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  1. This is my main gripe with WHU - you get a warscroll to use in AoS but there's no value in doing it. The end result is an unusable complicated warscroll that basically means you didnt get a warscroll in the first place. Using a new WHU warband to update a specific kit would be a huge win.
  2. This also makes me quite worried, there's a few units in the range with old models that don't see much play. I'm specifically referring to Chameleon Skinks and the Skink Starseer - and if they are beginning to trim down ranges, those two would be the first to go. However, with the Skaven release, I don't think it's required practice by GW. Skaven still has pewters, ancient plastics, and tons of finecast. I am thinking we'll get a new Skink HQ model with a dual box and thats it.
  3. Speaking as someone who gets Tomb Kinged I find that I went through the following: 1) oh what that @#$&! 2) I guess I can still play with compendium rules 3) My stuff doesn't match the world or rules support anymore 4) I'll bring these out when I feel like trying something new 5) I have a lot of extra stuff I should clear off 6) eBay it all and move on It's brutal but if I were to do it all over I would have sold it all off right away and moved on. Rather than lose my passion for it. I hope whatever you decide is right for you. Very sorry to hear that.
  4. Freeguild Archers have gone no longer available online: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Empire-Archers-Huntsmen
  5. Well, the reason StD doesn't have a book yet is no doubt because we got four distinct flavour new armies pulled from the Slaves line. In no small feat, Warriors/Daemons have actually received more content than even Stormcast. I know it doesn't say Slaves to Darkness on the tin, but really you have an awesome opportunity to choose one of four alignments plus a basic kind and get a ton of versatility.
  6. I agree, some of these are possibly being reboxed, but I am just calling these at-risk given what GW said. Could be nothing but you never know.
  7. Hey folks, Starting up a list of models that are going out of stock as we approach the Cities of Sigmar launch. The goal here is to update the community about pending models in case anyone wants to grab them before they disappear from your region or stores. The thread is not intended to be a gripe-fest about models being cut. In most cases a culling of the massive range it to be expected so let's keep the discussion about the hobby. Current Models at Risk: Aelfs - Glade Guard: No Longer Available Online (CDN) - White Lions: No Longer Available Online - Dragon Noble: No Longer Available Online (CDN) Ironweld Arsenal - Cannon: No Longer Available Online (CDN) - Organ Gun: No Longer Available Online (CDN) Free Peoples - Freeguild Archers: No Longer Available Online - Freeguild General
  8. Oh I'd love this - a terrain piece for Cities that acts like a bunker you can plop a unit of Troops Inside? Yes Please
  9. 2x Post Please ignore. ((Have a wonderful day out there. :)))
  10. Perhaps this could be a Gravesite Marker for Legions of Nagash. After all, they have yet to get an actual terrain piece, and if they get one, it would make sense to actually get Gravesite Marker terrain. Perhaps the Ogor vs Legions of Nagash box incoming?
  11. I feel like the Tithe of Bones is definitely worded to be a Global Campaign like Vgilus ablaze. Think about it this way - the Tithe of Bones could be the central factor of the campaign where all models slain in the campaign are basically being tallied into the ranks of the dead. Whether or not this implies a new army is probably to be seen, but I wouldn't expect a brand spanking new army while we just got three new tomes announced
  12. I agree. Someone earlier mentioned Legions of Nagash so they get their soft-update with Endless Spells and Terrain. Makes sense to me!
  13. I mean there's need and need. StD and Everchosen need one, but Tzeentch still plays reasonably well with their new points reduction. I have my Tzeentch army and it's basically valid. A new book would basically just fix all the broken phrasing and add in the FAQs.
  14. I recently ran a Meeting Engagement Tourney here in Vancouver. We were able to do a painting vote, 3 games, one hour lunch break and winners results in the span of 11am - 7:30 pm. I think it is fantastic and every single player said they want to do it again. I think a big driver is determining if there's an interesting meta at 1k engagement ratios. Thus far I feel like there are some exploitable builds that are problematic. Gristlegore and Slann Factory for example.
  15. OPEN DAY PREDICTIONS! 1. Everchosen Update: New Battletome, Terrain & Endless Spells I don't anticipate a full refresh, but I feel as though this is all but confirmed: with Warcry, the Store Page, and a general wrapping together of factions, this just needs a new hero and the Warcry warscrolls to be a compelling release. It's also the penultimate wrap-up to Grand Alliance Chaos. This is also the last remaining Malign Sorcery herald and Shadespire band along with KO to get an update. 2. Aelfs Update Reveal I am stopping short of calling this a new faction because I think it will actually become a full wrapper of Aelfs in a similar fashion of Legions of Nagash. Faction acts as a Hysh/Ulgu themed duality list where you can run differently aligned aelves. There will be some 'aspect' units surrounding the Tyrion/Teclis/Malekith projects. But I don't think we'll get the big men themselves. 3. Next Dual Box & Endless Spells: Everchosen vs. Legions of Nagash Okay this one's a little odd - but I think Legions is due for some Endless Spell and Terrain but won't be getting a new book. So this release is accompanied with a Dual Box of Everchosen getting a new Varanguard HQ and Legions getting a plastic Wight King on Steed and Endless Spells/Terrain. The matchup certainly isn't a conventional one, but it's a theme of Chaos against Death. 4. Shadespire Season 3 Reveal Flesh Eater Courts, Idoneth, Daughters, and Nurgle to start. Seraphon, Slaanesh to follow.
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