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Found 103 results

  1. Hello, on this blog I am sharing my WIP concerning my Slaves to Darkness Army. 16 Marauders done, another 24 to go! —————————————————————— The shields arrived from Shapeways, I am not satisfied with the print quality (usually the quality is superb), but they‘ll do.
  2. Version 4.21.00


    Age of Sigmar started out simple enough. But the first General's Handbook changed a lot of things. Suddenly you could personalise a few things for your army with command traits for your general and artefacts for your heroes. Then dropped the first battletomes which included allegiance abilities. And the amount grew rapidly. Because I don't like flipping back and forth in my books for every other ability, I created some cards to help keep the important rules right at the table, beside your models. All cards are available as print files with 3mm bleed and cutting marks, as a 'web' version (for viewing on smartphones/tablets), US letter and DIN A4 printing sheet. each set contains: cover / card backside, Battle Traits, Command Traits, Artefacts, cards for spell lores and faction specific skills card size is 63 x 88 mm (same as Pokemon, Magic, 40k Datacards, etc.) language: English I tried to keep the original wording, but sometimes I had to abbreviate it to fit on the card without scaling down the font size. The rule intentions should still be clear. 'Dice' was continuously replaced with D3 or D6, 'wound roll' with 'To-Wound roll' (same for hit), 'Mortal Wounds' sometimes with 'MW' each set can be stored in a faction specific card box, with contents listed on the back (instructions) If you find any errors or have suggestions, please let me know. I had fun creating these cards and hope people will find them useful and have fun using them in their games. All rules, artwork and the Age of Sigmar logo © Games Workshop PLC These cards are for personal use only and you should always keep your General's Handbook and/or Battletome nearby to solve any conflicts from bad wording on the cards. These cards are only a playing aid and never could nor should replace an official publication. Please let me know if I have used anything you would like to be removed. Overview and changes
  3. Here is the new thread for discussing Slaves to Darkness / Darkoath. With the imminent release of AoS 2 (and a lot of the info already being out there), now is the time for us to start afresh on TGA. Moving forward, this will be the main thread to chat about and discuss Slaves to Darkness / Darkoath in the new edition. I still wholly encourage people to keep their own threads/army blogs within this sub forum and I also think those are a great place to share some photos as I know not everyone frequents the Painting & Modelling section. But this thread is purely for discussion around the faction, things such as (but not limited to) tactics and list building etc. You all know the drill, we've been doing it on this forum since inception! For newer players, I would say the older thread could still be worth perusal and whilst it is now locked for further replies, you can find it here - http://www.tga.community/forums/topic/17720-lets-chat-the-slaves-to-darkness-dark-oath/ Really excited to see what we can come up with as a community and I look forward to reading all your ideas and thoughts.
  4. Dont know if I've posted this here, this is a Chaos Lord I finished a few years back. It's one of the best models I've painted, and one I am most proud.
