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  1. Saw this pic, dont think it was posted here. Started box is fairly big, the Warband boxes have a cool design. EDIT: My bad, it actually was a few pages back
  2. I tried them back when they were released, and in my humble opinion, the feeling is similar to most GW painting&modelling products: not that worth it. They had what could be the heaviest marketing in miniature paint history, but I sure wasn't convinced by the magical properties of the "one thick coat" trick when tested. Way more is needed to have a model "completed" (imho, of course). Works well as a complement to other types of paint, but not sure I'd require Contrast for that. Like with other crafts and hobby products, other companies that do most things just as good (or better) for cheaper and make it very hard to justify buying them. As Goobertown puts it, you can easily make something similar with a better price/quantity value. Or even GSW has some stuff that ain't that different straight out the pot for a fraction (candy/intensity inks). Contrast, like other GW crafts stuff, feels like paying extra just for "the brand" and convenience. Nice try, but pass.
  3. Give Steven Erikson full control of the "official" background direction of the Mortal Realms. All the stories with the Gods, empires-building, cultures-flourishing... Considering how monumental the Malazan series is, it could potentially be something of epic proportions. Would certainly make it more vast, lively and complex. I think BL needs a push in that direction coz it's otherwise quite bland (please don't kill me). It would also be very interesting to have an existential novel with a jaded Stormcast and derailing into insanity/self-destruction of some sorts. Think Dostoevsky's Notes of the Underground, or even a Kurt Vonnegut type with satirical/dark humour portrayal of war in a Mortal Realms version. I'd buy that. Otherwise, no thanks.
  4. If people run square bases, kindly ask then to put the corresponding round base size with blue tack under the square base during the tournament. Therefore, no need to change the original base and no need for whining. This works as square bases have an equivalent size which a tiny bit smaller than rounds, usually. Not always though, such as edges being more prominent on sqaures. Sometimes it's an advantage, sometimes not. Personally, I find the impact on overall game mostly irrelevant, besides very specific cases (I use a lot with squares, so there's empirical evidence). Problem solved. Everyone happy.
  5. There are some ressources out there, but I think that it is very easy to just adapt rules on the spot. Most of the WHF scenarios can be used with minimal change (the Dark Shadows campaign is great fun, especially with the Climate table). For example, the Skirmish and Sieges in the Appendix of the 6th ed Rulebook require almost no changes to use (skirmish needs a little change to Initiative test and Siege equipment should be reworked, that's mostly it). And since AoS doesn't have decent rules for either, the old WHF books are like a free ressource! I personally like creating new stuff, and translating old rules to AoS is fun. I was thinking of doing things like the original Path To Glory (the Chaos warband ones in White Dwarf) or some of the great ideas in the General's Compendium. But I often feel lazy to make the effort However, I did adapt the Warband rules (without the campaign part) or made the Old Ones magic items into AoS, just because the whole idea of W40k items in fantasy is hilariously awesome (and I love the concept behind the Old Ones). &
  6. I got mine today! Such a marvelous beauty. Reminds me why I enjoy Warhammer so much. I hope it might be the start of re-editions of BL classics. Liber Necris or Tamurkhan would be most welcomed. Never bothered to pick up those books and regret it.
