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  1. Updating with a few pics of untouched terrain, if anyone wonders about quality. These are from MoM Miniatures, they have some of the best terrain for fantasy and extremely varied (Dwarf Statues, Skaven Giant Bell, Elf and Human statues, Orc Totems, Temples, Towers....). As seen below, quality is more than decent and very detailed, just need to some cleaning as usual with resin. To give an idea, those 5 Phoenix Temple-style pieces were going for 15€, and the Herdstone only 10€ (...and better looking than a certain one that go recently released, ehem ehem....). I'm planning on getting more from them, it's possible to get a load of terrain to have a nice looking table for like 50 bucks.
  2. Great thread! I have a few minis of some stuff listed here, full support to stuff like Raging Heroes, MoM or Mierce! (maybe will put picts?....) To completed a bit more the list, here are a few others, including other small Spanish ones (really booming in quality for Fantasy): https://lastsword.com/ The place to go for High/Noble Elf kind of minis. Recently did a KS with aaawesome "Albus Custodes " (Swordmasters) and "Dragon Guard" (Executioners/White Lions?). They also have regular troops (spears/bows) and characters. Quality looks really really good. Cool Bretonnia/Freeguild models also. https://www.norbaminiatures.com/en/ More Spanish stuff, huge range including very complete options for Bretonnia or Chaos Dwarves.... Sort of reminds of MoM, though I prefer the later. https://www.avatars-of-war.com/eng/web/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=59&Itemid=51 Quite massive range of characters of all types. Also has cool regiments of Chaos Warriors or Dwarves. Characters are metal, good quality. Fair prices for the quality. http://www.shieldwolfminiatures.com/index.php?dispatch=categories.view&category_id=28 I really like their "Northern Alliance" which should be good for Free Guild, including Bear (/demigryph??) Riders! https://fireforge-games.com/ Great range for Bretonnia (more historical). They recently started a more classic fantasy range with aaawesome humans & undead. Announced some Elves too! http://www.gamezoneminiatures.com/tienda/es/ Huge range for many races (humans, undead, elves, orcs, dwarves, etc...), with really beautiful designs, including the coolest Cold Ones ever. Mostly metal, depending on kits I heard different opinions on quality. The company is also infamous for that Heroquest project that went wrong, which doesn't make me feel safe.... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hiddendreams/hidden-dreams-miniatures Can't say anything about the quality or anything, but their Wood Elves/Sylvaneth look so neat! Also very nice Lizardmen, Skaven and Dark Elves. Someday, maybe... http://www.manticgames.com/mantic-shop/kings-of-war-vanguard/getting-started.html Well, I guess everyone knows Mantic, which don't always have the errrh... nicest looking models *cough*. But I have to say that the recent KoW Vanguard minis really improved their sculpting quality. I mean, that Giant is one of the best I've seen and the price is a steal! Their Basilean range (for Vanguard) is really nice and their "paladin" kind of look should fit very well with Free Guild allied to SCE. Really have to keep eyes peeled if they start putting out stuff like this.
  3. VBS

    The Rumour Thread

    Exactly! Sales don't go well = stop translating. Stop translating = people stop buying. I have the slight impression that is how you assure losing your presence on a market. TBH, I'd be glad if they stop translating altogether, there is no point in buying mediocre products but it is a shame for those who don't have a decent English level. I honestly doubt about this. Mainly coz GW never took into account purchase power to determine their prices (same all over) or adjusted locally a product. Moreover, the difference per unit is 5€ (!), so I don't think local disposable income is an obstacle here (especially for this type of hobby). And SP/IT GDP has always been lower than the other two but it didn't prevent GW from offering full quality translated books in the past, this should maybe ring a bell.... Sure, they are looking to cut costs (less printing, not hiring translators) but I can't see why it would be due to "culture and weather" or money. My impression as a local that walked around different communities in a fair amount of cities is that it's pure lack of interest in the product (the Game, not the miniatures), so demand vs offer in a saturated market, which obviously drop sales. Offering garbage translations will clairly not revert the situation either, but hey, that's up to them.
  4. VBS

