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  1. Min units are tricky, not enough punch, few models to score and 12hp with 5+... i personally think 2x6 are cool, two units to dish out some pain, especially if buffed up and fast enough to move around the board. Gives your opponent something to think about, while your GKoTg munches up other poor meatballs
  2. The heartbreak with Neffi is her points, her spell, her CA and her legion. I think all of that points towards blood knights. Otherwise a coven throne brings a bunch of buffs and an extra CP. if you scratch the 40 rasps down to 10, you‘ll have the points for a Necromancer and an extra CP (260pts). Speedwise I think the reapers are kinda ok, 8“ flying vs 10“ for the dogs... but I just think, that the CA of Neffi is just soo CP hungry, you’ll not be able to trigger the Vamp extra attacks as much or the lords (but the reapers kinda have that inbuilt). too hard to master for my playstyle
  3. Both lists are kinda cool, but the current rules on CPs and Neffis CA really strain the budget. If you want her to be crushing, you’ll need 2 CP. Especially the double dragon approach then just runs out of steam, since they‘ll need another 2 CP. My thinking is : first list might work, second list would be better without neffi or one dragon.
  4. I meant the ?Soul Wars? Box, which you wanted to buy anyway. I think just go for it, with a small batch and try it out. No need to invest heavily, just to find out it‘s not to you liking... the list is... first of all supposed to be legion of grief, which was (wild speculation) some intermediate legion between Legions of Nagash and Nighthaunt (soul wars forbidden powers). Rule wise I’m not really sure, I think legions of Nagash rule set. But the necromancers and dire wolves gave that away... Then the cogsmith and his cannons... there’s mercenaries rules, that costs you your first cp iirc and he has taken the „blacksmoke battery“. Interesting choice for almost every LoN army, to get heavy shooting. but for somebody kinda starting out on this hobby, that’s a mighty deep dive imo, playing with all the extra bling right from the start. grab a Soul Wars box or a start collecting box or whatever and just throw some dice. 500-750 point games, maybe some meeting engagements at 1k, slowly build up and think about things/styles/tactics you want to intensify or diversify. build a solid foundation and then branch out from there. investing 250€ in a specific list and realizing it doesn’t work the way you hoped is not only money, but also time (building/painting) and fun (three four wasted evenings) that I wouldn’t want to burn
  5. Always depends on your style and local meta, ghouls never really worked for me, same for min size flayers... so I usually have three-pronged attack (2gkotg and 1x6 flayer / 2x6 flayer with 1 gkotg) usually in a feast day list, maybe with infernal as general. I will try out a gkozd with 9 horrors murderball, but unsure how that performs against something with a decent save. Went with my LoN Zombies against slaves of darkness two weeks ago, and they had insane saves (4+\5++\6+++ or rerolling) with some shrine, sorcerer and whatnot. But my zombies would have melted against all rerolling horrors, with extra attacks from the regent. Thing to remember is the objective game, fast-numerous-sturdy-killy
  6. Yes, many factions have some kind of summoning... death with regeneration of lost models, others like the Chaos bunch of sylvaneth can summon fresh units to the field one way or another sure you can crank it up slowly but surely... going full waac is of course very dependent on the current meta and the power of your faction. NH is most powerfully played in a legion of Nagash list 😂🥳 dedicated NH threat and search the official tournament lists. But before that, just grab the Box start getting a feel for it and progress slowly from there. nobody can say what AoS 3.0 brings, my LoN were pretty crazy when they started, same with FEC starting AoS 2.0... got covered in salt but slaanesh, bonereapers and kharadron look so strong, usually new is better.
  7. Strictly speaking no, if you follow the GW-code to the letter... but those should be only the last 1%, which you wouldn’t want to play anyway. Most people into the hobby would applaud a nice conversion, and also following the fluff of FEC of contagious mindinfiltrating deliusion some poor dude/dudess in some hybrid state should be totally cool. as I said (job, wife, other occupations, chaosdwarves army) have prevented a nice Celestant-Prime conversion into Archregent. my ghouls proxy as zombies in my LoN lists and nobody in my group had real trouble with it. Mockery yes, but as long as the base size is ~correct and you’re not trying to get an unfair advantage... also, if you convert your heroes from other models, they also stick out more than f.e. Flayer -> Flayer Champ -> Infernal with only Minor details in difference.
  8. The SC-Box is one of the best...BUT we have to built all our small heroes (3 in total 😢) from the normal unit sprues, which will utterly&finslly ****** up your model count. want a crypt ghast courtier?! Now you’re stuck with 9 random leftover ghouls. want an infernal? Here, have two flayers with him... not to mention, that we only have 3 „basic“ units to choose from. But we are frothing mad delusional crazies, the proxxy and conversion options are pretty big, if your skill level and spare time is up to the task... (still wanting to convert that alpha-prime to an archregent)
  9. Two start collecting boxes... done One box comes with 690 points, the second gives you a bunch of try out options for 750-1k games. Then you can expand in whatever direction. I would also recommend getting a varghulf ...
  10. Proxxed as hellpit smithies of Sigmar 🥳👍 imo the Army was never really on par with the „hotness“ in AoS. It got a good push in 2018 to be playable again, but as a FW set, GW doesn’t care and even within the GDubs range, some armies just don’t get the love... and it still has more kits than my flesh eaters !!!
  11. Thx for the feedback, I had a “heated“ discussion about f.e. the Kadaii and the artillery... good to hear 😈 big guns never tire 🚀🚀🚀
  12. All hail Naga... uhhmmm Hashut!!! just got some rocket launchers and fireglaives from Santa and I was kinda wondering how the actual ruling on the „Blackshard Armor“ is. https://www.warhammer-community.com/tag/legion-of-azgorh/ Ben Curry implies in his faction focus and the compendium states that all LoA „warriors“ wear blackshard armor. But the „ignore first allocated wound“ characteristic is on no warscroll and the general usage of said armor is only mentioned in the headline for the Castellan and the ironsworn... is anybody wellversed enough to enlighten me, please?! Who wears blackshard armor (demonsmith?! Kdaii?!) and does it also prevent wounds allocated from mortal wounds? The wording is off for the newer books, but we are f-ing old school boyz...
  13. Honk

    The morghast problem.

    I demand an upgrade 🥳 on one side that might even be ok, but even in casual play the power gap can seriously throw a wrench into a more progressive list... but if you bring a list of crappy units, you should also bring your alpha play 👻
  14. Honk

    Deathmarch in 2019

    I do like it for the +1 to cast and reroll invocation rolls... on the other handside the deathrattle list is so reliant on CPs, I don’t think it‘s viable anymore. Your first two are used up for your alpha and after that... the original (!!iirc!!) had three extra so starting with four CP instead of two.
  15. Honk

    The morghast problem.

    I do think they are overpriced compared to other elite units around their statline, buuuut... for LoN they do bring some utility. 3d6 charge for LoNight -1 bravery for LoBlood +1 attack in GHoN they are too cumbersome and expensive in a competitive setting, maybe dropping down to 4-5hp each and upping them to 3 per unit, suddenly their damage output is on par...
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