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  1. If they had advertised it as a limited run before hand there never would have been an issue. People don't want sales numbers, they want an explanation for why a product that was sold as a permanent addition to GW's range was deleted immediately after release. Releasing the models (I am 100% certain that the hero ones will come eventually) fixes 99% of the issues most people had related to it, but it's still a very, very strange situation and at this point I just want answers for the sake of my own curiosity.
  2. I'm reaaallly hoping that they get separate points now, since the whole argument of "you don't want good units locked behind a sidegame" is 100% dead now. And as you said, if they keep things as they are, then you won't be able to run Radukar or his court without buying the other box. Worst case scenario, we'll get some cool proxy models.
  3. He's just being obtuse about whether or not it's still legal to use in matched play. It's obvious that it's been replaced and won't receive any further support, but until GW releases some kind of FAQ or errata, technically it will still be usable, but if I'm remembering the rules right, you'd have to use the updated warscrolls and points.
  4. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only person that actually likes Graveguard. I think GW accidentally made that box specifically for me.
  5. Are hardback novels limited runs? This is kinda lame
  6. Gitz can be scary, but they can just as easily be comic relief; half their new models have some kind of joke or funny detail hidden on them. GW is actively embracing both and I don't think thatyou don't have to pretend as if one side is an outdated vestige.
  7. Why stop at one? With how he talked to Morathi in this story, ol' Mally boy seems single and ready to mingle. If he and Be'Lakor are both claiming to be the master of Ulgu, why not seal the deal and rule it together? Be'Larion new OTP
  8. I know that, but GW uses those to hint at lore developments all the time. Pair it up with the other stuff and it started to look like they were building to a twist with Malekith being dead or never existing at all. Obviously we know it's not true now but they've done more controversial things before.
  9. I don't think anyone actually wanted him dead, but when you end a lore article with the POV character getting murdered for questioning Malekith's existence, mention dark elves who worship a dead shadow god, and don't use him in anything except background lore for 5 years, people start to get a little suspicious. Now that we know he's alive in the present day, I'm left wondering what all those hints were supposed to be about
  10. The head looks similar to a bear, which hasn't really shown up in ogre related stuff before, but the short-faced bear is a relatively well-known creature from the ice age, which ogre monsters draw a lot of inspiration from. But the gnoblar has tied string on the arrow, not metal. I wouldn't be surprised if it were a new Hunter, but I find it more likely to be related to the new faction and starter box. GW usually releases a handful of rumor engines leading up to big reveals.
  11. They're ready and printed about 6 months before release, If I'm remembering the specifics right. They went into some detail back when the Sylvaneth book got delayed and during some kerfluffle with one of the GHBs that I can't remember.
  12. Books are printed too far in advance for the Lumineth situation to have been an accident. For whatever reason, GW decided to split their release into two (likely to be even more) releases. They couldn't drop those models without a book and so we ended up with half a faction and a tome with fluff written for twice the amount of stuff that actually existed.
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