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  1. Two kings on terrorgheists and 2x10 ghouls, going on a feast day... An Archregent, with Infernal and 2x6 flayers flying as blisterskin or feast day same could work for an haunter with horrors and the chalice or gristlegore a king on gheist with two beauties rampaging Imo too much depends on scenario and opponent at 1k
  2. Unmount him 😈 Gk + Tg + Tg in a nice gristlegore package, but you save 40 points for an extra CP or the chalice if he rides into battle the other options are more fun, horror feast day or flayer drop
  3. Don’t really know about that, they are still overpriced naked crazies... most of it looks pretty good and playable, with the classic power creep expected for a new book. (Khorne looks brutal and the new naked slayers...) There are some serious synergies with ferocious hunger, gruesome maw, savage strike and feeding frenzy, unfun synergies. Sometimes wonder who designs those rules, because there seems to be something broken in every book. best counter against the munch-king seems to be a serious gunline...or a hand of dust portal. But what about shootcast or DoK ?! The discussion tags along the basic „what type of game do we want to play“ line. Top tier tournament vs fluff 'n fun... if I field a working Nagash list or other filth, my opponents know
  4. Nö, they don’t... they just block one flank. The palisade blocks LoS. with a casting of 5, they can get disspelled pretty easily thou True... 🤭 so only useful if he has attacking heroes. but overwhelming dread and fading vigor leaves them where they belong. the third spell is kinda tricky. If he fields shootcast (ballista+longstrikes) slowing him down with spectral grasp or prison of grief (stupid short range and works only on an additional 5+) is not going to help you. I‘d suggest some offensive power with soul harvest for arkhan... but I guess that’s just me. Also pinions and the orb are also things I consider, since the VloZd is supposed to be in the thick of it
  5. Speak softly and carry a big stick... great swords 3+\3+ is just better than 3+\4+ and a stupid save
  6. Looks good to me... depending on his list the „anti-shooting“ thing might be a brilliant idea (ballista or longstrikes are mean)... maybe grab shackles or the palisade to max out on points and block a flank or prevent shooting. for the bad brutal fulminators, maybe think about total debuff, like decrepify. Also soulharvest with Arkhans command can be devastating, 9“ d3 mortals, double cast on 9+... make a plan, stick to it, pray to Nagash!
  7. They have -1 rend, the bell might dish out MWs and a flying move of 8“... still they are stupid bedsheets, my trusted skellis will do the job with twice the trveness. Spirit hosts, but better pray for blood knights
  8. Slightly... 10 ghouls are a very delicate thing 😂
  9. Yes, it is the deathless minion save of the undead... after failing your save, your unit would take x damage. If the unit is WHOLLY within 12“ of a FEC hero (it is of course within its own radius) you can ignore that damage on a roll of 6. if models are outside the 12“ rule you can kill them off first and roll for deathless for the rest. f.e. a horror punches himself in the face. 4+ to hit, 3+ to wound... now it tries to save with armor (5+) fails. Gets 2 dmg. Luckily a king is standing within 12“, so he gets an extra save 6+ for the damage, roll 2 dice, (4;6) one successful, looses only 1hp
  10. Google: AoS FAQ pdf it should lead to a warhammer-community website... https://www.warhammer-community.com/faqs/ BLAAAAAHHHMMMOOO!!!
  11. Theoretically yes, supporting the summoned knights might make them a viable and a bit scarier. but cogs will get your beauties charging across the field, 16“ is fast... while the chalice will provide healing in a 24“ bubble, while the cuties will wreck face. So my profound couch expertise and insights let’s me to the believe, that the spells are stronger (except against stronger magic) There was a list with arkhan scoring 5th last year I recall, by ? Bill Souza? the name eludes me all the time. But he is a next level sun-tzu tactician... but 4 gkotg with 3x10 ghouls and cogs with chalice sounds mean. On a sidenote, behemoth restrictions do not apply to gristlegore battleline 😂👍
  12. That list of yours looks totally fine to me... your playstyle needs to be on point, terrain and scenarios might kick you, but who cares. If you do care, things get tricky... remove one Tg (-300) to get the battalion (+120) with extra cp, artifact and extra maw for the 2. gkotg. that leaves you with 180 points to spare... cogs and chalice for 100, some area denial palisades for 30 and another cp... You start with 3 CP, cast the cogs and the chalice where you kinda want the carnage to happen, then charge in your menagerie with one gkotg, which will heal d3 wounds each HP to the Tgs, one d3 from the battalion and then from the bloodbath you created (chalice). the other gkotg is your general, summons up some horrors and flanks. His „always strikes first“ together with frenzy should make him deadly enough while the menagerie is stomping through everything... those are the easy ways to play gristlegore... cut out the battalion and spend the 300 on an archregent with cogs and chalice?! Totally fine... throw out another Tg for...???...600points of things?! Might think about going feast day. But the gkotg with first strike, rerolling and frenzy is pretty good. If you play him defensively, because the menagerie comes crashing, even heavy shooting gets into trouble.
  13. The rules are pretty clear: cast it on a 7, set up 3d6“ away, move the spell 14“, if it passes across a unit (or more), roll 5 dice for that unit (or each), You have to roll HIGHER than the wound characteristic to cause 1 mortal wound to that unit (ghouls on 2+, knights on 5+), if you roll a 6, you deal d3 MW, whatever the wound characteristic (even a terrorgheist)... Those are the rules...
  14. Brilliant idea... totally forgot! the shackles could be a great substitute for the palisade...
  15. List looks sick... but like kenshin620 said, missing a ghast 🙀 need to throw out a king, which leaves you with 90 points scratching the barricade to maybe ramp up one unit of ghouls to 20 I can understand the ghoul patrol. Summoning a varghulf with 2x3 knights and another 10 serfs, crazy mobile list
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