  5. Hey guys I so far have a Slaves to Darkness/Khorne army, and it looks like this. Khorne Daemons and Mortals Leaders 3/5 Bloodthirster of Unfretted Fury 300 General with Command Trait Rage Unchained and Artefact Khartoth the Bloodhunger Chaos Sorcerer Lord 160 Allied Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne 80 Battlelines 3/2 x5 Chaos Warriors 90 x5 Chaos Warriors 90 x10 Bloodletters 110 Units/Artillery x5 Chaos Knights 160 x3 Bloodcrushers 140 x1 Skull Cannon 140 x1 Chaos Chariot 80 (And I am buying a Chaos Lord on Daemonic mount 140) 1490/1500 What order should I buy the stuff below next? (This is the army lists) (No opinions of what to buy next or army list e.t.c., but the order to buy stuff) (The only boxes sets I will buy next is a second daemons of khorne start collecting and the slaves Battleforce) Khorne Daemons Leaders 6/8 Skarbrand 400 Bloodthirster of Unfretted Fury 300 with Khartoth the Bloodhunger Bloodthirster of Insanate Rage 280 with A’grath the King of Blades Skullmaster, Herald of Khorne 120 General with Rage Unchanged Herald of Khorne on Blood Throne 120 Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne 80 Battlelines 4/4 x30 Bloodletters 300 x6 Bloodcrushers 280 x5 Flesh Hounds 100 x5 Flesh Hounds 100 Units/Artillery (Artillery 1/5) x2 Skull Cannons 280 Battalions Tyrants of Blood 140 All three Bloodthirsters attack at once 2500/2500 Slaves to Darkness Leaders 6/8 Chaos Lord on Manticore 250 with Helm of the Oppressors Chaos Sorcerer Lord on Steed 160 Chaos Sorcerer Lord 160 Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount 140 General with Master of Deception Exalted Hero of Chaos 80 Battlelines 10/4 x10 Chaos Knights 320 Enscrolled Weapon x10 Marauder Horsemen 160 Javelins x5 Chaos Knights 160 Chaos Glave x20 Chaos Marauders 120 Flails and Shields x5 Chaos Warriors 90 Axe and Sword x5 Chaos Warriors 90 Two Swords x5 Chaos Warriors 90 Two Axes x5 Chaos Warriors 90 Axe and Shield x5 Chaos Warriors 90 Sword and Shield x1 Chaos Chariot 80 Greatblade x1 Chaos Chariot 80 Flail Units x1 Chaos Warshrine 160 x5 Chaos Chosen 140 Endless spells Soulsnare Shackles 40 (Chaos Sorcerer Lord without Steed) 2500/2500
  6. Hey guys! I have a huge question that might change my army. Who can Slaves to Darkness Ally with? I really want to ally a Chaos Dragon into my army for a very chaotic reason, but I need to know if it is legal to do this in casual and competitive. Thanks!
  7. Hey guys! I made a gorebeast using spare parts, (images below), but I am not hundred percent sure what I could use it for. I am playing in a casual club that allows proxies.
  8. Hi everyone! I have a question for all the warhammer pros out there and those who have been around since fantasy. Where could I get the Chaos Dragon/Galrauch?! It is a necessity in my Slaves to Darkness 2k and 2.5k army and would appreciate it if you could tell me where this dragon is hiding! (One, dragons can’t hide from me forever, not that I am a good seeker but they are huge and can’t hide, and two, don’t tell me eBay, I know they exist in other places.)
  9. Does anyone know what colours/shades I will need for the Gargants under the Chaos Warshrine?
  10. Hey all looking for some list / tactics advice. Trying to do mostly slaves to darkness but using the tzeentch allegiance rules because why not. My other army is KO where i have the tactics down cold and while the army is considered bad, i can hold my own. Trying to figure out how to use the stuff i own. Open to some list tweaks too. Lord on "Horse" Sorcerer Lord on Steed Ogoroid Thaumaturge Lord of Change 3*10 Warriors if Chaos 10 Pink Horrors 10 Chaos Knights 1 Chaos Chariot 2000 pts
  11. I have 10 Blood Warrior bodies that I'd like to convert into Nurgle marked Chaos Chosen (/Greatblade Warriors) and I was wondering if anyone had any idea as to what I could use for the weapon arms. My sculpting skills aren't the greatest so I've been trying to find some arms that I can just kit bash, but have yet to see any stand out options. Any suggestions?
  12. I'm working on a new Khorne list and had a question about how the Slaves to Darkness models fit into the list structure. If I give them the mark of Khorne then they gain the KHORNE keyword. Does this mean that I could take a Lord of Chaos as my General? Going futher down this murder hole, could I give that Lord an item from the Murderous Arrifacts list? The Blades of Khorne battletome says that to pick from that list you need the KHORNE MORTAL HERO keywords, all of which the Lord has.