    The Rumour Thread

    Just speculation as someone based in Spain, but I think AoS (and GW products in general) probably sell less than in Germany or France. Thus, the company might consider it not so worth to invest in full and decent translations. Before, their translations were great quality and complete. So a business move is most likely the reason. This has been a current trend since the end of 8th (I think) and very palpable when the ET or AoS launched. The translation quality is just really bad. This also applies to other GW products like 40k. The introduction of Spanglish (using keywords, names, etc.. in English instead of Spanish) pushed this further on, and now translated books are an utter unreadable mess. The quality is really amateurish and dissapointing for a company that is suppose to be the best in the market. At least, people are taking into their own hands the translations with wikis and stuff, since GW doesn't bother. I stopped buying non-English GW books a long time ago. Certainly does not help to increase sales and just keep things as they are (unfortunately).
  5. VBS

    The Rumour Thread

    Not a rumour, but I'm sure many will be interested in grabbing a few of these.... BRETONNIAAAAAAAA https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/09/02/heroes-of-order-for-one-week-only/
  6. VBS

    What is "narrative gaming"

    A narrative game can very well just be a "regular" game with some background to add some story flavour. The thing is, there aren't a specific series of checkmarks absolutely required to qualify as narrative (or any other "mode" for the matter, if it is even a thing to categorize games in such way...). Fairly evident that narrative stuff do actually have some common ground such as adding a background to an army or playing special scenrario as part of a larger story. Yet the elaboration varies widely. From a purely rpg/storytelling based with big maps, special scenario rules and little regard for "offical balance" to more balanced torunaments (game-wise) where each scenario follows a story progression and it is required to have a specific background to illustrate a larger story throughout the event. Different approaches, both with narrative flavour. Games incorporate different "types of play" depending on whatever people feel like playing, without being mutually exclusive or mandatory guidelines (though recurring patterns may show up of course...).
  7. VBS

    Share Your Maps

    @Pyreshard LOOOVE the map. Looks so authentic, reminds me of those old medieval maps where they go "here be dragons" hehe. The crudeness is so awesome, I can imagine an Imperial Free Guild erudite drawing it among a huge pile of old papers in the middle of the night with a dim candle in hand I prefer these to computer generated ones, but all ain't have the talent!
  8. I'm not surprised. Didn't do the math for this FW case (trust OP), but GW products are almost always cheaper to order directly from the UK than buying locally. Even in the EU, you get far better prices for buying+shipping from a 3rd party 2000 km away rather than going to the FLGS that is 3 minute-walk away. Makes one wonder.... I suppose that for America/Oceania it must be even worse (due to restrictions). Always thought their conversion rates were quite random (yes, it changes, but in a different way than what GW apparently applies) or with the import excuse (having done a fair amount of shipping around the wolrd, I think it doesn't really add up, especially if you can scale the amount. I'm sure GW does so). Makes it sort of absurd to get FW directly from a US store now. Sounds like typical pump-up price as they always do when selling outside UK. Too bad.
  9. It's been a while since I read, and I don't have the books with me now to check, so correct me if I'm wrong. But Archaon, as part of the End Times/Apocalypse/whatever, aimed to set up a massive ritual underneath Middenheim with some sort of device that would consume the whole world. On the other hand, Teclis' gamble was to undo the Vortex, unleashing the Winds of Magic as he thought that binding the Winds through the Incarnates was the last resort to counter that ritual. But wasn't counting on Mannfred backstabbing people. There was also bringing back Nagash and a few other things in-between as a build up ("Just as planned" style) but overall, his gamble was destroying Ulthuan+magic saturation in exchange of a chance of stopping Chaos. I don't think the lack of Teclis would have prevented Archaon from doing his chaos-thing in Middenheim.
  10. VBS

