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  1. The staff effect doesn’t combine at all with Jaws like a Steel Trap. The Jaws effect isn’t damage as such (mortal wounds aren’t damage) and if it fails the attack it doesn’t deal any damage at all (so the staff effect doesn’t kick in).
  2. Well, GW have a way longer experience with rules writing really. Magic is of course much more tournament focus and that has more or less forced a very structured and formal rules writing. But yeah, I agree, it could be a lot worse and I think they're gradually getting better at it.
  3. But these new scenery placements rules aren’t core rules, right? That’s the issue, the gnawhole warscroll doesn’t overwrite it.
  4. I don’t think having a precisely written ruleset (like Magic) would turn the game more away from Open and Narrative gaming. Both those need a precise ruleset as well, and while Magic is very competitive, one of it’s most popular formats is Commander, a definitively kitchen table format. I’m of course talking about the wording of rules right now, not powerlevels. I think there’s been a mix of both in the thread that sometimes make it hard to discuss because they aren’t the same issue.
  5. The rules writing could be better. Compared to something like Magic: the Gathering’s Comprehensive Rules, GW still has a way to go.
  6. Well, if they nerf anything in the allegience abilities, they better boost something else. The summoning rules as they are currently is what makes the faction usable at all (competively that is). My guess is that they'll introduce at least spell lores to these factions, and maybe some tweaks to make them a bit more competitive while we wait for new BTs.
  7. The font used is all wrong. The perspective of the whole thing is a mess. Just look at the spine in comparison with the front cover, and the title compared to the sides. The angles on this thing is so wrong it would make HP Lovecraft proud. So yeah, it’s obvious that it is a fake.
  8. For me how many they have taken. It's easier to see current stats for monsters, so I do it for all models for consistency.
  9. The Cubicle 7 Hour right after will probably contain some info on the AoS RPG.
  10. The difference could be explained by an upcoming nerf to LoN gravesites together with GHB2019. Maybe the LoG wording is the new LoN wording?
  11. It's the LoN terrain piece! The Throne of Nagash, so he can sit down and rest during the battle.
  12. Oh these are nice! I have magnetized most of my minis, these would be perfect. So these are basically a steel sheet right?
  13. Does anyone know how big the Warcry board will be? There a picture of it in the Warcry thread, but I’m bad at guessing it’s size. Kill Team has a 22”x30” board so that is smaller than the 30”x40” skirmish battleplans.
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