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  1. Kragnos not being BoC was a real kick in the teeth. Just look at him! I also play Destruction factions and I would never take him because he doesn't even come close to the aesthetic. And BoC desperately need help (new models, better rules) and Kragnos would've been a nice quick-fix solution.
  2. Started playing Frostgrave. Am using BoC for my warband!
  3. My interest in AoS (as a game) is hanging by a thread. The abrupt decision to drop a new edition in the middle of a pandemic, when many recently released 2.0 battletomes had barely gotten any play, the Cursed City & split Lumineth release debacles, etc. really killed my interest in 3.0– add on the push to WH+, a product I have zero interest in yet which they want to basically force us to use. Yeah, it won’t be long until everything but the models & paint will be digitally locked up behind a paywall. No thank you! I have yet to play a game of 3.0 and I will certainly try it out eventually but OathMark & Frostgrave & One Page Rules are all looking mighty appealing for being model agnostic.
  4. I’m am not in this hobby to look at screens. I am in it for an analog experience. As soon as WH+ was announced, I figured that the transition of the hobby would start so that by AoS4, all warscrolls and rules will be locked behind a paywall. I might bow out at that point.
  5. As a former technical writer & editor, I personally find GW’s approach to rules publication infuriating, especially considering the luxury prices we are paying for our hobby. The quality control should simply be better. Full stop. But GW aren’t going to change, they are basically telling their customers to FAQ off because they know that the majority of us won’t walk away from the hobby due to sunk costs and ubiquity. I know because I’m one of them. The whole roll-out of 3.0 has left a bad taste in my mouth. I think it was poorly done (not as poorly done as 1.0) and too soon. An every three year edition cycle is ridiculous. And then to get the Core Book and see it needs 7 pages of errata… that’s pathetically slip-shod. It’s disappointing. I don’t know what the solution is because this is a very profitable company with a huge fanbase that doesn’t need to publish this way. They need better editing and play testing controls. Things have become more noticeably slipshod with all their games just in the past two years.
  6. You are not alone. Went to my first AoS night at a new club and everyone was grousing about all the additional “bookkeeping” and how slow it makes the game. I’m sure that’ll change with time. It took me almost a year to get proficient with 2.0 and I’m 43
  7. As a colorblind person, i am well versed in giving constructive feedback and I agree that font is way too small.
  8. That’s what I’m doing! I think it’s fine both units line up with the proper Warscrolls just fine.
  9. Pandemic product fatigue: 4 Broken Realms books, Cursed City, SBGL, & lots of Underworlds warbands all came quickly on the heels of one-another, burning out interest and wallets. Plus, 2.0 might have been “finished” for GW in terms of product but it is was nowhere close to finished in terms of gameplay due to shutdowns. I bought the 2.0 Seraphon tome and never even got a chance to play it once. Now I know it will soon be super-ceded so I’m kinda annoyed. I think 2.0 had another year of life in it.
  10. Finally crafted a list I’m happy with for an upcoming tournament. (Note: error on Manfred’s spell, it’s actually Fading Vigor) DoubleDragon.pdf
  11. Use the Shaggoth spell to increase Ghorgon rend?
  12. My latest attempt at a Double Dragon list: Allegiance: Soulblight Gravelords - Lineage: Legion of Night Mannfred von Carstein, Mortarch of Night (380) Prince Vhordrai (455) Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon (435) - Deathlance 20 x Deathrattle Skeletons (170) 3 x Vargheists (155) 3 x Vargheists (155) 10 x Grave Guard (140) - Wight Blades & Crypt Shields Extra Command Point (50) Purple Sun of Shyish (50) Total: 1990 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 1 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 94
  13. So Azyr cost $.99 per month for list building. Now that functionality is going behind the WH+ paywall for $5.99 per month. That is a huge disappointment
  14. So Azyr cost $.99 per month for list building. Now that functionality is going behind the WH+ paywall for $5.99 per month. That is a huge disappointment.
  15. They announced the new app will be behind the WH+ paywall. That’s a disappointing development. I want to use the app but don’t want WH+.
  16. It’s not exaggeration, it is extrapolation. Printing & shipping costs continue to rise exorbitantly. In a few years, when WH+ is robust enough, why wouldn’t they go strictly digital?
  17. If by next edition, GW puts everything except minis & paints behind the paywall, I might be out of the hobby as I’m not in this for screens. If it becomes rules on App, lore on +, WD digital-only, I’m outta here.
  18. I recently moved and in-person gaming hasn’t quite revved up here yet. And even when it does, the nearest game store with table space is over 30min away and as an introvert, I’m very particular about who I play with and the environment I play in. So it might take awhile for me to find an in-person AoS rhythm. That’s why I’ve decided to look into miniature skirmish games with solo engines like Frostgrave & Rangers Of Shadow Deep. I have a table, terrain, and minis already thanks to AoS and I’m excited to potentially repurpose them for a solo skirmisher. Hobby time is hard enough to find as it is. Being able to set up and then pick up and play on my own sounds exciting. I am part of @Beer & Pretzels Gamer’s Zoom League so that helps scratch the AoS itch somewhat, and I know I will play AoS in-person again this summer but day-to-day, week-to-week broadening my horizons makes sense to me. Much respect @Mcthew for making the decision that’s best for you. Stepping away from the relentless cycle of AoS marketing is good for everyone sometimes.
  19. Taking this LoN list for a potential test drive. Like all the mvt & board control shenanigans coupled to an absolute quick strike Hammer attack: Mannfred, 380: Fading Vigor Prince V., 455: Soulpike VLoZD, 435: General, Unholy Impetus, Gem, Pinions 3x3 Vargheists, 155 each 10x Skeletons Cogs, 80 Purple Sun, 50 Extra CP, 50 (Still playing 2.0)
  20. I wish we could ally across more of Chaos.
  21. I was right there with you with LoA. Sold them off as soon as it became clear they were getting squatted. Kept a few sentimental models for my display case. And it happened previously too with Swifthawk Agents. So I treat armies as investments in fun but not as emotional attachments. Seraphon were my first project but I may sell them off soon too.
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