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  1. I think that you need horde units for core with the current meta and GHB. 40 Chainrasp are a problem for kharadron and lizzys. Also I think that Dolorous Guard is a must because you´re going to be able to keep safe your general and reborn the units from the tombstone. Other, I love the orb and the blood knights. The first one is one of the items that make LoN being able to compite today, and the blood knights are one of our best units, ever if we cannot reborn them. Also necromancer is good but all the magic potente of the game are going to make almost imposible for you to cast the danse. The +1A of the vampire lord is auto and he can support your combats.
  2. If Sigvald reborns in Shysh... maybe, just maybe... Broken Realms vs Neferata? The forest goblins new clan had mentions about the lady mortarch and her city.
  3. She seems to have a helmet and vampiric armour... maybe she´s a female blood dragon? EDIT: Well, it can be a male vampire too.
  4. Stalkers list analysis here. Blood sisters one in Patreon. Good sunday mates!
  5. Golden Sun was the GBA/DS game(s). Amazing RPGs. If you want battleforces, here: DZ: https://distritozero.es/ Or message here (webstore is not working I dunno why): https://www.facebook.com/elorcorojo/
  6. Good luck with your project!
  7. Yes!! I´m from Cantabria (north of Spain), and the goverment was doing some vouchers for the local people. So lot´s of extra discounts. But Xmas and the discounts are a great opportunity for buying cheap models. I finished my Deepkin, Khaine girls, LON (for the next battletome... I want a new army not my old VC one) and more. More or less: 2x Pain and Shadow 3x Idoneth Start collecting 2x LON Skeleton Start collecting 1x Idoneth BR box 1x Cities BR box 1x Chaos BR box 1x Indomitus 1x Gloomspire Battleforce 1x Tzeench Battleforce 1x Teclis 1x Lumineth spearmen 2x Grave Guard 1x Idoneth Turtle So I have projects for all 2021 haha But you kno that I´m always preparing new armies for gaming. My problem Is that I´m living in Madrid for work so... But everything will come togheter so I promise a photo for the big order.
  8. Distrito Zero makes 25% discount on GW preorders. They have international shipping. I bought one gloomspite box and one tzzench box for upcomings proyects. 2k € spend this month on GW, I think I will die.
  9. I cannot wait for that vampires!!!!!!! New Golden Sun rumours, and now Soulblight... 2021 will be an amazing year. I just need to finish my second novel and I will fell in love with that year if everything is true. So I hope we got new models, more than a warband, maybe like this new full slaanesh release: they got the warband and the full army, and they will mix them with the other Hedonites. The rules? Probably on a broken realms tome. I hope we can have the same: new army list on a BR and wait until 3.0,; or just new models with warscrolls updates for LON and new battletome on 3.0. Everything will be good.
  10. Hello friends, Here you have another speed-painting tutorial. If you like it, sub. to this competitive channel for players! Everything both in ENG & ESP.
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