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  1. I don't think that Lovecraft influence is particularly strong in WHFB, and probably even less in AoS. It is a bit more apparent in 40k, with the great menacing vast space and underlying nihilism.... and Tyranids! Perhaps more in the early years. I do think Chaos could be considered to have some lovecraftian flavor, with crazy nightmarish monsters like Spawns or the simple fact that Chaos in itself can make a person go crazy just by trying to understand the whole scope of it (like Archaon?). But Lovecraft doesn't seem to be mentioned as inspiration. Moorcock/Tolkien seem to be the common answer, but apparently Jack Vance and Clark Ashton Smith were equally important (maybe less known?). There is a cool interview with Brian Ansell discussing this: https://realmofchaos80s.blogspot.com/2013/02/the-mighty-avenger-interview-with-bryan.html Another bit of WHFB fluff that makes me think of Lovecraft are the Old Ones. Maybe obvious reference to the "Great Old Ones" although the way they are presented in Warhammer (being the creators and hanging out in Lustria) makes me think more of Anunnaki Mythos. But of course, one could argue there is maybe a link between both? Who knows! I really think that AoS could use the Old Ones as narrative development now that it's all about Gods flying around and magical stuff everywhere. And would make sense considering Lizardmen hang out in space, there a dimensional portals and all that.
  2. ^this (if you don't play in GW-enforced places). And besides all the obvious stuff mentioned (ebay, etc...), I would add: Kickstarters: If you don't mind waiting, you can get insane deals on bundles and many choices (KS overload is real). For example, I'm getting 100 minis for 90 Eur in April. Enough for a full army, keeping me busy for a long time for an unbeatable price. Wait for discounts: If you don't mind waiting (I notice a trend...), just wait for Black Friday or similar events. Add that with other ways to get cheaper minis (3rd parties, ect) and you automatically get another insane deal. For example, I got some very very cool looking Chaos stuff from another company whose equivalent in GW would be 87Eur, but I payed..... 28Eur!! Tbh, it's no longer about being able to afford the minis or not (imho, wargaming isn't a particularly expensive hobby) but getting great deals is sort of addicting! So I almost only buy minis this way. And I no longer feel getting value for money when buying directly from high-end price companies when you can just get much better offers.
  3. @Zanzou Supposedly, next year we will have Warhammer Legends treatment for all squatted stuff including points! I think this can bring a lot of interest back from people that have old collections and simply can't connect with the current AoS direction. I for one cannot wait (my big high elves, wood elves and chaos mortals fantasy armies could definitely use it ). I totally agree with your post, and this bit in particular. Using miniatures across multiple systems is super useful and absolutely refreshing to keep the hobby exciting. Since we are (I guess?) in a miniature gaming renaissance, there are (too) many choices and fun stuff to discover. Plus, I don't feel the need to buy as many miniatures (alleviates the pile of unpainted shame) and perceive higher value in the minis I own (more usage, instead of staying on a shelf). Branching out really helped me to keep interested and motivated in wargames. Staying always in a same game/setting/rules makes me very weary and hobby-depressed, so I'm grateful for all the options.
  4. Right on time for the Free Cities book, the project is finally complete! (pic heavy) It's a small army, but the idea behind it was to give old left-overs models and some bits a second chance, as well as writing some cool fluff. Maybe I'll add new stuff (getting some desert elves+halflings from a KS next year) but for now I'll concentrate on other projects. Developing further fluff is always plausible, as there is much to say Army shots: Also, some pics with the last additions: Port-Watchers' Bolt Thrower (SC ballista) Reckless Sea-Dogs (bleakswords) Champion of the Light Tower, mounted on a glorious Cowzilla. (since mounted FG General and Dragon Noble were removed, not sure what count-as could it be. Thank you GW!) That's it!
