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  1. @PJetski thinking of bringing thunderquake to a team event. What’s your opinion on 3 ripperdactyls in case eotg turns up summoning? I like having the toad around but not sure it is worth 140 points? Not sure what I would do with the points instead, except maybe lore endless spells. Maybe cogs Incase I need to play a more summoning heavy game. Edit: Decided against this and went with extra shooting instead. I decided with thunderquake you always need more bodies so I would most likely not summon 20 skinks if I had to summon. Mortal Realm: Shyish LEADERS Slann Starmaster (260) - General - Command Trait : Great Rememberer - Artiefact : The Ragged Cloak - Spell : Stellar Tempest Engine of the Gods (240) - Artefact : Ethereal Amulet Saurus Astrolith Bearer (160) Skink Starpriest (80) - Spell : Meteoric Convocation UNITS 5 x Saurus Knights (80) - Lances 5 x Saurus Knights (80) - Lances 10 x Skinks (70) - Boltspitters & Star Bucklers 3 x Skink Handlers (40) Artillery 3 x Razordons (120) 3 x Salamanders (120) BEHEMOTHS Bastiladon (280) - Weapon : Solar Engine Stegadon (200) - Weapon : Skystreak Bow BATTALIONS Thunderquake Starhost (120) ENDLESS SPELLS / TERRAIN Chronomantic Cogs (80) Balewind Vortex (40) Prismatic Palisade (30) TOTAL: 2000/2000 EXTRA COMMAND POINTS: 1 WOUNDS: 96 LEADERS: 4/6 BATTLELINES: 3 (3+) BEHEMOTHS: 3/4 ARTILLERY: 2/4 ARTEFACTS: 2/2 ALLIES: 0/400
  2. This is my experience. I stopped playing casually long ago because I’d show up to a casual game with a fluffy army only to fight a round five ****** stomp list the opponents swears is casual. At least in tournament play there is an equal expectation of what you will see across the table.
  3. Model update? Years rules it’s hard to say we just got spell lores in the ghb. That could mean our book is a long way off and this is to hold us over another year or that our book is done and stuck in shipping hell like that the sylvaneth stuff. It’s impossible to say.
  4. Totally agreed. Now that eotg is 240 and trog is 140 can we talk about a trog leading tq or is eotg still just better? I’m not sure what role a trog would fill but 100 points is nice
  5. Mercenaries look really exciting. Glad Nighthaunt is getting an official entry into LoN since thats how most people were playing the models anyway. Looks like an exciting year for the game. I hope mercenaries are a core rule, I'd like to see less optional rules for tournaments. Especially when those optional rules could cost you around $500 in models that you would only sometimes play.
  6. I think it is a good thing not just for balance but adoption. New players are very put off already by having to buy 2 years of models to 'be competitive'. If you agree or not that players need every set is largely off topic. If they didn't do a rotation and stuck to the BAR I think they would need to release some kind of year one card pack. I think a really strong tell as you mentioned is the reprinting of existing cards. In one way this can be to allow decks to focus more by running 2 of an effect but bigger picture this can definitely point to a rotation. As a competitive player I will play each release regardless of a rotation or not, I've yet to find the game stale even at points where others have. My opinion is also we have not seen power creep in the models themselves and most of the power comes from universal cards. I think this i a really good sign for keeping old warbands viable in a post universal card rotation future. I could see a total rotation being problematic as GW fans at heart are largely collectors and there would be some definite anger with factions losing the ability to play the game. Rotation or not will not affect my interest in the game. One of my favorite things about the game is how far the meta shifts every release and how much fun that is for going to events. I think rotating can only help to keep this feeling alive.
  7. @PJetski Awesome list. I run something similar. I have EOTG with -1 to be hit blade from ulgu. I use 8 razordons, I don't own any salamanders, but that actually sounds really awesome. I run geminids in all my lists as well, totally agree on everything there. I've never tried knights as battleline in thunderquake, I like them Drac tail a lot. I like how the bases seem to zone deepstrike really well and they are fast. I don't run balewind because I try to keep my slann with the castle but you might be onto something there! I too love the starpriest, another -1 to hit is just great, and the jaws are no slouch either. I am going to try the balewind in a few games and see how it goes for me. Ever since adepticon I have been trying some evocators in the list. I like them a lot but I think the Salamanders solve the same problem better! What is your opinion of the ripperdactyls? I have not run them in the list, I don't like rippers not starting in the sky personally. Do you find that you would summon more of them via eotg if you ran them? I thought that was an interesting play, but agree with you it isn't optimal.
  8. I think I misunderstood the way this question part of the forum works.I did not read the conversation at all. Usually in question asking threads you ask a question and people respond to the OP with an answer. If the OP likes this answer they upvote it as correct. I thought that was the intent here, not to have a conversation. Also I apologize if my answer came off as arrogant but I think if that is the case it was misread. What I meant was that there are simple answers, as in other people have answered this question already. However, their answer was not up voted so I assumed the op still wanted clarification so i tried wording the same thing differently. I wasn't trying to say my answer was better or anything like that. That stems from my previous comment about how I guess I just don't understand how this part of the forum works. I will delete my responses since people find them condescending. which definitely wasn't the intention and I was intentionally recovering already covered stuff because I thought it was still unclear somehow.
  9. Deleted, answer didn't really participate in the existing discussion.
  10. Deleted, answer didn't really participate in the existing discussion.
  11. Assembling Wrath and Rapture and a start collecting. I'm fully aboard the excess wagon fellow revelers.
  12. @PJetski and others can we talk about the Adepticon list? I always try to bring an engine of the gods with my shadow strike lists because having a blot toad on the map is very strong with their summoning. i never thought to reverse that scenario and bring rippers for a toad in a thunderquake. What is everyone’s opinion on rippers in a list like that? I generally run the list with 8 razordons and think it’s just stronger than the rippers but I never considered how impactful getting the toad down could be on late game play. ive long thought of allying in evocators into my lists. I’ve done it in the past with shadow strike and it was ok. I could see it being better in thunderquake to protect the castle. I don’t think it’s our strongest thunderquake list but obviously it was strong enough to win. Maybe it is even closer to the optimal variant than I give it credit for. what are other people’s thoughts here?
  13. I forgot to mention that, it is the best. I’ve lasered so many hero’s with eotg turn one thanks to it. I’ve never tried the teleport move! That’s a great idea.
  14. Well said but slight nit. Seraphon are far from mostly plastic. Fine cast - Slann, Lord Kroak, Skink Starseer, Scar Veteran On Cold one, Saurus Eternity Warden, Saurus Astrolith Bearer, Saurus Sunblood, Chameleon Skinks, razordons, salamanders, kroxigor, skink priest with feathered cloak plastic - stegadon, engine of the gods, skinks, knights, warriors, temple guard, skink star priest, ripperdactyls, terradon, both carnosaur heros, troglodon, bastiladon We have 13 plastic units and 12 finecast units. I thnk the best part of our range from a plastic perspective is how diverse the kits are. Like one kit for 2x carno and trog. A kit for stegadon (both varients + eotg). So we have that type of thing going for us.
  15. Man with every release being overly negative this year on this forum I feel like this community is going to have a really rough time. I am so amazed at what they have done this year and as a player of the game couldn’t be happier that they are supporting all the existing models, quickly. We can ****** all we want, and we do, every single release. But it’s not going to change the priority, making the game fun for every faction.
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