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  1. Thanks for the explanation. I had forgotten Slaves to Darkness was so late in the year. I should just add this is not a moan. I find it genuinely interesting how these things get put together; it would take a lot more brain power than I have! I just wanted to get a feel of whether this was a possible typo. Your reply makes perfect sense.
  2. Yes, that’s what it seems to imply. If that’s the case then they only had a few months between GHB19 and this going to print to evaluate any necessary point changes (expect the factions post Cities of Sigmar). Is this what always happens?
  3. Is there a typo in here? They mention everything since GHB20 went to print will get a free update; then they mention this means everything since Cities of Sigmar. That’s seems ages ago. How long before does this thing go to print!?
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/ageofhobby/status/1023631038692696064 results are here pal.
  5. Thank you all for the replies. I will submit this to GW and hope for something in a future FAQ. I did think this at one point but this paragraph feels like flavour text as it doesn’t go on to define “block” or “beyond” in relation to melee attacks. However I could be wrong. I’ll update this if I get anything back.
  6. In the first edition of AoS when picking targets the rules stated you needed line of sight for both missile and melee weapons. In AoS 2.0 line of sight is only mentioned when choosing missile targets. Is line of sight not needed for melee weapons? If so one issue I have with this is when models are either side of terrain but in range. For example if my model is one side of an Ophidian archway and an enemy model is the other side but there is a distance of 1” (if measured from base to base through the terrain piece). Would it be legal to attack with a melee weapon with a 1” range despite there being no line of sight. Logically and thematically it doesn’t make sense to attack through walls but if an opponent tried this against me I wouldn’t be able to quote a rule preventing this.
  7. The GHB 2018 also contains all the new scenery warscrolls (Baleful Realmgates, Dragonfate Dais ect.). These are significantly different from the old ones. At present the warscrolls linked from the prodcuts on GW website don't seem to have been updated. I also cant see them in the AoS app, so correct me if I'm wrong but I think the GHB 2018 is currently the only place to find them.
  8. Now that would be an awesome Tzeentch-like ability!
  9. Am I right in thinking that most re-rolls are optional, in that they usually say “you can re-roll”. If so this explains the “I’ve got a 3+” because if a 3 is rolled first time you’d never choose to re-roll (unless there is some benefit to be had from not successfully saving). I can see the issue of saying “I’ve got a 3+” if the re-roll is compulsory. Do any abilities have compulsory re-rolls?
  10. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/06/24/next-week-storms-and-spectres/ Can’t wait to hear about the darkness that has touched the Stormcast. I’m guessing something linked the the reforging process has made some of them heartless killing machines!
  11. I know what you mean, I guess I was just lucky that on one of the days I was able to follow the thread this issue came up! Do you have the latest White Dwarf? In the battle report on page 40 in the box entitled ‘Let Battle Commence’ they say they rolled off at the start of the first round. It seems even GW staff are not being consistent!
  12. This has been discussed over at I agree with you in that reading the rules you do roll before the first battle round. However a lot of sources, including GW’s own ‘how to play’ videos say whoever finishes setting up first chooses. Many players have already written to GW to clarify and hopefully this will be FAQ’d before release day.
  13. Whilst I don't have the issue to hand doesn't the battle report in the latest White Dwarf have them rolling off at the start of the first battle round? I'll check this tonight.
  14. Thanks @RuneBrush. I knew I'd see her presenting elsewhere, her video explaining Shadespire is excellent. I hadn't spotted your new thread before I posted.
  15. Who is the presenter on the how to play video? I recognise her from somewhere on YouTube.
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