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  1. Honestly if GW wanted they could easily double or triple the size of SBGL. Vampire Infantry, Vampire Riding a mount somewhere between a Zombie Dragon and Horse. Skeleton Archers, Skeletons of a larger creature, Flesh golems, other creatures / animals in zombie form, etc. So many possibilities.
  2. A Deathrattle Hero, or spell lore to move things would be awesome.
  3. It does seem odd to mention a new Core Set when Harrowdeep isn't even out yet, lol.
  4. ha! No worries, if I didn't want people to know I wouldn't have posted it. Glad to see someone else having success with the list. As you mentioned, the "leveling up" system in Kastelai is very situational. It has only made a noticeable difference for me a handful of times. But the real reason to go Kastelai is 1) BK Battleline 2) Rousing Commander 3) Fragment of the Keep 4) Out Flank BK's. I too wish there was a mounted Vampire Lord option, but honestly that is how I treat the Vengorian Lord, based on speed, save, wounds count, base size he really is just that. I also think this list can live through potential winter FAQ point increases, you could easily drop a unit of dogs or the Zombies and replace them with Bats or something cheaper to absorb any potential point increases for the list.
  5. dice will be dice I guess, and yeah I much rather play against them than LRL. Unfortunately I think Kruleboyz is just a hard counter to us. Some games will be easier than others and dice will go our way every now and then too. If I wanted to build a list strictly around beating Kruleboyz I would focus on just a TON of bodies and possibly no monsters. But I prefer not to tailor my list against one thing specifically since most of my games are tournaments and I need to be able well rounded.
  6. Thanks for the kind words. I have not yet played against Kruelboyz but one of the guys in the local scene is leaning heavy into about 12-15 Boltboyz, 2 Killbows and some other stuff. My strategy going up against them would be dependent on mission and who got to dictate turn order. Usually against a shooting army, if I can dictate turn order (I'm a 2 drop) then I will outflank / put a lot of things in the graves and then deploy deep in my own zone and give them the first turn which should help minimize damaged received turn 1. Your turn 1 you pop things out of the graves and outflank, maybe get lucky with a long bomb charge or two. Then priority roll, if you get the double you are in a much better position. At the end of the day, it is an objective game so you don't HAVE to kill them, but yes their MW output is pretty crazy.
  7. -1 To Hit from Unleash Hell means they are hitting on 5s, so don't expect to get much damage through with them. While I would love a little bit of range support I am not convinced we need it. We have a ton of options for mobility, via graves or outflank in Legion of Night or Kastelai Blood Knights. Also have a Deep Strike option with Vargheists and then there is Mannfreds shenanigans. At the end of the day it is an objective game and GHB 2021's missions favor objectives near the center of the map, meaning you're likely to get your melee army into combat one way or another. Even at the 2 day GT I went to last month I was paired up against KO and a shooting/magic heavy Seraphon list, while they did hit my army hard, I just zoned them out or controlled the board because they didn't want to get into combat and it resulted in them falling too far behind on Victory Points.
  8. I should have been more specific, I deployed one unit of BKs with the Vengorian Lord and one unit in outflank. I'm about 50/50 in doing this regardless of match up. The outflank unit always comes out around the other unit and my Vengorian Lord, but it makes my opponent think twice during deployment and turn 1 when there is a unit of BKs that can pop out on a board edge somewhere.
  9. woooo! I know it's just a special model for Warhammer Day. BUT wouldn't it be cool if it was a second wave of SBGL, with her leading the new elite foot vampire infantry!? Maybe supported by skeleton archers!
