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  1. It’s not exaggeration, it is extrapolation. Printing & shipping costs continue to rise exorbitantly. In a few years, when WH+ is robust enough, why wouldn’t they go strictly digital?
  2. If by next edition, GW puts everything except minis & paints behind the paywall, I might be out of the hobby as I’m not in this for screens. If it becomes rules on App, lore on +, WD digital-only, I’m outta here.
  3. I recently moved and in-person gaming hasn’t quite revved up here yet. And even when it does, the nearest game store with table space is over 30min away and as an introvert, I’m very particular about who I play with and the environment I play in. So it might take awhile for me to find an in-person AoS rhythm. That’s why I’ve decided to look into miniature skirmish games with solo engines like Frostgrave & Rangers Of Shadow Deep. I have a table, terrain, and minis already thanks to AoS and I’m excited to potentially repurpose them for a solo skirmisher. Hobby time is hard enough to fin
  4. Taking this LoN list for a potential test drive. Like all the mvt & board control shenanigans coupled to an absolute quick strike Hammer attack: Mannfred, 380: Fading Vigor Prince V., 455: Soulpike VLoZD, 435: General, Unholy Impetus, Gem, Pinions 3x3 Vargheists, 155 each 10x Skeletons Cogs, 80 Purple Sun, 50 Extra CP, 50 (Still playing 2.0)
  5. I wish we could ally across more of Chaos.
  6. I was right there with you with LoA. Sold them off as soon as it became clear they were getting squatted. Kept a few sentimental models for my display case. And it happened previously too with Swifthawk Agents. So I treat armies as investments in fun but not as emotional attachments. Seraphon were my first project but I may sell them off soon too.
  7. A good reminder to never get too emotionally attached to your army.
  8. I don’t agree with people who think BoC are gonna be pure trash like usual. I see some real potential in the Monster rules, especially for Ghorgons & Cygors & Cockatrices. Also the Dragon Ogor Shaggoth as a Hero/Wizard/Monster is gonna be awesome.
  9. Shaggy is gonna be a key unit for us, provided the points hike isn’t crippling. I’m really liking the potential for BoC in 3.0
  10. The Core book ought to be a three-year evergreen so even if this initial print run sells out. It’ll be back.
  11. I won’t believe in any BoC expansion or model release until I see it officially announced.
  12. Agreed. Wanted that for Ogors and especially BoC. The Shaggoth, in particular needs a massive upgrade.
  13. Not feeling the complexity creep but at the same time, I’m sure I can master it eventually. I do like that this baselines the whole game: at least for a few months.
  14. Warcry is fun skirmish game. So is Frostgrave.
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