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  1. I'll understand if next year GW focus more on 40K, because it's the "main game" when we look at income generated, but I'll be disapointed however. AoS is still young. There are 2 allegiance who need to be fleshed out (Destruction and Death) and many armies that need a release: Gob, Slaanesh, Ogors, Skaven (and maybe some Aelves again ?). And I'm not even speaking of kits that need to be replaced (aka Blood knight just to name one of them).
  2. He did but in Spears of Shadow. He trained one of the character Adhema of Nuhlamia. He's named The Blood Dragon. Not explicitly said that he is Abhorash but with a name like that and the fact that he just sit on the top of a mountain.....too much similarities... http://whfb.lexicanum.com/wiki/The_Blood_Dragon
  3. I've listened to it all yesterday night (love the loop function) so sure it has clearly inspired anger to my neighbors...
  4. If you had 300 zombies assembled and painted I guess you're probably really patient (and dedicated)....it's mostly your opponent who will fear the power of eternal boredom !
  5. I think that's easier to expend Death's themes than we think because there are many "races" in our Allegiance. If we compare ourselves with Order who got plenty of different races like Aelves, Duardins, Seraphons, Humans and Sylvaneth; we got zombies, ghosts, vampires, skeletons, ghouls (and maybe mortals ?). There are many things we can do with that (few ideas): Skeletons: Could be the traditional dead legions. A Tomb kings' army with, instead of egyptian aesthetic, a Morghast/Nagash/Arkhan look for armors and weapons. But they can also be the pirates you (and I) want. Zombies: Swamps, voodoo necromancers, etc OR Frankenstein zombies: bringing a steampunk vibe that AoS is doing right now and that can be expand to other Allegiance than just Order (Skryre, Gobs, etc.) Vampires: You can put them in every situation a mortal can do. You want a vampire pirate ? you want a vampire knight ? a vampire cleric ? a vampire barbarian ? It's all possible ...so yeah pretty much everything is possible to them. We can also have some mortals, cultists of Nagash like priests or/with assassins tied to bring special souls to Nagash. There can also be some Werewolves but unlike other medias, they could act like some cerberus. Guarding the realm of Shyish from souls-stealers. Or even dead druids, the opposite of Alarielle with a demi-god of decay ? Plus we already got Wraithfleet back in Firestorm but sadly it was just an Allegiance, no new models. But it could be some day... I think the problem with Nagash, being the only god in his Allegiance, is a false one. Soul Wars already stated that Nagash is many. He has many aspect and all are, it seems, god or demi-gods. Don't know if they are Mortarchs but at least we could be seeing them in the future leading some factions. And I'm not counting the various Death gods that could oppose him (even if they are not powerful enough).
  6. Most of the characters I loved in WHB already came back, but I still miss some of them (Vlad, Settra, Krell, Gilles, Orion, Isabella, Khalida, Alith) Vlad could be back as the powerful Lord we know and love. He could be a less treacherous Mortach than the two others soulblights. Maybe leading an army made of vampires with one purpose like Olynder is with the Nighhaunt ? I want to see Settra too, still feeling rage toward Nagash. Maybe a new leading the Katrophranes as @TristanGray said. There are many gods of Death in Shyish. Settra could be back as one of them ? Leading a rebellion against Nagash ? I want most of the major characters from the world that was to come back in a form or another. They can also co-exist with some new ones made in AoS. My only trouble so far with the new characters are that I find them not developped enough. I mean sure they did not have all the character developement Morathi or Alarielle had with WHB but I still don't understand why we have some characters with interesting stories (some may disagree of course) in Black Library's novels but doesn't get any models. I wished when Soul Wars came out, GW would had release Balthas...instead we got Aventis Firestrike. Same with Hamilcar and Tarsus, but instead we got Gavriel Randomcast ? Maybe those characters will get miniatures some day and maybe Gavriel will have more than 15 lines of lore but for now I feel not interested and invested in those new characters made into miniatures.
  7. If GW someday pushes his game into competition, that doesn't mean that all the player base will follow: You see Blizzard (I know, it's a videogame industry but it can be related) is really pushing the Overwatch League and E-sport and stuff, but the players are mostly found in quick play, not in ranked. But during big events, like World cup, they will watch the show. It doesn't mean they want to play the game that way. I feel it will be the same for AoS if (big "if") it happens. @Kronos I really like your ideas. I would love to see a face to face between Sigmar and Nagash /Archaon.
