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  1. What? Nagash + blood knight spam as entire roster is quite popular and did 5-0 and 4-1 many times...
  2. If i get it.. warscrolls will be locked behind warhammer plus sub so 5$. And you unlock AA etc with physical book.
  3. Anyone saying this battletome is weak are out of their mind 🤨
  4. But wait. From Sacrosant: Seqitors - better Evocats - better Evocators - worse but they were bonkers and probably deserved it Castigators - better Balist - better Ordynator - better Exorcist - better Every incarnation of Lord Arcanum - better So what are you talking about?
  5. From the oldest models I think everything except Azyros (gutted), Venator (not touched lol), Heraldor (gutted) is better. Even a lord celestant on food is better because he can deal some dmg xD.
  6. GW logic, steamline most of the units by delating tons of additionals rules (basicly all our old units) slap 10 extra abilities on drakes...
  7. Nope because they played on TTS. It was two 4 dragons units, Castellant and Knight Dragon - 1550
  8. But I also predict that list with only Dragons will do a lot of 5-0...
  9. My friend just beated 2k points of SoB (4 big giants) with 1550 of new drakes (2x4 drakes, Drake Lord and Castelant) LMAO
  10. There was a imgur album but it was in terrible quality. Best quality was in previev video from Sprues&Brews
  11. Bastian Relictor 3x 10 Vindicators 6 Vanguard Raptors 2 Drakeguard 1990
  12. Im right that we loose every source of reroll 1 to hit?
  13. If they are set up from the sky or translocation enemy can't redeploy.
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