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  1. To be honest, they are airbrushed ghouls 🙈 I couldn’t face the grind either. Same goes for my 80 skellis on rectangular bases... I should rebase, but I just got some grave guards from GW-store and they still have square bases. all that Time goes into playing, the money into new models.
  2. Sounds like my 60 zombies mob with vampire CA and „Van hels“... the pile in alone is gruesome to behold, counting and recounting the number of attacks pushes the enemy to the very limit 😈 and then we celebrate the second activation... with screams of distress and agony, madness spreads like wildfire while the resistance crumbles
  3. Archregent and varghulf (Proxy/Custom?!) and Start Collecting Boxes, done each one gets you a playable then army divert from there. Magnetise if able (horror/flayer) Big Daddy N is totally worth it, fun to build/paint and even more fun to field (very balanced in LoN, a bit too costly) with all your NH, think about playing legion of grief and get a mourngul 😈
  4. I‘m still hoping (against all odds) for a „Mortals of Shyish“ Book, Cities and Countries under Vampire or Necromancer rule... Will throw my money at a pure Soulblight book, cause fanboy. But as I rambled about all over this Site, I just love the diversity and options Death has for non-cut-throat games. And people love to play against me, because I don’t bring the samey list all the time (like nurgle or Ironjawz), but a new madness each time
  5. Model and rule wise you could just go for Reiksguard as zombies... maybe some old witchhunter or priest of morr from fantasy as Necromancers
  6. I wish you best of luck... positioning, target priorities and have fun!!!
  7. The gristlegore King on gheist was so broken, people are still whining about it... Always first strike is not very balanced The Terrorgheist Maw Attack is still brutal, especially with the gruesome maw trait, ferocious hunger and feast day... first strike charging and there is a very decent chance you dish out 12-24 mortal wounds, before your opponent even gets to act. It is a funky list, a regent with a king on Gheist and 4 terrorgheists in the Royal manegerie, healing d3, for 2d3 total. but you‘ll never score victory points. nowadays my „try-hard“ list is: GkoTg, Infernal(General), Regent 2x6 Flayer going feast day...(1460) King, Infernal, 20ghouls and chalice (1990) Buffed flayers are also brutal. the new shooting meta (flamers or Aelves) of course targets our buffing heroes, but I don’t really play in WAAC environments. maybe Ghoulpatrol with your 120 strong mob in a Morgaunt court can grind out a point victory 🥳👍 blisterskin might look good, but for me, feast day is just too good... in a 5 round game, melee in second (latest 😈) it amounts to 8 CP... but of course, deepstriking and extra cp on 4+ with missle protection might be a thing these days. remember, the spell spectral host grants flying and with luck (mod. casting 10+) three units will deepstrike or if they already fly, run and charge 🤩
  8. You can never go wrong with a SC-FEC Box... that‘ll set you up for ghoul-spam lists or (Double) dragon with flayer lists. Since all the courtiers, the infernal, haunter and ghast, are build from their normal Unit , you might want to look closely again. Otherwise, do a quick mark on their base, like a stone pillar and you‘re set. For ghouls, proxy in the Duke. Models needed?! The throne is kinda mandatory, 1-2 CPs for real world money. The other endless spells (where did your buddy leave them, it‘s one box?) are not that important. Gristlegore monster mash or if you‘ll like to spam horrors with a king on dragon... 😅💸💸💸
  9. As a Noble King of trusty Knights I can only recommend the brotherhood and chivalry the Bretonnian Courts bring... the start collecting box has great value and is very compatible with all lists. But it prooves exactly the point I made, one battleline, two elite units, two monster which double as mounts for heroes which they have 7 of... The Regent, 3 Kings, 3 similar courtiers and the pricey Varghulf. Just not as divers as LoN and nothing funky to play around with imo. I like my flayer GkoTg list, pretty strong, but that’s about it... same goes for Ironjawz, seven units TOTAL... boys, brutes, gruntas, then shaman, cheerleader and two bosses.
  10. Well, that’s not the GDubs-Way anymore (sadly)... they threw out the Bonereapers as a very strong Death faction, but the direction their management and controllers are going looks pretty clear and annoying to me. As stated elsewhere (by me 😅) min model range, max power to built up incentives to buy in... profit, rinse and repeat only exception may be stupid posterboys which just get stuff added to compensate for the powercreep
  11. If you’re planning friendly games, no problem. Otherwise the mortarchs are too squishy and too expensive (except for Arkham, maybe). You could think about a Start Collecting FEC Box for 3 vargheists and a vamplord on dragon, if you’re really crafty magnetizable into a terrorgheist... the book is old and it starts to show, no, it just is old, but the variety and options it brings are superb for friendly casual games. I field double terrorgheist legion of night ambushes or 60 zombies with roughly 25hp regeneration per turn or super elite double dragon soulblight lists, all with various success but with a lot of fun. LoNagash has one of the most divers unit range, which look and behave differently. F U Stormy Stormboys, cities of sigboy and chaos ascended, if the Range there is useful don‘t know don‘t care, hail Nagash!!!
  12. That’s quite brave... maybe write up two armylists of 1k, because as @EMMachine stated: no abilities, no lore, no bueno. With rumors about something Vampirelike, I fear for the relativly broad approach of the LoNagash book. GDubs seems to split all the factions (elves, dwarves, undead) into almost minimal sets of 10 units max + heroes, just look at FEC (3units, 2monsters, 7heroes). The Legions book has 18 units (4Bl), 3monsters and 19 heroes to choose from...
  13. Best thing about Legions? The variety and options!!! and the fluff... funny how a „dead/fluff only“ legion suddenly becomes relevant again when the meta changes. Put them skellis into terrain and suddenly they are pretty sturdy (against non-rend). painting is not that big of a deal, airbrush or/and contrast paints got you covered. With „bone“ colored primer you‘re almost there. Clothes and metal in black, wood in dark brown, also as highlights for the clothes, then soft silver drybrush on the metal. Generous helping of a brown wash... tabletop ready woodglue generously on the bases, through a pot with aquarium sand... Khemri is back
  14. Don’t really know, but „burning skies“ wrecks whole armies, like FEC Flayers; Soulblight Swift Death or KO ships (?!what happens to carried units anyway?!) Ignoring the first wound per phase is huge. Sometimes I yearn for a proper book, but LoA is only a small FW army, soooo
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