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  1. Considering they don't even have their own thread in the death section yet. That is a very ominous sign. It's been 6 hours since the name dropped and no one cares. If I were GW I would be very worried if they seen that lol. It's not that the army is hated it's... irrelevant and no one cares which is way worse.
  2. Man when the Ossuary Legion or whatever doesn't even have its own topic made in the death section of the forum you know they bombed hard lol. That's the first time that's ever happened to an army on this forum as far as I know lol.
  3. On a pure technical level details an stuff they are good, but it's the style and aesthetics that are kinda all over. Some stuff looks really cool and most of it looks like someone but a bunch of random bone bits together. It's hard to pick out one coherent theme. I think there are way too much in this army. Got a feeling it's going to be a bit of a dud faction honestly in terms of sales. I mean this is 3rd times GW tried the tomb kings aesthetics now. TK, Necrons, and now these guys and other than a very small local niche who love it its going to be forgotten. I will say they aren't the worst army around. Just kinda meh. Somewhere around C tier in terms of how cool they look.
  4. It's... okay. It's way better than the the bedsheet ghosts but I just don't dig the final design so much. The art ended up selling an army that is simply too cool to exist in mini form. Solid B from me.
  5. Yeah I am not adding old models to my army that don't fit thematically. I say GW should fix the army I bought before I buy anything else. GW took long enough to fix my Tau. Killed my deathwatch with priamris and its clear old marines are on the way out in lore. So now KO suck for a long time now and I'm expected to want to buy more models? Yeah right.
  6. I hope so lol, but knowing GW they seem to hate ko for some reason.
  7. When can we expect news up on the community site eastern time?
  8. This army is clearly based on Ghengis-Khan and the mongols as the biggest of the influences.
  9. It's clearly SkeleKhan he even asks for simple tithes to be paid and he would leave the kingdom's to govern themselves. If they didn't he would invade. It's clear the biggest influence is Ghengis-Khan. Now this has my attention. I just hope the models look really cool and hold up better than the night haunt ones which also had cool videos/art and then the actual models were meh.
  10. This is finally getting me excited for death. The sneak peaks all seem more interesting than spooky bed sheet ghosts. However I will knock on wood as I was also excited for bedsheets before full reveal lol.
  11. Oh they are so squatted. Most old armies will be.
  12. My bet is a new character. Lots of people were expecting an old leader to come back for bed sheet ghost army to lead them and they didn't (thankfully).
  13. I expect lots of these consolidated old factions to maybe a decade down the line vanish in favor of completely new takes on all of them. GW is one company and can only work on so much stuff at once. These definitely mostly feel like placeholders until GW gets around to the real factions.
  14. None. I know death has its fans but they totally lost me with the spooky bed sheet ghosts being kinda generic. I'm mad they gave up on Beasclaw as a theme as there was some cool model ideas for it but with them the new ogre model and rumors of a souping it seems my interest in them has dropped to zero. I think there was plenty of flavor for them to be a cool army but it seems GW and the fans disagree so we get generic ogre soup instead. Meh. Went from one of the coolest factions to possibly one of the most generic. I'm not happy with the Ironjaws being given no new models or anything either and getting shoved into a tomb. Feels like another dead faction with a micro army that will never ever get anything. Feels like destruction is losing lots of its flavor. I hope we end up seeing some more cool new armies to come out of this if it means these two are basically being shelved to the c team shelf. Granted GG is so awesome its keeping destruction creatively alive but barely. Never cared about humans in Fantasy don't care about them here. I am a human I know all about it and its boring. Let me play cool stuff. All around a fairly disappointing one. Then the army I do play KO is once again seemingly going to be kicked to the back burner. By the time we get updated we'll probably get some ****** lame attempt to balance us, no new models, and then AoS 3.0 will come out killing us again. No hope for me man. Who knows at this rate we may even end up souped with Fyre yet at the rate GW is going.
  15. I quit GW sadly too expensive. Doesn’t help they killed every army I started between 40k and AoS lol. ‘This has without a doubt been some of my worst purchases in history. .
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