  7. It's now available: https://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/liber-chaotica-hb-2019.html Preordered even if I never buy directly from GW (not keen on voluntary 20%+ rip-off), but I'll make an exception as I really want the book
  8. Soooo, after almost a year (!) I got back into this little project. Was not too motivated lately as my hobby/wargaming interests resided elsewhere, far from AoS. But I painted up some cool models (kitbashed from about 10 different kits!), made up some fluff for them and more or less planning a 1k army while I wait for Meeting Engagements and WarCry! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mortuary Guard Knights of the Light Tower & Wardens of Ancient Traditions (and occasional Anti-Riot Squad) "To the north west of The Glimmering City stands the solitary Light Tower. A monolitic monument that dominates the entry to the western Grass Plains, an ominous and mysterious construction of black stone, with a shining star ever blazing on the top. Like most ancient architecture preceding the present age, the purpose or how it came be remains concealed in legends. Some say it works as a lighthouse to guide sailors through the treacherous waters near the cost. Others, that the influence of Sanguine Pit, not too far to the north, plays a pivotal role...." "It is said to have been the martial court of the Great Knight Forganegorix, the most skilled warrior among Veriitha's companions. Traditions are preserved in the Principality, and as a consequence, the Light Tower fosters the most powerful knight regiment in the land, commonly known among the citizens as the "Mortuary Guard". They are the Knights of the Light Tower, the Wardens of Ancient Traditions and a dozen other pompous titles to feed their hubris. But make no mistake, these are truly unparalleled elven warriors, cladded in elegant golden armours and wielding cruel lances. Their menacing looks are reinforced by the ritual paintings with which they "adorn" their faces, a mix of ash and blood giving the appearance of a bloody battered corpse, hence their name. Their sight is terrifying as they often carry barbaric trophies and equipment, an augur to the blooshed they leave in their wake. Even more terrifying are their mounts, for they do not ride into battle flimsy horses but rather lizard-beasts from the caverns from below the western coastline on the Principality, capable of ripping off a mans' head with a simple bite. They are only half domesticated, which often leads to certain "accidents", as the unfortunate citizens of the Principality know too well...." "Besides their undoubtfull utility on the battle field against the manservants of the Dictator of Azyr, they are also employed by the authorities of the Principality when the behaviour of their beloved subjects starts to get out of hand. Indeed, it is not rare for the people of the Principality to be under the condition of hysterical frenzy, seizures and over-zealous piety (probably due to the sickly effect of the Primevanl Truth). Or just downright substance abuse on public ground. This is often the case of Sundays, when the games of the National Blood-Ball League take place. Reckless hooligans plunder the streets, causing havok, eager for violence and cheering for bloodshed on the match pitches. They are however too hammered and/or stoned to understand it is their blood who will probably flow first... For the intervention of the Mortuary Guard is swift and violent indeed. Judge, jury and executioner, the Mortuary Guard descend upon drunks and fools, ripping apart limbs and splintering bones. All to preserve public order, of course...."
  9. I'm very interested in the game itself. The miniatures are nice and all (I like some Iron Golems and some hoplite-guys) but the gaming is what gets me more excited, especially if it's a full skirmish experience. Assuming it keeps the core AoS-mechanics, I'm hoping for: Full warband customization: choose equipment and flexible roster to build the warband. I would hate it if they just locked everything behind template-like warbands like in Underworlds, or very little customization like AoS warscrolls. Let people build the models they want and like. This goes for both the Chaos warbands and the non-chaos ones. Introduce WH-skirmish/Mordheim mechanics: such as jumping/falling and stun/knockdown in combat. Maybe even critical strikes. It's super simple and would really help add some depth to the system. Currently, AoS-skirmish is very flat in that department. Obviously a cool campaign system, with casualty tables, character progress and lots and lots of scenarios! Eventually, adding an expansion allowing every faction to have "adapted" warband roster to the game. Not asking for new minis or repackage, but just being able to use a bunch of Dark Elves or whatever with supported rules. Only a few pages need... not asking much, right? With the two first points only, I'd be genuinely happy and fully support the game. Otherwise, yet another disappointment. Fingers crossed!
  10. Another pic from Dakka, with more stuff from the new Warcry warband. The guy with the shield hoplite-style looks great!
  11. Yes! I thought about this (and other possibilities) a few times. It can actually go into any direction and get quite wacky, as there seems to be a lot of ways of adapting it. I think it would be easy to make a post-ET Old World that hasn't been destroyed yet integrates all the newer stuff from AoS: After the rift collapses, the wild winds of magic basically make the Old World a "mini-Mortal Realms" with different regions adopting plane features according to which wind settles in place. Or KO being the remnants of Dwarves exiled from their mountains, ID being a product of Ulthuan sinking, SCE are constructs by Sigmar/Gelt to rebuild the Empire (I think this was the initial intention), etc, etc, etc.... But on a different note, I really like your idea at 1) ! One of the alternatives I was thinking is similar: The rift collapses, sucks in everyone in a few miles around Middeheim and you get all the Mortal Realms created, new Gods, Age of Myth/Chaos/Sigmar, etc.... As expected. Buuut, the Old World remains behind. It's just a barren depressing place after everything got utterly raised to the ground during the ET. All Gods, Incarnates and