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  1. I completely agree. When I first started out I was a bit baffled by how little weight was put on good deployment, movement and such, and instead how much of discussion topics were eaten up by math-hammer and list tailoring. Nothing wrong with that of course, but I personally believe superior maneuvering will always trumph superior list building, and experience has only supported that. Granted you don't ignore the list building part completely of course If a movement/deployment/strategy thread ever popped up, I'd be very interested in engaging with it. Hint hint, nudge nudge
  2. Mayple

    The Rumour Thread

    Legends say that every few pages, a hero will ask for rumours only please. If that request were to be granted, the world would become a gray, lifeless place.. (Make it a drinking game Heads up; Seems like the two new Shadespire warbands have been put up on the app
  3. Mayple

    Warchanter stacking attacks

    Pretty sure the Grot warboss is tricksy on a natural 6. Hold on. Edit: Doesn't specify. Huh.
  4. Mayple

    Warchanter stacking attacks

    @Isotop Don't think toxic is the word that should be used there. Being used to League of Legends toxicity (the suffering, the pain), I think that not following up with an immediate source is hardly a qualifier. Otherwise I agree with you on having sources at hand is practical for everyone involved Edit: That sneaky ninja.
  5. Mayple

    Warchanter stacking attacks

    Well, I for one will play 1s as failure to do mortal wounds, regardless of how many + modifiers involved. Else I'd be telling my opponent how my blade of judgement missed them, and yet somehow landed the blow regardless = No chance of fail. If I fail, I don't --> Goes against all reason, and I agree with the conclusion brought by @BaldoBeardo
  6. Mayple

    Capturing objectives

    It -is- warped. Whether you're okay with that or not is another matter entirely Regardless, as long as you agree with your opponent it really doesn't matter either way, since there's obviously no problem at that point. But when measuring from the edge, you're both agreeing to houserule, which is fine, but call the shovel a shovel
  7. Mayple

    Mighty Waagh mawcrusha

    When given extra attacks with each of their melee weapons, such as from the Megaboss on Mawcrusha's mighty waagh ability, does the Mawcrusha (mount) also gain these extra attacks? Thanks
  8. Mayple

    Capturing objectives

    Who says what size is the go to size? If they are supposed to all be the same, then there must be a standard, but there isn't. I don't see how measuring from the center of the objective is difficult. Unless you somehow mess up the original placement, then there's really no issue. This is even more true if your objective markers are symmetrical, as the center would be very easy to find and place correctly. The game warps horribly if you measure from the edge. Suddently your objective diameter is 8-10 inches instead of the 6" they're meant to be.
  9. Mayple

    Warchanter stacking attacks

    I see what you're getting at. I would personally play it as the natural 1 is a failure to inflict the d6 mortal wounds because that feels -fair-, chance of failure and all that. At least when I'm the one swinging the sword That being said, I'm curious if it works the way you describe. Definitely worth looking into.
  10. Mayple

    Warchanter stacking attacks

    I'm having the same difficulties @BaldoBeardo I do remember a mention saying that "on a roll of 6" equals "6+/6 or more", but that could have been the old edition. Either way, natural rolls tends to be specified as "on an unmodified roll of..", since modifiers normally affect the result, trumped only by re-rolls before modifiers. That being said, if anyone has a source saying something else, then by all means
  11. I think the growth will only continue, at least for quite a while. They're on a solid roll, and articles like that will garner more attention from investors, which will likely see them jump on the train, for however long, which in turn will push their stock further, which will create more interest.. And so on Don't take my word for it though. I don't know much about economics and stocks. Only a nifty hunch for cause and effect.
  12. Mayple

    Warchanter stacking attacks

    Aaaaah. Thank you, that sorts it 5/6 chance of 4d6 mortal wounds, yes. A 1 is always a failure. (Remember that Packmasters work the same way, minus the extra attacks that generates. Cheaper though, hint hint, nudge nudge.) Allegedly
  13. Mayple

    Warchanter stacking attacks

    Wasn't the ripperdactyl wording more or less identical to the warchanter's one though? How did it differ?
  14. Mayple

    Warchanter stacking attacks

    Are you sure? I know it used to be like that, but then they changed things so that warscrolls took precedence over core rules, which in turn made ripperdactyls generate infinite attacks, which then pushed gw to rewrite how ripperdactyls worked (d3 hits per hit instead of generating additional attacks) That is the source of my confused curiosity.
  15. Mayple

    Warchanter stacking attacks

    Theorycrafting. What happens if five (Ironjawz) Warchanters stack their +1 to hit on a single warchanter (+5 to hit) in connection to his "on a hit roll of 6, he generates another attack" Does he generate new attacks from the new attacks, failing only when rolling ones, or does he only generare them once? Throwing a blade of judgement on top of that would, if the former is the case, surely be.. Highly destructive, no? Thanks!