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Found 10 results

  1. Recently I participated in a 1 day event just as the new Maggotkin of Nurgle dropped. I used the book, but my army was still pretty much the mish-mash of Demons and Rotbringers made feasible by GHB2017. Leading my army, as in times before the battletome was Morgo, my Great Unclean One. He fell in the final game of the tournament under an onslaught of Korgorath in a blighted wood nestled in a forgotten valley. His mission was accomplished despite his banishment, so Grandfather Nurgle (and I) decided that he should be regrown into a new vessel, and to be unleashed once more upon the mortal realms...
  2. So, some of you might be wondering what happened with my Kharadron Overlords project, and the answer is quite simple, KO models are far too complex and detailed to sculpt a full army while being to expensive for me to afford with my limited student allowance, so Barak-Val is on hold until a Start Collecting box gets released or I get a job (let's hope for the first one because there are still years left until I finish all my studies...). However my 40k projects are ALSO on hold as I wait for the release of 8th edition, so I had to do something on the meantime. I won't unveil too much about it yet, only that I've been wanting to do something like this since my Fantasy days and that it will involve a lot of sculpting. I hope to have something significant to show soon, but for the meantime I'll leave you with a little teaser: Sorry for the poor quality, this pics were hastily taken while I wait for the greenstuff to dry.
  3. I know, this is my third WIP plog in less than two months, I should finish a project before starting the next... But I have a good excuse this time, this are not for me, they're commissions. Lately, as the end of school life comes near and I'm pressed to decide what I want to do with my life, I've been thinking about being a model sculptor. It is of course a plan between a million but, hey, what the heck, it is something that I enjoy and I can't stop hearing everyone saying that I should spend my life on something that I like, or I'll end up hating my work and/or my life like most people do, which I definitely don't want. So, to taste how it would be, I've been promoting more my commission service, The Grimdark Harvest, in my local store, but rather than just painting other's stuff, I've been offering myself to sculpt and convert things. However I must admit that I was a bit surprised to get not one but two commissions on day one (which was yesterday), while I was playing Armageddon. Today I finished the first, a Shadowblade conversion, which simply got a couple of details added and was turned into a female: I'm quite happy with everything except for the hair which, even though it looks good, it still has a lot of margin for improvement. It was fairly simple, but shadowblade is one of my favourite models ever, so I enjoyed a lot working on him/ her. What do you think? Tomorrow I'll try to finish the second commission, a treelord conversion, and post it here. About my Squig hoppers, I've made progress on them, will most probably get them finished through this week, don't be so hard on me!
  4. Hi everyone, I finally decided to start AoS seriously with the awesome release of the Kharadron Overlords, after playing a bit with my dispossessed, seraphon and slaves to darkness (oh my, do those names still sound weird to me...) from my Fantasy times but not being really satisfied with neither. So I decided to make my own sky-port, Barak-Val, the Halls of the Fallen (Valr meaning "the dead", "the slain" or "the fallen" in old norse), a sky-port hidden in Shyish, the Realm of Death, in where outcasts of the Kharadron Overlords society and sometimes even other duardin go with the purpose of starting a new life in where they'll try to redeem theirselves by killing the foes of their race and amass big fortunes to be rich in the afterlife. They are fiercer than the other sky-ports, partly because they used to be the worst of their people and also because they want to be redeemed in battle, and it is frequent for them to organise raiding parties to seek glory and treasures, attacking unfortunate groups in the ground who call their attention. The army will have a heavy Viking theme: the fluff, the names, the conversions (of which there will be plenty) and the paint scheme, as I've always liked Norse mithology and just got further motivated by the Vikings serie. Additionally when I saw those ships I immediately thought of flying steampunk drakkars, so I was very pleased when I discovered that the army indeed had a pirate theme going on which could easily be transformed into what I wanted. At the moment I'm waiting for an Start Collecting box or other bundle with a discount before buying something, though maybe I'll end up getting an Arkanaut Company if I get impatient, but for the meantime I can always sculp my heroes from scratch: So I'm pleased to present you Egil Skallagrimsson, the Khemist-Skald or the Raging Poet, a famous Aether-Khemist renowned for not only suffocating his enemies in a cloud of toxic gasses, but also for then charging into their broken lines axe in hand, while singing and rhyming about their deaths. A lot of layers and waiting have been needed to sculpt this model as, even though he's far from having as much detail as the original, he's covered in cables, vials, and various vials. But even though it has taken a lot of time I'm quite proud with the final result, will soon get him painted to test out schemes. I can't wait to paint his back-pack, I'll be trying a lot of effects on the different parts! I included a pic from above to show the bowl, which is recollecting some sort of alchemical substance, as it doesn't shows from any other angle. "As their skulls lay open, their bones are broken. They will soon run away, defeated by our ancient ways. They're the enemies of the gods, I will delighten in their frightened sobs" Egil Skallagrimsson I know it is quite terrible, English isn't even my first lenguage, but I just had to do it :P. So, any feedback will be appreciated, as well as ideas for the models to come and different paint-schemes!
  5. Giuseppe gdb

