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  1. You may ask, but I can’t answer... sure they have some uses, either to scare an opponent into overcompensating or to destroy something of value and then die in the counter... the so called smash bat from FEC (superbuffed varghulf): 8hp, 4+ Save, charges 30-40“, deals 30-40dmg and then dies on top of a mount of dead bodies and heroes... it is tricky to position a glascannon unit and one has to pick fights carefully, because they cannot take a beating only dish out. QfT...
  2. Kinda off topic, but aelementors??? Drowning in the sea to appease some water spirit? Teclis and his meditating morons really stared a bit too long into the light 🤩 somebody was binging „the last airbender“ in tight lockdown and it hasn‘t done them any good... I hope the Gravelords come with less 🥳 and more 😈
  3. Only thing for the Tg was the possibility of an extra CP and the prismatic palisades for blocking... 🤔 And his 10“ scream makes it relevant even when it fails the charge... and the maw is flat 6MWs on a 6 and doesn’t degrade... a hero will not be there for CAs, pure suicide charge still 3d6 charge and halberds with 24Wounds 4+ 😫😖😫
  4. Terrorgheist or Morghast?!? building a 2k list for fun and lolz and to crush my enemy... (he said I shouldn’t field a first cohort because I’d get wrecked) vs slaves to darkness (probably) Coven throne, 2xnecro, vamp 2x40skellis, 60zombies, cart come in at 1600 the idea is to play very aggressive, the bait will be the coven, Necro, cart and skellis in the middle... necro2 and the vamp will be in ambush, while skelli 2 and the zombies hide in gravesites. the idea is to have the gravesites in a wide Y (depending on scenario etc) two around my bait and one left and right 15“ in his zone, necro & vamp arrive and summon skellis and zombies, hogging objectives. i just need some distraction carnifex and am torn between a terrorgheist (+palisades) for back rank screaming or the 3d6 charge of 4 Morghast into something tasty... anybody got experience or a cunning plan? (No bedsheets (Reapers) allowed 😅)
  5. I bow to your wisdom, ancient one... And bowing some more...🤔 on the other hand, first book in AoS 3.0 is better than last 2.5... guess I’ll have to field my old school Legion of the Night list till then 🤘🧛🏻‍♂️ 🍷
  6. I think they were ready to leak a picture 🥸 and stirr up some hype from the starved and ravenous vampire count fanboyz... selling Shadespire stuff : check selling WH Quest: check and then, come autumn: baaahm
  7. It seems to involve a lot of yelling and shuffling... a great day to be a Death player indeed 😹 till I face foxy the first time and it peppers my poor vampirelord with arrows, after that he‘ll look like a crow that got caught in a windmill
  8. good damage output, but very fragile... fe vargheists/flayers, pretty good damage, but low save
  9. @Kiekeboe was way faster but still: I think the smash bat general is pretty high end... the hunger spells from regent and the Feed on Dark magic trait gives +d3 attacks rerolling (all) to hit rolls... the obligatory trait gives +1 attack and +1 damage if within 3“ of an enemy with artifact the champion trait would add +2 attacks to the claws if more then 10 enemies within 3“ (tricky) then feeding frenzy... the Rest is slingshot stuff, he can move in hero phase 11“, move again 11“, run 2d6+1 (8“) and charge 2d6+1 (8“) roughly 38“, you’ll have to place/land him in between though... to go beyond that, a King or acolyte for another attack and since we‘re in theory land the King on dragon aura to reroll to wound... red mist is all that remained Counterplay is magic domination, slaan or Khorne or Nagash within 30“, slaanesh fight last bs, orb of enchantment from Legion of Blood. Counterdeployment tricky but could be relativly tight speedbumps (he has to land every 10“) and you’ll have to aim him properly...
  10. The SoW list was double smash bat, two royal mordants battalions in a Hallowmourn court... And one varghulf was the general for the extra attack & damage (couldn’t with AaC) he went against a msu eel list and it was a photofinish for idoleth, I think pretty impressive... Haven’t seen the other one, so I can’t say. But with cheese and filth small things matter, and tactics are key... lost a Deadwatch game vs slaves, because I never got a double turn. He won four turns, even loosing one would have cost him the game big time, but was not to be and I was ground down... aaaand maybe I went in too greedy, not knowing, that his general on reptile was such a crazy blender
  11. Saw it on YT Seasons of War, liked that a lot (double battalions, aar, 2x6 flayers)... I’m lacking the horrors to try it out
  12. That‘s why that foxy fox is on the run and T-Boy looks a bit tight, while Big N is smiling broadly, like all his skellis 💀
  13. Do not suffer the furry to live... and fluff wise I don’t know why teclis is hating, sure Nagash shook up the realms a bit, but Sigmar stole all the bling and locked it away in the vaults, Hedonites are trying to free slaneesh. he should be storming to Azyr to complain or into the All-Point instead of stirring up beef with somebody how is better at magic
  14. Well, time to collect the change and prepare for fiscal devastation 🤣
  15. That looks pretty good, except for the obvious lack of a new battletome 😅 where is the Vampire Bat-Hair day lady 🤔 will she be no.2 in ulfencain
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