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  1. In that case the mode is healed 1 wound instead of being removed. So yes, cycle counters instant slay abilities like Archaons sword, Nagash hand of dust etc.
  2. I like it. I'm thinking KD, 4xSDG, 4xSDG, 2xSDG, incantor, LAoGC. Relictor is great, but not sure it'll do much for drakes considering how mobile they already are. Although relictor+5 vindictors could be nice for stealing an objective. Incantor is a steal at 125 and can give out mystic shield or pull off something tricky with starfall. LAoGC is down to 195. Super mobile wizard to keep up with drakes, always threatens empty objective, cycle of the storm is fantastic and his healing spell is great with drakes. Celestial blades on 4x drakes. KD, 2x4 drakes is the must have base imo. Leaves 605 points to play with.
  3. Nah, the alpha will straight up kill one or two big threats first turn. You will give up a few VP sure, but you'll easily get those back by extra VP from battle tactics.
  4. Although I'm not sure if those of you talking down drakes secretly just want them to yourselves. It's a smart tactic. Dont buy drakes.. they're not that good.
  5. From my own experience in games and tournaments, I'm convinced a drakespam list with 1 or 2 support heroes will outperform anything else. I wont mind being wrong though, because that means more stuff is viable. That would be great. Excited to get the models and play some tournies.
  6. I think people need to get more familiar with the current battleplans. Most of them have 3 central objectives, or 4. From round 3 one is removed. It's really pretty rare that you need something to stay on a "home" objective.
  7. Not really though. I'd rather have a 145 point dragon on an objective than 5 115 points liberators. Stormdrakes have the mobilty to let you choose where and how much you hit something with, with no luck of dice needed. They synergise with our only good command trait. -1 to enemy wound rolls. And the knight of course. They take buffs as well as anything else. Sadly SCE dont have many synergies. With their tankyness, mobilty, ranged MW, good output and taking up massive board space, they perform this role exceptionally.
  8. Do we know base sizes for the new units? (dragons in particular)
  9. They're not worth taking. One costs the same as one stormdrake guard. Which has better shooting. Being serious - you are correct, taking 2-3 ballista and an ordinator is a horrible idea. If you want to snipe stuff, take 6 longstrikes and a lord relictor to teleport them. If you want something to just shoot while being bodies on an objective, take judicators.
  10. Nah, just use the blades. Drakes will guaranteed shoot and smash into whatever you want them to. Fulminators need a translocation. And their damage drops to half after charge. Annihilators do require support - lord imperatant. Otherwise you're banking on a 9" rerollable, which is only about 50%. Both of these are also no where near as tanky as SDG. And they dont take objectives. Draconis is an amazing unit in itself for 255. He's not a useless one trick support like a lord-relictor or imperatant. Uhm, this can be said for everything else you mentioned. SDG are FAR more tanky. More wounds per point, 4+ spell ignore, -1 to enemy wound rolls. What are you talking about? There is no opportunity cost, they do everything, and dont need any help to do it. What are these many obvious weaknesses? They count as 5 each. They shoot. They need 0 support.
  11. This is just wrong. 2 SDG only do 20% less than 2x charged fulminators (our highest dmg per point unit) and can eat a model and do monstrous rampage. They dont need any help delivering their damage and they dont drop off after first charge. Every other hammer we have require additional support to get into combat, or rely on a charge roll that can and will often fail.
  12. Hammers of Sigmar Knight Draconis 4x stormdrake 2x stormdrake 1x stormdrake Lord relictor 6 longstrikes 5 liberators 1995 points, one drop. Or just go all out on the crazy dragons: Knight Draconis 4x stormdrake 4x stormdrake 2x stormdrake 1x stormdrake+ lord relictor or just 2x stormdrake. Probably relictor to teleport and remain on an objective. Other single dragon can stay with him or go tap another objective.
  13. That's great, but 3 greathammer annihilators only do about 15% higher dmg than 2 drakes in melee. That does not make them even remotely close to worth losing all the million things drakes have.
  14. I think we'll need to be fast on the trigger finger when dragons come out. They'll sell out so fast.
  15. They're too cheap for sure. Maybe even 50 points too cheap. Hopefully next FAQ will have some sensible points adjustments. Theres not much in the SCE tome that is too cheap, but damn there's alot thats way too pricy.
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