  10. Took the list I went 4-1 with for a 3rd place overall finish out of 70 people at a GT a few weeks ago to a 14 person local this past weekend. Ended up going 3-0 and finishing second, there was a SoB player that also went 3-0 and scored 1 more tournament point than me to secure the first place finish at the tournament. Game 1 was on Survival of the Fittest against a dwarf heavy Cities of Sigmar Tempest Eye list. He was running a death star of 30 irondrakes buffed out the a$$, basically 58 shots hitting and wounding on 2s with -2 rend then the champs anti monster weapon. He also ran 20 Phoneix Guard to screen / hold the center of the map. I squeezed out a win by basically outflanking or putting everything in the graves, minus my heroes and two dire wolf units. As expected he went to the center objective and as a result I pushed to the two side objectives. I then was able to sweep around one flank and mush his irondrakes back so they couldn't contest an objective any more which allowed me to secure the win. Game 2 was Tooth and Nail against a Legion of Blood list running the super buffed VLoZD (-1 to hit & +1 save) everything else was Skeletons, Grave Guard, Zombies or foot support heroes. Given that you couldn't put ANYTHING in reserve for Tooth and Nail made things interesting for both of us since we were SBGL players that wanted things in the graves. My Army was much faster which allowed me to dictate engagements. The funny thing was my Prince Vhordrai failing a 3" charge with snake eyes and then using a CP to reroll into snake eyes again, that is a 1 in 1,296 chance!!! My Vengorian Lord tanked the heck out of the VLoZD, some Grave Guard and 2 Vamp Lords on foot for four combat rounds only taking 5 wounds (Fragment of the Keep + Reduce Rend by 1 is amazing!) Anyways I was able to be more aggressive and control the board which gave me the win. Game 3 was Savage Gains against Vykros Dynasty. I went from never having played against SBGL to having two matches in a row. My opponent I knew really well and he's a great player so it was a fun game that tested both of us (he finished 6th (with a Tzeentch Archaon list) in the 70 person GT that I finished 3rd in . His list was Belladamma, two units of Grave Guard, some wolves, zombies, Necromancer, foot Vampire Lord and allied in was the named Gate Breaker Mega Gargant mercenary. Again the Vengorian Lord came up huge. In about 4 rounds of combat the Gate Breaker was only able to kill a single Blood Knight and put a few wounds on some other things. Fragment of the Keep on a Vengorian Lord is so good. Anyways, the game was super close and we ran out of time, so we talked it out. I had recently gotten a double turn which allowed me to sweep his back lines and then we just rolled off to see who got turn 5 (I did) and we both agreed I would have won. So another solid showing for this list. I will likely be taking it to the Austin GT hosted by GW in November.
  11. Thanks. I have not tested Mannfred yet. I've considered him several times, the problem is points. I would need to drop Belladamma and a unit of wolves. I find Belladamma as useful or more. Assuming she gets "Under the Killing Moon" off, then the +1 To Hit and Wound from Mannfred would be offset a bit. Her spell package is better than Mannfred's, although he could take a spell from the Deathlords lore which is nice. Also her CA to let a unit of dogs activate and pile in 6" is very useful. My initial feel is not to have both Mannfred AND Prince Vhordrai, that is getting pretty close to 50% of the army tied up in those two models. I may play around with a Legion of Night list with Mannfred in it, since it can largely do similar things (out flank BK's if I wanted to still).
  12. Without an FAQ it can be argued either way, so always good to get clarification from the TO beforehand or discuss with your opponent.
  13. The way I and several others have interpreted it is that the Vengorian Lord cannot issue a CA but can still receive one. I personally find myself rarely using a CA ON the Vengorian Lord anyways so not a huge hit if a TO were to rule it differently. Maybe an all out defense every now and then. Ironically I have very rarely rolled for him to go insane, even in the later rounds.
  14. This should be a fairly strong list. What might be a problem is your lack of bodies though. Before going to the two day 74 person GT this past weekend, I had experimented with running another unit of Blood Knights instead of Grave Guard and Zombies. Problem is the Blood Knights are expensive and in your case you have no chaff in your list. Nor do you have something to soak up Unleash Hell. Finally, having some summonable units will allow you to use the Grave Sites along with a chance to resummon them in the battleshock phase. Those components were critical to my eventual 4-1 and 3rd place overall finish in the GT. There were a couple other Kastelai lists that were at the GT, one running 4 units of BKs and another running 5 units of BKs, they performed alright. From a theme perspective I love this list. If you do run this list I recommend Blood Thirsty Triumph to get the re-roll charge. You will want to Out Flank 1-2 units of BKs to make your opponent think twice about deployment and the Triumph that you will almost certainly get at 1940 pts will help get them in. Also, one other thing I forgot to point out is the lack of mortal wound output in this list. It will have a difficult time getting through good armor, which is the reason I dropped a unit of Blood Knights and Skeletons in favor of 20 Grave Guard with Great Weapons.
  15. So my plan if I was going up against a 1 Drop or a 2 Drop but they deployed first was going to be deep deploy (closer to my board edge) and possibly more things in the graves and/or have Blood Knights outflank depending on the scenario and opponent. That is the other nice thing about the list. In the event that you do not get to dictate turn order you have ways to work around it. Possibly even keeping things back turn 1 but have something (zombies) pop out of the graves to at least get an objective or two without putting yourself in a vulnerable position.
