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  1. Future

    The Rumour Thread

    Yeah and that’s what I was referencing. Wanderers - specifically. Definitely deserve a battletome but saying aelves is like saying dwarves. Neither is a faction at the moment. I agree they should get the LoN style treatment but that would be a new faction. It is my opinion gw should focus its efforts on existing factions. unless you are writing battletomes telling me what is accurate or in accurate is just as wrong as any other assumption. I could easily argue the other way and say that stormcast, Khorne, and flesh eater courts proves gw is focusing more on existing factions. Which is just as dumb to say.
  2. Future

    The Rumour Thread

    Sorry... I really didn't mean that as a personal slight against you. Aelves aren't part of the game, even as an index... yet, so they would be a new faction not one waiting to be caught up on. That being said I truly do wish GW would be clear about these things to the player base, especially those with old models left in limbo. I think we all know its coming and rounding up of sub factions etc. but I would still hope every 1.0 army gets new rules first and every index army gets care.
  3. Future

    The Rumour Thread

    The only difference is as a 1.0 army we are a supported and real faction. So there is a higher expectation there. If only there was some kind of road map we’re gw could guarantee a army is supported or unsupported instead of raw hope
  4. Future

    The Rumour Thread

    Seraphon says get in line. Oldest current battletome All warscrolls are wrong Current summon spells are all wrong New summoning mechanic in GHB Several models nerfed into non-existence -- rip Skink Starseer
  5. Future

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    @PJetski How do you feel about 20 sequitors over 10 evos? I was thinking of a similar list with sequitors and comet
  6. Future

    The Rumour Thread

    Actually while streamlined underworlds is a very high skill cap game. You generally aren't going to beat a better player despite drawing cards and dice rolls. This is measured in that the best players continue to win tournaments despite the warbands they choose or the given day they go. This game introduces random effects such as meteors and other forms of environmental effects that kind of minimize the skill dimension of the game. Along with a prebuilt deck that minimizes any kind of 'power creep' from an optimized deck. The skill gap is actually a big problem with the current game, its hard for new players to get into if their friends play competitively. I was thinking of getting the game and applying the environmental effects and other skill reducing mechanics to the base game as an entry point to teach my board gamer friends.
  7. Future

    The Rumour Thread

    Please don't dox me. Also its 5400 points of seraphon
  8. Future

    AoS 2 - Seraphon Discussion

    With shadow strike I find the strength of the list to be mobility and board control. Which usually equates to 4x4 razordons and isnt a cheap option. I think the best shadow strike list I've seen outside 4x4 razordons is the LVO list that runs shadow strike + 3x EOTG. If it was my list I would take a page out of the U.K. masters list and run the 3x engine of the god with extra mortal wound artifacts from Shyish. @Sugar Maple Give the 40 skinks a try but 2 points. 8 inch reach on the attacks is actually quite difficult in a 40 blob if you plan to get all your ranged attack in and being wholly within an astrolith is also difficult. Also battleshock is going to be really tough on 40 skinks. Let me know how everblaze goes, I've just started messing with allies and tried everblaze in a different list and didn't like it. I can see it being really good in shadowstrike since it needs a source of mortal wounds. @Bryan I Guess I hate our bastilidons outside thunderquake. In thunderquake they are amazing in my opinion. Go ahead and give it a try but I was using 1 in shadow strike last tournament I went to and it never ceased to disappoint. The attacks are spikey, without rerolls you won't deal much damage. Its tanky but so are skink roadblocks when placed well. I personally would rather take 2x celestar balista as its just better. Also very spikey damage but more wounds, more rend, better attack profile and 80 points cheaper I would use those extra 80 points to get cogs for carno + dread saurian crucial charge rounds. In other turns you can leave it set to give bonus summoning points, not bad! I should mention for the Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur take a rend artifact like the 3 rend one. That way you can stack attacks and just hit like a truck. I never see this done in lists but personally find it to be amazing. Say turn 3, 3 CP spent - 9 3/3/ -3 attacks dealing D3 damage. I think this is better than Gryph-feather Charm but that is 100% personal choice. With our teleport its just so strong. Don't forget to use the Skink Starpriest to buff the jaws on that dread saurian! Another great and dangerous attack
  9. +++MOD EDIT+++ We are comparing a line in a podcast to the old GW, that birthed what 40k is now. Everyone is talking about endless SCE releases but what have we seen in the 2.0 time line? Nurgle, Deepkin, LoN, DoK, SCE, Nighthaunt, Beastmen, Goblins, FEC, and Skaven The proof is in the releases, not the past. We have wraith and rapture and Carrion Empire box sets this year. Two story lines without a SCE in sight. Not sure what all the toxicity is about. Lets let GW build their game before we decide what they are going to do in the next 10 years sucks.
  10. Future


    I’ve played a lot of dungeons and dragons and there is a ton of overlap in the conversation. People use game boards like roll 20 to facilitate games across the world from each other. As a dm and player I always prefer the real stuff and not just for asthetics. You can codify the attacks and spells all you want but at the end of the game things are always in flux. +1 here -1 there, taking the time to do the digital inputs. Don’t forgot my cleric blessed you add 1d4. I think the time savings becomes a wash when the game actually occurs.
  11. Future

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Con you missed: you won’t have a star drake on the field. In seriousness I think it’s a lethal combo that will still work but does it cost to much investment compared to the points? That I don’t know but math hammer wizards could solve it.
  12. I didn’t realize it was on the front page. 3k is still huge. This time last year streams were averaging 150-400 viewers. The first event ‘incontrol’ commentated — nova this year didn’t break 700. 10x growth in a year is massive.
  13. Future

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    How can you imply his opponents aren't similar skill levels? They are the best players at the LVO. Also not sure what you mean by it would be closer, he hasn't dropped a game in 7 games and it looks like hes about to win game 8 and take the whole event as the only undefeated player.
  14. Future

    AoS 2 - Flesh-eater Courts Discussion

    Adding to that I don't see how luck can play into opponents on day 3 top 8 at all. These are the 8 best players at the event and hes been defending his bid for 1st all day.
  15. 40k top 8 single elimination finals for LVO broke 10k viewers for the semi finals a few minutes ago. I would say that with numbers like that the potential for a big scene is growing.