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  1. this is going to sound really dumb, but the GW prices are sometimes disproportionate between currencies, so you can convert money to another currency and buy with that to save. Sometimes.
  2. please give some flexability for wierder characters, like, I dunno, good necromancers? I've really been bugged by how needlessly restrictive good Vs. evil RPGs tend to be. Thanks.
  3. In my time with the game, I've mainly focussed on, as someone who can't really aford models, how to play on a budget. So, I want to ask what you all do to lower the cost of the hobby, as well as talk about what I do. So, as for what I do, I've found two main methods to play cheap. One is to just buy cheap models, like vanguard raptors. Although many of these units aren't that good, this is actually a plausable plan, and lets you play in GW tournaments. (this does include buying off EBAY and the like.) The other main method I've found is proxies and replacements. this can span from ca
  4. Hello! I recently made a thematic Flesh Eater Courts army,(2,000 points) and was wondering if anyone had any criticism or comments. name type cost unit role notes total untit size lord fillnuk Billharrow archregent 200 leader general, savage chivalry 200 1 lady mazrikall Billharrow archregent 200 leader decrepit coronet 400
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