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  1. Luke82

    My Narrative League Battles

    Nurgle provided his disciple a vision, a comet would land in the nearly fields seven day hence. Mortvein readied his warband, and laid in wait for the gift to arrive from the skies. On the morning of the expected arrival, as Mortvein prepared himself to claim his prize, a blast on a seashell proclaimed the arrival of a Deepkin hunting party. The brother of the Idoneth Prince slain by the Nurgle warband has led his army to ambush the Sorcerer and his cronies. The comet would not arrive till turn three, so the Nurgle and Deepkin armies began to move around the board to cover as much space as possible. It wasn’t long before the Deepkin eels mounted a charge on the Flyblown princes, wiping the chaos knights out. Mortvein’s latest acquisition, a plague cannon, was hammering the Idoneth back line with artillery fire, but still both armies were only feeling each other out. Turn three came and the comet crashed dead centre of the board, right near the Deepkin ship wreck and gnarlmaw. Both armies charged the prize, and the war really started. However, the Idoneth high tide rule really proved devastating to the Nurgle band, as did the magical debuffs cast by the fish elves leaving the Pusgoyle blightlords tied up in the far corner of the board. By the start of turn four, the Deepkin had a clear advantage. The Leviadon turtle swept over a cottage to find Mortvein in his hiding place. A brutal peck from its jaws and a well placed fin slap wiped the Sorcerer out, leaving his body guard Clogg in charge. Sensing the battle was lost, the Lord of Plagues called the retreat in turn five, leaving the Deepkin to claim the prize. End game proved brutal again... I lost Mortvein! His story has now ended, and Clogg has to step up as general and see if he can have more success for his patron than the Sorcerer did.
  2. Luke82

    My Narrative League Battles

    Hi maximum, Thanks for the kind words, it’s much appreciated. I started the narrative campaign after my group tried a map campaign but couldn’t really get together often enough to make it work. So this is more loose, with a simple end game sequence to develop armies a bit. Players can play as much or as little as they like, when they like, and how they like, and we just report our battles on a face book group so we can all track the stories. Some decent narratives have naturally grown out of the games and so far it’s been great. We don’t use path to glory rules, we basically use matched play points to build armies how we want, only we don’t take named characters and don’t take artefacts or spells etc, they have to be won in the end game sequence and it’s all very random. If you like I could post the rules PDF for the campaign.
  3. Luke82

    The Rumour Thread

    What ever Warcry turns out to be, I can’t imagine it will be long before expansions add the ability to include non-chaos factions. I hope it has the scope to really personalise and evolve the warbands. I doubt we’ll see the D1000 chaos attribute charts return but something along those lines would be great. The six icons are probably tribal but it would also be cool if it possibly explored the idea of the lesser powers of Chaos. (Apologies for the wish listing I know it aggravates some folks beyond all reason!)
  4. Luke82

    AoS 2 - Hosts of Slaanesh Discussion

    Yeah definitely.... but everyone needs more than one Keeper of Secrets right?
  5. Luke82

    The Rumour Thread

    Yeah but in the end it all ends up back in the GW tills... I bought the box for Warhammer Quest monsters only and now I am collecting a slaanesh army ha ha.
  6. Luke82

    The Rumour Thread

    I paid £75 for wrath and rapture and sold karanak, the bloodletters, and the blood crushers for about £40, so I definitely think it was a good move considering what I ended up with for £35, selling stuff unwanted stuff from battle boxes on eBay is great! But yeah buying a start collecting and trying to sell it for more than it costs for new from a discounter isn’t gonna pan out well.
  7. Luke82

    The Rumour Thread

    New on sprue stuff sells really well on eBay, you can make a good bit back.... having suggested this route to someone before i’m now worried I was dumb?
  8. Luke82

