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  1. The double turn is still igougo really, but took the worst aspect (lack of interaction for long periods) and turned it up to 11 in true AoS style. I think the initiative roll could be cool if it took place at the start of the combat phase instead, so a plan could be altered slightly if you found yourself taking second pick in your own turn instead, and could make some fun moments, instead of the sinking feeling when a whole turn is snatched away. Or make it a feature of some battle plans and not others, then everyone can play what they like and no ones upset. Most of the guys I play with hate it equally so we rarely use it anyway!
  2. The Idoneth General had intended a reckoning with the Northern Marauders who continued to plague his territorial waters, but his site of choice was an error that could cost him dearly. For the very magics that allowed his force to travel the aethersea inland had washed away a vast ring of salt, a seal which, unbeknownst to all save Clogg the unsanitary, had held back a carnival of daemons of the plague god. As the seal washed into the earth, the daemons had risen from the rich rotten loam of the plain. Their numbers were vast, too vast to tackle alone. Prince Ulthred had no great desire to side with the fish elves that had been haranguing his warships, but could ill afford a war on two fronts. His grievance with the Idoneth would have to wait, for his old nemesis Clogg and his daemon patron were the pressing concern now. A temporary truce was the only plausible option. The Great Unclean One Mondo Excrementus, his most filthiest, the king of rot, the duke of puke, the ayatollah of e-ah-bola, had arrived. His new pet had proved far more resourceful than his previous servant, and had found a way to lead the sea elves to break the seal of containment holding him back from the material planes. Once he had dealt with the peasants arrayed before him, Excrementus would spread the joy of Grandfather Nurgle far and wide! The Nurgle daemons have finally arrived, and took on a combined force of Idoneth and Barbarians in a huge 5,000 points a side war. Strategy was pretty moot (normal for me anyway) with the sheer amount of bodies so it basically became a huge meat grinder in the middle. My Nurgle maggot took on the marauder mammoth and three giants and held his own pretty well, and took out a giant in it’s death throes. The freed up Mammoth then charged my bilepiper who hilariously managed to slay the beast with his Jester stick. The Idoneth Turtle and Great Unclean One knocked some real lumps out of eachother, with the turtle managing to kill the big boy, but was unable to celebrate as it was soon taken down by some chaos warriors. The war was pretty devastating to everyone across the board but a well positioned shipwreck meant I couldn’t get Clogg and his Blightkings involved in any meaningful way and it made a telling difference and the Nurgle casualties started mounting up. The scenario we set was that once any army lost 50% of their units they would have to start taking bravery checks for their general or they bottle out of the battle. In turn four I passed, but by turn five I was facing a losing battle and mounting deaths so I called a retreat. We had toyed with the idea of the marauders and Idoneth turning on each other if Nurgle went first but by this point we had been playing for nine hours so decided to call it a night. A fairly tame post game this time, no dead heroes! But Mortvein’s lunatics we’re wiped out... I always forgot their bonus anway!
  3. Really, really cool. I was hoping to get some boats built soon and have some naval battles and these rules seem absolutely spot on.
  4. I feel your pain. My goblin wolf riders army army will never happen now
  5. As a devoted disciple of the Plague God I would have to say your friend is wholly correct, the models are awesome. They are also pretty forgiving to paint, and lots of scope for conversions. Also a huge model range with loads of variety with slaves to darkness involved. I also have a soft spot for the other chaos gods and beasts too and it’s getting pretty outrageous, around 20,000 points of Daemonic gribblies and their mutated mortal tag partners. I have loved the idea of chaos since buying Lost and the Damned decades ago as an impressionable child. It’s nice that it’s always fairly secure in the setting as well, it may all get updated from time to time but it’s unlikely to get squatted.
  6. Augmented reality glasses that superimposes a Golden Demon level paintjob on all your grey minis?
  7. Then when it’s doubled it’s twice as bad, pretty straightforward!
  8. This is a a reason why I don’t like it, I don’t like it happening to me or doing it to others as I know it feel so rubbish. We can all chuckle when one of our key units is destroyed or an important charge or spell fails so it’s not the losing aspect, but just being more or less shut out of the game for so long is dreadful.
  9. I scratch built my beastmen herdstone to look like something they decided was magical on the day and chucked some runes on it in blood, saves my brain hurting ha ha. Also two of my three Nurgle trees are scratch built. After all this moaning I went and bought the Khorne altar anyway, a curse on you GW and your never fail extortion tactics!
  10. Got my first tournament coming up and picked Khorne for lullz and skullz. I’m looking to pick up a few more models and get painting ASAP so want to make sure my list is not complete nonsense if anyone would mind taking a look? I am realistic about not winning my first competitive event but also don’t want to get completely stomped! Reapers of Vengeance Battalion; Blood Host General Blood thirster of insensate rage 2+ to hit artefact 6 bloodcrushers 20 bloodletters 20 bloodletters Skull cannon 5 flesh hounds 5 flesh hounds Bloodmaster Herald Slaughterpriest 2+ ignore spells artefact Bronzed flesh 10 bloodwarriors Bleeding Icon Wrath axe The basic plan is to hold back the bloodwarriors and skull cannon or hounds on my own objectives and send the other daemons forth to conquer, with the bloodthirster hacking away twice on his 2+ to hit. Slaughterpriest will chill out on his skull altar and call forth the Judgements and dish out some buffs.
  11. Immersion is hard to define and is going to be different for each person, like how two people can be in the same room and one be cold and another warm, it’s meaningless for either to say the other is wrong. You can argue what makes the room warm or cool but it still doesn’t change how people feel. Once you’ve bought into a setting, to me maintaining immersion is about how the setting is built and how well it’s maintained on it’s own terms (it’s certainly nothing to do with simulation of real life). As long as something fits the setting’s own logic then it’s all good with me, which is why dragons and magical elves make sense just fine, but if something makes you ask too many questions to explain it’s place in that actual setting, and the only answers lie in the real world, then it’s yanking you straight out of that place and squarely back in reality. An example I can think of is the film I, Robot. You’ve accepted the premise that it’s the future and that there are robots, and are happy with the world the film makers have built. Then Will Smith spends 3 minutes explaining why his new trainers are so awesome. Perfectly reasonable in real life but in the film it’s a jarring piece of product placement that would make Alan Partridge blush. There is no logical reason for that to be in the film, other than Will Smith valued a big bag of money more than his artistic integrity. It’s a little reminder that, to the film makers, you as the viewer are just a rube. I get the whole ‘they brought it with them’ argument with these terrain pieces, but none of them look particularly mobile, so taken at face value the only way to explain them is either the two armies waited for each other to build their buffing terrain pieces in plain sight before starting their fight, or they just magically sprouted out of the ground. Neither are particularly satisfying to me, and are not enough to cover the true reason, that GW just wanted to winkle another thirty quid out of people. And Dead Scribe I have to ask, if immersion is a meaningless topic to you, why are you discussing this at all? Surely it can’t be just to delight in telling people something they care about is so totally beneath you? That would be very strange.
  12. I heard the forge described as a pizza oven today, so now it’s awesome. It does indeed make perfect sense to have piping hot pizza on hand whilst fighting daemons, so my head canon is soothed.
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