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  1. And even if she received this item from Nagash, the Celestant got Gal Marazh by Sigmar himself...so they both share a gift from their respective Gods
  2. Color me surprised...another boring status quo born from a big defeat...so much from the best tactician and "undefeated" general of the Mortal Realms...๐Ÿ˜‘
  3. This news on Belakor is kind of cool. I always liked him (and way more than Archaon). And i really wish he has a bit of a story in thi book and the narrative of AoS in the future. Now I imagine a duel with him against Manfred. A reunion of traitors, liars with a lot of hubris . Belakor:"I was backstabbing the champions and demons of the Dark gods 10000 years before you even existed ! " Manfred:"Last time I backstabbed someone it took down the previous setting !" A mysterious voice:"...well..not without a little help from me ..." Manfred and Belakor :"TECLIS !!"
  4. I also think the mysterious ally (..a word losely used here) is Belakor. With the hint of an allegence made of demon in the book I can't see him not coming but I might be wrong. Also as a demon prince he can't be killed for ever and even exists in both GW settings ala Skarbrand or Kairos. So there is that...
  5. Seeing Katakros being introduced as the most talented general ever (un)living, I can't see him attacking the Eights Points without a good plan. On a scale of power, Archaon dominate, but on the domain of strategy it's even I guess. On a battlefield, if he faced Archaon, he's doomed, period. But on a scale of a war this important I think he got something that made him confident enough to attack. Or it is just Katakros trying his best because Nagash commanded him to but he's not really buying it and just do his best: Nagash : "Attack the Eights Points !" Katakros : "But...our armies are just gathering...Shysh is not even completely secured ....and we have no intel..there are many others places that we could..." Nagash : "Take the Varanspire ! Humiliate the Everchosen like he did to me ! I have spoken !" Katakros: "All right ! All right ....." I mean, being a tactical genius when you're commanded to do dumb things ....you end up doing a mess. Anyway, to me if Katakros miserably lose it will be disapointing because all the recents events in AoS lore led to this apparently (Nagash big plan with Malign Portent, the Necroquake, the Souls war...) and with this build-up I wish for an epic fight and an equally epic conclusion (but I do not hold my hopes high) to push the story forward. Even if Katakros fail to conquer the Eight Points it can be interesting if he puts Chaos on it's knees (as a Death fan and wanting more presence for Destruction and Death as major players who doesn't want AoS to be: "Order vs Chaos !...and the other two are in too").
  6. After seeing the contents' page of Wrath of the Everchosen, I presume the only part that make the lore going forward is the part titled "Deathless Glory" ...so 2 pages only. The others parts seems to be the build-up we already knew (like Lake Lethis, Forbidden Power or the Ossiarch Bonereapers Katakros entry). And the cynical part of me tells me that it will end up in a stalemate (and I hope an "interesting" one for once)...or even worse : "Choas wins ! Archaon is infuriated and plan to revenge upon those who have intruded in the Varanspire ! The Everchosen is building its strenghts, mustering his armies, and now is calling to war again ! What does it means for the Mortal Realms ? ...let's find out in 6 years" type of thing...๐Ÿ˜
  7. Well ..he wasn't alone in this...cough Arkhan...cough cough Teclis ๐Ÿ˜ (...and honestly..bringing Nagash back made it all worth it)
  8. I hope he brings a unit of new and improved Loremaster of Hoeth...not swordmasters...loremasters. Just like Evocators are (but more aelfic).
  9. Well...they're both Gods of light. Moon for Teclis and Sun for Tyrion. They had that symbolism already in the Old World: - character wise as Tyrion is more warm and at ease in the Phoenix King court and Teclis more reclusive studying and caring (humans) - in design with Teclis being chosen of Lileath (and all the moon you can put on him as clothes and jewels) and the Sunfang for Tyrion Also Teclis created the Idoneth....Moon..Sea..connexion ๐Ÿ˜ƒ...(I'm maybe reading a bit too much into it but I like the idea..) It's just turning this thematic to eleven like AoS already do in my mind and it's not a bad thing. Teclis also can be 'another' moon god, sharing that with the Bad Moon, like there is many death deities (but in the end...all is Nagash !).
  10. I wish we get a Sigmar model at some point because I really want to see a face off against Archaon or Nagash....
  11. But Gilles and Abhorash live (since there was no answer to their final last stand)!! ๐Ÿ˜
  12. Edit: Deepkin is too fast. That Grail caught my eyes ๐Ÿ˜ ...the rumor engine definitely looks like an aelf release at some point. Hyshian more than Ulgu I guess. (Ps:I secretly wish that the pocket realm created by Lileath for bretonnians and wood elves make it someday into AoS and become an interesting concept...)
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