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  1. You can't even take The Sepulchral Guard as an ally in a LoN army. LoN:s allies are only FEC and Nighthaunt. You can only field them in a GA: Death army right now.
  2. I think they mentioned at some point that the warbands wouldn't be directly connected to any of the Chaos gods.
  3. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/04/01/introducing-the-iserv-pro/
  4. Yeah, aren't these rumor engines usually published about 6 months in advance?
  5. Could be both, in a combined BT? Would be an instabuy for me.
  6. That lizardskin one is still left. I’m guessing it’s a dead seraphon on some sort of Idoneth spell.
  7. When is that survey happening btw? I haven't seen any date.
  8. Don't know how much help this is but anyway. Here's some of my thoughts (started painting in the early 90s, had a long pause between 2002 and last year when I started again). - Don't be afraid to experiment. If it turns out really botched you can always strip the paint and start again. - If you try out a paint scheme for a unit, paint only one miniature first to completion to find out any problems. If it looks ok, paint the rest of the unit in batches of 5-10 to get a uniformed look. In a unit of 20-40 that one one miniature wont stand out too much. Certain armies are better here than others. Undead, chaos, orks, goblins... there's no problem with them looking a bit rag-tag, shabby, or odd looking. - If a unit doesn't look completely perfect, just try to find the things that did work and move on to the next. The only way to get better is painting, painting, and painting some more. Mistakes, trials and errors are part of that process. Your going for the long haul here and if you continue with the hobby, then you are quite likely to start several armies. The first ones aren't going to be the best looking ones, so see them as training for say the third or fourth army and make those later armies the ones where you try to do your very best.
  9. Yes, that’s the stuff. Comes in 17ml, 60ml and 200ml.
  10. It comes in small dropper bottles as well, so you can try it out with one of those before splashing out on a 200ml bottle.
  11. They didn’t show anything directly 40k today either, just things for three of their boxed games. I’m sure there’ll be AoS stuff to show tomorrow or on Wednesday.
  12. Pretty much yeah. I mostly use non-GW paints so all my painting is trial and error. So I buy colors I think I need or like and then use those. Can’t have too many colors.
  13. I use the grey one. It has some opacity, but I haven't experienced any need to put on a second coat I just leave it slightly opaque. The primer sticks so well to minis that I dont' think you need a completely opaque primer cover, especially if you're going to put on a base color after the priming. If you use the primer as a base coat, then sure opacity is a problem.
  14. Vallejo Surface Primer. End of discussion.
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