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    • Hi Ritchie- I played you game 2 at LGT, with Nurgle and Glottkin. Great game, though my first against Kharadron. I managed to win my 3rd which was also against Kharadron, so I learnt a thing or two!
    • If you make it and play it and enjoy doing both then no effort has been wasted. At the end of the day this is a creative and social hobby so if what you do inspires you and others to make, talk about and innovate new ideas you've spent your time well.   Also rainbow lions made me smirk too.
    • I think it would fit better than making Korhil a living aelf (after dying in the endtimes). It's strange that we didn't hear much about the godbeasts after the endtimes, but I think it would make the world more interesting if we have gods and godbeasts. Perhaps I should try to draw him (even I'm not a good drawer, and only having 5 times of lions in the story (and use one of them in this project). do you mean the organisation of one subgroup or all of them? Normally, for the fanmade battletome I will have to make some organisation description. One problem is, I don't know what GW is planning so this effort could be wasted at the end (even this is a problem in tabletop all the time).
    • Great story! Having Korhil reincarnate as a great lion fits the style of the Mortal Realms. I also like that you incorporated the concept of God beasts, they are way too underused at the moment.

      But I have to admit, the thought of rainbow colored lions made me chuckle a bit.

      Do you plan on writing about the organization of these lion cults?
    • Game 3 vs Chris Lewis: Slaanesh Game 3 is always tough at the end of the day and Knife the Heart was particularly badly timed.  My opponent (a third Chris in a row - what are the odds?) was playing Slaanesh - an interesting option. He was pushing MSU to the max with seemingly endless units of Cavalry as well as two 30 Blocks of Daemonettes and a unit of Fiends. He had a regular Keeper of Secrets. Deployment Noting the total lack of shooting against me, I deployed so as to give Chris turn one. I screened Archaon with 10 Maras, thinking he could dent any unit fast enough to hit my line between its first and second pile in.   Archaocam Battleround 1 Chris sent one of his 30 Blocks Of Daemonettes along the right board edge. He didn’t advance significantly otherwise. In response, noting it was Knife - I reckoned I had to YOLO it to an extent. I buffed up Archaon and lobbed him into the 3 relatively insignificant units in front of him. I keep most of my summoning pool back other than putting a Gaunt onto the Balewind and a screen of 10 Pinks on my left to protect the other Gaunt Summoner and chaff. The Gaunt proceeded to melt all but 8 of the 30 Daemonettes. Archaon rolled well and smashed up Chris’s front line - I was reliant on his 2+, rerolling one’s and twos against the 30 Block of Daemonettes in a possible Chris double turn. Chris responded by double piling in the Keeper and lobbing in the 30 Daemonettes. Knowing the damage output of the Keeper from using my own one, I was pleased when the Keeper attacked first and did mediocre damage to Archaon. In response Archaon blended 20 Daemonettes. The Keeper went in again, but Archaon shrugged off most of the damage. Elsewhere, the Fiends outflanked the Pinks wisely and smashed into the Marauder Screen around my second Gaunt. My counterpunch was pitiful against the -1 to hit debuff of the Fiends. Battleround 2 Chris won the initiative, his Fiends continued to blend my left flank. Meanwhile his 10 Seekers managed to roll a 12” Run on top of movement 14” and charged into 10 of the Maras guarding the Balewind. The Keeper dented Archaon again before being torn asunder. In response, I summoned the Chicken who started zapping the models on the home objective. I rigged his charge, but his damage was feeble against -1 to hit.  The Pinks advanced on Chris’s home objective. I retreated most of my remaining right flank from the Fiends and spread out. Archaon moved down towards the Fiends hoping for an 8” Charge. Lacking the DD, I failed the charge. Chris proceeded to dance his forces about making it hard for me to win the Major. It took a full five turns before the Chicken finally cleaned out the objective and Split Blues supplied the necessary 5 models.     2 Majors where quite a few players would have only gotten a Major and a Minor put me in good shape for day 2. The evening was spent at the quiz in Bugman’s. We weren’t able to continue the run of 2nd and 3rd Place results, but had a sweet time!