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  1. Vengeance Piece-By-Piece It is now well-known that the followers of Chaos are known to commit the greatest atrocities and most sickening acts of butchery as they prey upon the weak and defenceless. A common sight after the passing of a marauding horde are open charnel pits, gnawed bones and rotting flesh piled high in indiscriminate heaps, sigils in damned tongues consigning the souls of those within to the dining platters of their ever-hungry Gods. The flesh therein is often valuable to Necromancers, as it matters little whether a Deathrattle thrall has an entirely matching set of
  2. Finished that unit of Skeletons I was trying out some green stuff work on. Very pleased with how they came out, might take the aesthetic across to the rest of my Deathrattle:
  3. A Tale of Two Warlords Nagash is never one to afford mortals respect, in the same way a man never affords respect to the barley he reaps for the harvest brew. Indeed, it's questionable if the God of Death is even capable of feeling respect for another entity, as he is consumed by bitter spite with regards to the only other entities he considers his peers, and all other creatures, living and unliving, are merely fuel and fodder for his schemes. And yet, sometimes his hand waves over some souls more favourably than others. The two captains Canphis and Matyr are such souls. As the wave
  4. Thanks! It's actually a really simple technique, the part I'm having most trouble with is the cloak, weirdly enough. Basically following this technique from Peachy. https://youtu.be/L-R8YGM2xOg
  5. "A kingdom lost, To civil strife, They pay the cost, In grim unlife." The Would-Be Kings The story of the Would-Be Kings is ultimately a story of the perfidious entity known as The Changeling. It is unknown how it came to Misrhya, nor for how long it burrowed its way into the nobility like a bone-maggot, but it was almost singularly responsible for the collapse of the principle military capital, Tyur. The Changeling quietly dispatched the King of Tyur and took his place, beginning to issue contradictory orders to different arms of the legislative, military, and priestly ar
  6. "Beware the reaping spectre, His blade so sharp and cold, He'll drink your blood like nectar, And wrap chains around your soul," - Misrhyan Lullaby An Empire of Souls Misrhya was a vast land in Shyish, situated in an idyll where the Winds of Death blew a little more calmly than most. In this whorl, this eye in the storm of amethyst magic, life took hold, though ever was it surrounded by death. Death ruled within and without: the God of Death was paid his dues, and the various Kings, Warlords and Clanneachs of the peoples there knew short lives in which the brutality they m
  7. Decided to have a crack at sculpting green stuff, as I've been watching a fair few videos on it and have plenty of time for putting effort into my minis now. Here's a couple of Skeleton Warriors I decided would be my guinea pigs for the experiment:
  8. Lockdown has led to me digging out my models that have been sitting in a store cupboard for the last couple of years after a move, and finally putting paint to them. Found a local wargaming group in my new city as well, so maybe they'll even hit the table sometime! For now, I'm just enjoying painting them. Whiles the hours away with some good background noise on. Here's a pair of Nighthaunt Dreadblade Harrows I did recently:
  9. Absolutely gorgeous models. This has really helped rekindle my hobby spirit after a long, long hiatus! Excited to put brush to model now!
  10. Hey folks, So I've been out of the game for...a while, basically since the Nighthaunt book dropped. Where are they at these days? What's worth picking up, what rules are available, and what despicable usurpers are there these days for Nagash to send them against?
  11. So I have - quite suitably - returned from the dead as the mortal realms are ravaged by plague, and I shelter from the storm. My army is almost entirely gone, but I've been steadily recollecting pieces from ebay and exhuming unpainted Nighthaunt I sequestered away for just such a dark moment. To start with, here's two Dreadblade Harrows I've painted up:
  12. The casket is pretty good. Unlike the Emerald Lifeswarm it heals every unit within range IIRC.
  13. Yeah it's a marginal bonus at best for a huge battalion. The smaller battalions are pretty excellent though.
  14. Then what's the point of being in the group?
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