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    • I used her against Khorne in 2500p game as a Gutbuster ally. Artifact was given to Tyrant General, and in this game she was hardly worth her points. Missed all her hit rolls, hit 1-2 times with vomit and couldn't cast her spell not even once. So give her some artifacts .
    • Thanks, ClockworkGeo91!  : )
    • Conclusion With 4 Majors and hopefully some decent soft scores, the question was whether I could sneak third place. Gary had 4 Majors and a Minor, so it wasn’t to be. I came 4th in the end. My best result at a large event and coming swift on the heels of the 1st place at Winter Waagh with a similar list. I was chuffed when Ben Johnson made a point of congratulating me on my soft scores, which was a nice touch! Cheers!  Congrats to @Leonardas and @Thanatos Ares who finished with big wins to make the top 20. Nurgle look very dominant now with Martin winning with a soft variant of Dronestrike and more recently Darren Watson doing very well at SCGT and London GT. No doubt AoS 2 will shuffle the pack. The change to Mystic Shield (assuming Castellant is likewise) May mean that Nurgke’s anti-armour is actually less valuable than before. However command ability Spam will likely help Nurgle a great deal. I hope you cannot use the Harbinger buff twice in one turn. The biggest problem I had with it was the need for Rerolls on Archaon from the Chaos Sorceror Lord, but him also costing too much. Archaon is getting a rewrite - hopefully picking up rend -2 on his Claws and a buff/clarification to his heads. The Mystic Shield Change is bad news for him. The summoning changes kill my list, but it was fun while it lasted.
    • Game 5 vs Ricky Mee and Nagash - Battle for the Pass Game 5 was my first against Ricky (who was a gent and a strong player) and against Nagash. Nagash himself wasn’t too worrying as in a battle between the Slayer of Kings and Hand of Dust, the former was at a big advantage due to the latter’s short range and the Everchosen 4+ vs spells. However Ricky won the roll off for sides and picked the side with Damned Terrain on it. His 12 Spirit Hosts were the main threat with Vanhels. Deployment Ricky deployed 20 Dire Wolves across the entire width of the table. One unit of 6 Spirit Hosts deployed by the Damned, while the other went into the grave. I deployed Archaon opposite Nagash (obviously....).  Battleround 1 My DD were good this time. I picked up Sinister on Archaon for a net +3 to Battleshock tests. I nudged him forward with the Balewind Vortex. I cast Infernal Flames hitting about 18 Dogs, but the great tide of 6s from Ricky began. I did little damage. I summoned on a Keeper on the left and 10 Pinks on the right. At this point I realised that I had used all the good wizards to cast spells already and so the Keeper had to cast Mystic Shield, which he duly failed. Disaster! Eye of Ed Sheeran was also poor. Not looking good. The Keeper pumped up Archaon with double pile in. The Pinks failed their shooting and their charge. Archaon went in on full derp, killing a few dogs. The Dogs chipped two wounds off ominously. Archaon attacked again and this time there were fewer 6s. I spanked a DD on the Damage from the Claw. In the event, this was key. The Battleshock roll was   Crucial, with 13 dead and plus 3 to the roll, 7 were guaranteed to flee. Had they clung on, Nagash could have brought most of them back. I scored 5 points. Ricky was very complimentary about my first turn.  Ricky unleashed a barrage of spells and Debuffs into Archaon - taking off about 6 Wounds and debuffing him. Thankfully I unbound the reduce attacks spell. At the end of the movement phase, Ricky reloaded by bringing on the other 6 Hosts where the first 6 had started. Ricky forgot to take the Damned buff until some way into the movement phase. I let him take it back so he got his 5+ mortals up.  He charged in both the Spirits and Nagash.  Arguably overkill (but with bad rolls he might lose the Spirits and then have me win the initiative and pop Nagash too. He attacked with Nagash first as he might get lucky and kill Archaon. He didn’t manage it and Archaon managed to roll the one 5+ I needed to slay the Great Necbromancer. I also killed a Spirit Host. In response, the Hosts annihilated Archaon in a flurry of sixes. Nothing but dust Battleround 2 The double kill kept me in a strong position.  I was able to win the initiative and use the Keeper and Infernal Flames to take out the 10 Skeletons on the far right, while the Pinks went into the Spirit Hosts to chaff them up. While I lacked the models to Steal the 4 points, the Blues were able to tie up both units. Ricky made clear at this point that after witnessing my turn one he had been impressed and didn’t have the mental energy to try to win it back.  Nevertheless, Ricky didn’t concede and proceeded to double turn me, clearing out the Horrors and then making it into the Marauders on the left middle and the Keeper on the right. He took out much of my army and for a while it looked like he might steal my home objective for the win, but it wasn’t to be. Major win to Archaon!  
    • Great seeing @Thanatos Ares on the livestream! Sounds like he got robbed by Mystical Terrain trolling his general. The game looked cinematic and great to see Slaanesh out in force.