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  1. Pfft worse than dwarves HAHAH. Big model ranges, good rules, and the KO and Fyre are getting scraps. 4 AoS armies eventually + legacy models. Always good rules. Nothing but spoiled elf in here. Meanwhile KO are one of the worst army in the game for years same with Fyre. Yeah I can't say I have any sympathy at this point and I say that as also an Idoneth Deepkin player.
  2. Looking at what guts bring I can't bring myself to seeing people using BCR heavy armies. Likely a few key units. Honestly this is disappointing as a big BCR fan its like losing an army I love. Ah well as long as everyone else enjoys it. I just don't like the Guts style it feels a little too low fantasy for me.
  3. Looking at this book I kind of hate how little synergy the two factions have with each other. BCR leaders seem to only buff BCR stuff. Paying 340-400 points and its buffs don't synergize well with mawtribes basic unit which doesn't have beastclaw raider tag lol. I think this is a completely mid-tier book because of this.
  4. How does this look? Allegiance: Mawtribes Mawtribe: Winterbite Formation: Torrbad 120 Leaders: Huskard on Thundertusk 340 Trait Winter Bite Artifact Frostfang Prayer: Call of the blizzard Mount Trait: Rimefrost Hide Battleline 6 Icefall Yhetee 220 6 Icefall Yhetee 220 3 Icefall Yhetee 110 Thundertusk Raider 300 Thudertusk Raider 300 Thundertusk Raider 300
  5. Actually at a seminar they even said not to expect any more elves soon after Deepkin were released. I keep telling people form the time of the IDK release its going to be a few years before we see the next one.
  6. I hope your right but after hearing so may people say KO will get better its getting old.
  7. Given how uninspired our Shadespire warband was. Also the fact that at almost every opportunity they nerfed us into oblivion yes. The fact that when asked for Facebook feedback we were the top 3rd most upvoted/liked/whatever comment was how bad we were and in dire need of a fixing? Did we get a response from them in all these years? A simple acknowledgement of how bad we are or something? Every time they claim to "buff us or band-aid" our points they do it in just such a way that we never leave the position we are in because they do points changes on everyone else. Yes I think until I see some cold hard evidence to the contrary GW does in fact hate us and I have a bad feeling our 2.0 book is going to be a rush job and have no models. Those are the cold hard facts and until I see otherwise I would advise everyone to stay way from KO.
  8. Do you think KO has any hope of getting a big release? By next year it will be 3 years since launch and 3 years of being one of the worst armies in the game lol. There was a brief period of about a month or two where they were too good but soon over nerfed into oblivion. I realize Seraphon have been waiting longer and are in more dire of a need of new models but from a rules and existing models perspective they are way better off than us.
  9. Kharadron Overlords army has lots of issues and gaps that need filling. Huge issues and gaps. No good melee options, our firepower is weak, and lots of units are paying too much points for their multi-role status namely the Frigate and Ironclad. In the lore it’s been said they are innovators so it’s easy for them to get updated as they are always inventing stuff. Simple buffs will not be enough due to in lore how they designed these ships. We need a new hero who makes another unit battleline, we need a basic melee troop, and more advance one. Finally a dedicated from the ground up combat ship would be fantastic no transport capacity. Then finally the obligatory terrain and possibly an endless spells style thing (endless machinery?) and we’ll be in a decent spot with some build diversity. Will we get any of this? I doubt it. I have a feeling KO won’t get anything in our new book. GW is making it abundantly clear who they dislike.
  10. Waiting for our fate right now feels like this.
  11. So how do Ogre Mawtribes stack up power level to other armies? Also any big changes to the Beastclaw Raiders if I want to run them mono?
  12. Ha Ha. No. Back of the line and wait like the rest of us had to.
  13. Kharadron Overlords need help so bad. After sucking this bad for this long we better have a hell of an update coming with a few new models and a terrain piece.
  14. I love Gloomspite and hope Mawtribes gets a big model release in its future like way future. The new orks are terrible though and the two factions couldn't look any different and mish mash if they tried. Destruction is too limited by unga bunga stuff. I have said this many times there are many types of destruction factions they could do if they introduced another new god to compete with Gorka Morka. We need a more intelligent faction focused on destruction. I think a release of a giant army that is acctually trying to destroy everyone else and remake their Empire would be great. They could worship a new god of destruction or gorka morka. Also there are also ways to introduce godless destruction factions. The best way to think of this is Tyranid style hivemind faction (that can ally with other forces of destructon and has personality). Of all the factions I feel like Destruction has some serious untapped potential and its being too limited by Gorka Morka.
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