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  1. The box comes across as an expensive start collecting box (usually c.£85 for start collecting with battletome) with some cards thrown in and a 'limited edition' battletome instead a regular one. I don't think it appeals to the average hobbyist.
  2. Prices have gone up above inflation since the beginning of the 00s. That said, I imagine manufacturing costs have probably risen more than inflation and the standard of the miniatures has really risen since the early 10s. Price rises are always hard to take but to be honest I am surprised they have taken this decision. Games Workshop models were probably slightly overpriced as it was and the standard of the competition has improved. Parabellum and ASOIAF both have some lovely looking miniatures. However, it is hard to grow a new miniatures game and Games Workshop will get away with it as I can't see either been a threat. I will probably invest the same amount of money as I do in purchasing models from Games Workshop. It will just mean less models for more money over the long run. I just hope it doesn't push prospective players away. If ASOIAF or Parabellum do, however, end up looking like they will be around for the long run I might turn to one of them.
  3. God, those old models are a thing of beauty. I wish they make a return but I doubt they will. I just hope GWs modern take on the Old World captures the style of the old models.
  4. I aim to finish painting my seraphon this year. I have the following still to do. - 3 kroxigors - 20 skinks - 2 basildons - 1 engine of the god Once that is done I plan to focus on terrain. I need to paint the cottage that I got from Tabletop World and then assemble and paint 2 of the Hobbit lake town houses. I have some terrain from A Song of Fire and Ice kickstarter that looks okay unpainted so that saves a job. I will probably get some of the Game Workshop woods and then spend any other hobby money on getting the river bridge from Tabletop World.
  5. This will cost c.£600 for everything. Has anyone worked out what savings you would make?
  6. I would hope that the rules would be the same so that the 2 could be interlinked and you could play an army from AOS against a WFB army. However, with the suggestion that square bases will be back it doesn't look likely even if it is 3 years away.
  7. Yep, disappointing. Hopefully they still have the set available in November when I was hoping to get it. At least, hopefully it is more notice than they gave when they culled units that weren't going to be in the Cities of Sigmar book.
  8. I am hoping that it will become common sight to see people including Duardin Thunderers in their Freeguild Handgunner ranks and Aelves in Freeguild Guard ranks. It will really add flavour to see units composed of multiple races.
  9. Yeah a complete joke really to add to the disappointment of GW getting rid of some really nice models. Sold out already when last chance to buy meaning the only way to get hold of them will be second hand or if they do made to order in the future.
  10. I hope the Cites battletome will eventually lead to some mixed race units. A unit comprised of a mixture of dwarves, elves and humans would look amazing.
  11. Do you think we might see Bretonnians come up for made to order for one week at some point? I would love the chance to get some as I prefer their aesthetics compared to similar types of models from other companies.
  12. Yep. Hopefully it will lead to some great conversions.
  13. It is all down to personal preferences. I love traditional fantasy elements and the designs of Bretonnians so I would love to see them in AoS. A lot of people would say they should scrap Stormcast Eternals. In the end no one likes seeing a faction getting binned off and I would be happy for the ones that did at the end of Fantasy be brought back.
  14. I asked for old armies and models to be brought out of legacy and given a proper place in Age of Sigmar. I know it won't happen but one could dream.
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