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  1. We have Meeting Engagements in the GH2019 for Skirmish sized games now. But its cool that you want to add to the Skirmish rules.
  2. Wow, they didn't wait to release the new book. Great for me! I really want to hunt some monsters!!! and probably use some heroes. But I was expecting the other 2 warbands first...
  3. Unlike a few of you guys, I love AoS lore!!! I got into the game because of the Stormcast Eternals, I loved the models and their story. I bought all the Realmgate Wars campaign books and and novels. It really bothered me when people would say the Stormcast were empty shells, because even in the first book they had them taking their helmets off and showing different characterizations, doubts and fears. They never where automatons they had personalities and that dystopian "MadMax" setting made total sense with the background... I think the Warcry book is great, the only faults I find in it is that it's softcover, they didn't fully reveal the 2 next factions and the binding comes apart easily.
  4. It's a GW game, almost everything is optional.
  5. Hope they show some more stuff at the actual Nova Open. They usually have display cases and dioramas. Can't wait to add some Chaos Demons (I have Bloodletters and Horrors) to the battlefields and keep them as Thralls!!!
  6. I think they are awesome!!! Though I'm still waiting for Deathrattle and Soulblight to get the Nighthaunt treatment... I'm not planning on running an army of them but I want the new Mortarch: Katakros. It's a full on Diorama!
  7. I'm all for ME!!! Great rules, I even bought the special ed of the GH for the cards so I can set up games Warcry style.
  8. New expansion book just announced. It has me excited!!! Looking forward to finding out more about it. Can't wait to be able to use heroes in the game. Hope they accompany the book with lots of new monster miniatures for Thralls and Gargantuans. Might have Mounts here too but I think they'll save that for another expansion.
  9. No, Inspiring Presence is not a problem. It's actually perfectly named for what it does and it works fine.
  10. In my local store we don't have any issues with Rolling for initiative every turn. We are either wishing for a double turn or dreading that our opponent will get it. The Randomness of it adds excitement and suspense to the game! I consider it an integral part of AoS.
  11. That's how Stormcast Eternals should work, fluff wise.
  12. I expect they'll eventually release expansions that utilize those runes. Probably next year after we get the other 2 factions that were in the core book.
  13. I don't like repeat miniatures so unless GW releases different looking models for the Warcry Warbands I'm sticking to just one box. I'd love to be able to build all the options of the mini's but I won't be buying a second box when only 2 models will look slightly different. I already own the Godsworn Hunt and I guess I could use them to add to the Untamed Beasts... But I have no ideas for the Iron Golems or Corvus Cabal.
  14. I like unpredictable, keeps things interesting and definitely fits the theme.
  15. I assume people just use the same systems we did in medieval times or renaissance, maybe even cave men times depending on the realm.
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