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  1. Yep. Hopefully it will lead to some great conversions.
  2. It is all down to personal preferences. I love traditional fantasy elements and the designs of Bretonnians so I would love to see them in AoS. A lot of people would say they should scrap Stormcast Eternals. In the end no one likes seeing a faction getting binned off and I would be happy for the ones that did at the end of Fantasy be brought back.
  3. Tabletop World are also my favourite place for terrain.
  4. I asked for old armies and models to be brought out of legacy and given a proper place in Age of Sigmar. I know it won't happen but one could dream.
  5. Seraphon Slann 2 X Skink Starpriest Astrolith Bearer Scar-vet on Cold One Old Blood on Foot Engine of the Gods Stegadon Old Blood on Carnosaur Scar Vet on Carnosaur 2 X Bastilidon 24 X Saurus Warriors 15 X Saurus Knights 96 X Skinks 10 X Chameleon Skinks 6 X Ripperdactyl 3 X Kroxigor Salamander and handlers Duardin Warden King Runemaster Cogsmith Gyrocopter 2 X Cannon 1 X Organ Gun 32 X Warriors 40 X Quarellers C. 20 X Thunderers 10 X Arkanauts Slaves to Darkness and Chaos Misc Lord on Manticore Warshrine Gore Chariot 50 X Chaos Warrior 15 X Chaos Knights 20 X Marauders 10 X Blood Warriors 3 X Dragon Ogres
  6. It is the only army that I dislike in AOS and it is confounded by the special treatment they get from GW but I wouldn't want to see them squatted. I don't want any further armies to get axed. It's an awful feeling for anyone to see their collection be pushed aside into legends.
  7. Yeah I can see it too. Whilst I mentioned on another thread that Dispossessed Warriors are my favourite unit kit, I worry the aesthetic doesn't tie in enough with Age of Sigmar. I really hope it's not the case as no one likes seeing their favourite units replaced especially if the aesthetics will have a completely different feel.
  8. All of the Dispossessed line looks great, there isn't a single ugly model.
  9. It is between Dispossessed Warriors and Chaos Warriors for me. Timeless classics. Sigmar only models probably Blood Warriors or Kairic Acolytes.
  10. Wishlist: 1) Bretonnians to be brought into AOS. 2) Dispossessed - Miners brought back with new models and rune golems. 3) Everything covered with a battletome including a Free Cities battletome. Negative: 1) Rules for various things spread across too many books. 2) Stormcast getting too much focus. Positive: 1) Community. 2) The new models on the whole look incredible. 3) Price in the UK is good value for money with the exception of the books.
  11. I am personally glad they are keeping the current models especially the skinks. Aesthetics are personal opinion and something that everyone has a strong opinion on. The only models in the current range that I think are in need of a refresh are the razardon/salamander skink handlers.
  12. Whilst I think some kind of cavalry would look cool for dispossessed I would not be keen with each faction having access to all kinds of troops. I would, however, like it if a new form of miners came out, golem constructs, and some suitable artillery especially as I cant see the duardin aspects of ironweld arsenal merging back with dispossessed. It would be cool if dispossessed did have access to some kind of fortified train but I think this would be too similar to the Legion of Azgorh.
  13. Chaos warriors are beautiful models in my opinion, some of my favourite in the Chaos range. Personally I cannot see Slaves to Darkness going away any time soon with the battle box this Christmas. It would really annoy anyone who purchases it if they were to discontinue the army in the next year or two.
  14. To be fair with my original post, it is about my personal wishes for AOS. I don't dislike SC. I just wish they weren't so well rounded in comparison to the other factions. The opposite way to fix this would be to make all other factions well rounded which would make everyone happy. It would just take so long for this to happen and it wouldn't be in 2018
  15. Less SC stuff and/or the discontinuation of some of their units. They now have too much choice in comparison to the other factions. It's becoming hard to remain invested in AOS with such favouritism and its the reason why I have and never will buy anything that is 40k. Somehow writing SC out of order allegiance which is already too big compared to the other allegiances. Give them their own allegiance. A new destruction faction and the expansion of choice on the current destruction factions. A new human faction and the expansion of the current one with some steam punk designs. It won't be 2018 but the release of a paper compendium for the updated Legacy units following the final made to order run.
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