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  1. And I thought the slaaneshis like it just that way... 🥳
  2. Please also remember, that this NEW unit is also not part of any Battalions, like „hunters of the heartland“… 🙁
  3. QfT the only reason might be, if you know you’re fighting a „first strike“ blender… 5 all out attacking knights took down Be‘lakor in one charge , if they were facing some Slaanesh filth, with locus of diversion, fighting last might cripple them
  4. I guess it is more casual than a Kasteleii list with double Knights instead of gheist and skellis 🤣 It goes against the spirit of the monster mash, but belladamma and 10 wolves would give you mobile caster support… so your second terrorgheist can charge into the blissbarb archers 😖
  5. My tactics are failing meeeee….😰🤯 Deepstriking Nagash sounds stupid, but yes, there might be convoluted strange happenings out there, when it might be interesting to try 😆 Yes, that is true… I guess the rules Writer was in a hurry. Screws up the retreat with our slow poke infantry, since you‘ll have to get every model out of 3“ with only the 4“ move. Tricky if your engaged with two units or being wrapped around on one side
  6. Yes… if taken, he get the SBGL keyword and with it the Lineage keyword, too. Tricky thing is, that he doesn’t have the VAMPIRE keyword, which is needed for a lot of dynasty abilities, actually the only one he can use is the LoN ambush.
  7. Looks mean 🤩 not quite sure if flank protection and stuff for Nagash might not be better done by wolves (instead of skellis)… but I lack the experience vs Mooohoooo cows
  8. Sorry to kill the hype… Nagash is not a VAMPIRE so he does not get the avengorii traits, since they need a VAMPIRE MONSTER same with vyrkos reroll to cast for him&necro keywords in the WH AoS App are a bit concerning, since the VloZd only has the keyword VAMPIRE LORD, while R. the beast has VAMPIRE and VAMPIRE LORD as keywords 🧐thx GDubs 😵‍💫 it‘s „only“ the App, where Nagash can still MysticShield Spam 🤪but still gotta check
  9. That’s why my brilliant list came with Radukar the beast and wolves 😎 But the dilemma is real, you want to bring knights and guards, but can only afford wolves and rabble 😅 But wolves are tanky and kinda decent during charges, mobile… of course double knights in kasteleii sounds funky wightking with necromancer with Guards are also cool. but it is a tricky conundrum nonetheless
  10. I beg to differ, 1k Soulblight might be a bit tricky with battlelines, but gives a bunch of different approaches. in my casual environment I find it tricky to actually field him without people being reluctant to play
  11. Not sure if I like the idea of zombies… if they get the alpha, they are probably brutal, wrapping around the whole model activating twice. But getting charged by a lord on stonehorn? There won’t be much left to activate 🤨
  12. Not sure about the dynasties… Nagash gets the sbgl keyword and then also the lineage keyword… dangerous half-knowledge of faq&rules, also he is no Vampire, careful reading is needed (see avengorii hype down below) Radukar is always Vyrkos Legion of night with the claw so only snake eyes can trouble Nagash. The necro could even ambush with the skellis 🤪if one feels adventurous (+1 save) and since GW can’t Math they could even score 12“ side objectives… Vyrkos don’t feel it, but with Radukar and wolves… at least +1 to wound , as trait summoning more wolves more bodies could be good. and maybe the banner to steal CP, if going against LRL/LoC maybe the clock for unbind (-1 to cast once) legion of blood…missing vampires, but extra d3 battleshock might be nice for the blood knights and some artifacts are interesting for the necro, if a bloodthirster charges in (orb) kastelei… since the necromancer is the general 🥳and only one unit of knights: nothing to avengorii… yes, well, with all the gheists BUTTT…Nagash is a Monster 😱 but not a vampire 😔 in Order of liking: vyrkos for 5 extra wolves Night for ambush blood for battleshock knights kastelaii for evolving knights avengorii for fairness
  13. Nagash, Radukar, Necromancer Bloodknights, Wolves, 2x10 Skellis spell portal 1980… Nagash with the wolves, Radukar with the blood knights. Whatever charges will benefit from Bonepopes CA and Radukas (+1Attack CA)… and Radukar gets 10 wolves for free Necromancer looks flabbergasted at the carnage, maybe vanHalen for puppies
  14. Haven’t played against them yet, but „yes“… blood knights are solid tanks and with riders of ruin very mobile. Can’t overrun the ogors, but could fly over your own guards or wolves. 20 guards are a mean blender with a wightking and a Necromancer, but they are also kinda brittle. If they get shot to pieces by leadbelchers the real trouble are probably the big bois, with all the save and healing, they could be a real pain to deal with.🧐 Double dragon / vhordrai might do the trick, luckily the snowball got nerfed. belladamma is still nice, the „killing moon“ exploding 6s. but I really like raduka, for his +1 attack for SB within 18“. Together with a unit of bloodknights or guards, things could get messy quick.
  15. No worries, but after watching that YT thing… maybe just stick to contrast paint dipping nighthaunt 🤣 maybe as an idea: double crab 🦀 not to belittle your efforts 😅 (vhordrai&vlozd), wightking (first mate, general?), Necromancer (doctor with hacksaw) double drowned zombies, sea dogs (20 guards) Double fell bats and one unit of shark/eel riding vampirates 1985pts 20 guards with the wightking (rr1) can really dish out the pain, in the age of monsterhammer, two dragons sound like a nice idea.
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