    Der Golem

    I've always been fascinated by the Golem character of the silent movie directed and starring by Paul Wegener in 1920. The Golem is a clay colossal "monster" created by a Rabbi to defend the jewish community in a 16th century Prague. This magical and sinister creature, in my opinion, is a perfect character for my city of the damned, Mordheim. I started to sculpt body in polymer clay using a ogre head and green stuf for details as gloves, boots and his hilarious hair. For the star shaped amulet I used a metal pendant.
  6. uncool

    Uncool Trollgors

    Hi everyone! I can't honestly remember what the inspiration was for this project, but I'm working on converting some ogors to be more like trolls from Scandinavian folklore. I've been taking a lot of ques from artists like John Bauer and Paul Bonner (google them, you should), and the Trudvang RPG from Drakar och Demoner (its like swedish D&D). I'm talking big noses, tusks and a bit more goofyness. The idea is something like an army of giant-kin, with trolls riding larger trolls fighting alongside bigger trolls and giants. Here's what I came up with. ( forgive the pictures, I'm working on a better setup) I also converted the Frostlord rider. I still want to sculpt a crown or something on him. I also, for fun, did some sculpting on a Tomte, or gnome-lin. Hope you like them.
  7. Some of the work in progress pictures of my Great Unclean One which was about 99% finished for Warlords! So I started by building the majority of the model and the cut off the tentacle whip arm and positioned it on the rear of the model to be his new tail. I cut away a large amount of the top of the model and then filled the body with pieces of scrap cork so the repositioned spikes on top would have something to attach to. I then filled in the top of the model with some older less workable greenstuff. Made an arm out of greenstuff so I could place the newly created plasticard sword in position so I could get a feel for how the overall model would look. I then sculpted the top of the model and a new arm over the top of the placeholder arm in the previous image. I used loads of glass microbeads to add more details and make it more "nurgley". Once all the sculpted was done I sprayed the model black and then white from above to see where all the shading would go. I then airbrushed down the first base coats of green and some purple in thin layers around the sore areas. Followed by hours upon hours of painting the blisters in 3 layers and then going back and glossing them all. As you can see in the image above I went very yellow on them with a glaze, which I didn't like so went back and painted them all over again... The gloss parts were added on the base and are still drying in the pic below
  8. Unholy_Crumpet

    Skaven General conversion

    For some time I've been planning a pestilens-themed army, and have wanted to convert a unique general for it. My plan was to have an overweight rat being carried around on a palanquin or throne of sorts with a little bell attached to a string he is holding. I've examined all sorts of sprues online to see what might work for a body and a palanquin, but nothing really seems like it would work. I can do some basic sculpting, but sculpting the entire thing is beyond what I can properly do. Can anybody think of ways I can make this happen?