back in stock on the website now. I'm just hoping our book is as 3.0 ready as they said it would be and history does not prevail with it being not next edition in mind whatsoever.
  7. Nah we got second wave next February with mounted vampire lord, new grave guard models, Vyrkos as a playable unit of their own, bat swarms, endless spells and Abhorash. Right? On a more serious note, having read the book a bit more I’m now toying with purchasing Radukar the beast, choppy and his ability gives anything unit + 1 attack. Maybe him and Vhordrai are true best friends?
  8. Still don't have my copy, as in my excitement I only entered half my post code! It's sorted now, just delayed the arrival a bit. Still think we might get Lumineth treatment but I'll keep quiet about that from now on.
  9. Use as scenery? Neither of them are bad ignoring the command ability and we have no mounted vampire but the mounted wight King doesn't really synergize with Blood Knights anyway and until it's faq'd doesn't with Black Knights either.
  10. On the chaff front... I'm going for Blood Knight heavy Kalesti lists but realize I need a unit of trash to sit on at least one objective. I've never in all my years had zombies, yet they seem like the better option to skegs. Or just a 20 unit of grave guard with shields? Keen on others thoughts on this.
  11. I feel 195 is fair, before points were revealed I had a horrible feeling they were going to be 240-260 which would have been unfeasible to do an all cavalry battleiline. We've argued about the lack of -2 rend on their attacks and if they had that then maybe a higher points cost would be justified.
  12. There is the slim chance we get Lumineth treatment, there's some odd things that don't stack up, no mounted vampire lord, grave guard become major playas but keep their old kit when skeletons and wight king on skeletal steed get new kits but head scratching warscrolls. Obviously the biggest omission which book 2 will rectify is the distinct lack of Abhorash... On a more serious note does anyone have nay recommendations for metallic reds? Don't really like GW's non metallic armor on the blood knights.
  13. Is trying to squeeze Vhordrai, Manfred and a coven throne in one list a bit much? 😅 4 units of 5 Blood Knights to round it off and see what happens...
  14. Preorder tomorrow creatures of the night! 10.00am refreshing until my fingers bleed.
  15. Can someone help me out with the Crimson Court? Prince Duvalle fair enough, the other 3 share 3 wounds? That seems a bit ****** right? I'd happily pay 200 just for Duvalle tbh.
  16. I've run out of reactions for the day nut would have liked this if I could! I'm coming from a complete casual gamer perspective, so surely it can't be all bad when someone that by their own admission only really plays in tournaments and me being more of a beer and pretzels gamer (don't think i've ever done if of those whilst playing but you know what I mean!) both think there are good things in the book and that they will be able to make lists from them that can be both fun in my case and competetive in @BaylorCorvette's case. Really don't see why there is so much hate.
  17. The only things I find really strange is mounted vampire lord being gone and Grave guard staying with an old kit when the new skegs look more elite than they do. Everything else I'm pretty happy with, wich is weird as I spent most of my time before we had any info doom mongering, whereas now a lot of people who were optimistic beforehand are rubbishing it. I blame Tzeentch!
  18. I might be having selective vision again but in the leaks the warcrolls for skegs and Nagash don't feature?
  19. Kastelai Dynasty is mad good in my opinion. Double Dragon lists, shed loads of Blood Knights and FTW!
  20. I'm with you, there seems to be some pretty strong things the book allows you to do. Yes I'm a bit hurt that standard vamps aren't the overblown killing machines they were in 8th Ed but there's plenty of other good stuff to compensate for that. I think we will obviously have to adjust our playstyles from LoN but this doesn't appear to be the abattoir floor of a book I feared at any rate.
  21. I'm cautiously optimistic and will wait until I can read through the book properly. For the army I wanted to go for (Blood Knights + Vhordrai) it looks pretty good atm.
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