Heroes are no longer, translated to the Mortal Realms by the rift. The saturation and concentration of magic along the rift collapse as sucked out all forms of magic except for a few residual bits that float around the barren Old World lands... Wizard are scarce, and revered due to their rare and now might power. The sheer destruction of the ET leaves no place to might kingdoms and armies, but rather small groups wandering aimlessly. So the Old World devolves into some Dark Ages where there is barely magic, no gods, no heroes and civilization is pretty much destroyed/decadent. Where the agents of Chaos roam freely (don't they always?) and the remnants of the other races that were left behind (not translated to Mortal Realms by the rift) desperatly struggle to survive and re-build their ancient glory. GRIM-*******-DARK!!!! A tabula rasa for the Old World (but more Grim Dark of course!). I like the idea of the new Gods slowly trying to contact the world back but can't quite get there (no portals/magic or whatever) and that Chaos also has some sort of limitation. It gives a desperate and nihilistic vibe to the whole thing: God-like beings knowing that their former home is somewhere out there in the great empty Void, yet not being able to return or help one bit, feeling hollow and powerless despite being freaking Gods, ever reduced to simple witnesses of a condemned world clinging desperately to existence... If that ain't GRIM DARK, I don't know what is!!!! This way, you have a single universe with two different visions coexisting (the regular Mortal Realms + the über-grim Old World), offering great possibilities. I would love to see (or probably should make?) a map of the Old World post-ET with all the continents wrecked and landscapes changed as described in the books. Enough ramble, but I'd buy into this idea in a heartbeat This is very interesting. This reminded me of something I think I read in GiantSlayer about 15 years (?) ago. I lost my copy since, but I'm quite certain (flawed memory or simple mental inventions haha) there is a passage in the book where Felix is talking to Teclis (or a Daemon?) where the later mentions the existence of "countless world beyond the veil ready to be consumed by Chaos" or something along the lines when in Albion. Sort of like the Bubbles-theory when AoS was still not out. Parallel worlds (like the Mortal Realms), oblivious to Old World inhabitants except for those that roam freely in the Realms of Chaos (daemons). Maybe I'm making all this up , but I'm sure I've read it somewhere!
  12. Maybe they now went along the fungus thing as in 40k, but in the Old World fluff, it is not clearly explained. They appear to be tied to the Old Ones, either as a failed creation or introduced by error/accident in some way. Saurus warriors were then created to erradicate them (looks like they failed!). That reminds me of something.... would be cool to have the Old Ones mentioned or have a comeback! I think the current setting is quite optimal for such thing.
  13. I have no clue of how it fares in North America, but if the Yearly Review published on their web is even half accurate, I'm sure there are plenty of people playing T9A across the pond. Tbh, I have the impression that most of us have a tunnel vision on what is played or not, or what is appealing or not, or how things should be. It happens with everything, we all stick to what we know and like, often disregarding the unkown probably due to ignorance it even exists. Regarding wargaming, since I got back into the hobby around the ET, it's incredible how much it expanded in all directions and the crazy variety of games there are (and I love it! Back in the day, I only knew about GW... what a naive foul haha!). And even if there is no data and that regional-anecdotal-extrapolations are useless, I would have a hard time thinking that most wargamers follow dogmatically the rules given by a company. Sure, there is a tournament/competitive crowd that abides to this way of playing (to unify/facilitate playing, mostly), but out of all games played across all systems around the world, it is most likely a minority. The amount of rules tweaking, introducing special rules, trying to self-balance a game or creating new scenarios/units/etc... is soooo huge that this "fan revolution" is a constant in a hobby like wargaming. From a full blown homebrew set of rules that are spread across the internet to a single game between friends, or a special campaingsin gaming groups, the examples are endless. This will not translate to the "official" set of rules by a company, but it does show that in terms of how people enjoy their little hobby, it is rarely uniform or linear to the framework given to them (ie. official rules). In this case, I guess GW opened up a bit and stuff like surveys and whatnot offers a window to fan-rule intervention but the game itself is locked behind too many corporate interests to think it might conduct a significant impact. Rules writters are enthousiastic fans anyway, so probably what a "majority of fans" want will resonate with a few of them. I don't think there ever was a fan-driven-rule-revolution having an impact on corporate level anyway.
  14. I was planning on doing something similar, but by directly adapting the rules in the General's Compendium. I don't have access to my copy now, so it'll have to wait!
  15. I mostly stick to free rules, as I don't think it is worth it to keep up with all the updates and constantly buying stuff that will often be "officially" obsolete a few months later. Feels like an unending race with little reward. I guess that is simply what a company wants from customers (this applies to many fields). As @chord points out, GHB are good material if buying the older versions for cheap. Know this FLGS that sells the out-of-date versions for a mere 5€! Which is good, no way on earth I'd pay 25€ though... Actually any AoS book for 20% original price should be a decent addition (I got Malign Portents for similar price, and the little rules for Shyish battles are very fun). If looking beyond AoS, there is obviously the posibility to fit your models to other (free) gaming systems or using other books (ex: Whfb) to draw inspiration or just adapt those rules in a AoS way.
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