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  1. Why does it not apply to regular tree revs? It should the ability says any unit with martial memories. Martial Memories: Tree-Revenants are suffused with the echoes of their predecessors’ lives, and can draw on centuries of experience when they go to war. At the start of the combat phase, roll a dice for each friendly unit with this ability that is within 3" of any enemy units. On a 3+ that unit fights at the start of the the ability is called martial memories, that’s the key word as I see it.
  2. So while this unit is on the field tree revs get the fight at the beginning of battle round treatment? That looks super strong. Like an auto include.
  3. I totally disagree. I think these are tactics that separate good players from great players. This is no different from positioning units to allow them to pile in against a charge in the front ranks, pinning a horde so it can't pile in against you or any other number of movement mechanics. This is what makes AOS a table top game that is won on the table and not in the list building phase as so many believe.
  4. Oh for a minute I thought this was wrong because of the FAQ but I see what you are saying. Duck the fight first. Definitely solid advice but if it doesn't slay the tg it will attack back. https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/age_of_sigmar_blades_of_khorne_designers_commentary_en.pdf Q: Some abilities say that a unit fights at the start of the combat phase. What happens if that unit is not within 3" of the enemy, but later in the phase an enemy unit piles in to within 3" of it? A: A unit that can fight at the start of the combat phase but does not do so is allowed to fight normally during the combat phase should an enemy unit move to within 3" of it.
  5. So what I am hearing is we need a way to automate the survey and take it several thousand times with different hobby answers but all say roughly the same thing -- AOS is a new game and old models should be removed.
  6. Is GW testing the water to flesh stormcast out into color coded chapters?
  7. Dok tome will be around for a very long time
  8. I think the same would be true for 160 plague monks... or any swamp list like that
  9. Same question here. I don't know the math hammer worth of them all though it was posted in here a long time ago. In games I notice them doing about 2-3 wounds a round. Usually one will totally miss or roll very few attacks. I think its ok at best, but this is also just my feelings and I've only played a few games with 2 and without any support. I'd rather take a comet for 100 points to be quite honest.
  10. This seems like a really grounded timeline, I agree.
  11. Fixed, thanks. I agree with you and I think you misread my comment if you think I am saying they suck. I was just pointing out they don't have as many tools as tier 1 armies and that is factual. No spell lores, no mount traits, no terrain, no faction endless spells, no modern rules. We need a buff to be a tier 1 army. My point was you don't need to be a tier 1 army to win an event. I love our battalions, I love a lot of the parts of my army, but I it needs a modern overhaul to join the top tier club. Winning an event shouldn't validate that an army is tier 1, just like not winning should not validate that it 'sucks'.
  12. Going 5-0 does not make them mechanically strong, its also anecdotal, that was my point. I agree they summon chaff easily but they give up casting 3 spells a turn, making their mechanic very expensive. I also agree summoning skinks is the most correct way to play them. I've done better with them then most lizard pilots (statistically speaking), but I still don't think they are strong. I think it reinforces my point that a good general can win games with most armies.
  13. If saying they are weak is anecdotal what makes them factual strong? I only bring seraphon to tournaments and have done well with them but I agree they are very weak in the meta. We lose spell casting to summon, which is terrible. We don’t have the mortal wound defense of strong armies, we don’t deal consistent mortal wounds. We have a weaker than average save. In return we gain mobility to play for board control. We only win when our opponent misplays and we can catch and capitalize on the misplay. This was shown in spades during game 5 of Adepticon. Winning a single event does not make the faction good. It more shows that a good general with the right condition can win an event with most factions.
  14. @Sagittarii Orientalis The Adepticon List went 5-0 which is far more important than placing which relies on soft scores. The list I am thinking was piloted by @Requizen
  15. Sorry if it has been posted but does anyone have the Stormcast raptor list that went 5-0 at adepticon?
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