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  1. I think Seraphon gives you some fun sizes to play along with. Big Guys in the Dinosaurs, Kroxigors, and small guys in the Skinks & Chameleon skinks. Heck, even the saurus look small when up next to the dinos!
  2. A few days before LVO we had a rumour about Sons of Behemat being included in a dual starter with Seraphon. Is that still a thing? Or was that people connecting dots that weren't there? If it still exists, I have heightened hopes for new Lizard sculpts.
  3. What a whirlwind few days, from seeing the leaked Seraphon cards, to hearing the rumours of a dual Seraphon/Giant box, to finally the LVO reveal. I know there's a lot of scrutiny towards negativity, but take this at face value: this is pretty brutal for Seraphon. This is the range that has been waiting the longest for support, as it's the range with the oldest models, last to get a rules supplement, and has essential units still in resin. Getting the Battletome and Terrain is below even my baseline expectations of the Hero-in-a-double-box concept. Curious what the decision making is there since Seraphon have a pretty dedicated userbase. Lack of interest from GW? Sales numbers? The worst part is being the last tome out of the gate usually implies that you'll be near the last tome for 3.0 too, so it's going to be about a decade between new model updates. Anyone got a silver lining for me that I'm not seeing? I'm a sad dino atm.
  4. Oh man I am so cautiously optimistic for Seraphon. I am hoping we're a Gloomspite Treatment rather than a tome and model treatment. But no matter what happens it's exciting.
  5. I love it when they reinvent older kits so I'm all for updating old lines. I'd love to see my Skaven friend get those plastic acolytes and weapon teams he's always wanted. Or my Free People's buddy get updated human models that don't look like Sloth from Goonies in full pajamas.
  6. I'm inclined to agree (I think). Eshin's models are ancient, with some being the actual Warband for Mordheim! I wouldn't be surprised if we get an Eshin focus in the next release. It's a playstyle that isn't really covered by any of the other armies and would be pretty cheap for GW to support. A single Gutter/Night Runners Box would update those models and anything else would just expand the playstyle. Personally I feel like one unified Weapons Team box would clean up their range majorly, and I think thats another strong contender. There are some rumours around Siege being the next "Psychic Awakening" for AoS, so giving them the box then makes sense too. Maybe with a standalone release for the Bombardier?
  7. It's funny you mention that because the only model they did release, the Excelsior Warpriest, was inexplicably banished from matched play. It's a shame too, it was a cool new sculpt aesthetic.
  8. I agree with the above suggestion for Psychic Awakening - updating all armies a little bit is healthier for the game than overhauling each in a long chain. As well - I suspect we'll see some lateral movements within Stormcast Eternals - namely the splintering of a Stormhost into their own Battletome ala Dark Angels/Blood Angels/Space Wolves/etc. It makes sense given the trajectory of focus being heaped upon the golden boys, and GW can't possibly push a unified tome much farther without it being a total soupstorm. If we see a standalone Battletome with exclusive units for say, Hallowed Knights or something, I wouldn't be surprised. Overall though, I hope we don't get pushed into AoS 3.0 right now, because the game is the healthiest it's ever been. Maybe V2 codexes like Chaos Space Marines got for Legion of Nagash, Nurgle, etc.
  9. I actually feel like LoN is the one that needs the update. Fixing the Nighthaunt abuses in that tome would make it easier to give Nighthaunt appropriate point values.
  10. Legion of Grief would like a word with you. Any army that can resurrect a unit of 30 Bladegheists for 1 CP is doing just fine...
  11. Very cool idea. I'll give some recommendations based on my armies: Seraphon: Bastiladon - While not as iconic or essential as the slann, is sums up the army quite nicely: dinos riding dinos shooting laser beams. It has a really distinctive shape and style, with the turtle shell, howdah riders, and artillery piece to boot. Runner Up: Carnosaur. Disciples of Tzeentch: Lord of Change - The greater daemons really do sum up their alignment well, and the Lord of Change is an embodiment of Tzeentch's terrifying magical prowess. Runner Up - Gaunt Summoner.
  12. I agree with a few previous comments, a lot of these names written feel like they weren't spoken out loud before writing. How many times have we seen Kharadron Overlords spelled wrong before? Khadaron, Kharadon, etc. I event had to look at the webstore to remember how it was spelled out. Or I could just use KO.
  13. I'd love a plastic Curseling, but we need a plastic Fatemaster first - that model is absolutely ancient. I would love to see the Fatemaster get updated to be a model worth taking and synergize with whatever comes out of this book along with the Ogroid, Kairic Acolytes, etc.
  14. I've definitely started to curb any non-required spending. I never buy brushes, glue, etc from GW anymore, there's no reason to really anyways. For my lists, I am way more prone to sell off non-essentials, like units that rarely see the table, units I would have normally only held for sentimental value. Now my Warhammer budget is now like 60% resell, 40% new cash, where I only fuel new purchases by selling off old gear. I'm also finding that I will skip Specialist Games that interest me. The fact that it now costs an additional ~$100 CAD to get into Ossiarch in the Book and Terrain are causing me to probably skip picking up any new AoS armies. Overall I still love the hobby, but the pricing is putting up a new lens for what I really need in order to play.
  15. Oh - I definitely think we're getting a Beasts of Chaos battleforce. It's one of the only factions that never got a dual or battleforce since released, has new relevance with the Shadespire warband... and the Jabberslythe just got an updated round on the webstore. So it could look like this: Beasts of Chaos Jabberslythe - $90 Great Bray-Shaman - $20 Dragon Ogres- $70 Bullgors - $56.50 Ungors - $35 Total: 271.50 > 200 (Saving ~$70)
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