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  1. Yes, for sure… neverever… maybe… depends on the list in general. I usually have a courtier and summon in a varghulf, for point efficiency. But of course they are sturdier and since smashbat opponents that received a spiking varghulf tend to give them priority, which can be good (giving GkoTg or aar a chance) can be bad (no regen)
  2. Yes, because you can’t beat awesomeness… I have a lot of Terrorgheists, because I also run quite a noble court of proud knights. For Gravelords a doubledragon list is a nice option… But a Gheist or two could flesh out an avangori list pretty good. so in the end, a Dragonlord could easily dismount and the beasty be proxyed as gheist 🤷🏿‍♀️
  3. QfT +1000 !!!1!! while the overall fluff is not in a good state for AoS in regards to oldhammer, the sheer diversity and valid options for casual games is just awesome. And while you might struggle to compete against top tournament 4 mega SoB lists 🙄 there will be threee totally different and interesting GLSB lists going wild in 4-1 tier. Almost every unit is usable and even BlackKnights are getting discussed again. Great time to be Dead 🧛🏻‍♂️🍷💀👍
  4. Looks pretty good… baldness can be cured, but the fancy stylish right hand looks totally rad.
  5. Have you checked Lost Kingdom Miniatures? https://www.lostkingdomminiatures.com/en/30-undying-dynasties been building their terrain for my chaos dwarves (and their minis are pretty good too) And if the base size fits, the chariots should be good to go
  6. Look above… and as I said, you have PV or the VloZd, both are singular and independent pieces that fit in almost any list you can write. The prince might need another melee hero nearby to get the most of his CA, while the VloZd doesn’t have one, but might like a trait or artifact. Just built any type of 1,5k list you like, from any dynasty, throw the big boy on top and worry about min/maxing later…
  7. Sorry, I forgot LRL don’t do core rules 🤣
  8. Since Prince V shares a model with the VloZd, there are a bunch of lists… and both models are interchangeable, depending on preference, artifact and trait considerations Classic Vyrkos as a bigger faster Radukar variation, with belladamma. with neffi in blood, with Manni in wherever, even beside Nagash things are possible. With a vengorian and a bunch of gheists And of course classic kastelaii double dragon 🥳 V and VloZd, 4x5 knights 2x10 dogs, not very competitive but trve
  9. 🤔 maybe Manni has a bad relapse of backstabbing (and vhordrai got himself cursed too, iirc the fluff, for trying to ditch Naggis corpse to the chaos gods)
  10. How did they successfully charge and then end up retreating to 2.9“ away? .5“ is successful charge and the pile in needs to end same or closer? or is it some unknown cheese?
  11. 12hp with a 5+, 3attacks without rend?! New meta incoming 🥳 But as you said, against zombie like mobs they shine a bit 🤣
  12. If you can crush a mawcrusher or similar from a save distance…
  13. 10 wolves are probably twice as good and only 15 points more… (1965) that leaves room for the burning head for some AoE missle, but beware of the rr1 to hit aura Nagash & Neffi should make a nice and tough combo, although pretty CP hungry. With the gravesite you can call forth the guard pretty aggressively. the list sounds funky, but of course, you’ll play with a fickle god-model
  14. Depends heavily on your skill set and preferences… Nagash list is still brutal if played right. Double Dragon with knights and wolves. Well balanced Radukar with grandma list… SBGL has too many options and synergies for a „take 4 megas and win“ approach 🤷🏿‍♀️
  15. There ya go… got all tangled up during movement. That ain’t happening if you only have two models on the board 🥳 Maybe Bloodknights would have been better 🧐 more magical debuffing 🧙‍♀️ or 2x bats as cheap mobile screens work better that a wolfpack aaaand the scenario where the real deal is brokered on one objective certainly favors SoB. That’s why I think they are easy mode
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