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  1. The best way to kit out your skelli blocks is a pack of 20 wolves 🤣
  2. Now that’s a circular BS-discussion supreme... „I hit better!!!“ vs „I get more into battle“ in close combat with „you‘re stupid“ 🍺🥳👍 There is time and table for both I guess...
  3. Same here today. He picked his messenger, one dude right in the centre, I tried to trick him and choose the edges opposed to my starting side, since I played fec with 3 flyers... barly caught him, but wasn’t able to one-shot him, so he stumbled off. Not really a way to prevent that, maybe in hindsight, but whatever I don’t even want to know how my flayers would have performed as 30hp 10“ flying messengers
  4. First dip into WarCry... not balanced at all, but fun nonetheless. played Infernal, 2 Flayer and 4 ghouls against some Iron-thingies... starting set up was him in the middle and the lower left, my dagger in the upper right. mission was „the messenger“ so kinda easy win for my opponent... but I almost had him. Infernal jumped up, screamed, did some nice damage (6,1,-) his messenger fled, was caught by my infernal with the quad-action, survived with 1hp, the whiff was real and stumbled off the field. so not really an huge insight, but the game for my flayers seems fast and fun... now if only I could be the messenger 🥳
  5. qft... 40 skellis have 3 attacks each, with vampire CA 4, with Wight CA 5 and with van hels 10 attacks each. If they wield spears you might get 20 into combat. That’s 200 attacks, 100 hits, 50 wounds and on a 4+ save you‘ll do 25 damage. 33 on a 5+, only 16 on a 3+ and the 2+ Treelord will take only 8 damage on paper. So if you’re going against another 40 skellis, you just burned 2CPs and a spell, opponent still has 7 skellis left and can decide to inspire them and regenerate a bit or resummon them wherever or just don’t care at all... while you really burned through CPs for inspiring or resummoning. they are not as brutal-imba-crazy like some people try to make them look. They can bring down something big, but they’ll need to get the charge off first. If a Bloodthirster kills off 11-19 first...
  6. Together with the trait, it would be totally broken otherwise. Also, a lot of units have useful banners/musicians who might appreciate a club to the face. Or a thinned out daisychain might get smashed apart...
  7. I went for „cheesy“, don’t really what happened 🥳 I guess I shouldn’t write stuff while being hungry
  8. I would throw out the zombiedragon and the menagerie and get the cheesecake GkoTg... the idea of summoning in 2x20 ghouls or 20 and a varghulf sounds pretty funky
  9. Disclaimer: Soulblight, Swift death went against Nurgle blightkings without the rend cyst... Manni stayed behind 2x5 knights with 2x5 wolves (allied) as screen. His bubble of awesomeness really helped the knights and the vargheist. Rerolling 1s on a 3+\3+ really makes the bloodbath complete. Of course he needs to be in melee and cast spells to really shine, so you‘ll have to try to only dip one toe carefully into the fray. To be honest, powergaming wise the coven throne is way better, even when it’s not an AoE
  10. Well, he is not, but his CA will push elite units pretty good... played him in a soulblight list and my knights and vargheists really liked that, my opponent not so much. In your list the reapers (>5) will also really like that. Same goes for the dragon or the chainghasts... only problems are his high cost, his squishyness and the inbuilt incentive to get into melee with him... And iirc you‘ll need a third battleline option (2x5 wolves +?). Necro with his 40 skellis/30 guards
  11. Looks pretty solid... I personally think overwhelming dread or fading vigor are better spells, but against van hels dance it will be tricky to prioritize.
  12. I think blisterskin or feastday with infernal or similar, with AAR should be pretty tough for meeting engagements... same should work for horrors at 2k I personally not sold on most battalions, deadwatch might be a think, don’t like ghoul patrol anymore without the extra ghouls feast day with 2x6 flayers and a gkotg or gristlegore. AAR is still auto-include imo, the summoning and the extra spell is too valuable. to play competitively, too many variables to make a define statement, you’ll have to be into the style and learn how to deal with your local victims
  13. His list went for all the cheese (and only two bl), strong shooting and without the „old“ gristlegore gkotg even scary melee with the stupid spirit... and then ally in some more filth 🤣👍 And the gladeworm is pretty stuffed with cheddar too... d3 MWs / d3 heals for 30 points your list, after they wrecked the patrol, is very friendly. If you choose to cast an endless spell, you have to „not-cast“ your signature/ lore spells... Hindsight is 20/20, but next time take the gloves off... 🥃😈👍
  14. I am too scared of backfiring Endless spells 😅 I would go with list 1 and the horrorghast...
  15. Honk

    Tomb Kings Discussion

    Like my '95 chariots... they were all out of bones (pre-Kings thou) not sure if IP, mold design costs and other stuff just hamper such attempts. but the more the merrier, I‘d say
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