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  1. Honk

    AoS 2 - Legion of Sacrament Discussion

    Should buy Nagash and then 3 packs of fenrisian wolves, that’ll bring joy to the table...
  2. I guess swords are a valid option, especially with a hero around. A lot of things can dish out -1 to hit, which leaves spears at an overperforming 6... 5 with the necro. That’s bad. normally, 12 attacks end up with 8 hits with swords and 6 with spears, 1/3 difference! who‘d mathed it... so as ianob stated, you‘ve got to get that 1/3 hit reduction out of 1/3 extra attacks to get value out of the spears (sorry lame and lazys, don’t wanna build skellis don’t count. Building skellis builds character). This of course depends on your opponent, scenario, terrain and skillz with positioning. It is easy to get one more into range, after having 3 in contact. But as this scales linear, the more skellis you gave fighting within 1“, the more you‘ll need to get within 2“ to level the „skill reduction“ 3 at 10 fighting and 6 at 20 in contact. No problem at an open field against a big opponent, but fighting on two sides or in the woods, suddenly there is no room to pile in (towards the nearest) an extra 6 models and suddenly the sword and board skellis generate more hits. In area denial formation (H8-Star) to counter deepstrike etc you might not be able or willing to shift your models...but maybe the reach?!? To finish writing non-sense... if swords or spears is your biggest problem, your ready to go! Just 4+ it in front of your opponent XD
  3. Honk

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    If always like my courtier general with dark wizardry... suggest as fluttershy to kick one king for another infernal. King on dragon summons vargheist, so you have 3x6d6 regain chances for 5+ (~6). not sure if the list/summoning approach from the royal family list is viable/legal. Royal family summons one king ONCE per game. So the max for summoning is 2 kings and 2 vargheist/courtiers for 2CP. Cool, but no autowin really need to test the deadwatch I start with a list, but always end up playing sth. else 2xinfernal, gkozd, Gk, 3x6 flayer +dw
  4. Honk

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    Yes, standard internet slur: git gud... boi... the new rule „look out sir“ protects with -1 to hit, so keep them near your units. Since FEC suffers from stupid deathless minion rule (your minions need to be WHOLLY within 6“), you‘re forced to spread out your heros if you want to cover everything. like @Fluttershy said „destraction carnifex“ your big heros. Get a king on dragon, summon in 2 varghulf and then his usefulness is almost spend... and even more wisdom from fluttershy: redundancy... one ghast has 4 wounds with a 5+ save, don’t even try to trigger his ability, which is cool, but then he is dead and your army suffers greatly. So bring a handful. I personally think of my army in two brackets, speedbumps and objective holders. How do I claim objectives, hold them and who can punch my opponent in the face or keep him busy till I won 🤔 and if a summoned suicide squat on the other side of the table keeps him busy or locks him in combat, distracts him from focusing on important stuff like claiming VP, their death was not in vain. Oh, last important advice... if you play against gunlines, your opponent might not be interested in scenery, especially not buildings or lush forests (which prevent LoS now iirc). So thank him for his pre-set up fields of desolation and start rolling for scenery.
  5. Honk

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    They burn FEC players?!? What a sad bunch XD and here so thought we were the ones getting destroyed all the times... but I remember a Stormcast player almost ragequitting after I told him that my GkoTg had a 4+, then with the spell a 5++ and with rotn another 5++... those were times the sylvaneth player just smiled and turned the kurnoth hunter in my direction, two rounds of shooting later he was gone without touching a foe. FEC got better with the summoning, but not really crazy and the patrol is 180 points, of naked crazy dudes... without our supporting heros we‘re just roasted
  6. Honk

    AoS 2 - Legion of Blood Discussion

    No... But that doesn´t help, as they are not part of the Queen, if you think about a magic sword
  7. Honk

    Coven Throne or Mortis Engine?

    What he said... really like the coven throne for it‘s in between option (lord-dragon) and think the engine for the battalion or against low-morale opponents. since you don’t know what comes along, I mixed up the Pimp-Waggon (mentioning it the 5th time in a week 😂👍) Still WIP, but playable... Drachenfels got all the chicks
  8. Honk

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    Yes, I second that. And claiming RAW is just something „that guy“ would do... I am very sad about that 3“ from enemy thing. Those were some of the most beautiful „surprise“ moments I brought to my opponents XD
  9. Honk

    AoS 2 - Legion of Blood Discussion

    How is that different from Arkhans CA?! Units within distance X receive bonus Y... And here is a first take on a neffi bravery bomb list... don’t try this against nurgle Puppies for screening, Black knights for fast attack and -1 bravery, the morghast for another -1 where you want to put the pressure on, necromancer for another bravery debuff and then terrorgheist to kill... the double gheists to take pressure off neffi and give a good target saturation. Just an instant list, so still room to wiggle and juggle.
  10. Honk

    AoS 2 - Legion of Blood Discussion

    Depends also on the terrain and the scenario set-up... your VLoZD with pinions moves 14“+5“ befor charging ~7“ that brings him into turn 1 charge distance. If that is tactical sound movement is decided by the resulting countercharge XD and the melee outcome. And maybe a buffed up sacrificial lamb is exactly what you need, to tie your opponent down and secure objectives with your footslogging army. Can’t really compete against turn 2 run&charge stupidity from the fishmongers. If you really struggle with overflight rights violations...2x60 zombies in Starformation with corpsecart is a stiff middle finger against all types of deepstrike (stormfiends). Position your countercharge inside, open up with split unit cohesion rule and let the Soundsystem blast „the trooper“ from Maiden
  11. Honk

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    🙀 a spell list for FEC?!? Is it x-mas yet? I fear that all the other armies without a book should get some love f.e. poor rats or tomb kings
  12. Honk

    AoS 2 - Legion of Blood Discussion

    Well, there are sweetspots and things to consider, but that is just too much to consider to have just one cool checklist. opponents movement is just too versatile to shut down completely especially with a possible double turn. for a simple denial of flyover you can just position your elite 2-3“ behind the screen and the enemies unit will have to cross the screen and elite. 12“ on a charge move flys them everywhere of course...
  13. Honk

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    Black Hunger fits in every list... Works like a charm on 9 horrors/flayers or even on 30 ghouls...
  14. Honk

    LoS 2k list critique

    I like the portal/harvest combo, or even just the portal, to get a hold of vital support characters and deliver some pain... have not playtested the new nighthaunt stuff so no opinion on that... always take puppies is my chant XD the only thing is the VloZd spell. I’m always taking vile transference to heal up as much as possible. If you think the 5“ extra move gives you the speed you need, I‘d rather heal d3 wounds extra
  15. Honk

    AoS 2 - Legion of Sacrament Discussion

    How is that working out for you?! I always go for survivability and deck him out with vile transference... spirit gale just sounds too unreliable