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  1. I think it's worth remembering that Settra isn't some demi-god with powers beyond comprehension. He's a King, and a damn good tactician. That's why I always loved him in the lore - the picture of this defiant king standing against the risen god of Nagash with only his chariot and a sword. That's what we love about Settra, to imagine him somehow withstanding the end of the world through "lore armor" denies what made him awesome. If he ends up as a Stormcast it would be from his hatred of Chaos and Death, both traits that Sigmar admires. Him ending up as a Stormcast makes a ton of sense.
  2. Barbossal

    Army specific Scenery (OP?)

    Well - I think that's a bit of a simplification of my point. I'm meaning that the entire hobby relies on a model where your power is dictated by spend, not only the terrain.
  3. Barbossal

    Army specific Scenery (OP?)

    I feel like I may want to wade into this debate - I'm a game designer who works with monetization, after all. To establish the thesis: Pay-to-Win refers to a concept that you are at an advantage if you expend real world currency to acquire in-game Power. Power can be defined in a lot of ways, whether it's things like: Stat Advantages, Choice Variety, etc, etc. It can be a lot of things. Is getting Free Terrain Pay-to-Win? Yes - you can have two players with the same points distribution with varying power levels because one player spent out of game currency to obtain an in-game advantage. Is that unheard of in Warhammer? Absolutely not - Battletomes/GHB do this already. When you show up to a game, let's say Player A has their point-built Skaven, and Player B has their point-built Skaven using the new Skaventide rules which allows them access to new varieties of artifacts, allegiance abilities, battalions, etc. In this case, the player who bought the book has additional power that they paid for. In fact - thinking of Warhammer as being or not being Pay-to-Win is a bit of a bugbear. After all - when we make games in a conventional sense, everyone sitting at their computer or their board game has the exact same chance because they're normally starting from the same level. In Warhammer, there's so much hobby behind building Your Dudes that putting everyone into the same level of starter boxing would be at complete odds of what we appreciate about the hobby. You pick what you think is cool. Now - all that said - there's a bigger question here that I think OP is feeling and it's not being expressed between the two sides here properly, and it is absolutely worth having a meangingful and constructive conversation about: GW is shifting the price point of getting started with an army at an "Optimal" state. If money were not an obstacle - would you ever leave the no-cost terrain out of your list? Probably not. Options are king. There's a shift in price point from $50 CAD to $100 CAD (my own currency) in order to start up an army and get the most out of it, that's before you even start building your dudes. That actually does concern me.
  4. Lord Kroak with his Comet's Call can drop D3 mortal wounds on several units anywhere on the board. So regardless of your enemy heroes' location or stacking buffs, nothing quite gets more satisfying than you Skellie Frog picking off your opponent's Necromancer who has been raising skeletons faster than you can kill them! You can also bring up a Skink Starpriest and use their spell to make an opponent -1 to hit. The Skink Starseer can also allow roll modification.
  5. Barbossal

    The Rumour Thread

    I'm curious if we'll see Seraphon releasing as part of a dual box... Hmm - there's lots of potential matchups that would be fun for Seraphon - the main one I was expecting was of course Skaven v. Seraphon... But seeing them going up against the new Khorne release would actually make a lot of sense. If not that - a monster hunt with Beastclaw vs. Seraphon would be a ton of crunchy fun. I think a new Slann is too big of a deal for the duo-box. But I could see Plastic Kroxzigors or Hunting Packs making their way in.
  6. Barbossal

    The Big Community Survey 2019

    I was speaking hyperbolically for sure. I'll edit for good times.
  7. Barbossal

    The Big Community Survey 2019

    Fair - I guess I'm just surprised. I've never once encountered anyone who actually uses it. Not dismissing your joy or excitement - just wanting them to not neglect the core rules before delving deeper into the cooler but less used.
  8. Barbossal