  13. If a hero with an artifact rolls dark apotheosis does it retain the artifact? Thanks
  14. Welcome All Thought I'd start with a brief background about me and Warhammer/AoS: First taste of Warhammer Fantasy was around 1997 Always been a HUGE fan of the lore and the novels Chaos has always been my favourite army (mortal armies in particular) I have collected the books, novels and special characters for years - love the old chaos champions! Never been involved in the scene, never owned , assembled, converted or painted an army (yes I am absolute theory boy) Decided this year to build an army (FINALLY) & get involved in the scene along with my missus - managed to rope into it (Seraphon player) So in this blog I will be documenting my journey to own a full army and hopefully go to some tournaments. The Army As mentioned, I have always been a follower of chaos, mainly Undivided but also Slaanesh, Tzeentch, Khorne and Nurgle (in that order, never been keen on the pus boys). So with that I plan to start a Slaves To Darkness army. I am going to theme it similarly to the Wendol in the "13th Warrior" film based on the "Eaters Of The Dead" book by Michael Crichton (granted its no Jurassic Park and definitely not the best film or book made, but it is one of my favourite films). Basically the Wendol are cannibal savages in the Norse lands who live in caves, wear bear furs and ride to battle on horses. The plan is to have the whole army mounted (obviously I am not creating a all conquering tournament force) and every model will be converted. This will be a SLOW process but hopefully will be entertaining and informative and through this blog my skill will grow from the advice of you more experienced folk. I have never done any conversions or modeling before but am a fashion designer and did art a lot at school and college so hopefully that will land me in good stead. As mentioned previously, I will be creating this army at the same time as my missus is building a Seraphon army. We have purchased the Skirmish book and Path To Glory book so we will be growing our warbands whilst playing these with the aim to have a 2000 point force each at some point.
  15. Hello everyone, So I am pretty new to AoS and played a few games already but looking for some advise on a 1k point Army list for a tournament coming up soon. I have mostly StD models but just brought some blades of khorne also so thought I would put down the models I have available and see if anyone has some ideas they can throw at me!? StD: 1x Chaos Sorcerer Lord On Manticore 2x Chaos Sorcerer Lord (on foot) 1x Lord of Chaos (on foot) 1x Lord of Chaos on Daemonic Mount 1x Daemon Prince 40x Marauders (axes) 10x Marauder Horseman 30x chaos warriors (sword and shield) 5x Chaos warriors (dual hand weapons) 10x chaos Knights (glaive) 5x chaos knights (esorcerlled weapons) 5x chosen 1x gorebeast chariot Khorne: 1x Mighty Lord of Khorne 1x Bloodsecrator 1x Bloodstoker 1x slaughterpriest (with hackblade and wrath-hammer) 5x Blood Warriors 10 x Bloodreavers 10x Flesh Hounds 1x Khorgorath I am happy to run straight StD or Blades or Khorne or have a mixture of both.... Thanks for taking the time to help me out!
  16. Hey all. What got me into the hobby was a find on my local buy/sell website of a whole army for a symbolical price. I was looking for some dnd miniatures and I found this guy who hasn't played in years and just wanted to get rid of the rest of his minis. A whole army of 2004 minis for 25€. A good find, if I do say so my self! I played my first game with a friend and loved it (stormcast-nurgle)... Now I have an army to build! What I got in the deal: 1 Exalted hero of chaos 1 Chaos sorcerer lord (mounted) 10 Warriors of chaos 10 Chaos marauders 3 Screamers 5 Seekers of Slaanesh There's a chariot there, but I dunno who's supposed to ride it, and I think there's only one horse dragging it, as opposed to two that are usually portrayed in the AOS images. And some extra metal minis that just might be for warhammer as well. Might be a single mounted marauder, dunno. You think it's a viable army for AOS? What are some strategies I should be looking into? How to improve the army? Any guidance would be much appreciated!
  17. Hey all wretched disciples of the dark gods, I got my grubby little hands on Archaon and some Varanguard NiB real cheap, could not resist. So, now I would like to build myself a nice little army around them. The Everchosen faction does not really appeal to me, it's way too limited in scope. Instead I am thinking a mainly Slaves to Darkness-based warhost with Archaon as general, Chaos allegiance so everything goes really. Looking for advice and suggestions since I am rather new to them. Help a new recuit out, will you? ?
