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The Big Community Survey 2019

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Just received an email about this community survey from Games Workshop, here's the link:



Take a few minutes to fill out the survey and help us create the games, models and events you want to see. In the past, our survey showed us a groundswell of support for a redesigned Adepta Sororitas army in plastic, among other things. Well, guess what?

This year, as a show of thanks for your feedback, one lucky participant will win a plastic Sisters of Battle army once they’re ready for release! 10 more will win themselves a squad of the new plastic Battle Sisters.

As awesome as that prize might seem, it’s not even the best reason to take 2019’s Big Community Survey. Your comments, suggestions and feedback go directly to the teams that need to hear it. You’ll have a hand in shaping the future of the hobby we all share. How cool is that?

This year, we’d like you to tell us your best ideas about events, Warhammer-Community.com and codexes, battletomes, boxed games and other books. You never know –  we might soon be making that amazing thing you’re about to tell us about!


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1 minute ago, novakai said:

Sorry guys, my buddy beg me to vote for Plastic Craftworld but I put a good word in for Aelves on my answer

Honestly considering GW put a new Eldar model into Blackstone I think for Craftworld its more a case of When rather than IF. But I do agree sooner would be better. They are probably the oldest army in 40K right now in terms of models (barring SoB who are already getting an update). Granted Eldar might suffer this year since this year is heavily focused on Sisters and AoS; though I really do hope GW can do Eldar again - and focus on their etherial, magical, mysical elements of being really Alien! Not just shiny guys in suits with cone hats. 


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10 minutes ago, Future said:

So what I am hearing is we need a way to automate the survey and take it several thousand times with different hobby answers but all say roughly the same thing -- AOS is a new game and old models should be removed.

Isn't that the exact opposite of what you're hearing? Or is that the joke, and I'm just missing it? :P

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Pretty in-depth survey. 

I asked for more Campaign books like Realmgate Wars and Malign Portents. They do such a good job with those events for 40k, Malign Portents was great, but not at the same level.  

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The main thing I requested was Skaven be given a full release like all the armies they are updating. It is ludicrous that they get a 2.0 battletome but Skryre Acolyes are still TEN DOLLARS per model and ugly as ******. Then at the end I asked them to have the main team go over forgeworld points since they disbanded their AoS forgeworld team.

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