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  1. Solid argument there ;-D Sometimes I get a bit tired of Gdubs rules and ghb policy. Last year brought major changes in the rules, this year it’s points... this some windows re-enactment?!
  2. And rightfully so! But they also released movement trays...
  3. Honk

    Movement trays from GW

    That’s my main concern, piling in and attacks with different weapons kinda is a big thing in AoS. Having a small base is important for skellis, zombers and ghouls... and of course making good use of it. For deployment and basic movements those will surely speed up my turn. And charging into terrain with obstacles you‘ll have to take them off again. Now everything hinges on the price, because I play horde... and I‘ll need 8 for 40 skellis and 12 for the zombers. And 3D printing is kinda easy and cheap in the depth of the internet
  4. Played at 1.5k max resurrection: 4x necro, vamp, cart, 40skellis, 60zombies, 5/10wolves 1440pts it was pretty funny. Against a Khorne list I had 2x10 wolves and I struggled with the cp for battleshock. so I dropped to 5/10 the next game against nurgle, which ended in his slow but unstoppable demise 😈 The necros had all the debuff, vamp lord for the extra attack command. Against Khorne it was tricky, because his Bloodthirster (Rage) still exploded mortal wounds on 6s within 8“. That was pretty brutal... I think only necromancers is too defensive and the +1 attack gets the zombies in fighting spirit. Also wolfpacks for fast objective grabbing, because of zombers... So maybe 5x necros 1 vamp 2x carts 3x60 zombies, 2x5 wolves +1CP But that will crumble when the necros get their +30 points next ghb 🤮 and them puppies get increased too 🤬
  5. Honk

    Tomb Kings Discussion

    That sounds like something the great thief might come up with, while watching questionable unicorn movies... If that is supposed to be some kind of ultra-heretical fluff, I hope Nagash finds a way to free his old nemesis, just for shoots and giggles. *grumblestupidsigmargrumble*
  6. They sound like it...as I said, sadly no more live experiences with rats the last two years. maybe arkhan with spell portal (CoY, Harvestbomb) for extra extra range and a blackknight suicide charge to soften up the monks. Pretty CP hungry, but maybe an option...
  7. Translations are always tricky, especially when the rules are a bit messy and new madness is piled on top on a regular basis. At least the FEC book has no blatant mistakes, like I heard from my Khorne buddy 🥳
  8. Last time I played it was a Flayer Feast Day: Infernal (general; cruel taskmaster), GkoTg, AAR, Varghulf; 2x6 Flayer, 40 ghouls; Chalice and palisade... against Khorne. Sadly I don’t have enough beasties to field your list, I certainly would. But there are troubles with that list, like objective scoring and on its own, a poor line Tg is just dead meat pretty fast. When I started AoS after years of hiatus, I befriended a pretty hardcore Ironjawz player, who crushed my poor undead many times and „forced“ me to start bringing the cheese and play smart or get wiped. Downside to this is a pretty weak meta around here or maybe kinda sore losers. Suddenly nobody really wants to play with you anymore, because „your list is imba and no fun to play against...“ (my total regeneration skelli-zombie list was met with consternation) But I love to try out all the new shenanigans, horror march is on my to do list (loved it at 750pts), against my standard enemies (Nurgle (former IJ), Khorne) if I find time inbetween all my other hobbies and armies (LoN, Soulblight, chaosdwarves) 🤪
  9. You’ll make a bunch of new friends with that list. Tricky to score objectives, but pretty straightforward 😈👍
  10. Honk

    LoN 2k last tweaks

    I‘d invest in wolves... 10puppies are fast and sturdy objective grabbers. Never had any luck with black knights, but your mileage... (No knights or palisade-> corpse cart and total of 2x 10 puppies) but that’s just my love for 3+ dogs in the woods (5+, cart, terrain) XD
  11. Would put shooting on the list, stormcast ballista and such things. We are massively hero dependent... alpha strike against our murder machines, sad if a Bloodthirster drops our crazy. Slaanesh looked kinda crazy too. Both have substantial summoning mid to endgame, which might backfire hard. Second Bloodthirster turn 3 will stir up your plans. Yes... maybe spirit host for speed. But when in doubt CoU and FH In theory it’s best to be able to choose the double (if really needed) than to fear it. Also the model regeneration... terms and conditions of course apply. Kinda really nice, but on a knight dependent list you might opt for double AAR with varghulf or something. Solid Horror or flayer spam needs the points. Still one of the highest damage output out there... At 2k I bring two or even three for my opponent to know that I think highly of him/her Your elite lists struggles exactly with that. 6Flayers are not really destroying 20 plaguebearers fast enough to contest objectives. Positioning and target priority are those things you‘ll need to learn through stupid mistakes. Be very careful with your heroes, try to concentrate your damage. rushing into the foe on whole front might be funny, but annihilating one flank without serious casualties lets the game snowball downhill from there. Especially (iirc) your flayers should be able to outmaneuver enemies, concentrate the hurticane and then reposition for the next attack run. extra advice, retreating is not the heroic thing, but sometimes the smart choice. You don‘t have to brawl it out into infinity with said 30 plaguebearers. Charge into them, retreat over them, then into the tasty bits... and always scream „for the lady of the lake“ while rolling important dice
  12. Still interesting with the +1 attack...those zombers might get brutal. Also my regeneration legion of sacrament list might benefit from a brutal dwarvish cannonline 😈
  13. Sorry, not signing in... app looks cool, but: missing special court artifacts fe gurish mawshard from gristlegore... havn‘t checked the others cause I‘m lazy
  14. Don’t we all?!? and talking about allies in Soulblight, I had fun with corpsecart and wolves, they get a save buff near the cart. opponent started using strong language, after I told him that the wolves were 3+ in the woods (5+, cart, terrain). They really held the line for my swift death countercharge... death was really swift that day 😈
  15. Congratulations, help yourself 🥳 sadly we don’t have a rodent plague around here anymore. the jezzailz were crazy, I remember my Ghoulking and his courtiers huddling behind a building, while 40 ghouls tried to daisychain across the whole map
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