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  1. It’s part of the trampoline on the Seraphon Spawning Pool.
  2. For friendly games, 4) for sure. In a more competitive environment (like a store league or similar) then 1).
  3. The Skink Starseer could easily be included in a multikit together with Slann Starmaster and Lord Kroak.
  4. Tell that to Gotrek straight to his face.
  5. No, there's no rumour engine with that tail.
  6. I went with Creed Camo over Vallejo Desert Tan surface primer for mine. Added AP’s Light Tone as a shade to give a bit of brownish tint.
  7. Well, I guess once the Soul Wars starter goes oop we get a start collecting box with the contents (with only 10 chainrasps though). That’s what happened with the previous starter.
  8. LoG never was part of Nighthaunt. Just because it uses lots of Nighthaunts unit doesn’t make them automatically part of the Nighthaunt allegience.
  9. Well, playing this luxury game at all is a big entitlement issue, but lets not go there and skip this whole entitlement discussion going forward. My personal opinion with regards to special models (I don’t own any) is that as long as tbey’re not dominating the game and thus ”required” to be competitive with that army, they should be allowed.
  10. The entitlement thing swings both ways. Just because you have a model it doesn’t mean you always get to use it. It’s all about GW being afraid that 3rd party companies making proxies of models they don’t sell but have rules for. It’s happened in the past.
  11. The Errant-Questor is continously available from Warhammer World, so although it’s hard to get it is still being sold. So yeah, looks like it isn’t an oversight.
  12. Could be that they missed it, however they added other missed units in the errata (like the big FW Khorne dragon). They also don’t like to have units that they don’t sell in pitched battles. They switched to new anniversary models this weekend (https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/06/18/store-anniversary-exclusives-for-the-next-yeargw-homepage-post-2/) so it’s entirely plausible it’s not included because of that.
  13. It’s a unique limited edition model?
  14. Core FAQ: Q: Some warscroll battalions included in battletomes do not have a faction listed above their title. How do I determine which faction they belong to for the purposes of allegiance abilities? A: The battalion belongs to all of the factions in that battletome. For example, the warscroll battalions in Battletome: Stormcast Eternals are part of the Stormcast Eternals faction. BoC Errata: Page 85 – Marked by the Decadent Fiend Change to: ‘Units from this battalion gain the Slaanesh keyword. In addition, this warscroll battalion is part of the Slaanesh faction and the Beasts of Chaos faction.’ The BoC god battalions have errata to allow them in the god allegience armies.
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