    The Big Community Survey 2019

    POSITIVE: GW has again continued to surpass their sculpting quality. Gloomspite Gitz has some of the most astounding kits in the entire range. Seeing the Troggoths go from embarrassingly out of date to the current level is nothing short of amazing. The Setting is starting to get fleshed out in a more understood and celebrated way. I'm seeing people start to appreciate the setting. The idea of blitzing out new Battletomes to bring up factions to 2.0 quality is great. Helps assure people that their army has a future. Azyr is proving to be a very valuable resource and updates are generally quite good! NEUTRAL: Stormcast are getting way too much support at the expense of other factions. Although it's the community buying them, so can't really blame GW. Azyr needs a way to filter content better. There's a ton of non-essential stuff in the gallery and it's becoming unwieldy. Compendium should be a toggle filter. Battalions should be toggle filter as well. Azyr needs to update their images to match webstore. Models that no longer exist and/or are on square bases make it look janky. NEGATIVE: Dislike the over-reliance the game is taking on Terrain and Endless Spells - effort that could update ancient models in the range instead. Skaven not getting any updated sculpts and instead getting spells and terrain - for example. There are still some factions that are horribly messed up - like Aelfs - while other armies are getting 2nd/3rd battletomes. The Big One - Battletomes are so poorly worded and tested that they are no longer accurate as of 2-3 weeks post launch. The big FAQ is not a good thing - it means the designers don't test or quality control their content. This also feeds into the other big sin that the rules are horrendously fragmented. Core Rules are NOT EVEN (edited) in the GHB anymore - meaning you need to flip between different books. If we really have to pay for a new GHB every year, it really had better come with an updated set of rules. Before focusing on more specialized rules - give us what we need to actually play the game. Miniatures should be provided with Round Bases in the webstore as standard. Selling me something and saying - "hey, you have to buy bases in order to play legally" is anti-consumer.
  9. Barbossal

    Sentiment about the new releases

    I understand it, and it's understandable from that perspective. I'd imagine that if I was a Skaven player eagerly awaiting my release for ~4 years and unlike the other factions who get new units, updated models, etc. - I'd be pretty disappointed too. There's no reason to blame someone if they wish their faction got more content, I think that's pretty reasonable. As a Seraphon player - I desperately want Plastic Salamander/Razordon hunting packs, or Slann/Kroxigors/etc. For me - it means I don't have to pay $36 for a 40 point essential model that looks pretty atrocious.
  10. Barbossal

    The Rumour Thread

    Plastic Slann/Kroak and Hunting Packs are the most dire. It's almost $1 per point in CAD to field an ancient derpy looking Salamander. So many people in the community are fed up and kitbashing their own because of it. For the alternative builds in the Seraphon kits. I think this is actually pretty possible. Here's a few: - Skink Master of Skies: Skink HQ built from Terradon kit. - Ark of Sotek: Separated warscroll of Bastilladon to better tune abilities and points. - Skink Oracle: Skink rider from Troglodon that could easily be on footed like the oldblood. - Stegadon with Skystreak Bow/Flamethrower seperation. Those are the few I can see as being possible. Honestly, outside of the HQ Master of Skies and split Bastilladons, not much else is super likely.
  11. A side note, nearly all of Greenskins are now unavailable. Most Gutbuster that aren't the new models are also out of stock.
  12. I'd love to see a more publicly accessible round base movement tray with magnets. There's quite a few kicking around, but not sure I've seen one done correctly that doesn't hold the minis well and doesn't add gap distance for your weapons
  13. I think there's two main angles that GW uses when attempting to launch a product. 1) Is the user base for this new unit large - there's a reason we see 10+x more Space Marine models than Dark Eldar coming out. Something like over 60% of users have a Space Marine army and thus are potentially a customer of your new product. If they release a new Dark Eldar mini you're targetting probably 4% or less of your market. 2) Does this encourage users to pick up a new army. Like we saw with Idoneth, it's very risky to try and lure an audience into plopping down 300$+ for a new army. So better hit that launch properly. From here on out in AoS I don't think we'll see too many new Factions, but rather releases like Gloomspite. Overhaul expansions to iconic factions.
  14. Barbossal

    The Rumour Thread

    In regards to Dispossessed being Squatted, I don't think we'll see that. They have GHB rules and have been mostly reboxed unlike Gitmob and Greenskins, the only Factions within AoS that are actually being squatted. It would be very odd to see the Dispossessed go away when they are used in many combined boxed as well. If anything is at risk of squatting now it's some legacy units inside Skaven (giant rats, rat swarms), and probably a few of the Self subfactions.
  15. That brings up an interesting note too - I was somewhat surprised we never saw any synergies with the Maggotkin of Nurgle come through for Pestilens! It would have been really fun had they been rolled up into that tome already.