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  1. I feel like the Tithe of Bones is definitely worded to be a Global Campaign like Vgilus ablaze. Think about it this way - the Tithe of Bones could be the central factor of the campaign where all models slain in the campaign are basically being tallied into the ranks of the dead. Whether or not this implies a new army is probably to be seen, but I wouldn't expect a brand spanking new army while we just got three new tomes announced
  2. I agree. Someone earlier mentioned Legions of Nagash so they get their soft-update with Endless Spells and Terrain. Makes sense to me!
  3. I mean there's need and need. StD and Everchosen need one, but Tzeentch still plays reasonably well with their new points reduction. I have my Tzeentch army and it's basically valid. A new book would basically just fix all the broken phrasing and add in the FAQs.
  4. I recently ran a Meeting Engagement Tourney here in Vancouver. We were able to do a painting vote, 3 games, one hour lunch break and winners results in the span of 11am - 7:30 pm. I think it is fantastic and every single player said they want to do it again. I think a big driver is determining if there's an interesting meta at 1k engagement ratios. Thus far I feel like there are some exploitable builds that are problematic. Gristlegore and Slann Factory for example.
  5. OPEN DAY PREDICTIONS! 1. Everchosen Update: New Battletome, Terrain & Endless Spells I don't anticipate a full refresh, but I feel as though this is all but confirmed: with Warcry, the Store Page, and a general wrapping together of factions, this just needs a new hero and the Warcry warscrolls to be a compelling release. It's also the penultimate wrap-up to Grand Alliance Chaos. This is also the last remaining Malign Sorcery herald and Shadespire band along with KO to get an update. 2. Aelfs Update Reveal I am stopping short of calling this a new faction because I think it will actually become a full wrapper of Aelfs in a similar fashion of Legions of Nagash. Faction acts as a Hysh/Ulgu themed duality list where you can run differently aligned aelves. There will be some 'aspect' units surrounding the Tyrion/Teclis/Malekith projects. But I don't think we'll get the big men themselves. 3. Next Dual Box & Endless Spells: Everchosen vs. Legions of Nagash Okay this one's a little odd - but I think Legions is due for some Endless Spell and Terrain but won't be getting a new book. So this release is accompanied with a Dual Box of Everchosen getting a new Varanguard HQ and Legions getting a plastic Wight King on Steed and Endless Spells/Terrain. The matchup certainly isn't a conventional one, but it's a theme of Chaos against Death. 4. Shadespire Season 3 Reveal Flesh Eater Courts, Idoneth, Daughters, and Nurgle to start. Seraphon, Slaanesh to follow.
  6. I've been hoping for a Seraphon vs. Beastclaw boxset to play up the behemoth angle. Plastic Kroxigors vs. Plastic Yhetees please!
  7. Any predictions for upcoming releases in Shadespire? Usually these are chosen in relation to upcoming factions or relevant and popular ones that are not yet covered. My thoughts would be: - Sacrosanct Stormcast - Nurgle (One chaos god per round so far) - New Aelfs (as per the teased lion) - Seraphon (as they are probably coming early 2020)
  8. I'd like to make the case for Seraphon here. You can build an army of dinocavalry that performs possibly the best in the movement/teleportation department - allowing you to teleport a unit once per turn anywhere on the board 9" from an enemy. This combined with high overall movement means you can run these dinos up the board fast, cap objectives, or teleport a Carnosaur right into an opponent's vulnerable flank.
  9. Well it's also worth noting that Skaven have received an armies worth of models since the last time Seraphon got anything: Verminlords, Thanquol, Doomwheel, Plague Claw Catapult, warplightning cannon, screaming bell, plague censer thing, amongst others. Seraphon rework pleeeeease.
  10. Aztec Laser Dinosaurs riding other Dinosaurs.
  11. As a Seraphon and Tzeentch player, I definitely feel loved in this GHB. It feels good to get some of the big pain points resolved. Some of the changes are quite funny - Witch Hunter being moved to 40 points is silly while the rest of Devoted is still overcosted. Oh well - it's caused me to look at the robed maniacs again haha
  12. I like this idea - units like Vulkite Berzserkers, Khorne, or Flagellants should fight harder when their unit sizes are depleted. So these units are even more dangerous once their fervour has spilt out onto the battlefield.
  13. Good Spot - I hadn't noticed that. I think this could probably mean a couple things: - More units will move into the Compendium (probably Gitmob, Greenskins, and maybe some loose units that don't fit in other lists) - Probably some nerfs for stuff like TK....
  14. Worth noting, I've seen the Canadian store often get these details first. Like when Slaanesh models went last chance, the Canadian store was the first one to show them.
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