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Found 33 results

  1. I'm developing a dioramas'diorama, so Ithought to create a sort of set ofvideos related to it as also a way to explain different procedures and tricks related. And since fromsomewhere you have to begin, here it comes: I'll post new developings with the progression of the project
  2. So I finally put my brush to paint (been about almost 2 years) and started working on my Astral Templars. First time using a Large base brush from GW and have to say that it will take some getting used to. Previously I have used Small and Medium brushes to base , though I have to say it does get the job done a lot quicker using the large base brush , but I feel I miss some of the finer hidden parts using the larger brush (if that makes any sense ) again going to take some getting used to. Also I'm thinking after I finish these 3, sub assembly is going to be where it's at , as I will say some parts were challenging as a fully built model. I'm going off the Warhammer TV guide and based my Liberator using Screamer Pink. Now as the week goes on to finish the other two and get to giving them a wash.
  3. Groje

    Shadespire Warband

    Based on Amy Snuggs painting tutorial from her Facebook page

    © Groje

  4. Wow, I really didn't post anything for a while. Anyway, life has been quite busy and not much hobby has been done. I've built a battlemage and wanted to give him a sort of a steampunkish look, so tell me what you guys think. I know it's not halflings, but he's definitely going to be allied with my army. I've also got to test out Shadespire with my good friend Chuck Moore @Odiamh , and while I was skeptical at first, now I'm absolutely in love with the game. The rules seem a bit complex at first but once you play 1 or 2 games it becomes a very quick, fun and tactical game. Chuck decided to take the side of Stormcast, while I was playing Khorne. We played the best of three, with him taking the first victory, and me winning the other two. Last game was especially fun, as I killed all three stormcast with a single bloodreaver in the last phase. Check out the pics below! That's it for this update. I'll try to post more hobby and especially halflings as the time allows! Hope you like what I've got, Until next time!
  5. I'm not a new painter, but it has been around 20 years since I actually really painted anything and most of that was for RPGs. A few years back I played 40K, but the weight of trying to paint an Ork army put paid to it actually getting painted. Recently though, I started reading the Age of Sigmar books. They're remarkably good to read at 3am while rocking a baby to sleep. Then, thanks in great part to the Warhammer Community site and, more specifically, Warhammer TV Tip of the Day, I got a bit of a yearning to do some painting. One box of Easy-To-Build Liberators, and two weeks of painting in my lunchtimes, I've finally put some paint on plastic. I'd therefore like to introduce The Dawn Arcus. They're not finished, but I've made enough progress to start posting photos.
  6. Had a friend from America come and visit! And he took me to Warhammer World! Decided to grab the Age of Sigmar starter box set to get me started. The box set was actually quite intimidating at first, but once I glued everything together it seemed a really nice start for my entry into the Age of Sigmar world! I just finished painting the liberators, I decided to go for the Hallowed Knights paint scheme. The first guy took me forever but the other four were much easier to do. Also had to wait for more paints as I had no clue what I needed... but 500 paint pots later I could finish! Going to paint the prosecutors next. Angels with hammers... what is not to love! Not exactly sure how I am going to do the wings? Maybe grey with the Drakenhof Nightshade wash? Although I like the idea of a gradual change in colour on the wings, so maybe Retributor armour with Reikland Fleshshade, then dry brush with Golden Griffon for the gradience effect, and perhaps have white on the tips of the wings. Let me know what you think of the painting? And if you have any tips or anything that would be great! Please don't be too mean, this is the first time I have painted anything almost ten years (walls not included)! Club out.
  7. EvDJ


