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  1. I'm gravitating towards the spell that rolls a dice for each model in the unit and does mortal wounds on 6s. A single casualty and they can no longer move at all! That's a -mean- spell. Casting value 7, but you can bet it'll be decisive when it pops off. I may or may not also plan to include both Be'lakor and the Changeling. No fun allowed
  2. I, for one, welcome my new khorne marked Daemon Prince overlords. A lot of good close combat factions out there. Would be a shame if they never got there
  3. Same! Dropped mine so that it lodged itself into my thigh while working on a Megaboss Been using clippers ever since, and even ended up giving my exacto away.
  4. I am only satisfied once they come in units of 30! They shall be the Daughters of Gorkamorka.
  5. I used to consider a lot of extra boxes for converting materials. Stocking up on the bits and kits that I felt might come in handy in future projects. While most of the boxes (usually older stuff) haven't increased much, most of the new ones have to the point I can't justify doing that anymore Nowadays I make do with what I have, which has put a fair few projects (like Kurnos Valentian into Grey Seer on Screaming bell) on a permanent hold unless I suddently win the lottery I've also started getting corrupted by chaos into more actively considering (but not yet buying) totally legal 100% gw products for stuff I only want to use for narrative games, reserving the more expensive purchases solely for competitive usage. I guess that's how it starts.
  6. Always assume it is fake. Always hope it is not New Inquisitors would be really nice, and possibly good conversion material for Age of Sigmar too.
  7. I agree with your post's overall point, but I don't think this is a fair comparison to make. Saurus Guard is a heavy heavy heavy elite/expensive unit which requires a fair few moving parts to get to that point (as well as a battalion? Unsure) -- and that would only affect them. They're great, but aren't comparable to a faction-wide save bonus, since that's a different fruit entirely, no?
  8. I think they'll definitely be on the strong side. The +1 to saves for your whole army is going to be a clear default winner, with the other subfactions fitting more specialized builds. If they ship out with re-animation abilities/return slain units to the field like other death factions, it might very well be a top contender right off the bat. I'd imagine the faction is meant to be hindered by its own mobility, but we'll see how that turns out. For all we know, they got spells/abilities to work around that Either way; it's hard to say anything for certain, but we can at least deduce that it is a strong faction. Broken? Eh, we'll see once the book comes out.
  9. He really didn't -- Quote the words written as is, or don't quote them all. Don't go about dictating the flow of the conversation by trying to infer what others are truly saying. You haven't the slightest idea what I do, or do not know
  10. If the aim is to be good (and we're talking competitive here, so surely that must be true) -- then a 50/50 win/loss rate is absolutely an indication that you need to up your game. Losing every second game means you're essentially not competing as far as rankings/brackets/point scores goes (whichever measurement system is being used for that competition; a fifty percent winrate puts you near the bottom half) This is mostly because competitive tournaments usually go five games. Meaning a 50/50 winrate puts you either at 2/5, or 3/5, entirely at chance, making it the least concise way of measuring a good winrate. If what we are looking for is a good faction, determined by statistics, we should therefore look at 3/5 (60%) as good, 2/5(40%) as poor, and the middle ground (50%) as wildcards that can swing either way. So yes. If someone is playing competitively, and they win/lose every second match, they're gonna have to figure out what they're doing wrong. If they're not playing competitively, then 50% becomes a super healthy winrate, since outside of tournaments, there's really no reason to win more than once every other game
  11. You don't get it, or you don't agree with it? Cause you're free to disagree, but I don't want to go about explaining it more if you understood it.
  12. Do you happen to know what time the Spiel reveal would be at @Aleser?
  13. @Inquisitorsz I understand that, but the crust of the question was why it would matter for Slaanesh if it didn't matter for Daughters of Khaine. If statistics tell us that Slaanesh sits at 67% -- and that same statistical source also told us that daughters of khaine sat at 80/85%, then we can't apply variables to Slaanesh to push it to 80% if those variables weren't also being used for DoK, unless the variable is unique to Slaanesh specifically. Am I wrong?
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