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  1. In all honestly it’s best to wait, like Overread said Ogres are coming, but who knows in what form.
  2. They could have been upfront with what was getting the chop long before it went out of stock, instead of increasing their visibility with community articles and new GHB rules for mercs and duping people into buying them, and let those of us who like the models for other stuff snap em up. To say this is how it has to be is beyond daft. Yes you can ‘counts as’ till your hearts content, just the same as I could glue Peppa Pig toys to a base and sharpie a name on it... to each there own I guess. AoS is a tournament led game now, despite how it may have started, so yeah I stand by saying that ‘legends’ is a useless place to find yourself playing from. You will get trounced, regardless of what tournament stats say (as you say they aren’t matched legal so wouldn’t even feature in tournament stats, so I don’t really get your point here.)
  3. There’s definite truth in this, but it is handled appallingly by GW. The latest GHB made a big thing of mercenary units that they planned on deleting, likely to help shift the last of the stock. It was the same when they released a community article bigging up the Orc Warboss whilst planning to delete him and his compadres from the game in a week or two (I know, I know, legends is available, but playing AoS without the latest filth list is generally an exercise in futility so telling people they can still use them in legends is bunk). The writing was on the wall for classic armies but I am sad that GWs awesome minis are no longer available for other games. The classic tropes are classic for a reason and a lot of people like them, despite all the ‘burn the old world stuff’ kids on here. The proposed notice of these models going out of production was a fable, so folks are gonna be cheesed off. It’s perhaps a necessary evil, but crickey it is done in a lousy way.
  4. I think we have to accept that the lore is something GW are quite happy to disregard as it suits. The whole AoS world was built from a purely commercial mindset from the get go (sales pitch; marines in fantasy) so we shouldn’t really expect it to be treated with a great deal of respect by its creators beyond how it is used to make money (they’re a business after all). It’s a flimsy world premise that is used as vehicle to flog awesome models, that’s all.
  5. I really doubt it’s anything to do with reboxing unfortunately... I endured the same when the Orcs were removed, that hope being crushed!
  6. I definitely agree it’s not the same game without the double turn, hence my preference for swapping it out! Although I can see the merits of the idea you put forward I still think my preference will be to just drop the rule, as even being able to impact the roll won’t change my dislike of the double once it happens, whichever direction it lands. I usually play in a very personalised way anyway, and nearly always with a custom battleplan, and it’s far easier to formulate this with a normal turn order in mind.
  7. I did consider trying this after you posting it before, had it snap shotted on my phone, but never got round to it. Matched play dudes prefer to play with rules as they are, because tournaments, and narrative guys were just happier forgoing it as we had been already. My personal dislike for the rule isn’t down to any tactical decisions (I never have any of those anyway) just the negative play experience of it. I don’t like it happening to me, and derive no joy when I get it as it just makes me remember all the times I’ve been doubled. I don’t personally get how people can say it’s better than normal IGOUGO as it takes the bad aspect of it, the long period of helplessness, and literally doubles it. It’s twice as bad!
  8. I think this is a large part of it. If the initial intent of AoS was smaller games with a steady churn of micro factions, picking up a start collecting and playing your pal with a start collecting box, then getting double turned wouldn’t be too bad as the turns would move fast. But as the 2,000 point standard is the norm now getting doubled is excruciatingly boring to be on the end of. I never play with the rule and don’t think I ever will again, as i prefer big narrative games as other games handle small conflicts better (got to give another shout out to warlords of erehwon here!) in my opinion. Interestingly it’s the matched play guys in our group that like the rule, and us narrative / open play buffoons that don’t. I guess cause the narrative games we play are more aggressive in nature and not as ‘gamey’ so spending turn after turn quivering in our own deployment zones lest we get double turned isn’t to our taste. Good on the people who enjoy it though, we all get to play the way we like, long live the houserule!
  9. It’s definitely happening in UK, i think some independents have already updated their websites, and at the risk of being the ‘my uncle works for Nintendo’ guy I know from a friend who’s a GW manager that it’s coming. Edit; I just checked Dark Sphere and the price of the Lord of Change reflects the increase.
  10. The price rises are coming to the UK as well, be a good time to get any of those models you were ‘one day’-ing. Or even better find them on eBay, like the Lord or Change I finally got myself. Take that GW!
  11. I’m pretty sure of the answer to this but thought i’d check to clarify; will the GHB 19 / Pitched battle profiles be used in the tournament as they are the latest (as per the pack)?
  12. The double turn is still igougo really, but took the worst aspect (lack of interaction for long periods) and turned it up to 11 in true AoS style. I think the initiative roll could be cool if it took place at the start of the combat phase instead, so a plan could be altered slightly if you found yourself taking second pick in your own turn instead, and could make some fun moments, instead of the sinking feeling when a whole turn is snatched away. Or make it a feature of some battle plans and not others, then everyone can play what they like and no ones upset. Most of the guys I play with hate it equally so we rarely use it anyway!
  13. The Idoneth General had intended a reckoning with the Northern Marauders who continued to plague his territorial waters, but his site of choice was an error that could cost him dearly. For the very magics that allowed his force to travel the aethersea inland had washed away a vast ring of salt, a seal which, unbeknownst to all save Clogg the unsanitary, had held back a carnival of daemons of the plague god. As the seal washed into the earth, the daemons had risen from the rich rotten loam of the plain. Their numbers were vast, too vast to tackle alone. Prince Ulthred had no great desire to side with the fish elves that had been haranguing his warships, but could ill afford a war on two fronts. His grievance with the Idoneth would have to wait, for his old nemesis Clogg and his daemon patron were the pressing concern now. A temporary truce was the only plausible option. The Great Unclean One Mondo Excrementus, his most filthiest, the king of rot, the duke of puke, the ayatollah of e-ah-bola, had arrived. His new pet had proved far more resourceful than his previous servant, and had found a way to lead the sea elves to break the seal of containment holding him back from the material planes. Once he had dealt with the peasants arrayed before him, Excrementus would spread the joy of Grandfather Nurgle far and wide! The Nurgle daemons have finally arrived, and took on a combined force of Idoneth and Barbarians in a huge 5,000 points a side war. Strategy was pretty moot (normal for me anyway) with the sheer amount of bodies so it basically became a huge meat grinder in the middle. My Nurgle maggot took on the marauder mammoth and three giants and held his own pretty well, and took out a giant in it’s death throes. The freed up Mammoth then charged my bilepiper who hilariously managed to slay the beast with his Jester stick. The Idoneth Turtle and Great Unclean One knocked some real lumps out of eachother, with the turtle managing to kill the big boy, but was unable to celebrate as it was soon taken down by some chaos warriors. The war was pretty devastating to everyone across the board but a well positioned shipwreck meant I couldn’t get Clogg and his Blightkings involved in any meaningful way and it made a telling difference and the Nurgle casualties started mounting up. The scenario we set was that once any army lost 50% of their units they would have to start taking bravery checks for their general or they bottle out of the battle. In turn four I passed, but by turn five I was facing a losing battle and mounting deaths so I called a retreat. We had toyed with the idea of the marauders and Idoneth turning on each other if Nurgle went first but by this point we had been playing for nine hours so decided to call it a night. A fairly tame post game this time, no dead heroes! But Mortvein’s lunatics we’re wiped out... I always forgot their bonus anway!
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