    Tournament Realm Rules

    I like the general idea. However, in my humble opinion (and for the sake of discussion beyond the "I don't like realmscapes" whining lol), I would swap the "set-in-stone feature for each realm" for a "set-in-stone realm on each table" as it offers more posibilities. So basically, assign each table a specific realm and let the players roll for feature when starting the round (appropriate changes if required... Ghur?). This also helps to keep certain track (as the TO, you know what realm is on each table from the start) and players will still not know beforehand what will be the effect (as table allocation is probably random at the start and then depends on performance + the roll for feature). It also gives the posibility for thematic table scenery (always important for rules of cool!). To me, it's like a reverse take on your suggestion yet offers more variety (roll for feature + unkown realm depending on table assigned), and thus, more tactical challenge. Of course, your approach is just as valid if players don't know the realm features/tables order until the start but I think it's a bit of shame to leave aside certain features by forcing a specific one per realm.
  11. VBS

    Share Your Maps

    Luv me some maps! I've looked into this Inkarnate, and it sure is better than Paint/Photoshop Updated the map from my narrative army/project, it looks half decent now! Just copy-pasting the intro, for a quick glimpse about the background. As you can see, the Glimmering-City is an overcrowded ****hole metropolis!!!! The Free Principality of Veriithas lies in a remote location of Ghyran, concealed to the eyes of many. In an enviable geographical position, this peninsula of vast fertile grasslands is surrounded by the natural defenses of a mountain range in the north and the immensity of the ocean elsewhere. The activity is mostly centered around the major urban capital known as the Glimmering-City, the Jewel of Veriithas. Resplendent towers and busy market streets all contribute to the magnificence and prosperity of the region, while its inhabitants boast of high moral integrity, intellectual brilliance and formidable martial prowess. The very name of the capital is testimony of its greatness, as even in the darkest hour of the night, it may be sighted from many many leagues away, its incessant activity granting an eternal glow of light. The older generations assert this was all true in the past, nostalgic of greater times. For in the current age, not all that glitters is gold. For more info, feel free to check on the appropriate thread (still wip of course):
  12. It's interesting because list-building becomes prominent, focusing on being capable of working (at least decently) in every situation. If shooting is going to be crippled, you will have melee to counter. Or the other way around. Magic gets a boost? Good thing you have a wizard or two. Or the other way around. Etc etc etc etc etc etc etc. Jack of all trades type. One-tick-wonders will continue to be so, only working on specific situations (more so based on luck now). If you build a list capable a facing any situation, your full army might not be totally effective/optimised for that specific encounter but at least has the tools to react, because it is adaptable/diverse. On the long run (such as a 5-6 round tournament), this should yield positive results. A good thing to promote. This is probably an advantage for a tactical genious (CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED) but for someone who relies one-dimensional netlisting and zero intentions of improving, it's understandably bad. Overall, a step forward for AoS.
  13. VBS