  18. Hello, i have known warhammer for a long time but just decided to start my first aos army, i have dark vengeance 40k but no more so i would like some advice. I chose chaos starting with undivided ("slaves" to darkness). I would like to branch out to each god eventually. I like having lots of variety and bringing something different each game. For now i have the start collecting, a hellcannon and 10 forsaken. In the attachment you can see my wishlist for chaos undivided (ignore the weapons). I'm not sure if this is ok though. I'm mostly worried about not having enough marauders or chaos warriors as meat of the army. Perhaps i should get more of those? another box marauders and another start collecting? More marauder horsemen too? I'm also worried that 5 furies are not enough to make an impact. Thank you for reading and helping. ChaoswarriorsUndividedMissmeermaraudersofwarriors_.pdf
  19. So i've tried to make a warband that doesn't suffer to much from the "nurgle number of 7" rule in this list when paying points for them and i seem to be a little bit off in the brain when it comes to organising a proper list. i am really fond of the -1 hit and the excessive mortal wounds doesnt hurt either. so what i need is: Help constructing a plaguetouched warband with Chaos Warriors or Marauders (whatever seems best fitting) if anyone has a great list with a combination of Glottkin / Plaguetouched Warband / Mark of Nurgle / Sayl to help buff your units seems utterly insane, would love too see lists including them. glottkin -1 to hit + 1 attack per weapon command ability warband -1 to hit + mortal wound from leaders and mortal wound on 6's to wound Chaos Warriors or Marauders getting 1 more wound per model until next hero phase from glottkin buffing your marauders or Chaos Warriors to give them 3+ save (re rollable 1's) Teleport them right infront of someones face and go bananas with sayl. Help a fellow nurgle brother out! Just to be clear: I'm looking for a more of a Slaves to Darkness themed list with this Warband. What i need from you: Construct a list and point out do's and dont's and other ideas involving this Warband. would really appreciate the help.
  20. I attended a small laid back AOS doubles Tournament on Saturday and ended up winning it. I'm really new to Tournaments as I prefer to play casually but I wanted to support my friend and it wasn't marketed as a super competitive event either. My friend has trouble getting motivated to paint so we used this tournament as means to encourage him to have stuff done by the deadline. Archaon is an unusual choice for a 1000pts army but he loves the model and was really excited to paint it. I always want to encourage the hobby so he threw in two squads of twenty Blood Reavers as battleline and made a legal 1000pts list. We didn’t think we were going to win. I was using my hobby league army I built and painted last month which was not optimized at all. I think we played smart always focusing on the mission objectives rather than getting caught up in just killing the enemy army. However, Archaon was useful as he always took the majority of enemy fire allowing me to score objectives like a champ. The last mission Duality of Death was a perfect mission for him guaranteeing our win. Every game I cast arcane shield onto my warriors and inspiring presence. Wow good luck chewing through 60 3+ re-rolling 1’s immune to battleshock wounds. These guys were champs holding objectives and tying up the enemy units. I’m in the process of converting my Sorcerer Lord on a mount. He is very expensive so I want to get the most bang for my buck by increasing his movement. Still Arcane shield was a huge factor in my games so I will still be taking him in my army. Our Armies were Slaves to Darkness and Blades of Khorne. Chaos Lord, Sorcerer Lord, 30 Chaos Warriors, 5 Chaos Knights, Gorebeast Chariot, Archaon, 2x20 Blood Reavers A small summary of each game. I’m doing this write up from memory so some stuff might be a bit off especially the names for stuff and the composition of my opponent’s armies. Game #1Battle for the pass. Ironjawz and Moonclan Grots. Large bow squad and large spear squad, fanatics, 2 bolt throwers, Fungoid Cave Goblin shaman some nets, 3x 3 Gore gruntas, 2x5 Brutes, Megaboss and Warchanter. My chaos warriors spread out in a massive skirmish line and rolled up to the forward left objective and proceeded to hold it all game. They scrummed with 6 Gore Gruntas and 5 brutes but held them back all game slowly grinding them down reducing the amount of attacks they could put out. The Blood Reavers held the forward right objective for 2 