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  1. 200 Points for judi? What are they shoot with dmg 5 now? lol
  2. The list of gw product that were totally teribble on the realese is much bigger than being op ones. Heck last of them, Kragnos is quite useless. Slow, no mortal wound protection, ez to block, very expensive. More examples: Vanguard chamber wave. Only vanguard raptors and birds were played. Entire CSM range get refreshed to be still useless. Theory that gw make op new models is tin foil hat theory. I can give you more examples if you want.
  3. It was in the middle of the pandemic. Their shedule was totally of. Not the case now.
  4. Just wait for new battletome... It should drop in the half of July.
  5. her abilities work on all SCE... and argument that GW want to sell new OP models is the most debunked argument ever...
  6. That what i said? So they HAVE to change their warscroll.
  7. This is simply impossible due to a fact that you no longer can have 6 desolators in a unit. Also this would mean that sce will stay in a hellhole of being one of the weakest army again.
  8. New models like chariot and knight judicator is not mentioned in GHB which means everything can change in battletome.
  9. Were judicators replaced by castigators? NO. So why you guys worry so much??
  10. We don't know simply because the battletome can be and probably will be diffrent from dominion. We have to wait for leaks from tome.
  11. Never been OP? Literally DoK and IDK are two the strongest army in the current game (end of 2.0)... Have you ever played competetivly againts them?
  12. I hardly believe that all SCE will get into 3+ saves. But we have to wait.
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