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  1. Oh, loads of different ways. 1. Battlesmith aura stacks with itself. Just bring 4 Battlesmiths and keep your units in range. 2. Prayer of Ash from any Priest 3. Runesmiter on Magmadroths Grand Ritual of Awakening. Also stacks, but only usable once per game 4. Forge Brethren battalion gives a unit +1 Save in the enemy hero phase until your next hero phase so if the enemy gets a double turn you can get +2 to saves with that ability. 5. Cover 6. Magmadroth trait reduces enemy Rend by 1, which isn't the same thing but is very similar
  2. The Adepticon list is not optimized in my opinion. Thunderquake is one of the best lists in the game, and the best Thunderquake list I have seen is something like this: Slann (Great Rememberer or Vast Intellect) Astrolith Bearer (Incandescent Retrices) Starpriest EOTG (Ignax's Scales) Stegadon Bastiladon 4x Razordon Skink Handlers 4x Salamander 3x Knights or Skinks battleline Balewind Geminids You put either the Razordons or the Salamanders into the battalion, whichever you prefer. The Razordons have a better save (can have some respectable defense in cover with rerollable saves) and benefit more from rerollable wounds, but I prefer having my Salamanders to be as accurate as possible so I can drop big targets like Treelords, Archaon, Nagash, Dracolines, etc. The Balewind allows you to have crazy reach with Realm spells or it can allow you to pivot into a summoning game if necessary. Geminids are just the best endless spell, period. They have a huge threat range, do respectable damage, and have crucial debuffs for both range and melee. I have won at least 3 tournament games in the last 2 months because I was able to deny movement and debuff my opponents with geminids. Their effect is so strong that I often find myself wanting to go second just so I can move them again.
  3. It's hard to have a discussion about specifics because there are too many variables to consider, but in broad strokes you need to use scenery to your advantage, include some potent defensive effects (powerful unbinds, endless spells, speed bump units, screening units) and know the enemy threat ranges. There are acceptable losses you need to take in order to keep a good position - let them kill your pawns so your Rook or Knight can kill their Queen. Endless Spells are phenomenal for defending against double turns. You either force your opponent to try to dispel them -risking failure and giving up their own spells - or they allow your spells to mess with them. Setting up a Palisade or some Geminids ahead of your army that can both restrict movement and greatly reduce the damage they deal. Part of the matched play game is building a list that can react to changing battlefield conditions. An army full of slow melee units is not viable because it lacks the speed and range to threaten your opponent unless they are silly enough to walk right into you. You can't plan for everything but it's wise to have some kind of backup plan or an insurance policy for when the dice don't go your way.
  4. Hot take: If you put yourself in a position that you can be tabled by a double turn with no defensive measures in place then it is your own failing. It's a strategy game - you must plan ahead for that kind of possibility.
  5. My first impression is that they are very aggressive but it's a very finesse form of combat, and they rely on ploys to get kills. Feels like how an aelvish(ish) faction should play. They're like the Farstriders, but with a 4th model instead of 4 wounds. This is my first attempt at a deck:
  6. Inspiring doesn't do much for most of this warband, at least no more than a regular card effect would do. The only one worth inspiring every game is Ylthari, followed by Ahnslaine/Skhathael. The only healing cards worth running are Healing Potion and Leech Power. The problem with most of the healing cards is that Ylthari is the only one that can inspire off gambits, and she may just passively inspire from casting them in the first place. I think the trick will be to load the decks with damage ploys to deal with 4+ wound fighters and pick your battles very carefully. This warband has to attack in almost every activation They are vulnerable to most attacks and only have 4 models so they can't handle a lot of pressure from aggressive warbands. You need to be putting out more pressure than you take, and that fits perfectly with their objectives like Strike Swiftly and Lithe Spirits. Song of Hatred is a strong enough objective that you want to run 2-3 gambit spells, and I prefer Abasoth's Unmaking, Abasoth's Withering, Sphere of Ghur, and sphere of Aqshy. All of these spells are a single channel to cast, which makes it tempting to put Tome of Incantations to make them guaranteed casts. With the Tome I can see a lot of value in Curse of Dwindling. Is Vengeful Blow worth taking? Skhathael can do a lot of damage if 2+ fighters are out of action.
  7. Dispel and Unbind are two different things
  8. Yes, the following turn, assuming you have enough wizards/spells. Dispel happens at the start of the hero phase.
  9. With medium starting health (3), medium damage (2), high movement (4), two different ranged attackers, only 4 models, and a great wall unit, they're a really unique jack of all trades warband. I predict their mobility and medium stats will lead to strong matchups against Skaven, Thorns, Gitz, Reavers, Guard, Profiteers, and Eyes of the Nine. I think they will have roughly even matchups with Steelheart, Godsworn Hunt, Ironskull, Chosen Axes, and Magore, since they have the speed and range to take engagements on their own terms but their base stats aren't good enough to get OHKO reliably and it opens them up to devastating counterattacks. Weak matchups will be warbands that start with 4+ wounds and have easy access to 3+ damage with a good threat range - Cursebreakers, Farstriders, and Mollog come to mind. This warband will be all about finesse and the deck building needs to precise. I think this might be the only warband that could run both Keep Chopping and Keep Them Guessing, since there's a reasonable chance you can get both in the same turn because their Reactions after attacks count towards KTG.
