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  1. I don't think there needs to be a limit. They just have to find ways of keeping them all slightly different and interesting to play.
  2. Wraith01

    Warcry wishlisting!

    I want more Warbands and roaming beasts! I'd love it if they follow the "Underworlds" structure and release all new warbands every year. They work on new sculpts for existing AoS factions instead of (or along with) letting us play with models we already have. I mean Chaos Marauders, Bloodreavers and Cairic Acolytes are no brainers for this setting. I also liked the addition of Leaders and Elites to Killteam and would like to see that ported over eventually.
  3. Thanks for that. Great writeup. I'm really looking forward to getting to play the game myself.
  4. Owen hated on AoS so much when launched. Yet, AoS got me into Wargaming 3 years ago. I even loved AoS pre-Generals Handbook. It was my introduction to the hobby. Warcry might be the same entry point into the hobby for other people. I'm getting it because of the awesome models and terrain. Watching a few Battle Reports I'm really sold on the initiative roll that grants power ups and the double damage on crits.
  5. Tithe Video! Interested in finding out more about that. Could be either Deathrattle or Soulblight and I'm looking forward to both!
  6. I'm sure 2k will remain the main way we play AoS. That said I think meeting engagements is a great idea and a lot of fun, I expect it will stick around.
  7. Oh Wow. You guys have given me some great insights into this. Anything about Ulric???
  8. Thanks to the 4th ed WarHammer Fantasy Role-Play game I've been thinking about some Old World stuff. I didn't know anything about the Warhammer Fantasy stuff since I got into Tabletop games with Age of Sigmar and hadn't bother to look much into the past lore, until now. So, Sigmar survived the End Times and went on to shape the Mortal Realms. But what about the rest of the Gods? What happened to them? I mean they are Gods, they can't really die... and others ascended to godhood. Morr wouldn't be happy to just let Nagash take his place. Same with Rhya and Allariel... Could they come back? Are they trapped somewhere? Did they splinter off to another Reality?
  9. It's a Great business plan and works with how I get paid.
  10. It's a great business plan and works with how I get paid.
  11. The Godsworn Hunt from Underworlds would make a great little Darkoath Warband to add to the game. Maybe add the WarChief and War Queen to have a couple extra bodies. Probably all the Underworld warbands could fit in... That would be really cool!
  12. Corvus Cabal dudes are my favorites! Nothing can touch the winged dude and the boss lady they just look epic. I like the Untamed Beasts because they look like stone age barbarians. The rest all have something I like but those 2 are my favorites. Oh! I love the Furies!!! Wish they were a full warband...
  13. I've never played an RPG but I've been following all the news about this AoS RPG and well somehow ended up getting wrapped up into the Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play... So I just ordered the Rule-book, Starter set and Rough Nights. Now I'm all sorts of interested in the Old World. Will Probably end up playing Total War Warhammer too! Still hyped about Soulbound. Really looking forward to reading more about the Mortal Realms and playing as a Knight Questor.
  14. I'd rather AoS stay with just the plastic mini's. GW should keep Forgeworld for 30k and 40k stuff.
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