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  1. Well I’m done with the hobby. I can’t start yet another army for it to get messed up.
  2. Oh my god your right. Just cancelled my order.
  3. I think they are going to be.... solid 8/10 in the comp meta.
  4. The ironclads are truly insane now and I love it. One off those with one or two frigates.
  5. You clearly didn't read the discussion. I wasn't talking about KO.
  6. Dead army never getting new models when it was designed for AoS from the ground up. The new and old models clash horribly from a visual perspective.
  7. Most just not mine. Tau 8th Ed, dark Eldar (okay but still xenos in 8th), and Deathwatch brand new army murdered by Primaris lore and models. As for AoS I liked ironjaws and beastclaw raiders both now souped and effectively dead as their own factions also KO bad since original release. See why I was so skeptical. Seems like GW had a personal laser out for my armed if choice. KO might be the only good army I might have left.
  8. This is the first time they haven't messed up any of my armies in over 3 years. I was right to be skeptical.
  9. This one is the best but can be spooky irrational too sometimes in its own way. Especially if anyone has even a single negative thought lol.
  10. Just seen preview, and I got only one thing to say. WE ARE GOING TO BE SO BUFFED! Just these two changes shown are massive.
  11. Portable aether gold refinery. It can be towed into location of longer battles.
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