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  1. Honk

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    The tides have turned. As Ben showed, if you know what your doing, 3x10 ghouls are horde enough. not sure how I might pull this off but it is possible 🤪 Not sure if I’m fooling myself, but there are so many good options to play LoN/FEC semi competitive these days... great to be dead
  2. Honk

    I’m feeling stuck with Deathrattle.

    And they perform... fielded them in a 1.5k LoB army with a VL and a coven throne, brawled the whole game with a whole Khorne army. At the end I still had 35 left, while he had... well, still some rubbish, but we played places of arcane power so he was loosing on default anyway. we decided to plan b : kill as much as possible...
  3. Honk

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    And there he though his list was specially tailored and not working in a normal competitive environment... well you sure showed yourself where‘s what 😂👍 hail the king...
  4. Honk

    I’m feeling stuck with Deathrattle.

    What he said... double Blob for board/objective control and Double puppies to prevent charges. I can’t really say what to field and how to play to win, but in the stated list, he fields 30 knights... field a second necromancer for overwhelming dread and fading vigor and with the vamp go for ?ghoststormwind? No.2 let’s see how they perform when old age sets in (bites for me). Then you are both not really achieving things in melee, but you should be able to outgrind him. before your heart breaks, you don’t „have to“ bring 40cal skellis, grab more puppies and then punch in some faces with blood knights, being buffed up by the VL and the throne. Against heavy debuffing army it’s still going to be rough
  5. Honk

    Noobranomicon (Beginners guide to Death)

    Wolves... 5 (10hp) for 60 points, 10“ range, 5+ save, 10 attacks 4+\4+, Summonable
  6. Honk

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    Yes, totally agree. Our strongest list is ghoul patrol with monstermash. Especially most versatile and most flexible. There are some other nice/fun combos out there, but going in a total random encounter scenario/mission monster heavy ghoul patrol
  7. Honk

    AoS 2 - Legion of Sacrament Discussion

    Don’t let the internet tell you what to do... list is pretty straight forward and basic for the los battalion, so the only problem is doing it right against your opponent. Some things just cannot be solved in paper, if your opponent shows up with plaqueclaws or decimators... your hordes will suffer. But that’s what DI and gravesites are for.
  8. Honk

    AoS 2 - Legion of Blood Discussion

    I really like the Dragonrider/ buffing hero combo. And you can divert the attention from objective holders really good...
  9. Honk

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    We have none of them crazies around here, so I don’t know what their thing is. I guess the -1 to hit or reroll 6s might hardcounter the poor flayers. Insta progg then to horrors... and try to position for counter charge, I guess if 20 deamonettes charge you, things hurt
  10. Honk

    AoS 2 - Legion of Blood Discussion

    Well, being charged by the WoK Bt who was kitted out for max damage (d3+2) that really leaves a mark. And with run&charge, being whipped by some whatever, that Bt had a threat range of 30“ or so, so I had to sacrifice him to pull the Bt far from the centre and then bind that crazy thing by charging puppies and finally the vamp lord. If the Bt would have went into my zombers, they would have exploded. I will certainly try him out again, was pretty pleased with his killyness. Like the 3+ hero deleting Breath Attack, and it’s not as stupid op as the bcr snowball
  11. Honk

    AoS 2 - Legion of Blood Discussion

    Sooo, got a nice friendly game in. Trying out a bunch of stuff against a Wrath of Khorne/Blood Reaver List. After rolling for Places of Arkane Power, my 4 mages were just declared victorious and the Sermon of Khorne was initiated. 1500 points LoB: Coven Throne (aura of dm, orb of enchantment, vile t.), Prince V (pinions), Vamp (fly, orb), necromancer (dread), 60zombers, 3x5 wolves After he embarrassed himself by not charging first turn helterskelter, I took, strategically stupid, the 1/2 double to superbuff my zombers (vamp+1A,coven rr1h/w/s) and show him how Khorne needs to be praised. sadly my necromancer fumbled the dance, but they still went in there like Hollywood Movies promise. Stupid reaver dissolved, pile in positioning madness to reduce casualties but still bind his whole army in the bog. Reasoning was, if they get deleted...resummon. Doggies went flanking and charge blocking. The rest of turned into a mess, with the zombers slowly but surely munching through his whole army, the -2 bravery debuff doing work. Only sad sidenote after prince V bravely but stupidly charged a korgoth and mighty lord (totally pulped them) the wrath of Khorne bloodthirster joined the fray. As general, kitted out as herokiller (2x+1dmg) the flail and the axe just one shotted the poor guy. Wrong placement, that was, what the coven was supposed to do, but they just chilled the whole game, because Zombers everywhere 😂 After the fourth round (feeding the vamp lord to the Bt) we quit, but staged the fight Bt vs Coven... Spoilers: not a good idea. His MVP: totally devastating Bloodthirster My MVP: 60cal Zombermob, still had like 35 left and they brawled with 2/3 of the army last thoughts: bought a corpse waggon, Prince V needs a second change...
  12. Honk

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    Good start... your list is not nice (friendly), but imo pretty strong and competitive. I like it and even if your opponent is able to counter properly, the game still will be fun. The only reservations, but that can’t be helped, are the min squat flayers... but that’s just the way it is. Maybe drop the battalion to crank up one unit, but on the other hand you need the CP... with the summoning, you can attack from all the angles and really go into board control, even if your modelcount is super low. MAIM!KILL!BURN!
  13. Honk

    AoS 2 - Grand Host of Nagash Discussion

    Didn‘t go well for the poor tree thingies...
  14. Honk

    Death vs Death Lore

    One thought that came to my mind reading through all this is, well Nagash invented all this. (not counting Drachenfels, sorry) During his origin stories it is described that the winds of magic were very weak in Khemri and he almost failed at mastering the magic taught by the Dark Elves. As a last desperate measure they teach him ?Blood Magic?, well drawing magical might out of sacrifices. From there he studied and developed and invented ways to use and command this type of energy. Then with the F&G Episode Vampireslayer and several other book and stories (his crown), every thing he creates, he imbues with his essence and within the intricate workings of the artifacts he also inserts workings and mechanisms to corrupt and dominate the user to Nagashs cause. His nine Liber Nagash are supposed to have „corrupted“ Mannfred into traveling to him, to be dominated. The Amulet from the F&G story gave power over Vampires, but when that mage (forgot his name) analysed the spells, he was A) I guess as a master I‘m more like kindergarden fingerpainting B) Look what we gave here...gagelgaaarghhhh, it sucks my soul out and tried to crush my spirit. Same goes for his crown, which led to a nice undead regime after his defeat by Alccazzizar (however written, poor chap) Every ritual and spell deviced by him, every theory to raising and controlling undead, but also to prolong ones life through necromancy or the blood elixir bases fundamentally on his research and inventions. All usage of necromantic means are „poisened“ like his artifacts to ensnare and weaken the user, to bend him to Nagashs will and to make them susceptible for domination. You can’t outrage Khorne, you cannot outdeath Nagash, you can’t outparty Slaanesh. Because everything you try to do feeds them power over you...
  15. Honk

    Death vs Death Lore

    It’s old world, but vampire wars is pretty awesome and the Episode Gotrek&Felix Vampireslayer was nuts!!! Also had a great hint for Nagashs working. As I said elsewhere, they all (except Arkhan) would rather be free of nagashs influence and rule their own style. But when he is calling, you just cannot spit him in the eye, even if you give it your best try, you just can’t. Ha says jump and you might hate yourself, but you just started hopping...