turns before being wiped out by a Gore Grunta unit with some Goblin help. My Knights held our last objective in our territory all game uncontested. Archie got shot up bad from bolt throwers and due to the goblin blobs spreading out his movement was severely limited. Every time he charged our opponent would deploy his fanatics engaging Archie forcing us to waste our first combat on killing them first. In the end Archie was down to 1 wound and the Spear Goblins inflicted 2 wounds on him in the last turn of the game. Archie had mystic shield up so he had a 2+ save. My friend proceeded to roll two 1’s!!! Having Archie killed by lowly goblins felt bad man hahaha. We still won 13-6 as we were ahead on points by a fair amount. Game #2 Knife to the heart Khadoran Overlords and High Elves Frostheart phoenix, phoenix, 2x10 Phoenix Guard 2x Lormasters, Anointed. Ironclad, 20 Arknaughts, Chemist, Knight-Azyros, Lord-Ordinator. We rush up into the middle and jam their entire army. The Ironclad misses out on some of its shooting firs turn due to being just outside of its 12” gun range which helped us to weather the first turn. As usual Archie takes the brunt of the attacks tanking most of the enemy’s output. My chaos warriors put 5 wounds on the boat in one turn and my knights nearly wipe a Phoenix guard squad thanks to impressive rolling and battleshock. Archie Kills the Knight-Azyros but not before he unleashes his lantern power. My opponent rolled low for his MW and I tanked most of them on my Runeshields. Archie took 2 wounds though from it. The Blood Reavers with a bit of help from Archie’s tail (love that 3” reach!) killed an Arknaught squad with some help from battleshock. Time was called and we controlled one objective and had killed 2 units giving us a minor victory. Game #3 Duality of Death Legions of Nagash and Flesh Eater Courts 150+ skeletons, Wight king, Necromancer, 40 crypt ghouls, Crypt Haunter Courtier, 3x crypt Horrors and a Vargulf Courtier. We get the first turn and Archie lands on one of the objectives and holds it all game killing nearly the entire Flesh eater Courts army single handily with some small help from the Blood Reavers. My army moves up to the other objective but due to some bad run rolls both 1’s I could not get my characters onto the objective. The skeletons hit my warriors jamming them up and killing my chariot who I sacrificed as a speed bump to slow them down getting to the objective. On turn two there was a gap in the enemy lines that allowed my Knights to make a long bomb charge (10”) to catch his Wight King out in the open. The Knights reduce him to 1 wound left before the prancing ponies crushed him underfoot (I forgot my horses could attack all day) after my friend reminded me I could still fight with the horses. The game ended 3-0 to give us 1st place. Overall I had a great time and am looking forward to playing more AOS.
  21. Greetings all, I was wondering if I could get some help and thoughts on this army list. I haven't picked my command trait and artefacts yet, but other wise, what does everyone think? Allegiance: Slaanesh- Host: SeekersLeadersChaos Lord On Daemonic Mount (140)- General- Mark of Chaos: Slaanesh Lord Of Chaos (100)- Mark of Chaos: Slaanesh Chaos Sorcerer Lord (160)- Runestaff- Mark of Chaos: SlaaneshBattleline15 x Chaos Warriors (270)- Hand Weapon & Shield- Mark of Chaos: Slaanesh 10 x Chaos Warriors (180)- Hand Weapon & Shield- Mark of Chaos: Slaanesh 10 x Chaos Warriors (180)- Hand Weapon & Shield- Mark of Chaos: SlaaneshUnits5 x Chaos Knights (160)- Ensorcelled Weapons- Mark of Chaos: Slaanesh 5 x Chaos Knights (160)- Ensorcelled Weapons- Mark of Chaos: Slaanesh 1 x Chaos Gorebeast Chariots (100)- War Flail- Mark of Chaos: Slaanesh 1 x Chaos Chariots (80)- War flails- Mark of Chaos: Slaanesh 1 x Chaos Chariots (80)- War flails- Mark of Chaos: Slaanesh 5 x Chaos Chosen (140)- Mark of Chaos: Slaanesh 1 x Chaos Spawn (50)BattalionsRuinbringer Warband (180)Total: 1980 / 2000Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 155
  22. Hi all. As before i have some questions about matched play and StD. If i would choose to field the Godsworn Champions of Ruin Battalion, can i give them all the Mark of Tzeentch and benefit from destiny dice, but at the same time field an slaves to darkness battalion?
  23. Hi, The Chaos Lord on Manticore command ability refers to Warriors of Chaos units, however I can't see any units that have that key word (not even chaos warriors!) Is it an error? Should it read Slaves to Darkness? Sorry if this has been FAQ'd and I've missed it....
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