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  1. Honk

    Help for Legion of Sacrament list

    I personally think, that the possibility of resurrecting a unit of spirit hosts or extending your spells (sporting LoS) is a bigger plus than some mortal wounds... shackles might be a thing for area denial, but meh...
  2. Honk

    Soulblight 1k5

    Like already said, combine two units for a 10 strong hammer to wreck face... hide neffi behind it and charge through enemy lines, don‘t get stuck thou! Tricky what bloodline to choose, usually „Swift death“ all day every day, but with the dark mist spell, the big unit flys anyway. Not sure I’d dragon warriors might not be better for rerolling those pesky 1s. for the bling I would almost suggest the sigil, since your general is not supposed to be fighting, or scabbing plate. as traits maybe #4 (mist form) or #1 extra hp
  3. Honk

    New FEC Tome List Thread

    Second list looks rad... Low body count, but concentrated devastation. Need to be careful not to get bogged down in skellis or picked apart by brutes. Regents are still very squishy and CPs are rare, so need to have a set plan when to summon (got the throne?!?) and when to trigger feeding frenzy
  4. Honk

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    Extremely tricky question. I went full flayer and kinda regret it now. The paintjob is nearly impossible to redo (full model airbrush) and ripping the arms off and trying to find and magnetize the horror arms... total Desaster. If you’re up to the job, you can magnetize them from the start.
  5. Honk

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    Yes, that’s the tricky thing of running 40 ghouls into something, especially multiple units. but those restrictions apply to the whole army, without synergies and buffs all our units are pretty mediocre, but super buffed all things tend to end up on the menu
  6. Honk

    AoS 2 - Legion of Sacrament Discussion

    my favorites are Overwhelming Dread and Fading vigor for my necromancers... my vamps and mortarchs are rocking vile transference, suicide vamps might bring an orb to the party. Pinions are not used, mostly because it’s vile transference first for big champs (throne or dragon) and the small one is fast enough and in an offensive enough position to get some value out of the orb. I don’t have the ES but I guess the portal could be nice with Nagash/ Arkhan for Hand of dust, curse of years or soul harvest bombs shackles for board control maybe or the vortex for a necromancer working double time, but the costs are kinda not worth it. predatory spells are too swingy except for the pendulum 🙀
  7. Honk

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    ...sounded like a deaf loghead to me, and a pretty imposing one, since he’s not playing 😂👍 really sorry for his loss, but it can’t be helped and alternatives are probably easier than trying to argue with such a guy
  8. Honk

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    Tactically unsound, uncalled for and poorly excecuted... sounds like me 😂👍
  9. Honk

    AoS 2 - Grand Host of Nagash Discussion

    Brutal... you could try for Blackknights suicide charges. 2 Necros, Vamp, 2x5 wolves, 2x10 knights... everything summonable
  10. Honk

    New FEC Tome List Thread

    Big unit of ghouls Just took another look, without courtiers the big blob of 30 ghouls also kinda fails the purpose imo, they cannot tank, are to unwieldy and also too pricey. so I guess you’ll have to make due with the models you have, pimping a ghoulking shouldn’t be that tricky... best of luck for your spiderhunt!
  11. Honk

    Need help for optimized 1k Legion of Blood list.

    Yes... totally depends on scenario or opponent. 10 wolves are a real pain and can even nibble a bit, while 5 can spread over the table and secure objectives... looking at your pretty low unit count, having 2 packs might be a good idea, flanking your vampire or fast scouting objectives
  12. Honk

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    How comes he is dabbling and house ruling around, if he is not even playing?!? what does he even know, where how and what your putting on the table? Can´t you just tell him to get back behind his counter or reorganize the magic cards and leave you to your games? I mean he sells pretty expensive miniatures and painting supplies (judging from my local), soooo... bring me coffee or get lost of curse depends if he even wants you and your kind in his shop... buying all the minis online, getting the paints in the artstore next door, only coming to play and bogging down the table for the whales who buy cards for 100$ before sitting down... I´d throw you out too ;-D we have table fees around here (about 2$/person) and what we´re doing and playing and whatever is not really a bother to him as long as reservations are kept and decency and stuff...
  13. Honk

    New FEC Tome List Thread

    never had real luck with big ghoul blobs, maybe I´m using them wrong (unsupported in the open) ;-D but a 6-9 brick of horrors with a courtier and a king wrecks some face for sure. Flayer screams are just as bad as last edition, but for the fluff, they are good enough. with some buff spells, their MW output can be quite devestating for stupid stormcast heroes or the 2+ rerolling 1s Treelord
  14. Honk

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    What´s he playing? Ironjawz and leading the boards, stomping all the stupid other players... Well, I guess that´s settled then, sorry that you have such an **** **** **** **** as store manager (don´t want to recommend blackmailing to GW, although the idea came up) and the travel to the far away happy places, with all the cool gamer bros might not be available for everybody *sadface
  15. Honk

    New FEC Tome List Thread

    Looks good, not sure about the ghouls, 10+2.Archregent add up to the same points and ghouls and gives you more options (imo, still waiting for the book)... strategy is key the spiders can be superbuffed to mortal spam, use your mobility to avert his alpha and then retaliate with concentrated devastation. 30 riders are 60 wounds and one 1CP denies battleshock... so triple Monster charge, scream,puke and then rolfstomp, if he charges you, poor nasties are dead meat