    My Narrative League Battles

    Papa Nurgle had been pleased with the slaying of the fish elf general, and had rewarded the Blightkings who lopped his head with rotflies to ride into battle, and word of the victory had attracted a beastlord and his pestigors to the warband. As the renown of Mortvein grew so too did the garden of decay around him. The A’shau valley would soon be overgrown with gnarlmaws and stink weeds, and it was not long before the fauna of the valley would start to die in droves as disease and famine took hold. The local Ogre Khan was greatly displeased that his bountiful plains were now becoming overgrown with foulness, and as hunger set in amongst his horde he set forth to wipe the Sorcerer and his rotten menagerie from his lands. We had a simple scenario for this one; I had three trees on the edge of my deployment zone, and my opponent had six turns to try and get control of them. At the end of turn six we’d total up the total amount of remaining wounds within 7” of each tree, whoever had control of the most trees wins. Well ogres sure pack a punch! My pestigors were pretty quickly devastated by cannon fire and finished off by the second turn by some iron guts, who also surrounded and beat the new beastlord to death (he died in the end game phase, so he’s out!). My pusgoyles took on another set of iron guts but failed to make much of an impact, and the ogres bashed them up, and som warhounds, to take control of the first tree quickly. Tree two was more fiercely defended by my marauders but they were charged by some mournfang riders who quickly took out my general and caused big casualties to the marauders who would eventually falter, ceding control of tree two. My second in command Sorcerer was also caught by those murderous ironguts here and clubbed to death (RIP poor Scrod the Bilious). My blightkings finally arrived to the party from the left flank and did some severe damage to the ogres gunnery line, but the battle was tipped by this point. They were plodding around in the centre of the field and made a last ditch charge to seize the centre tree but were unable to kill enough ogres to do so. My Lord of Plagues Clogg the Unsanitary has taken a cannonball to the face and was running around on his last wound for three turns but managed to hack down what remained of the ogres shooting. With just tree three in contention in the closing rounds my Nurglings really stepped up, wearing down the Mournfang Cavalry and eventually killing the last rider and preventing a major victory as the Maggotkin left the field. Postgame was pretty brutal for my characters with the beastlord and Scrod being killed, but Clogg did gain another wound for his heroic resilience. Mortvein would have to call on Papa Nurgle for his blessings to get over this defeat.
  9. Luke82

    The Rumour Thread

    ‘Looks like farts’ is now my favourite phrase, thanks Double Misfire.
  10. Luke82

    The 5000+ Owners Club

    Another great army Duke. Do you get to play with these huge forces much or is it more a collecting thing?
  11. Luke82

    AoS 2 - Hosts of Slaanesh Discussion

    Yes please on the pics, I’m after KoS ideas!
  12. Luke82

    Tokens for AoS?

    I think any token can work as it will remind you that something is in effect, can usually then remember what it is if prompted like that. Ive based some individual nurglings on 20mm bases to paint up and use for this reason, I do have the specific MDF tokens but they do spoil the look of the board a bit.
  13. Luke82

