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  1. It looks like merch for a mobile phone game... Really disappointing
  2. Stormkeep #8 is up FAQ is bad and lazy... but the sky isn't falling, Stormcast are still cool & good
  3. Yup max Liberators can do is 3+ We did an analysis of all the REDEEMER units in Episode 5 of The Stormkeep. The conclusion was that in squads of 5 Liberators and Vindictors are virtually identical, but Vindictors scale their offense with unit size because of their 2" reach so they are the only ones worth reinforcing.
  4. No consensus, just personal opinions. Effective army, but one-dimensional. Bad & boring enhancements About half the book is trash warscrolls never worth using for any reason, but the other half has good stats. Good stats are only as good as their point costs, though - any amount of point increases will cripple them in tournament play.
  5. No, but they can never benefit from abilities outside of that Stormhost, like Gardus and his 5+ Ward aura. It's a pretty minor downside since there aren't many abilities which effect specific stormhosts.
  6. It's ironic that their rules in Underworlds are nowhere near as good as their rules in Age of Sigmar
  7. Theyre easily the strongest Underworlds warband we have seen so far 15 wounds on a 3+ is great, counts as 6 models on objectives 8 Grandweapon attacks (3+/3+ Rend-1/2 damage) but 3 of those attacks are at Rend-3, their own Azyros lantern, and 3 Longstrike shots (although at 2+/3+ instead of 3+/2+ which is a bit worse) Really good, but they're HAMMERS OF SIGMAR so I probably can't find room for them at 265. Maybe if they could take artefacts/traits/etc.
  8. It prevents 1 wound but only if you were to die anyway So it does nothing if you take wounds but don't die, and nothing if you take any amount of overkill. It only does anything if you take exactly enough damage to kill you
  9. I know, I'm talking about the fact that the errata does not cover all the inconsistencies that are in the app currently, like Cycle of the Storm and the Tauralon only being 10 wounds
  10. App is irrelevant; only the battletome and its errata actually matter The copy/paste of 2nd edition FAQ is perplexing, but not a surprise from these smoothbrain interns they call the FAQ team
  11. Eight legs, eight points on the star of chaos undivided
  12. We're still posting unpopular opinions right? Double turn is cool and good. From my (completely anecdotal) experience the casuals and hardcore players both like it; only the midwits seem to have any problems with it. I genuinely don't understand how people feel no desire to get better at the game or building/painting if they spend any significant amount of time doing one or both of those aspects of the hobby. Learning and getting better at things is how I have fun - as soon as something is "solved" or "mastered" then the fun drops off drastically. I am not saying these are bad people or that they are spending their time wrong; it's a completely alien concept to me. Maybe unrelated: Twitter and Reddit are garbage websites that should be deleted forever. Stop using these websites, they give you the sadbrains
  13. As if Vanquishers couldn't get any worse, they are just two copies of one sprue crammed into a single box. Vigilors, too. A single Vanquisher sprue could build both a musician and a banner, so why do Vanquishers require 10 models to use them???
  14. The Stormkeep #7 is live now This time we talk about noteworthy ally and coalition units we can use in Stormcast armies
  15. Definitely the wrong thread for this take
  16. Age of Sigmar has never been a skirmish game, it has literally always been about golden demigods punching literal gods
  17. Games should focus on fun first and balance second. I would much rather play a fun game than a balanced game. That said, clear and tight rules are essential to a fun game because nobody likes to argue about rules. Games Workshop and their employees should feel embarrassed for constantly releasing products with unclear rules and invalidating physical rulebooks to fix issues that wouldn't make it past a basic QA check at a company with a fraction of their resources. Kragnos is awful and everything about his role in the story is forced. Morathi never getting a comeuppance for her constant stream of objectively evil actions is tiresome Lumineth are better thematically and aesthetically than high elves Aelves are the cause of all problems in the mortal realms They should have squatted Wanderers or made them into some kind of slave caste for the Sylvaneth
  18. I'm really not interested in spending another $100 for Underworlds: Wethole so soon after Harrowdeep
  19. There was a brief period after 3.0 and before the latest errata where Mount Traits had no specific rules. You could do all kinds of whacky things like take the same mount trait multiple times on the same hero. The latest errata in September added this section which now prevents all that funny business: In 2nd edition you could take mount traits on Uniques, but as far as I'm aware they have never been allowed on Uniques in 3rd edition because of 27.3.1. (Somebody please correct me if I am wrong) Now every Enhancement has to specifically state they can be used by Uniques, like they do with spell lores.
  20. There is no difference in the rules between swords or hammers. The only difference is shield cs no shield
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