  10. Allies is already a good system, restricted enough to allow some creativity and open new options without breaking the internal balance of the faction or the balance of the game as a whole. 20% is a sweet spot where you can bring some cool things but not enough to really swing the identity of your faction. Allowing some factions to double the ally maximums could upset that delicate balance. Every faction would have to be balanced around up to 40% of their army being warscrolls from another book... that sounds like a design nightmare. It also sounds awful for people collecting an army to be told that their army sucks without bringing 800 points of another faction. Giving Allies access to allegiance abilities is a terrible idea for Matched Play. I'm not sure I understand which problem you are trying to fix that won't be fixed by the end of 2019 when every faction has a battletome.
  11. I wonder if it's just an expansion of the Artificer Tint set they briefly released 2 years ago.
  12. Slow and durable infantry with some big monsters mixed in. Powerful and purposeful - there are no reinforcements and no retreat, so every action counts.
  13. Can you score Death From Afar if the final damage is dealt with Trap and/or Pit Trap? "Score this immediately if a friendly fighter takes an enemy out of action while at least 3 hexes from that fighter". I assume Pit Trap does not because it happens "after an attack Action that drives an enemy fighter back", but Trap happens "during a friendly fighter's attack". What do you guys think?
  14. If you are having trouble with alpha strike armies you should use the magmic invocations to block space. Terrorgheists are fast but they have huge bases and you can make it impossible for them to finish a charge with some clever invocation placement. Also, Magmadroths can be unbelievably tanky - along the lines of a Stardrake but with much better damage output. With a Smoldering Helm and +4 to saves they can wipe out enemy units with their own attacks. Against magic heavy armies the Fyrewall does a great job at blocking line of sight, and if you need to stop key defensive spells you can bring a Knight-Incantor.
  15. Weapon ranges are one of the reasons this game is so interesting. Charging, combat, and pile-in are much more engaging when you are dealing with different base sizes and weapon ranges.
  16. I also thought this was weird. Why would they ever make a non-chaos Slaanesh faction if you wouldn't be able to play them together? It makes more sense to make them a related but ultimately distinct faction like the Daughters of Khaine.
  17. You are either willfully ignoring all the arguments presented against you, or you seem to have different definitions of "useless" and "fact". You are only looking at one metric, potential max damage output per point, and ignoring everything else. Hearthguard are very good but they are not strictly better than Vulkites. You are arguing in bad faith and it only makes you look foolish...
  18. Ballistas are absolutely stronger than Prosecutors, especially in an Astral Templars list. I would cut the Prosecutors for another Ballista.
  19. It's not just for Skinks, but any unit with the SKINK keyword. Here's some fun things you can do with this ability in a Thunderquake list: 1. Summon Ripperdactyls or Terradons with Engine of the Gods >9" from an enemy and immediately move them closer for an easier charge 2. Move EOTG D6 before rolling for the altar to be in range of a key unit with its 25" D6 mortal wound blast 3. Gain an additional D6 move on the Bastiladon, which can effectively double its movement since it only moves 5" 4. Teleport the Stegadon and then move it D6" immediately. Put yourself in range of Javelins and shorten your charge. 5. Double teleport a Stegadon and Ark of Sotek Bastiladon, immediately move the Bastiladon D6 so it is in range to use the Ark immediately The D6 movement in the hero phase is an incredibly powerful tool.
  20. Rend-3 horns are fantastic, 3d6 stomp attacks are good for clearing hordes, and most importantly the D6" move to a SKINK unit in the hero phase allows you to pull off a great number of interesting maneuvers.
  21. Berzerker Fury makes Vulkites worthwhile. Having a battleline unit with respectable damage output (especially when buffed by the +1 rend rune) that can fight even if it gets wiped out by a big monster is a big deal. On the offensive they can fight first, then die and fight again. They are also 10 models for 160 points, which is the best model:point ratio that an elite army like Fyreslayers can get. They're not spectacular like the Hearthguard but they do fill a niche.
  22. Correct, in AOS it means you need to try to roll a result of 7 or more. A 5 with +2 modifier is a dice roll of 7.
  23. I think Fyreslayers have the potential to be a tier 1 tournament crusher army. Two lodges stand out to me: Lofnir and Hermdar. Lofnir is all about the Auric Hearthguard. With +1 hit and +1 wound Aurics are maybe the most cost effective shooting in the entire game, getting even more efficient when you give them reroll hit1 and reroll wounds. They get even crazier when you consider they can be battleline and easily fill up a battalion that gives a unit +1 save. My first list will be built from this core: 120 Runemaster - General, Prayer: Prayer of Ash 240 M-Runeson - Smoldering Helm, Mount: Coal-heart Ancient 260 M-Runesmiter - Lofnir artefact, Prayer: Molten Infusion, Mount: Ash-horn Ancient 120 Runesmiter - Prayer: Searing Heat 140 Battlesmith 360 15x Auric 120 5x Auric 120 5x Auric 160 Forge Brethren 40 Fyrewall 1680/2000 The plan is to use the bulkiness of the Magmadroths to block melee (with +2-4 to save rolls the Smoldering Helm will do a lot of reflected damage) the fyrewall to shut down shooting/magic and block some choke points, and the option of having the Runesmiter tunnel in the 15 Auric squad to assassinate key units (especially MONSTERs). From here I can add another Magmadroth, "upgrade" the Runeson to a Runefather, add some Hearthguard Berzerkers for a melee cleanup squad & mortal wound soak, add a Knight-Incantor for unbinding and the Geminids, or some Vulkitez for bodies.
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