    Alternative "9th Ed" WHFB lore

    Random thoughts, but when AoS got out I thought about 2 alternatives for the Old World that I feel like writting down. 1 - WHFB is still its own thing and the ET never happened (Retcon, GW's favorite thing! ) Fear not stale and boring stories because the Old Wolrd had a load of things still to explore (unlike many people erroneously claimed). All the East was mostly untouched, from Cathai to Ind or the Darklands (Chaos Dwarves!). Also the South Lands (more belligerent Skinks) or Araby. All those High Elf advance posts/colonies or a more fleshed out northern lands with barbarian tribes (further development of the "non-chaotic" Chaos and relation with civilization would have been cool!). Border Princes stuff, with a proper Mercenary release too. Or Naggaroth was basically empty outside the DE cities. Or push further the Dark Shadows/Albion stuff! Or "Antarctica" being a demonland, but no other info given? (as per the 6th ed. HE book map). Or how about delving into all those "ancient civilizations" that were often mentioned (like when during Malekith's quest to recover magic items and such things....). It's not like the possibilities were lacking and had to remain stale with the endless Empire vs. Archaon struggle.... Also, one of the coolest things were those WD series about old conflicts (Von C. Wars or the HE vs. Dwarves war of old...). Many of these conflicts could be explored, like the Sky Titans War with the Ogres and the likes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 - If keeping the ET fluff but changing the end to preserve the Old World setting, albeit altered... The Incarnates close the rift, but the winds of magic roam free and raging over the world. This completely changes all the landscapes, which basically become a "realm of chaos". But not a hellish/infernal type of realm like the Dark Gods, because magic can be manipulated and molded into whatever those that control it want to. Enter the new world order. The Incarnates are each at the head of a faction, with certain alliances such as a tandem Sigmar/Gelt in the Empire (SCE are created and the destroyed empire is fashioned into a low-key Azyr). The Malekith, Alarielle, Tyrion, Teclis form a massive elf alliance that still has many tentions and stuff going on. Possible to develop fluff concerning this, as resentment or external influence should be common in the form of Slaanesh (he/she got chained here too), Morathi or Caledor being brought back, etc.... Ungrim, Grimgor, Caradryan or whatever other Incarnate are still around (if they died or not in the ET can be changed of course, and give the Wind to some other notable character). With their new god-like powers or full blown divinity to rival with the Dark Gods, the Incarnates fashion the land to resermble their apprearance. Much like in the Mortal Realms, Loren would still be very similar (like Ghyran), the Eastern Steppes/Darklands or whatever become savage x100 (like Ghur), Tyrion/Teclis recreate the Tower of Hoet but more massive (like Hysh), Nagash makes Uber-Sylvania (like Shyish). Or if Ungrim survived, some sort of hellish pit-crater realm in the abandoned dwarven halls with lava and all the Fyreslayers blingbling (like Aqshy). You get the idea, some sort of more over the top Old World that mirrors what was later done in the Mortal Realms. As the Incarnates "manage" their respective Wind of Magic and magic being saturated due to Ulthuan/Lustria/Poles collapsing, I can see this being very plausible. All factions still endure in different forms. Dwarves being nomads that got expelled from their holds. They move on to conquer the skies (hello KO). Complementary to the 4-Elf alliance, the sinking of Ulthuan hides secrets, as the souls of the drowned elves are reborn into a more sinister elven race, heirs to Nagarythe and all so full of hatred (Deepkin, not happy to have been left behind, still thinking in "civil war" terms and creating "Atlantis" in the sunken Ulthuan, etc....). Lizardmen still around too, orbiting in space in their Spacehulk-Temples and teleporting when required below, desperate to still instaure or at least influencing a bit the original Old Ones plan. Destruction factions are pretty much the same (they didn't evolve much, but you wouldn't expect otherwise right? ). The blurring between the Chaos territory and the rest (reality) would also give the occasion to push the struggle between factions on an equal level. The forces of Order can now assault the Realms of Chaos, and the Dark Gods no longer have that dominant "untouchable" status. Back and forth fights and more over the top situations all over the place. In a way this wouldn't be to different from the AoS setting as a whole, yet in a more "micro" approach. Bringing the old and the new together, and like that everyone is happy (it's all about that....). But all the room for new development too. Both options would have been awesome (my 2 cents, of course).
  14. I think many will agree with this, but a Kill Team version for AoS would be fantastic. It would only require a not so long book with alternative rules that deepen a AoS skirmish version (more than the one that currently exists). This would cover all the skirmish/mordheim crowd (which is quite a bit, I believe) and would also be very different from Shadespire. WH Underworlds is a fundamentally different game (mechanics/rules), very rigid (warband building) and its inception aims to cover the competitive spectrum. I think Kill Team, Mordheim and skirmish of the like have a very different concept and thus appeal to a different crowd. I can see this happening basically due to demand, no so much effort required and Specialist Range has been reinvigorated the last couple of years. Also, more in the wishful thinking side, I would love a War of the Ring version for AoS. I always thought there were some parallels between both (skirmish formations that work well in not so big battles but that suffer when too large) and AoS as a game would benefit immensely when using large collections. I think there are plenty of gaming systems that can be adapted by just changing some rules (so a book) while maintaining the basics and minis/setting.
  15. Dwarves use to have a load of funny ones. But that was a long time ago. Grombrindal use to have up to recently alternative "fun" minis (like in a Power Armor for WD's 40th Bday) but I think GW is too much "serious business" nowadays to regularly make joke models.