  8. They got me for the faction, they got me more at Luthor Harkon's look...but what impressed me most was when I saw the Queen Beth...my god that cannon ! Lovely ! ...Also Undead pirates autobots...love it.
  9. For Death, I really want a faction based on Voodoo ("Who do ? You do ! Do what ? Remind me the babe") with Zombies, swamp' witches, etc. and a Baron Samedi-vibe on Lords.. But mostly I want: -plastic Bloodknight on small sized ashigaroths/ giants bats (to be on par with Dracolines, Varanguard and the like) -Vampire monks, small sized unit anti-horde, Ethereal low save with 2 hp. Not as bloodthirsty as their brethen, but focus on Nagash teachings for enlightment. -Flesh golem (but not like Warcraft abomination, more "bulkier") -Skeleton Harquebusier imbued with Shyish magic bolts -Cerberus, leaders of wolf packs (big size) -Vlad comeback -Tomb kings as Legion of Sacrament/Legion of Blood part! Also: I think there is a missed opportunity to not have put Hydra into DoK, Kharibdys into Idoneth, and Mortis Engine into Nighthaunt...but that's maybe just me.
  10. And that's how my dream of a Darkoath's Drakkar ends....
  11. I understand the feeling that updates, FAQs, etc.. make the Battletomes outdated pretty easily and some allegiances need pages in General Handbook each year (Fyreslayers, Seraphon and alike) for that same reason. Pages that could be used by others to make an appearance in the Allegiance section (looking at you Gutbusters). So making the rules in the app or on WH Community seems a really good idea... BUT if Battletome just came to be just Lore and artworks it won't sell as much. Clearly not all gamers are into the Lore of AoS (not blaming). In my mind it will leave us with Battletome dropping in content and quality (like no new artworks) or with a price increase for the same content that we got now. There was already a discussion on GW problems with translations in other language in the very basic ruleset...and as a big fan of bad movies I'll die to see a "Loretome" written in frenglish or spanglish ? I don't know I guess I can't state which option is better for me. (As always sorry if my far-from-good english makes it painful to read)
  12. It's so elegant and polished that it can only be Teclis's staff.
  13. I'm with you on it. Not that I don't like the fact that they include Thunderscorn in Beastmen (they were, like Monsters of Chaos, inexistant on their own) but I wished that, instead, they be included in something like Slaves or Everchosen. In a way to give something more to these factions. Somehing besides "humans with armor and chaos' power" which they are right now...I don't know, I wished they had more "fantasy" in their choices (don't know how to explain it in better words).
  14. Still not knowing which way to go with these Idoneth for first buy, so I'm leaning toward a fast alpha strike fuethan list: Allegiance: Idoneth Deepkin- Enclave: FuethanLeadersIsharann Tidecaster (100)- General- Trait: Born From Agony - Artefact: Arcane Pearl - Lore of the Deeps: Tide of FearIsharann Soulscryer (100)Battleline10 x Namarti Reavers (140)10 x Namarti Reavers (140)Units3 x Akhelian Morrsarr Guard (160)3 x Akhelian Morrsarr Guard (160)3 x Akhelian Morrsarr Guard (160)Total: 960 / 1000Allies: 0 / 200Wounds: 66 Strategy is obviously to use Tidecaster Aethersea ability combine with Fuethan Enclave to plan on a turn 1 charge with Guards (using Soulscryer +3 charge) and teleport the 2 Reavers near objectives. I like them because they got a good move speed. Also I don't know if it's possible but can I run after they came on board with the Soulscryer teleport ability ? Because I found it pretty handy with Fuethan and Tidecaster. I see with that kind of list that I will struggle with battleplan like Knive to the Heart and alike, and also that my Tidecaster is slowing down the list, but I can't let it go as my general because he brings the Aethersea ability needed for charging and the Reavers as battleline. So I don't know which trait to give him. Besides I don't know if I should bring Morrsarr multiple times, pack them up, or even do a 6 Morrsarr 3 Ishlaen. Should I drop a unit to take another hero ? Thralls are good but I think they don't fit in this kind of list ? I don't know... What do you guys think about this list and what should I change ? Oh also...what is the "drop" I spot on lists discussions ? Don't know what it means
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