  16. If your local meta is shooting then I think you def take Belladamma and 1 - 2 units of wolves. Use her spell (could even consider spell portal if you want) to try and spawn some wolves to prevent Unleash Hell and then obviously you take wolves to wound shrug / chaff / fast objective grabbers. My experience from playing against shooting (mostly KO) with this list is that you will take a lot of damage from something. Fortunately there is a lot of redundancy built into this list so if you lose something early it isn't game over. Also being double Battle Regiment this is a two drop list. The average drop list at this event (74 ppl) was between 4-5 drops. All 5 of my games I got to dictate turn order which was significant in how I played the game. It also prevented by KO opponent who was a 3 drop to use his pregame move to Fly High and Warp Lightning Vortex me.
  17. Thanks. I've consistently told people that I think at 200 pts Belladamma is one of the best value warscrolls in the book. So many things in her tool kit to use for various situations and is fairly survivable with 9 wounds, getting Look Out Sir and can wound and MW shrug to wolves and if she takes chip damage then I will send her into soft targets to heal with The Hunger. You're right that high MWs can be devastating against this list but that is the case against more armies than not in AoS and at least SBGL has a 6+ ward. The problem I think my opponents have is prioritizing targets. I built this list to specifically have a ton of threats. You can try and focus down Prince Vhordrai, but it will take a lot of resources and if you don't kill him then he will use the Chalice, Heroic Recovery and likely The Hunger. Belladamma can wound & MW shurg, the Blood Knights are fairly stout and turn 1 I usually keep the Grave Guard and Zombies in the graves. Really IMO the most vulnerable target in my list turn 1 is the Vengorian Lord and he's not super easy to kill. Finally if my opponent tries to focus on one of those units and not the wolves then the wolves get into their lines and tie them up. If they do focus on the wolves then they have to deal with Vhordrai, Blood Knights (likely buffed with Rousing Commander and Under the Killing Moon), a Vengorian Lord and Grave Guard. Also this list operates perfectly fine without Magic. Against the Seraphon player with Kroak I didn't get a lot of my spells off which was fine. If I can get my spells off it is just icing on the cake and really takes the list to the next level. Relating to the artifact, when the book initially came out I considered the Grave Sand, but after spending more time list building and thinking about it the less I liked it. It is once per game, activates in the Hero Phase, so your opponent could possibly avoid the units under the bubble. The Fragment of the Keep with the -1 To Wound was absolutely clutch in 3 of the 5 games I played, not really coming up much against Seraphon and KO. In other tournaments it has worked very good for me. The way I usually play is Prince Vhordrai charges up one side of the board and I have Grave Guard pop out of the graves on his side and the other side of the board (which is the real threat) I have both units of Blood Knights escorted with the Vengorian Lord who is providing the -1 To Wound bubble, reducing rend by 1 and then supplying Rousing Commander. Usually Belladamma is following them too supplying Under the Killing Moon.
