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  1. Necro time ! I'll be honest, I had kind of forgotten about making a pledge as I was rather busy. Since my pledge was to mostly put together the conversion and at least get the base layers done, I've completed it, but I would've liked to be a bit further along. Either way I do like how it's starting to look, although I really need to find a way to improve the transition from the stone of the throne to the ghostly bits of the throne. But with some shading and highlights it should look pretty good.
  2. While most of my ideas tend to be conversion-based, one purely painting scheme-related idea I had was to paint orcs with ashen-grey skin and red-yellow warpaint mimicking lava streams wielding obsidian weapons. I thought it might be cool as an Aqshy-based army living near a volcano, but I'll likely never get around to actually trying it out.
  3. That was long, now I just need to hope that my prayer for bits packages/upgrade packs will be heard
  4. Just a small update since I've been rather busy lately, but I'm hyped about how this is starting to look so I wanted to share anyway. The Deathmark heads arrived this week, so I've been finishing up the throne and the base for it. I've also started painting the necro. I also got slightly distracted and painted three small gravestone markers and made a counts-as Quicksilver Swords/Scythes. Edit: Got motivated after posting this last night and did some more painting
  5. Well I've just started my Necro conversion, so my pledge will be to finish that conversion and paint the layers at least. Hopefully I'll be able to finish the entire model by the end of the month though.
  6. Another wednesday, another project. My Tech-Priest Dominus and Kurdoss arrived yesterday evening, so I've started my necroengineer conversion (counts-as Necromancer I guess) for my Legions. Rather happy with how it looks so far, perhaps a bit more tubing and I'll have to wait a week or so for more Deathmark head bits to arrive so I can put together the other flanking ghost. edit: grammar
  7. Finished painting my converted Grimghasts! Here are some quick (badly lighted) pictures, details are hard to see, but the machine spirit thing I was going for is still there. I'd like to replace them with some pictures with natural light, but I'm never really home before dark so we'll see (edit: swapped in some pictures that are maybe a bit lighter-ish, not sure if it's any better)
  8. I think he means he won't be able to finish the pledge AND the stretch, which is not unusual as it is a stretch. Also I don't think this is as much to create accountability as it is about giving you some motivation and setting clear goals for yourself. No one will say anything if you don't finish your pledge, although I do think it is good to keep it within the realm of possibility.
  9. Time to get back on track, I'll pledge to paint all of my converted 'machine spirit' grimghasts. After that I'll have to think on what I want to do next. I could add further onto this Chamon LoS army. First thing that comes to mind would obviously be to convert a necromancer to play more into an engineer/alchemy angle to fit with the rest of the army. I've also considered converting zombies with blades as hands and perhaps gasmask or cyborg heads, but I really don't feel like painting a horde right now (or just in general). I've also considered maybe expanding on the lore of the region in Chamon which my army occupies and adding more factions. This would let me paint a variety of models and just have fun with that, I'm kinda leaning to that, got some ideas already: -The Brass Legions (Legion of Sacrament, machine/alchemy-themed) <- army I'm currently working on -Coastal Raiders of the Silver Seas (Khorne Bloodbound, use steel fibre nets, tridents and harpoons) -Cobalt Troggherd (Gloomspite Gits - Troggherd manipulated by Tzeentch, heavily armored, metal/minerals stuck in the skin) -Order of the Moonlit Knights (Gloomspite Gits - Chivalrous Goblins, empire plumed helmets, focused on Squig Knights with caparisons) -The Iron Beast Stampede (Slaaneshi Gavespawn, Richly adorned Beastmen with gilded horns, Bestigors on Mournfangs as counts-as Chariots) -Clan Hydrik (Steampunk Skaven, Moulder/Skryre focus) -The Wardokks (Orruks focused on self-improvement via metal protheses, iron claws etc)? |Combine Troggherd and Moonlit Knights? Fungoid Cave Shaman is disguised agent of Tzeentch.| Having several small armies from the same world does seem really cool. Anyway, I got enough to think about I suppose. Also why do my posts always end up so long 🤔
  10. Finished painting the first Grimghast a minute ago. Mostly the paint scheme I envisioned worked out, so I didn't have to experiment too much.
  11. Oh yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to painting them (after some filing probably), although I likely will not have much time the coming month After that though!
  12. Converting the grimghasts was my pledge for January, so yeah I'm about half a month late. I ended up being very busy with my studies, but my last exams were wednesday so I had a bit of spare time to spend on this and I want to share it anyway because it was utterly frustrating/my friends ditched warhammer again I had a ton of fun with it. Basically the idea was to make the grimghasts a bit more machine spirit-like, to which end I decided to use Deathmark heads (was thinking that lorewise the central eye is a gem which is the focal point that binds the souls) and Rods of Covenant (they kind of look like magic-powered weaponry imo) and I ordered those online. Now the head swap was simple enough, but one thing I did not account for enough was the distance between the hands on the standard reaper scythes vs the rods of covenant. It turned out to be quite a difference, not to mention the hands were quite a bit bigger, so I had to fashion new arms from greenstuff. Now I have no experience with this and it lead to quite some frustrations: arms which sagged, fell apart or came loose. Greenstuff sticking better to my hands than to anything else despite wetting my hands a bit, not to mention that the arms of course look a bit janky as I had to make them thicker for stability and then after hardening for a day, chip away at them with a knife (reminds me, I should buy a small file probably). So in the end there were a bunch of frustrations and it doesn't look as pretty as I would have wanted it to, but it was so much fun to just try and make things work. Some of the hand positions were so close together that it was completely unfixable and I had to try some other solutions with some other random bits I had also ordered to see what they looked like/how big they were. I also loved the design on the Death Knell so I kept that one, but changed it a bit to fit more with the magitech weaponry theme. Anyway, I'll show off some pictures below, if you want to see beautiful usage of greenstuff ... close your eyes
  13. That is a sick conversion, I'm not really a fan of the Troggoth Hag model either, but this is a great alternative.
  14. Definitely want to do the conversions for my grimghasts this month, maybe start painting them if I have time for it.
  15. Those knights look cool, with some old Bretonnia bits you might be able to make a 'chivalrous' grot army which could be hilarious.
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