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  1. Barkanaut

    The Rumour Thread

    New army of some sort? Slaanesh? Those are my top votes.
  2. If an army is my main I like too be able to field super formations like the ko grand fleet or Deepkin phalanx.
  3. Barkanaut

    The Rumour Thread

    Well huh that sure is a coincidence that GW is building up two new chaos gods in both games. In 40k there was a recent big story reveal that there is a Tau greater good god, but I doubt he will come back to Sigmar in any way as it seems very specific to 40k. Makes me wonder if this really is a big thing being planned?
  4. There's only a single character I care from the old world to come back. Luthor Harkon at the fleet of a huge undead pirate armada in the service to Nagash. All with some sort of AoS twist of course. I mean technology is more advanced now, and magic too. Old wooden sailing ships while iconic are just not the same wow factor. Not sure how GW would do the fleet but I can imagine them using lots of cool guns dredged up from past naval battles, and themed around different people who died at sea or in ocean battles in certain ways. Big bad Luthor himself would probably come back riding a cool giant undead necro colossus fused with metal from old metal battle ships. Its got giant crab claws fortified with metal, big battleship style cannon in its shell, and smaller set of cannons in its arms. Even its legs are weapons. Luthor himself is packing a cool star metal harpoon mentioned in the dlc and a cool big ass pistol of some sort. I think old proto ww1 style ships banged up and dredged up from the depths that have all sorts of battle damage, old aquatic life on them, and of course that sorta davy jones pirates of the carribean ship look but on more modern undead fleet. As a bonus his fleet is capable of sailing the aether sea too lol to hunt them pesky deepkin.
  5. Barkanaut

    The Rumour Thread

    Man GW I hope you see how popular they are. Even when the new undead stuff was being teased for malign portents everyone seen the ghost looking ship and thought we were getting undead pirates of some sort. My heart broke. If you do your own AoS undead pirates put your own spin on them + AoS twist of ocurse I have full faith you can do something amazing. I will ditch my plan for order vs destruction so fast and go order vs death if they get them.
  6. Oh I don't know if its been mentioned but Howl's Moving Castle could be great inspiration for a cog fort too.
  7. Barkanaut

    The Rumour Thread

    Waiting for that sweet sweet Idoneth value box in december. This is basically right, oh I'm so hyped for new releases next year. Even if I have no intention of collecting them because I have my own AoS models are so exciting to see and look at. You never know what's going to wow you. I'm hoping Sepharon get an update next year as then I can have my 3 fav's all up to date for AoS.
  8. Barkanaut

    The Rumour Thread

    Second funniest video all year other than to hell I can’t. It even sounds like they got Adam Jensen’s voice actor from the game to do that too lol.
  9. Barkanaut

    What are your 2018 Objectives?

    With winter fast approaching I think its best to get as much filed and spray painted as possible before its no longer an option for me to do. Then paint my way through the last few months of 2018. 20 Arkanauts finished. 10 Currently filed and waiting to be primed. 1 Khemist 1 Admiral Half done assembling/gap filling/priming my Ironclad. Finishing Painting 1 Firgate. I'm going to try and get this done by the end of the year since there isn't too much games coming out so I shouldn't be too distracted.
  10. Barkanaut

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    Yeah its pretty clear of all the official ports Mhornar is probably the second most popular other than the default scheme. I don't really think they were ready for how popular it would be as they clearly tried to show off other armies and schemes. Even before it became in vogue I see tons and tons of people painting their models in this port scheme. Here's hoping our popularity will get us a cool character at some point.
  11. Barkanaut

    The Rumour Thread

    A good model. I usually don’t care for Slaanesh models.
  12. Barkanaut

    AoS 2 - Fyreslayers Discussion

    Man I think Fyreslayers need something to break the pallet up when looked at. I get the feeling some sort of giant chrome and red monstrosity would be cool. Like the metal is melting near its firey core. Perhaps some sort of chrome Magmadroth? I definitely think it would look like an animal and something off of a heavy metal album color. Kind of like the chrome demon from brutal legend.
  13. Barkanaut

    Realm-Themed Bases

    Link to the video? I can't find it also that image is so small. I'm curious to see GW's take on a chamon base as I've had some ideas.
  14. Barkanaut

    Brutal AoS Legend

    Chamon is really truly the most metal realm.
  15. Barkanaut

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    Absolutely fantastic. I like the bases in particular. Once I get my next Frigate done I'll post my army here. I don't get much time to paint these days and want them to look really good.