    My first unit of Stormcast finished.
  8. the_prophecy


    First Unit of my new Stormcast Eternals. Did the Blue with the new Gemstone Technicals and Silver Underneath
  9. As the title suggests, I am curious how best to break up my 20 liberators (I actually have 22, so can run 2x10 without doubling up on primes) particularly at the 2000 and 2500 point levels. I have one unit of Judicators and will not likely be getting another any time soon, as none of my regular opponents has much in the way of shooting and I don't want to blow them off the board. I haven't had a ton of luck with them in the past running them as 5 mans, I ran a 10 man and was surprised at what a difference in vitality it had, but it still didn't do a lot of damage (but that's not really the point with them as near as I can tell). I am curious, first off are there any liberator fans out there, and second which of these options do you think is best: A) 4x5 liberators B) 1x10 and 2x5 liberators C) 2x10 liberators D) 1x10 and 1x5 liberators Thanks!
  10. Hello everyone! I'm currently in the progress of putting together my new box of Stormcast Eternal Liberators (got to love these new models!). I have a question though, or rather, a need for clarification so I know I'm fair to myself and to my opponent. Ok, so here goes: My Liberators will have Shield and Hammers, expect one guy who will wield a grandblade (too cool not to take :)). Now, shields for Liberators work as follows; You can re-roll save rolls of 1 if any models from the unit are carrying shields. Does that mean that if there's any models left with shields they all get to re-roll 1's when it comes to saves, even the grandblade? And on the opposite side of the spectrum; if the model with the grandblade is the only model left he will not be able to take a shield save, since there's no longer any models with the shield in the unit? Thank you!
  11. Hello. I try to find some uses for Liberators with Warblade vs Warhammer. Basically I want to include Warblade Liberators because it looks cool. Warblades hit and wound on 3+ and 4+ instead of Warhammers 4+ 3+. But the bonus SE unit get are almost +1 hit roll, be it from Lay Down the Tyrants or 9" bubble from Lord Celestant. So given the bonus, hit and wound for Warblades become 2+ 4+ (0.417%) while Warhammers are 3+ 3+ (0.444%). Moreover, if 2 bonuses have effect, Warblades are still 2+ 4+ (because roll of 1 always fail) but Warhammer can be 2+ 3+. Clearly the Warhammers have advantage over Warblades. Does anyone find some advantages of Liberators with Warblades over Warhammers?
  12. So this feels like it's been a productive few weeks, i'm behind schedule but an army is starting to form. This week I've been able to paint a unit of Liberators to accompany the Retributors I already had finished, and a Lord Relictor so I have my first hero to lead the army in to battle. Next up is going to be a second unit of Liberators, or possibly some Judicators (I'll ramble about them in a second), then i'll work on finishing off the rest of my starter box, before treating myself to something from the expansion set. I've played 4 games now since season of war started, and I've managed to claim 3 victories for the forces of Order, all using an alliance of Freeguild, Devoted Of Sigmar and Stormcast Eternals. In all my opening games I've found my Stormcast units where great at holding up tougher enemy units and my Freeguild could swoop in and claim objectives. In my most recent game I was massively hurt by magic, mortal wounds and range, thus the need for Judicators, I think it's probably true to say my army was more spread out than it should have been too, also.... ...When including a Lord Celestant in your army, don't pay for a Celestant Prime, cheating your way out of 140 points and realise mid-game, it was pretty funny to realise though. Also from the games I've played so far, I can't stress the importance of one character, my Gryphhound, "Beaky", or has he has more recently been known; Ser Beaky The Brave, Beaky's new found notoriety has came about after he snuck in to the enemy deployment zone in my first campaign game and won me the game, and earlier this week against the forces of death, he wounded the fell sorcerer Arkhan The Black before retreating to the sanctity of a nearby ruin, he then survived a barrage of magical attacks from the Necromancer and a round of combat with a unit of Morghasts before drawing the enemy army out of position to allow another win for order, this has seen Beaky included in a lot more games! But in summary, it's gonna be more battleline next, more Liberators, some Judicators, and then some Prosecutors before topping it all off with the Lord Celestant. I have about 7 weeks until I head down to Warhammer World, whilst i'm happy with the rate i'm finishing units, I still feel like I need to paint faster, I think a hobby holiday could be in order to muster the forces of Azyr!
  13. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to include a few pictures of my Stormcast Stormhost. I really wanted to make these guys look like they have been through a number of battles and that they do not want to die, even though they can be reforged by Sigmar as that would mean that they would lose more of their memories in the process. I thought the Pre-Heresy Death Guard (Dusk Raiders) colours would work for this Stormhost. The Dusk Raiders were known to be experts at survival, endurance, and stubborn defence. Painting the battle damage on the models, I thought, would really get that theme across on the table top. This Stormhost is known to be experts at survival, endurance and stubborn defence. The bases aren't done yet. Here are some Retributors that I just finished.
  14. EvDJ


    The first time i've picked up a paint brush in a while and although i'm decidedly rusty I really enjoyed painting this fella.
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