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  1. I don't want to sound rude, but anyone who thinks BoC should be in Destruction knows nothing about BoC. Read any page from their battletome and you'd know they're tied to Chaos at the deepest possible levels, even beyond some of the god-marked armies. And I'm sorry for even alluding to swearwords on this good, Sigmarite forum, but Chaos is in their name, ffs Back to an actual rumor, but does the idea of them getting souped with S2D have any real teeth? I'd honestly believe that GW forgetting about them for some stuff is more likely.
  2. -Doombull -Beastlord -Tuskgor Chariot -Razorgor -Shaggoth -Jabberslythe -Cockatrice -Centigors And that's ONLY the resin kits. Pretty rough considering how many plastic ones have not aged very gracefully, to put things kindly. I don't see GW doing such a big refresh right off the back of two other ones, so I'm not sure if a BoC update would be anything more than a new battletome. Since they were mentioned on their own, I doubt they'd even get a VS box with a new plastic hero. But who knows, I don't think I've ever had a single accurate prediction. If my track record holds true, then you guys will get the exact opposite of what I just said. So a complete BoC redo is pretty much confirmed. No need to thank me.
  3. Congratulations! You get a single monopose kit that removes any options it might have had before
  4. It's always funny to me when people here talk about MESBG as if it's on the verge of being discontinued and desperate for support when stuff like this drops just as often as any Warhammer content. Just reminds me of all the 40k fans who only ever hear about our game through old Fantasy players and act surprised when they find out AoS HASN'T been on its death-bed since release.
  5. It's happened before plenty of times. Other websites still have accounts that can be tracked, even if there's no personal information involved
  6. I remember some people seeing the first teasers and thinking it would be an Old Ones army/cross-game Seraphon model update that worked like Daemons of Chaos. Can you believe it? Imagine getting your hopes up for something like that, haha. Definitely wasn't me, though. Nope.
  7. I don't like slinging around the whole "soulless" thing very often, but comparing the new Emperor's Champion to the old one is... oof. As for Kruleboyz, I'm still of the opinion that they are not, and were never sold as being, their own faction, and judging them on their own is an inherently flawed way of looking at the release. It's like getting angry that the Lumineth Wind-Temple units don't have enough variety to make an entire, well-rounded army out of them. Complaints about the Kruleboyz not fitting in aesthetically and the general structure of the Warlcans book are entirely valid*, of course, but I just can't sympathize with the idea of being upset about not getting another cavalry unit in an army that already some. *I still think that Bonesplitterz and Spiderfang should have gotten a combined book. Lord knows they look better together than they do in their racial tomes.
  8. Didn't the short story with the ogre and Mouth of Gork feature smaller vulture riders? I'd bet on them getting some kind of DArK mIrRoR to the new dragon riders with those instead of Gnashtoofs.
  9. That's exactly what you should expect from the faction designed to be the milquetoast mass-appeal posterboys. In a setting like AoS, the "mundane" exists as an entry point for the extra-weird and as a way to contrast how strange everything else can be. And on a note completely unrelated to any of that, with these dragon guys and the coalition rules, Bretonnian CoS proxy armies just got a whole lot easier to make
  10. I don't know how many more times we're going to have to see that 4chan rumor debunked for people to stop bringing it up. Half of what it's said has been wrong, and that's for the immediate releases. The only stuff left to it are army releases multiple years out that anyone could guess. Grimdark Live never substantiated it, nor did they say it came from a source they trusted. They were only repeated what was being said by others. It has absolutely no merit worth discussing.
  11. Can I be naively optimistic and hope that all the previewed stuff will be out within a 1-ish month timeframe from when the pre-orders start? How long did it take for all the post-Indomitus Necron and Space Marine stuff to drop? I NEED that giant vulture
  12. Shhhh..... This is no place for logic or reason. We only do hype and self-inflicted delusions. Anyone want to bet when we're getting the Firebellies expansion? It's bound to be any day now.
  13. It's going to be pretty weird seeing Warclans after this update, given that it'll essentially be "Kruleboyz (and friends)". Their range has got to be nearing the old one in terms of size already, right? And they might still have a few more units on the way. I can't imagine the Stormcast book getting any thicker, but with the Space Marine codex for 9e as an example, I guess I don't have to
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