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  1. Barbossal

    The Rumour Thread

    Well the hint directly says "sink your teeth into" and "whet your appetite" both of those lines pretty directly imply a Flesh-Eater Courts model. The fangs are also very hooklike which fits that aesthetic. Seraphon teeth are flat and rounded rather than the hooked barb style.
  2. Barbossal

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    *cracks fingers* Devoted of Sigmar Flagellants go from 80 > 60 (per 10) Witch Hunters go from 50 > 40 Warrior Priests go from 80 > 70 War Altar go from 250 > 220 Seraphon Saurus Warriors go from 100 > 80 Saurus Guard go from 100 > 80 Lord Kroak goes from 450 > 380
  3. Alright - your resident dice clowns are back for a few more episodes. We just launched episode 11 and would love to get some feedback from the community. Please give us a listen and - if willing - help us out with a review on iTunes. We play Fate Core RPG until the true AoS RPG system comes out. We have a party of a Shadow Warrior, Warrior Priest, and filthy bonesaw doctor. Currently adventuring in the Realm of Ghur! Homepage iTunes (Reviews and Subs are appreciated) Hope you'll give us a listen - we usually launch new episodes every other Wednesday so we can be your Warhammer Wednesday painting excuse
  4. Barbossal

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    I'd like to see the Free City Allegiance rules from Firestorm brought in and tuned. They're legal rules that are in such a weird state right now. Add them in with some tweaks to the abilities, clarification, and update the allegiance charts.
  5. You know... There's so many big and major world ending cataclysmic events inAge of Sigmar lore that I feel like it's all so overdrawn and excessive. You know what I really want? Something small scale. Something more human. I want to see the Free People's setting out in large numbers to retake the hostile wilderness, stake out new empires, establish diplomatic ties. Make the world actually feel like it has a culture and history beyond big bands smashing empire X that was never established before. Let's have a powerful human expedition.
  6. Steel and Oak - Kharadron vs Sylvaneth could be a lot of fun. We haven't seen much of a Duarden v. elfy rivalry come forward yet in AoS. But we do have hints that Sylvaneth has had clashes with industrious factions before like Grey water Fastness. Could introduce a new small vessel like a Gyrocopter for the Kharadron, and maybe some kind of flyer unit for Sylvaneth. Plus this would lead nicely into a desperately needed KO Battletome and a Syl Battletome with an endless spell. Primal Hunt - Seraphon vs. Bonesplitterz I always was waiting for a Seraphon versus Skaven box but I guess this will have to do. Monsters versus Monster Hunters. The Seraphon have some of the most brutal behemoths in the game, so would be a lot of fun to play with. Seraphon get a new Plastic Salamander/ Razordon model, along with a Plastic Sunblood to lead their fury. Bonesplitterz desperately need a centerpiece model, so some kind of big mobile war altar or a pair of monster riders of their own.
  7. Barbossal

    Carrion Empire

    Ooooh boy here I go wishlisting again: Skaven Battletome Skryre Weapon Teams: Box of three teams. Can be built as any of the following: Doomflayer, Warp-Grinder, Ratling Gun, Poison Wind Mortar, Warpfire Thrower. Skryre Jezzails/New Ranged Unit Skryre Acolytes + New Alt. Build Eshin Night Runners/Gutter Runners: These guys are ancient, back to my beloved Mordheim Days. Skryre Warlock Engineers Moulder Rat Ogres & Packmaster kit Thats 6 new kits that would overhaul most of the range. A lot of the other models just need a cracking reboxing and paint jobs to really look spiffy again. Giant Rats and Rat Swarms will probably fall away with good reason. FEC is all green pastures of new stuff. No idea how they'll adapt the range.
  8. I'm thinking that with GW striving towards IP copyright, there's nothing unique at all about their assassin unit. So I think it's probably gone. Dark Riders will probably move to Darkling Coven, if only for the fact they share a box with the Warlock unit for DoK.
  9. Not to mention the rumoured Gholemkin that would likely pair nicely with a Dispossessed force.
  10. I would suspect they think fewer people will notice if it's just gone versus announcing it's gone?
  11. High Risk of Squatting: - Greenskins - Shadowblades - Lion Rangers
  12. Some good thoughts here, I kind of agree that some of the old line still needs to be shunted off for AoS to really take on its own thing. Would be nice for them to more clearly define what is getting support. For example, I would love to get a Devoted of Sigmar army going, but the idea that they are no longer a worthwhile investment does stay my hand.
  13. In my opinion - Dispossessed/Free Guild/etc. are probably relatively safe. They have an allegiance in the GHB series, so there is likely SOME intention of keeping them around. GHB Allegiance Abilities: Darkling Covens Dispossessed Free Peoples Fyreslayers Seraphon Wanderers Brayherds Slaanesh Slaves to Darkness Skaven Pestilens Skaven Skryre Flesh-eater Courts Ironjawz Some armies without an Allegiance Ability: Lots of Elf factions, Greenskins, Gutbusters, Skaven Verminus/Moulder,Masterclan/Eshin, Devoted of Sigmar, Collegiate. I think PARTS of Skaven will go away like Giant Rats and Rat Swarms but they are pretty safe
  14. Barbossal

    Faction predictions for 2019.

    Definitely agree. Even more dire than the Krox in my opinion is finally giving us a plastic Salamander / Razordon kit. It's so overdue it's not even funny
  15. Interesting discussion to be had here, so let's keep it clean. GW has removed all non-Gloomspite Grots from their webstore following the launch of Gloomspite Grots. This means all the Gitmob models are now gone. While they are not a compendium race as of now, this likely means they've fallen out of official useage and support. Perhaps we'll see them move into the Compendium this year? What other models could be affected with future releases? As far as I'm aware, aside from the initial purge of legacy Fantasy Battles content, we've never seen models drop out of the store. Perhaps Greenskin Orruks would disappear after a revised Ironjawz launch. DISCUSS! Link: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-NZ/Warhammer?N=737771287+3930206336&amp;Nr=AND(sku.siteId%3ANZ_gw%2Cproduct.locale%3Aen_NZ_gw)&amp;Nrs=collection()%2Frecord[product.startDate+<%3D+1546682760000+and+product.endDate+>%3D+1546682760000]