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  1. None. I know death has its fans but they totally lost me with the spooky bed sheet ghosts being kinda generic. I'm mad they gave up on Beasclaw as a theme as there was some cool model ideas for it but with them the new ogre model and rumors of a souping it seems my interest in them has dropped to zero. I think there was plenty of flavor for them to be a cool army but it seems GW and the fans disagree so we get generic ogre soup instead. Meh. Went from one of the coolest factions to possibly one of the most generic. I'm not happy with the Ironjaws being given no new models or anything either and getting shoved into a tomb. Feels like another dead faction with a micro army that will never ever get anything. Feels like destruction is losing lots of its flavor. I hope we end up seeing some more cool new armies to come out of this if it means these two are basically being shelved to the c team shelf. Granted GG is so awesome its keeping destruction creatively alive but barely. Never cared about humans in Fantasy don't care about them here. I am a human I know all about it and its boring. Let me play cool stuff. All around a fairly disappointing one. Then the army I do play KO is once again seemingly going to be kicked to the back burner. By the time we get updated we'll probably get some ****** lame attempt to balance us, no new models, and then AoS 3.0 will come out killing us again. No hope for me man. Who knows at this rate we may even end up souped with Fyre yet at the rate GW is going.
  2. I quit GW sadly too expensive. Doesn’t help they killed every army I started between 40k and AoS lol. ‘This has without a doubt been some of my worst purchases in history. .
  3. Fantasy died too. It’s not out of the question they can price stuff too high.
  4. Release apocalypse... increase prices lol. Well it’s dead now for sure.
  5. Cool flying ships. And dwarves.
  6. It looks too high tech to be ko likely 40k.
  7. No I'm simply saying in an ideal world the KO's competitive lists would feature 2-3 ships and I hope to see them address this in a big update to make them worth actually taking. Right now though it would certainly be a casual list. Also my meta is hyper competitive and almost never does casual AoS stuff so I have a lot riding on them fixing my army.
  8. Seeing the ko points decreases for boats I think they are all non-viable. The models are too big and get targeted from everywhere to be this frail and have so little firepower. On top of this good luck trying to carry 4-6 ships around without them breaking lol let alone a painted army. Our models simply don’t support s horde playstyle and I am disappointed in GW for still ignoring us. With the other small units like grundstock and balloon boys drop I doubt anyone will take more boats lol. KO desperately need a big 2.0 update and new units to truly make them shine. A dedicated combat boat no transport capacity is needed big time. On top of that existing boats need reworks not points drops lol. They need to bring more shots to be worth it and the frigate and especially the Ironclad need better saves. I like to imagine a fluffy army is 2-3 boats + supporting infantry and other units I want to see this style of list be competitive since it’s why I got into KO not infantry.
  9. Even at those costs I don’t think any of them are worth it. The problem is their absolute anemic firepower and huge size meaning they can get shot from everywhere. The boats need a complete rework and overhaul to make them viable. They could cost the Frigate at 140 and while great who is going to paint and haul around a horde army of boats? KO models are large, awkward, and tons of fiddle bits. We simply can’t be a horde army and we clearly weren’t designed to be. I have to hold out hope for a 2.0 ko overhaul because this is still an army with huge issues and it feels like GW continues to ignore us for years and years I’m about ready to quit and sell them off lol.
  10. I remain skeptical a points drop will make ko viable.
  11. Oh no. Man Trump is even messing up AoS and 40k. Messing with politics is one thing, but messing with paints and models is another! The madman has to be stopped.
  12. Yes everyone loves my painting and its probably equal to or slightly better than the box art painting or so I've been told. I'm a bit of a slow painter though but I don't think that slow lol.
  13. How can people not buy many many pots of paint a year? I mean I go through my main colours like crazy and am using a wet pallet. Yeah secondary colours like edge highlights last longer but I usually replace those at least once a year too.
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