  5. Concerning the scale, I don't think it should be an issue. It's a dwarf after all I think GW only sculpted 3 dwarf wizards, back in 1991 (second line): If you want another Wizard that might have a slighter larger scale, check the Scribor one, it's great and not too expensive:
  6. Modelbrush has mats specifically done for the Mortals Realms, including Ghyran, Ghur, Aqshy, Shyish, Ulgu.... I don't know if they ship outside of Spain, though. Shyish mat:
  7. Warscrolls for Free Cities are UP! https://www.games-workshop.com/en-NZ/searchResults?N=737771287+78046592
  8. Thanks for the input. Well, the rules aim at implementing some of the Mordheim/Fantasy-Skirmish, so Critical Wounds was a given. I toned them down by not multiplying x2 but I think that overall, they serve their purpose: Skirmish in AoS has the issue of making a lot of the weaker units quite useless, and heroes/brutes really tough and capable of wrecking a whole warband by themselves. So I think that rules like Overwhelm and Critical Wounds are a way to balance them out, as units that are hitting and wounding on 4s or 5s without rend or multiple damage have much more to benefit from them. So your little skaven now have a minimum chance of actually doing something against a glorious elf noble, but at the same time, that same hero will not benefit as much when causing a Critical Wound on a unit that just has a 5+/6+ save (barely has a impact if you already have a -1 or -2 rend). MW are strong, but if everyone has access to them through a lucky roll regardless of the model, it makes weaker units (no rend, bad stats) benefit more comparatively to stronger units, that have much more to lose (good save + multiple wounds). So that's the idea behind it, balance the far stretched performance within a small amount of models game. And yeah, the injury table could work well for all members of a warband, but would require a few changes. AoS has limited stats and options, so it is more difficult to come up with an extensive injury chart that ain't reduced to the same 4-5 options, though. I found that annoying when looking for ideas. Not sure I'd write further stuff (I'd like some jump/fall rules of some sort) or campaign rules. I often do all this in one go when inspired. Which is not often
  9. This idea is BRILLIANT! Submitted mine a few days ago. Quite happy with the quality, tried to make an effort adopting a "black library-style" writing, even if I'm not super fan. Coming up with a story wasn't too hard, it's the prequel to the whole narrative of my army project, which already had a lot of fluff developed. Was going to write it at some point anyway. It's maybe a bit too out-the-box for BL, as it's basically Order against "Order" within a Free-City, Sigmar's followers are presented as bad bois and there are no Stormcasts involved (Triple Hereeeesy!). Instant rejection
  10. The very nature of the setting is going to lean more towards the epic side, but I suppose it is somewhere in between (or should?). There is probably room for both the mega-ultra-epic-magical heroes and the lowly life of a filthy starved peasant, even if the former seems much more prominent. Maybe the later comes with time, as the setting gets further foundation. I personally prefer the later. It simply is what I enjoy in all these fantasy worlds. Could also explain why I have a hard time getting interested in the fluff.
  11. It does look a lot like something straight out Rogue Trader, the old Genestealer artwork was somewhat similar... But that mini is actually the mount of a "Prole Diabólica" from the brand Gamezone. It is their Mounted Daemonettes proxy. Now get that mini painted! You are welcome
  12. Progress is being made as the Free Cities book approaches, I finished up 5 Censors to join the other 5 that were already painted to form a little unit of 10 Phoenix Guard. Now aiming to paint during next week the Port-Watchers' Bolt Thrower and the Champion of the Light Tower (dragon noble or something, don't know due to squatting!). Nearly done with the whole army (it's a small one), as afterwards I will just be short of a unit of 10 Reckless Sea-Dogs (bleakswords based off corsairs with lots of bits added).
  13. Love those old models! They look very impressive when you put 20+ in ranks, real feeling of disciplined army. Sadly, I lost mine many years ago... I also like the painting. Seems simple, but the heavy contrast between the gold, red and little amount of clear blue makes them stand out. Well done
  14. I think the most interesting aspect of the old Warband rules was the flexible unit size to adapt to very small games. The scenario with different deployment and victory conditions was also very interesting. Some time ago, I made something similar for AoS but trying to stick more to the original rules, it case it might be a decent reference:
  15. I like skirmish games. Kind of a pity that it is no longer supported. So like in previous cases, I put together a few rules to add new ways to play or further depth to AoS (similar to the "Warbands" supplement I made). Below is a page of rules that pick up many cool aspects of Skirmish from the old warhammer. It's super simple but should make the games pretty cool. Even the smallest of changes can have a big impact. Will try it out whenever possible! DOWNLOAD: Skirmish-Additional Rules.pdf
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