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  1. I like the genuine character of the fellow talking about it. He seems as much of a fanboy of this stuff as we are, which is always assuring to see
  2. Rules look great, but I'm not keen on playing a horde of daemons At this rate it looks like aelves might get their release before Slaanesh gets their mortals, so I'll probably end up going that direction instead. Which is fine. I've been waiting for that a lot longer than I've been waiting for Slaanesh anyway
  3. Perhaps this is all a clever ploy by GW to inflict as much suffering on Slaanesh players in particular to do a properly lore-friendly release? All this suffering must surely be contributing to the inevitable release of the dark prince. On monday, they'll be all "Sorry about that. It was all a ploy by Slaanesh. Here are your mortal followers." I doubt it, but it would have been.. ah, an impressive, if not strange, marketing ploy.
  4. For sure. I mean, let's look beyond expectations based on Adepticon and such, because that can happen, and people can overhype. But your point about the art with mortals in the preview is hitting the nail on the head. That switched my expectations from "We may not get new mortals" to, "Oh, wait, what's this? This is new. Is that mortals? Wait, those are mortals! Ayyyy!"
  5. Just going bare minimum: A single troop. Still happy
  6. That's my perspective too, yes. To be fair, not so much to the extent that I'd say they're not worth taking at all, but I certainly wouldn't want to be shoehorned into doing it as the only alternative to using daemonettes
  7. I think the most practical joke GW could do there would be to somehow make slaanesh marked marauders -really good-. Cue collective community confusion. * *And then probably a large number of pretty neat conversions.
  8. Yeah. This is far from the usual doomsaying that tends to pop up around a release. Usually it's "Oh my god, this is so broken." Now it's more "Wait, they want us to use marauders as our mortal followers? Uh. But. N...N-urgle, Khorne and Tzeeentch though.."
  9. I'm sure the rules will be quite good. I'm more worried about how -limited- it will feel, if that makes sense.
  10. For sure. I'll concede that I have enough faith in them that I do believe the allegiance stuff will be open enough that we can use it for most of our stuff. Be it Lord of Chaos on Manticore with the Slaanesh mark and such, or any of the actual slaanesh-only models. I wouldn't be too surprised if it was split between "Daemon command traits/artifacts" and "Mortals command traits/artifacts" Nightmare scenario would be "Hedonites traits/artifacts" Heck, to continue on your train of though, if I was them, and I hadn't actually made any new mortals, I would go into damage control mode. First post that showed up on monday would be "..And here is why Slaanesh mortals are awesome.." and then it would talk about how you can convert your own slaaneshi marauders. Wouldn't fix a bit, but that's how I imagine that would play out. Personally I'd straight up announce that we unfortunately didn't think to design them, but that we do have plans to do so in the future, or alternatively if they actually plan on some of the warcry/slaves to darkness stuff to fill that void, say something like "..but don't worry, it will all make sense soon." Pure, baseless speculation though
  11. I would find it funny if it turns out to be the case. "Hey, so we released a new battletome, but pretty much all the units you'll be using will be coming from slave to darkness. So. Uh. Enjoy."
  12. Maybe the Slaaneshi rule of 3 won't be Mortal/Daemon/Faction, but Godseeker/Pretender/Invader? They'll have to be very open about who qualifies for artifacts and such, or Slaanesh is getting curbstomped by its own book. Suddently no mortals beyond the lord of slaanesh and lord of slaanesh on daemonic mount gets to partake of the succulent gifts. Would be weird.
  13. I agree with @Aryann on this one. While I'm not one for being overtly negative (and we should by no means head down that road) - Slaanesh is one of the gods tied more heavily to mortals than most. The lack of anything new in regards to that makes all the new demonic stuff (again, except the new Keeper of Secrets and the Daemon Prince) a tad bittersweet What's a dark prince of excess without anyone to commit said excess?
  14. Mm. Shame about the lack of mortals. I'll have to re-evaluate my interest in the Slaanesh release then - Outside of the marvelous Keeper of Secrets and the new Daemon Prince of course. Daemonettes are nice, but they're not "My battle line is built of daemonettes" nice, y'know?
  15. You may continue to twist words for whatever goal you're going for here, I'm not going to engage with it. Sheeeshush. Way to be unpleasant.
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