    My Narrative League Battles

    Big Trouble in Troll Country The orb had been swirling around the valley for but a few hours before it attracted the attention of the local warlords. For Prince Ulthred and his Northern Barbarians it represented a great prize to be pillaged and parades in front of his fellow warlords. The leader of the Deepkin raiding party wished to destroy it, to prevent the barbarians whose longships had violated their territorial waters from getting their prize. For the Nurgle Sorcerer Mortvein it was a source of arcane power to draw from and bolster his magics.... and for the Trolls it was their shiny fing that all these intruders wanted to knick or smash up! A multiplayer battle! The orb was placed in the centre of the battlefield, and would move 2D6” in a random direction each turn from the second. The barbarians had to get three models in base contact with the orb and move it off the battlefield edge, the Deepkin had to destroy it, and my general had to cast three specific spells on the orb to win. The trolls had to stop all these warbands from doing their missions (and had twice as many points as every one else!) The battle moved quickly with the trolls spreading out from the centre of the field to take on the intruders. The my knights were seriously damaged by a rock troll charge but managed to kill one in return, causing the other two to turn tail and flee... the celebrations of my knights were short lived however as the Super troll that charged them soon finished them and a unit of warriors off! The barbarians had similar woes with a Super Troll causing 11 wounds to their Curs’d Ettin in one mighty hammer blow! The orb swung wildly towards the Norsemen marauders and they managed to control it, and the table edge was in sight! Their chaos warrior allies held off the trolls and the marauders looked certain to carry the jewel off when out of no where some Deepkin eel riders swooped over a hill to charge the orb, shattering it. The Mermen won the day, but now the Troll herd was angry and on the rampage. My poor Sorcerer got nowhere near his object, and sought revenge on the accursed fishmen who destroyed the orb! The ambush Mortvein first heard the aethersea sweep over the rocks near his chosen ambush site, then saw the wild variety of beasts that the fishmen had mastered sweep into the gulley. Drawing his sword, he ordered his men to their task... bring him the head of the Deepkin general! A straight up fight, my Nurgle charging the Deepkin force as they retreated to the sea after the last battle. Man those eels are tough! They wiped out the knights on their charge then held up the chaos warriors for the rest of the battle. Once again the Blightkings proved MVPs as they took out an Allopex and the Deepkin general singlehanded. Once the Sea King was dead Mortvein ordered his remaining forces away, job complete, lest they be fin slapped by an angry flying turtle! The two blightkings who slew the Deepkin general have been gifted with Rotflies... as in I’m adding some Pusgoyles to my pool of units.
  14. I thought I would share my Warband’s progress in the narrative league I’m playing in at the minute. Narrative play is awesome so there should be more of it on here and hopefully people give it a try. The league is a real basic campaign where units and heroes have a chance to gain bonuses or be wiped out between games. All rewards, artefacts, spells etc need to be earned and are random to stop it becoming just another list building exercise. My warband is led by a Sorcerer Lord called Mortvein, who was a doctor in an insane asylum who began to spread disease among his patients and eventually pledged himself to Nurgle. He leads his group of polluted mad men pillaging around the realms with his acolyte Scrod the Bilious (Nurgle Sorcerer) and bodyguard Clogg the Unsanitary (Lord of Plagues) in tow. His warband contains marauders made up from his ex patients, blightkings and chaos warriors drawn to his cause, Nurglings and warhounds who flock around the band, and the rotten knights known as the flyblown prices. The battle of Hobbs End Farm When Melvor the farmhand dug up a strange chunk of glowing stone on his farmstead he had no ideas the trouble he would cause by mentioning it on his next trip to market. Once the local Temple of Sigmar heard about it they sent one of their warrior priests to ascertain the nature of the stone and whether or not it could be the lost Stone of Mungle, a fabled relic of great power. However, the stone was not only of interest to the local clergy, for the ruinous powers soon began to whisper to their champions to claim the stone for themselves. The Sorcerer of Nurgle craved the stone, convinced it’s power could help bring his patron daemon into this world. The seers of Lord Magnon, who’s raiding party of northern barbarians had just touched down on these shores, had convinced the avaricious Lord that the stone would bring vast riches to its bearer. The warrior priest and his retinue had no idea what was about to hit them, and as they prepared to leave the farmhouse with the stone they saw the gathered warbands on the outskirts of the farm... they would have to protect the stone and prevent it from falling into the hands of Chaos. For this battle the farmhouse and objective were set up in the centre of the board, with the two armies coming in from opposite table edges. My Nurgle warband had to take on my opponent’s Slaves to Darkness warband, and the defenders of the objective would run themselves, not moving and always fighting first in the combat phase due to their defensive position. The battle soon became a big bloody brawl in the courtyard of the farmhouse, with the warrior priest and freeguild guard sergeant going full Rambo and holding off two chaos forces for 8 turns... when they finally fell there was a tell tale crack of lightning as two more heroes were spirited away to Azyr! The barbarians had a clear initial advantage, despite the guard sergeant single handedly fending off two units of chaos warriors. The marauder’s giants were very effective at keeping the nurgle warband away from the prize, but eventually the blightkings plodded into the battle and their arrival proved the tipping point as they slew the giants and entered the courtyard to overwhelm the barbarians. Once the Nurgle knights swept round from the rear Lord Magnon saw the writing on the wall and called his remaining minions away, leaving Mortvein to dig the relic out of the pile of bodies. It turned out not to be the Stone of Mungle but a Beguiling Gem, one he was sure would make a good offering for summoning his patron. As he fled, Lord Magnon pledged to take the Gem off of the foul spell slinger, and swore an oath of vengeance! After the battle my knights earned a bonus to their ensorcelled weapons, getting +1 to wound rolls with them. The Beguiling Gem was my leader’s reward, if he could hold onto it. The Summoning Mortvein had found a suitable site for the summoning ritual, a foul pool that could birth his patron, and the Beguiling Gem would make a suitable offering. As he prepared the ceremony there was a long blast on a warhorn... the Lord Magnon and his Northmen had found them and were preparing an attack! Mortvein instructed his minions to hold off the barbarians, for he had to complete the foul ritual to bring the Greater Daemon into this reality. I had five turns to summon the daemon, during which my general could do nothing, and the barbarians had to try and stop me. The battle was savage with my knights and warriors charging out to take on the enemy, and the marauder gargants again making huge dents in my forces. The Nurgle forces held back the barbarians well, but the ritual was nearly interrupted when a barbarian gargant burst through the lines and took on the blightkings guarding the Nurgle Sorcerer. Though blightkings hacked into it, and the giant nearly toppled onto Mortvein, which would surely halt the ceremony... alas, the gargant fell the other way, merely squishing an unfortunate Blightking. It looked certain that the ceremony would be complete when at the last minute a chaos chariot came tearing around a rock on a 11+ charge, clashing into Clogg the bodyguard. The chaos chariot was now just in range to hit the Nurgle Sorcerer in the face with it’s lash and halted the ceremony at the last minute, sending Mortvein scurrying off the field with his retinue, some Northmen wresting the Beguiling Gem from him as he fled. Lord Magnon had his jewel! After the battle the Flyblown Knights had suffered telling casualties and lost their bonus. The Northmen marauders were rewarded by Lord Magnon for obtaining the jewel with fine weaponry, giving them -1 rend and increasing their fearsomeness greatly.
  15. Luke82

    Kreggurrees Painting Log: Nurgle

    Really nice, I like the darker, muted tones, the splashes of colour really stand out then.