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  1. 3 people here not including me have started it. They pushed Deepkin to backburner for me. I see tons of chatter online they sold really well don’t worry.
  2. I think you are greatly overestimating how useful they are lol. They are all basically useless none of them are good. So bad we may as well not even have any.
  3. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/04/15/apr-15-big-community-survey-2019gw-homepage-post-1fw-homepage-post-1/ here you go.
  4. Nah man the survey is more than small stuff they made SOB happen. Shoot for the stars with wave 2+KO fixes. Also community survey is up lets do this we need to be good again.
  5. I asked for Kharadron Overlords wave 2.
  6. I have my doubts lol but who knows.
  7. I want more than a book I think we need wave 2 of our army at this point we are too limited for a mere update. I don't even think a book alone or even terrain, endless spells, and a new leader would cut it. We need some sort of bulky melee unit to hold the line and offer more options. That and boats to be better or just to get a better bigger dedicated combat ship. So frustrated with this army right now.
  8. Barak-Mhornar news team here. We can accept no face or beard, but your ancestors are hairless gnomes who ditched their oaths to defend us.
  9. What size base is the frigate and gunhauler come on? I got some modelswithout bases and want to order them. I’m confused as the box says one thing but I can’t find it on gw’s site.
  10. If we see grotbag appear from lore it means hope for others like golem men of Grungi and the other underwater races mentioned in the Deepkin book.
  11. Man it would be cool if it’s ghost pirates/undead pirates of some sort.
  12. Oh thank gods I hope they make ko way better than it is and new models at least a more combat oriented ship.
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