  18. Well folks the Hammerfest GT was this past weekend, a total of 74 people attended (in the quote above you can see some stats on the lists), I went 4-1 and finished 3rd Overall with my Kastelai list. I also won Best Death Player and also best "Chris". The last award was a meme award since the most common player name was Chris, lol. First and Second place were both Daughters of Khaine lists running Morathi and a block of 15 bow Snakes. Quick Highlight of my games: -Game 1 was against Bonesplitters running a Rogue Idol and Kragnos on First Blood. Highlight was Rogue Idol getting a triple move spell off and flying across the board. Got Prince Vhordrai down to 4 wounds remaining but on my turn I finished off the Rogue Idol and between the Chalice and Heroic Recovery and the Hunger I got him nearly back to full. Meanwhile due to how I zoned Kragnos out he really only ever saw combat round 2 when he wiped some wolves and then at the end of round 5 when I tabled Bonesplitters and only Kragnos was remaining, the Prince did 15 wounds with just his lance and then the dragon finished him off. -Game 2 was against Sons of Behemat and was my only loss on Tectonic Interference. It was a Kraken Eater (amulet of destiny), Warstomper (artifact to re-roll his saves) and two units of 3 mini giants. Turn 1 he crashed into my lines which I expected. What I didn't expect was him to roll three 6's in a row to stuff three Blood Knights into a bag! I thought the game was nearly decided top of turn 1. I somehow managed to salvage the turn, got the double turn and made it a game that went into turn 5 where he only had the Kraken Eater left. Ultimately he won by 4 VPs. -Game 3 was against Seraphon running Lord Kroak on Savage Gains. It was basically a race to see if he could kill me with Magic and shooting before I crashed into his lines. The answer was no he couldn't, lol. I decimated his units and just had too many bodies zoning him out. -Game 4 was against KO running Flair Pistol for re-roll all hits on all his units against one of mine for 1 turn and Spell in a bottle with Warp Lightning Vortex. He had 1 Ironclad, 2 Frigates and 2 Gunhaulers with support heroes and chaff. This was on Power Struggle. Turn 1 he killed Belladamma and a unit of drive wolves, however I rolled a 5 in the battleshock phase to return a unit of dire wolves which I promptly did on one of his objectives that he left which also resulted in him failing his battle tactic and scoring 0 VPs turn 1. A unit of graveguard with great weapons got a frigate down to 1 wound remaining in one go around and then killed it next turn, some blood knights and a Vengorian Lord killed the other Frigate and from there on I just had bodies on objectives. -Game 5 was against Big Waagh on Feral Foray and by far the most intense as one might expect at a top table in the final round. The list had a Megaboss on Mawcrusha with Rend -3 artifact and command trait to free mighty destroyers. He also had a unit of 6 Gore-gruntas and a unit of 15 Savage Orruk Arrowboys along with a a few min sized units of Savage Orruks for chaff. We traded blows throughout the game. 90 shots from the Arrowboys having 6s to hit generating an additional hit (from a spell) are no joke! On turn 3 his Mawcrusha came in and did like 25-30 wounds to Prince Vhordrai, killing him. However on the next turn he picked Slay the Warlord as his battle tactic. Knowing this I popped Finest Hour on my Vengorian Lord. At the start of combat my Vengorian Lord had 8 wounds remaining, the Mawcrusha failed to roar at me so I popped all out defense. So I reduced his rend by 1 from the Vengorian Lords ability and then had +2 to my save. I had to make 6 saves against the Boss Gore-hacka at dmg 3 and like 5 saves against the mount that were damage 3 as well. The freaking Vangorian Lord tanked the ****** out of it and didn't fail a single save! He failed the battle tactic which basically secured the victory for me. -Final Thoughts: As expected, Prince Vhordrai always attracted the attention of my opponent as the primary target, which is exactly what I want. Between having 14 wounds, a 3+ save, the Chalice, and easy Heroic Recovery the Prince can tank a lot. This allows my Vengorian Lord to move up the board with the 2 units of Blood Knights and crash into something very important and pop Rousing Commander. Having two gravesites site near the back corners in my opponents territory but still in range of an objective is KEY! I would just keep a 20 block of zombies in the graves and my opponent either had to baby sit or would forget or not care and then out come the zombies and take an objective. Units coming back at half strength in the battleshock phase is HUGE but not super reliable. It did come in clutch for me twice though. Belladamma performed really great. Under the Killing Moon is amazing and she was able to shut down enemy magic pretty well. Lycan Curse never really came up huge for me given the opponents I played against. However different opponents (lots of shooting) could be huge. Overall, I am very happy with how the list performed. There were 5 other Soulblight Gravelord lists at this tournament, a few of which were Kastelai (one ran 4 units of BKs and another list ran 5 units of BKs). Even in Kastelai I do not thinking having a ton of BKs is the answer. A single unit of 20 grave guard with Great Weapons without any buffs other than an all out attack is sufficient to destroy or severely cripple things. This list has a bunch of threats and a reasonable amount of bodies and chaff. Here is my list: Allegiance: Soulblight Gravelords - Lineage: Kastelai Dynasty - Grand Strategy: Hold the Line - Triumphs: Bloodthirsty LEADERS Vengorian Lord (280)** - General - Command Trait: Rousing Commander - Artefact: Fragment of the Keep - Lore of the Vampires: Vile Transference Prince Vhordrai (455)* - Lore of the Vampires: Amethystine Pinions Belladamma Volga, First of the Vyrkos (200)* - Lore of the Vampires: Amaranthine Orb UNITS 5 x Blood Knights (195)* 5 x Blood Knights (195)* 10 x Dire Wolves (135)* 10 x Dire Wolves (135)** 20 x Deadwalker Zombies (115)** 20 x Grave Guard (280)* - Great Wight Blades CORE BATTALIONS Battle Regiment* Battle Regiment** TOTAL: 1990/2000 WOUNDS: 143
  19. How I've used Grave Guard in my Kastelai list is usually to be the second wave to wipe something out. Generally I have one flank with a couple units of Blood Knights supported by a Vengorian Lord with Rousing Commander and Fragment of the Keep. Reducing the rend by 1 and -1 To Wound (Fragment of the Keep) makes that force extremely tanky. The other flank is Prince Vhordrai and a unit of dogs to screen. Those things are fast and tanky, so I can get into the enemy fast and tie them up (doing decent damage too). Meanwhile the Grave Guard march up and mop up whatever is needed. But yes, GG are slow and will need something to screen for them or tie up the enemy until you get in range. However once they get in combat they will absolutely shred what they touch, especially if they have any sort of buff (for me Belladamma).
