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  1. Always depends on the list you bring, horrors and ghouls do not sound that scary to me. there certainly is some cheddar or nice parmesan found within the options of the book to ruin someone’s unprepared day. But nothing the scope of armywide +1 save or a battleline with three save attempts and Model regeneration. if a waac-list wielded by humanity hating powergamer plows through the fluffy power of friendship list from the sparkling rainbow, the question „why are you doing this to me?“ is not tied to a specific army.
  2. I stand corrected as cheater and liar. Now I got to schedule a rematch in shame 🙈
  3. Pay a CP and one of the summoning heroes (GK, AA) may once per Game call in the reinforcements. the ruling on the charnel throne is convulent and confusing. the Warscroll states more or less „Archregents“ and „Ghoulkings“ may summon for free.... first it was Ghoulking in bold letters do models with the keyword Ghoulking. That also included King on gheist and dragon. they though that is a bit too good and removed the bold typing, so it only referred to the ghoul king on foot... then they (kinda) changed the Gk Warscrolls, so the Abhorrant Ghoulking has only one official Warscroll and the gheist and the dragon are only mere mount options. so against their first decision, mounted ghoulkings can use the throne again. Best GDubs Style and brings happy discussions to the table...
  4. I don’t know how your list is supposed to look like. FEC is very hungry and goes through CP like crazy. that’s why feast day is such a compelling option (6-8 CPs). but blisterskin is fast and you’ll get flayers as battleline, so tricky question.
  5. Well it buffs one of our main heroes, at the cost of his only casting attempt. And on a 6, not really a save bet and it can also be countered from 30“ away. The armywide 6+ FNP is just a last resort, they all run around naked and a 4+ armor for a melee hero is just not kicking it. A friend of mine complained back in the days, when I started rolling all my saves... next round his Kurnoth Hunter just shot my king to pieces
  6. Welcome mighty and noble King, 1. yes, it adds to all different melee attacks 2. yes, after failing to prevent a wound through „unholy vitality“ you can try to ignore them with „deathless minions“
  7. Ray?!? I superbuff one unit of flayers with the regent and the infernal and launch them at something jucy. Then they wreck stuff and kinda die, Same goes for the gkotg. but the ghouls and other flayers with infernal and varghulf grab objectives and the regent Summons as needed
  8. My usual list is Feast Day archregent, GkoTg, Infernal (general) and a varghulf, then 2x6 flayer, 20 ghouls with an extra Command point. that‘s 1970 for a triumph, pretty fast, good regeneration with free Feasting. the infernal gets to be an extra wizzard (dark acolyte). Fast and sturdy, with double Hunger flayer wrecking everything to death.
  9. I used him to great effect in a Soulblight List. You might as well try it out, but you’ll have to fight for him. In a cut-throat meta it might be very tricky to use him effectively
  10. You might want to get a Necromancer... else it seems to be all there for some midlevel armies. Nagash with a horde, maybe lacking some fast attack support, but nonetheless fun to play arkhan with the engine and kinda the rest sounds interesting
  11. I would rate them No.1, No.3, then No.2... First one looks pretty bread and butter to me and with the battalion also kinda fast. Number three is extremely fast, but I don’t think you’ll have enough bodies to back that up. number two I almost like best and then manny ruins it for me. Don’t think he is worth his points
  12. I guess the whole Necroquake thingy has shaken up the Death armies pretty good. The only ones kinda untouched (Ruleswise) are FEC. But nighthaunt got their roster ripped, when most of them were able to play in LoN, still can’t figure out what the Legion of Grief was supposed to be and the same goes for Soulblight. Why bother taking VampKnights, when reapers are cheaper and better, so you play LoB instead. then Bonereapers give Nagash a pointhike and kinda ****** up morghast... After a solid Books for AoS 2.0 LoN (except Sb), Nh (even if a bit weak) and FEC, there were a lot of things with a rushed and afterthought feel to them. how to tie them up again might be a good question for the next GA Death book in 2022 🙈😂
  13. Together with the flute from yesterday, I‘m still hoping for vampire coast within a whole fleshed out Soulblight book...
  14. Yes, the new cheese will certainly outstink the fluff, sadly that is to be expected... but also kinda depends on your local meta if you can field a „legacy army“ or not. as you said, too fragile, too slow, too old But I still remember when Ben Szouza (Name probably wrong, again) brought back FEC into the Top5 with a brave list and tactical acumen, before it was the cheese of the month with aos2.0
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