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  1. Like many things Stormcast can also excel at being nearly impossible to knock off an objective. Baseline units are 4+ Save, 2 Wounds, often with battleshock resistance and shields giving rerolling saves of 1.
  2. Seraphon scale patterns vary pretty widely throughout the army so it's tough to point to a specific model and say, "it looks like this." Looking at my range, the scale patterns are totally different between Cold Ones, Carnos, Batilladons, Saurus, Skinks, Salamanders. Just looking at the size of a scale and considering the level of detail on the picture, I don't think this is as large as a behemoth. Three scales to reach the top ridge would be far too few for something quite large for example. I'd suspect this is a Juggernaut sized creature at biggest. In my mind, if it is Seraphon it could be three things: - New Cold One Model: This would mean making the creatures more closely resemble mini-carnosaurs. - Kroxigors: Total Warhammer has them looking a lot more Crocodilian, and this reminds me of a way more leaning forward posture. Top ridge seems too short though. - New Species: We could always see a new creature type come out for Seraphon too. If it's a model to accompany a dual box, having a hero on a mid-sized mount could make a lot of sense. I don't see it being a Salamander/Razordon because of the scaling. Looks far too sturdy to be any sort of Skink. And it doesn't match the scales on the new-gen Saurus like the Oldblood.
  3. So - if Nagash is looking for an old ally, I wonder if that is going to narrow down the pool to one of his remaining loyal Mortarchs from the End times. And considering Luthor Harkon is the lauded Mortarch of the Abyss - and we're getting teases about the thing lying in the bottom of the lake next to that city.... I mean that seems pretty straight-forward, right?
  4. Yeah, I wonder if they would almost have a compendium of "eligible" models that you can hire out.
  5. Huh that's an interesting rumour. I would be surprised if they do an overhaul though it'd be very welcome. Saurus are old but they aren't as say Free Peoples, Skaven. They hold up a lot better too. Well, if it's a few years out I hope for at least a quick update book + spell release.
  6. I have always had a place in my heart for Kislev. I know we'll never get them back l, but some inspiration would be a ton of fun
  7. Oooh - this guy looks a lot like a Wild Rider: I wonder if he is some kind of Wanderer-Sylvaneth middle stage... I guess this could imply Wanderers are getting merged into Sylvaneth?
  8. I actually have a theory about this whole Aelf thing: the Light and Shadow Aelves are gonig to be the same army. Think about it - Hysh and Ulgu are thematically opposite so the army ability powers up a certain alignment of the army based on the tide of the Sun and Moon. It focuses on balance and harmony between the sides and how they challenge each other - OR - build a list that focuses on a specific side and embrace the Light/Dark. Meanwhile there's a neutral alignment that is in the twilight between both sides. Light Aelfs: Eldritch Council, Order Draconis, Phoenix Temple Dark Aelfs: Darkling Covens, Order Serpentis, Shadowblades Twilight/Neutral Aelfs: Wanderers, Scourge Privateers, Swifthawk Agents Light gets a new dual build kit with Angelic Aelfs in two types and Teclic & Tyron kit. Dark gets a new dual build kit with Shadow Aelfs in two types along with Malerion. Twilight Elf get a new Wanderers behemoth. Revamp the entire Aelf line in only 5 kits ❤️
  9. So - anyone got any rumours? I got a minor one: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-CA/Chaos-Lord-of-Slaanesh Chaos Lord of Slaanesh went No Longer Available on the Canadian store - now I know a few of you will jump on this and say it's UK based so that's the only one that matters, but I've seen the CDN store actually predate some UK stuff when it comes to phase outs. Make of this what you will.
  10. For me - this is an all too common - huddling around a scrum of models, hunched over and trying vainly to see if my model can get into range with a 1" weapon. I'm in the gap between models, and it's oh-so-close! Agh but not enough! There's got to be a better way! 😮 Is it time to rework that 1", 2" range to Rank Attacks? All it really needs to replicate is the 40k Model: Are you in base combat of someone in base contact with an enemy? If so - swing for the fences. We could even keep the differences in 1",2". Some weapons can simple be base contact only, 1 rank, 2 ranks. Any thoughts? This is a bugbear in my gaming groups but I don't see it discussed to broadly online.
  11. To be honest - I really just wish we'd have something in place to encourage charge maneuvers, ala Charging enemies go first. Even as someone who tends to be on the receiving end, it feels so weird that I get to attack your charging Orruks with my shield wall before they get any sort of impact.
  12. I've wanted to make a "Free Peoples of Chamon" that is one part Frankenstein-creatures, one part clockwork armies. I really was interested in kitbashing some admech with the puffycoats of free peoples.
  13. Can I do a shameless self-promote? Sure I can. www.goquestward.com We do actual play DND-style podcasts. It's Critical Role with Warhammer.
  14. I think the free rules debate can lay fallow for another day --- I shamelessly asked for new Reanimant Tomb Kings style army! Would love to see them reimagined as Shadeglass contructs. Also asked for some Alpha Legion specific content and Dropper Bottles!
  15. Regarding the Slaaneshi Chaos Lord, Tzeentch still has the ancient fatemaster model which is just a Chaos Lord of Tzeentch on disc, so it's not wild to assume he could stay.
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