  20. Same problem, I have an Android Galaxy S9 and after a few hours of it being installed I have to reinstall.
  21. I'll be taking the below list. Prior to this I tested a list at a local tournament (and also a few casual games) that was basically the same but instead of the 20 Grave Guard it had a third unit of Blood Knights and a unit of 10 Skeletons. In all of those games the Skeletons never really did anything impactful. So IMO it came down to 5 Blood Knights vs 20 Grave Guard with Great Swords. The pure damage of the Grave Guard was a huge improvement (and gave me a lot more MW output overall). This list has several threats and to be very honest Prince Vhordrai has rarely pulled his weight for me (part of it is bad dice rolling), however what he does do is take A LOT of my opponents attention. The real damage is the Vengorian Lord with the two units of Blood Knights and popping Rousing Commander and then the Grave Guard swinging into something valuable. IF Prince V does kill some stuff then great. I'm in love with Belladamma Volga and I still believe she is one of the best models for her points in our book. She has served as a fantastic utility piece for me. Allegiance: Soulblight Gravelords- Lineage: Kastelai Dynasty- Grand Strategy: Hold the Line- Triumphs: BloodthirstyLeadersVengorian Lord (280) in Battle Regiment**- General- Command Trait: Rousing Commander- Artefact: Fragment of the Keep- Lore of the Vampires: Amethystine PinionsPrince Vhordrai (455) in Battle Regiment*- Lore of the Vampires: Amethystine PinionsBelladamma Volga, First of the Vyrkos (200) in Battle Regiment*- Lore of the Vampires: Amaranthine OrbBattleline5 x Blood Knights (195) in Battle Regiment*5 x Blood Knights (195) in Battle Regiment*10 x Dire Wolves (135) in Battle Regiment*10 x Dire Wolves (135) in Battle Regiment**20 x Deadwalker Zombies (115) in Battle Regiment**Units20 x Grave Guard (280) in Battle Regiment*- Great Wight Blades- Reinforced x 1Core BattalionsBattle Regiment*Battle Regiment**Total: 1990 / 2000Reinforced Units: 1 / 4Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 143
  22. In other news, I am preparing for a two day tournament down here in Houston, TX. I will be playing a Kastelai list which I've played at a single local tournament and ended up going 2-1 with. Over 80 people are signed up for this GT and here are some stats (lists are not public yet but the GT host posted these): Armies 8 Sons of Behemat 7 Seraphon 6 Stormcast Eternals 6 Soulblight Gravelords 6 Daughters of Khaine 6 Ogor Mawtribes 5 Ossiarch Bonereapers 4 Orruk Warclans (2 Ironjawz, 1 Bonesplitterz, 1 Big Waaagh) 3 Flesh Eater Courts 3 Maggotkin of Nurgle 3 Kharadron Overlords 3 Nighthaunt 3 Skaventide 3 Idoneth Deepkin 2 Gloomspite Gitz 2 Disciples of Tzeentch 2 Legion of the First Prince 2 Lumineth Realm-Lords 1 Fyreslayers 1 Beasts of Chaos 1 Blades of Khorne 1 Slaves to Darkness 1 Hedonites of Slaanesh 1 Cities of Sigmar Notable characters: 6 Morathi/The Shadow Queen 5 Gotrek Gurnisson 3 Yndrasta 3 Nagash 3 Kragnos 3 Lord Kroak 3 Be’lakor 3 Prince Vhordrai 2 Archaon 2 Mannfred 2 Arkhan the Black 2 Katakros 1 Teclis Total number of Mega-Gargants: 21 Average Wounds (all lists): 116.125 Highest Wound Total: 183 (Big Waaagh) 177 (Gloomspite) 161 (Skaventide) Lowest Wound Total: 72 (Tzeentch) 74 (Tzeentch) 76 (Ossiarchs) Average Drops (all lists): 5.54 Highest Drop Total: 19 (Skaven) 15 (Beasts of Chaos) 14 (Stormcast) Lowest Drop Total: 8 One Drop Lists 12 Two Drop Lists 13 Three Drop Lists
  23. If the new Warclans and SCE book are a glimpse of 3.0 books, I hope SBGL does not get another book for a long time. Stuff way simplified in the new books and pretty much removed all but a handful of Command Abilities. I really like SBGL book, only thing I would want going forward is a new unit or two and not a rewrite / update of the book. Plus this book just came out so I really do not think we will be getting another book for a few years.
