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  1. IDK... I just want to have fun and I enjoy AoS over any other game I've played.
  2. Done. Pretty in-depth survey. I asked for more Campaign books like Realmgate Wars and Malign Portents. They do such a good job with those events for 40k, Malign Portents was great, but not at the same level.
  3. They probably had some eggs that finally hatched.
  4. Get all the Khorne Start Collecting kits!!! There's 3: Goreblade, Daemons and Bloodbound but also there's another kit that includes Wrathmongers/Skullreapers with a Exalted Deathbringer and some Blood Warriors which you might still find on eBay or local stores, totally worth it. I'd also recommend the Underworld Warbands as they look cool and can be useful (Riptooth can unbind spells and the Bloodreaver unit is almost a free Bloodtithe point). Then expand as you see fit. I was lucky enough to get the Gorechosen game which came with 4 Khorne heroes and a White Dwarf mag that included a free Slaughterpriest! I've since bought enough Khorne and Slaves to Darkness stuff I can easily run a Mortal, Bloodbound or (now) a full Daemon army. But I think Mixing them up is the best way to play Blades of Khorne!
  5. They should release new Soulblight. Army has nothing to it really, even less than Nighthaunt had. Having pushed the timeline forward a few hundred years means there should be plenty of new Vampires around. With SoulWars focusing on Death as the main antagonists it only makes sense to bring out some new Soulblight models, Deathrattle too...
  6. Sadly, no new units. Therefore my Fyreslayers are staying as a Skirmish Warband. (I only have a Start Collecting kit, the Chosen Axes, a Doomseaker and a kit of Hearthguard that I just ordered when I got hyped with the announcement of new stuff coming.) I don't like repeating the same models over and over, specially with so few differentiation between them. Fyreslayers really need a few new units, specially cool new cavalry and behemoth (I'd personally like some females too). Though I will be buying the Forge and Endless Spells, just cause they look super cool! Might get the new book... but probably not.
  7. Reading a lot of "Anvil" and "Hammer" and I only tenuously grasp it. Can some one educate me on the concept, please?
  8. Why does the site go down?
  9. Update! I just added Karanak, 5 Flesh Hounds, 6 Skull Crushers, a Skull Canon, Bloodmaster and Skulltaker to my Khorne army. Can't forget the Alar and Judgments of Khorne! Though, sadly, I still haven't bought the Bloodthirster and really want Skarbrand now. I've also got the Fyreslayers start collecting and Warhammer Underworlds warband... I have most Underworld Warbands, even though I don't play that game.
  10. a guy that went to the store I used to go to play had a canvas bag he carried his boards in... they did loose some flocking every time he came in though.
  11. I play with just the Core Rules when I'm teaching the game to new players. With all the Warscrolls being free and being able to use the Warscoll builder to get the point values for mostly even forces, there is no downside to having fun with just the basics. Simple core rules games are a lot of fun and thanks to all the battle plans included in the Core book they are very varied and interesting games. I do like adding more rules after a few games as I feel GW has designed some really cool mechanics with the battalions, allegiance abilities and endless spells. I also like buying all the books to read the lore and see how the story progresses. I also recommend playing through a skirmish campaign and then leveling up to a Path to Glory campaign as you expand your forces and jumping into the full game once you've played through all that.
  12. I love the new terrain! I've also been buying terrain since I got into the hobby 3 years ago. It's always been important to me because of they guys I started playing with. The guys at my local Game Store would bring in terrain and set up cool looking tables before we got to play. This was a small game store that mostly focused on card games and we had to fit 2 or 3 of those small gaming tables together and put on a table topper in order to have a table big enough to play AoS on. They would arrive with boxes of stuff in the back of their cars and assemble it in store, it was part of the fun of setting up the game. I moved to another town and at the store I play at now they have a shelf full of fantasy themed terrain, and another of sci-fi themed terrain, in the back of the room that we can all use on the 4 wargaming tables they have available. But I still have a nice collection of terrain that keeps growing so I can play at home. These new pieces with rules feel natural to me.
  13. I for one hope GW re-sculpts all the old stuff into cool new plastic mini's and adds more new units to them. I love how Nighthaunt went from 3 or 4 models to a full awesome looking army. But I don't like the look of the hexwraiths, they look old and don't fit the new aesthetic. I would have loved it if they would have updated their look to fit in with the new stuff. Spirit hosts still look good and they incorporated their stylings into some of the new models. I would love Soulblight to get a similar release to Nighthaunt, for my buying and collecting purposes. But I would also like to see Dispossessed, Aelves, etc.. get the same treatment and be brought up to todays standard, with more dynamic and detailed miniatures. Of course that would mean you would get armies that mix the old with the new, but I've been chasing down some old metal Bloodletters of Khorne so that my Bloodletter bomb would be composed of 10 models from each time they got updated and all look different.
  14. I really hope by the time they give a date for the new Fyreslayers Battletome they announce a few new units for the army. I want some cavalry (Vulkites on baby Magmadroths), a new behemoth and some ladies.
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