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  1. Before the topic gets nuked for not being about rumors, the only thing that leaves me confused about ogres and Gorkamorka is that GW introduced Ravenak, a monstrous, hungering godbeast who's trapped in the earth and exists as a giant mouth in the ground, then gave him a connection to the ogres by saying it was a Butcher who first harnessed his magic, added a spell that is literally just a floating, carnivorous mouth, and still had the ogres worship Gorkamorka when their battletome came out after. GW literally wrote a new version of the Great Maw into AoS and then had the ogres worship a different god. idungetit
  2. Lumineth and Sons of Behemat will put the game at 25(!) different factions. To be perfectly frank, I think that's plenty. The game needs the ones who already exist to get more support than it does another flavor of knife ears. If the releases for the next few years were nothing but expansions to existing armies, I don't think you'd find many people complaining.
  3. How would an Archregent/Ghoul King (on foot) be for a mercenary ally? Obviously, I'd be taking it for the command point and the fact that Flesh-Eaters are the only ones that are as hungry as the ogres. I like the fluff aspect of the two working together, but are the extra bodies necessary?
  4. If the Ulgu elves don't release within a year of the Hysh ones then I'm gonna make the Sundering look like a ******* joke
  5. It's kinda funny seeing AoS getting upset about this in the same way oldschool Fantasy players were upset about AoS. Only difference is that AoS isn't getting deleted for this to happen.
  6. I'm imagining Daemons of Chaos players are pretty happy. Three games for the price of one army.
  7. That wouldn't do anything except ****** people off and ruin balance. If people were interested in the competitive scene they'd rebase their minis. IMO, it's just gonna be a release date for/more information on the new Legends update and points.
  8. Personally, I don't see GW going over 30 "real" factions, barring ones like different Stormhosts getting their own books. Big, flashy, new factions probably sell a lot better than model updates to existing ones, but releasing a new army every year is not a sustainable practice; recent productions expansions will probably extend the period GW can keep doing it, but unless they switch to 3D printing minis one day, they won't be able to keep it up forever; eventually they'll reach a capacity for the amount of models they can produce and stock. This makes replacement models a bit more appealing, as it doesn't increase their carrying capacity, it just swaps out an older part, and causes some people to double-dip on that unit, or others to buy it when they had no intention of doing so before, very rarely is a model update regarded as inferior to what it's replacing. But, a new version of something old is mostly attractive to people who already play the army it's for, and there's a good chance they'll already have that old model, and won't buy a new version. I want GW to expand and update existing armies, but something tells me that new ones simply sell better, and that they'll focus on those.
  9. Look a Seraphon player in the eyes and say that again.
  10. HEROES Icebrow Hunter (120) - General - Command Trait : Winter Ranger Icebrow Hunter (120) Icebrow Hunter (120) Icebrow Hunter (120) UNITS 10 x Frost Sabres (200) 10 x Frost Sabres (200) 10 x Frost Sabres (200) 8 x Frost Sabres (160) 3 x Gorgers (240) 3 x Gorgers (240) 2 x Gorgers (160) BATTALIONS Skal (100) TOTAL: 1980/2000 Start the game; everyone is in deepstrike. Farm command points while your opponent worries about worthless garbage like "objectives" and "victory points". Turn 2, you stay in deepstrike; remember, Slaanesh can't farm depravity if Slaanesh can't find you. Turn 3, you stay in deepstrike; your opponent can't kill any of your models if they don't even know where they are. Turn 4, you stay in deepstrike; you can't lose an objective if you never had it in the first place. Turn 5, you stay in deepstrike. Your general? In deepstrike. Your heroes? In deepstrike. 100% of your units? In deepstrike. At this point, you should have around a dozen command points, if not more; you will not spend them, because you will stay in deepstrike. You do not leave deepstrike. MFin gorgers, baby.
  11. Megnetize the head and use either one depending on your mood http://dissentingdice.blogspot.com/2011/10/magnetize-stone-horn-thundertusk-kit.html
  12. Is there any place for Gorgers in a "serious" list? Skimming through the book, it doesn't look like there's a whole lot going on for them, and other units fill the "deepstriking ambush" role a bit better.
  13. Doesn't the battletome say that Ironguts are min 4? EDIT: Yeah, you'll have to rework that; they're 4 for 220.
  14. An ogre Tyrant breaks into your house, eats all your food, insults your cooking, then holds a Sky Titan Repeating Pistol to your head and tells you that you have to create a Mawtribes army that incorporates all the battalions from the book in 1 (one) 2000 point list. wat do?
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