  24. Well my original list that I ran at a 1 day tournament in July was the same but instead of 20 Grave Guard I had another unit of 5 Blood Knights and a unit of 10 Skeletons. Overall I think dropping from 3 units to 2 units of BKs and removing the skeletons in favor of 20 Grave Guard with great weapons is better. It allowed me to have some mortal wound output along with decent damage even without spiking 6s. Having a Vengorian Lord with Fragment of the Keep escorting Blood Knights is fantastic though. The reduce rend by 1 and then -1 To Wound from Fragment of the Keep can really help minimize damage for your opponent. The game against BCR, my opponent had a unit of 4 Mournfang buffed like crazy and charged a unit of BKs that had the Vengorian Lord right behind them. I took like 3 MWs from the charge and another 3-4 wounds in combat. In return the BKs + Vengorian Lord did like 15 wounds, without Rousing Commander.
  25. Just did a 3 game one day tournament this past weekend and went 2-1 with the below Kastelai list. The loss came in game 3 on Power in Numbers. My biggest concern going into the tournament was getting BCR or SoB on this mission and as luck would have it I got paired against BCR. Long story short they pushed hard as BCR does, BCR won the priority roll for turn 2 and pretty much burned all of the objectives making it impossible to win. The nail in the coffin was a Frostlord on Stonehorn needing an 10" or 11" charge to Prince V and of course he rolls a 12! Really not a fan of being able to burn more than one objective in a turn. Anyways, the list did really well. Prince V has consistently performed mediocre for me, but it is OK because I use him more as a distraction anyways so that I can position my Blood Knights and Vengorian Lord with Rousing Commander. The amount of damage that BKs with Rousing Commander have on the charge is crazy, especially paired with Belladamma where if her spell goes off then 6s To Hit count as two hits. I have another 1 day tournament in the second weekend of September and then a two day tournament last weekend in September. I think I might run this list. Overall I like how it performed. I have considered dropping Belladamma and a unit of Wolves for Raddakar the Beast, however her ability to cast two spells at +1 and having two solid warscroll spells make it hard to justify. Especially this past weekend where just punched above her 200 point weight class. The list is a two drop double Battle Regiment. Allegiance: Soulblight Gravelords- Lineage: Kastelai Dynasty- Grand Strategy: Hold the Line- Triumphs: BloodthirstyLeadersVengorian Lord (280) in Battle Regiment- General- Command Trait: Rousing Commander- Artefact: Fragment of the Keep- Lore of the Vampires: Amethystine PinionsPrince Vhordrai (455) in Battle Regiment- Lore of the Vampires: Amethystine PinionsBelladamma Volga, First of the Vyrkos (200) in Battle Regiment- Lore of the Vampires: Amaranthine OrbBattleline5 x Blood Knights (195) in Battle Regiment5 x Blood Knights (195) in Battle Regiment10 x Dire Wolves (135) in Battle Regiment10 x Dire Wolves (135) in Battle Regiment20 x Deadwalker Zombies (115) in Battle RegimentUnits20 x Grave Guard (280) in Battle Regiment- Great Wight Blades- Reinforced x 1Core BattalionsBattle RegimentBattle RegimentTotal: 1990 / 2000Reinforced Units: 1 / 4Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 143
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