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  1. Folks, apologies I’m sure this has been covered a number of times but am new to nurgle. I’m assuming the spoilpox scriveners buff doesn’t work on plague drones as it says ‘units of plaguebearers ‘ rather than the keyword plaguebearers?
  2. Currently one of the best death battleline choices. Well, one of the three... (or four)
  3. I always forget about it anyway!
  4. There is definitely a large established group in Derby if that's not too far to go? http://www.tga.community/forums/forum/16-derby-wargames-society/ I am certain that someone there will know about groups more local to Nottingham
  5. Death consideration - regen in small units is more effective if they survive. E.g. 3 x 5 blood knights potentially regen 3 models per turn, whereas 1 x 15 only regens one. Similarly 1 x 40 skeletons regens 1d6 skeletons per turn, 4x10 skeletons regens 4d6 per turn. However the smaller units are more likely to get wiped out completely and therefore not regenerate at all
  6. I respectfully disagree. Kharadron took a slight nerf and are still doing well and able to compete top tier. I play death and have more to be excited about than pissed about in this new book. I'm enjoying building soulblight lists and even considering Nighthaunt. No they're not top tier but I didn't really ever think they would be. Yes the compendium stuff is frustrating but lets be honest it was always a strong possibility it would go in that direction. The problem is (and I can't remember whether I've said this in the previous 11 pages!) this book was just too hyped. By January we were talking about the issues the next generals handbook would solve, it was never going to live up to the expectation and I think was made worse by the 40K release being pushed back which pushed this back further.
  7. So I ran this last night just to have a bit of a change. It was against a mixed verminus / skyre list. Definitely a friendly game, we used the open war cards and had a 'battle for the pass' type deployment. Allegiance: DeathLeadersVampire Lord (140)- General- Mount: Nightmare- Trait: Mist Form - Artefact: The Scabbing Plate Vampire Lord (140)- Mount: Flying HorrorBattleline3 x Vargheists (160)- Soulblight Battleline3 x Vargheists (160)- Soulblight Battleline3 x Vargheists (160)- Soulblight Battleline5 x Blood Knights (260)- Soulblight Battleline5 x Blood Knights (260)- Soulblight Battleline5 x Blood Knights (260)- Soulblight BattlelineUnits40 x Skeleton Warriors (280)- Ancient Spear & Shield- AlliesReinforcement Points (180)Total: 2000 / 2000Allies: 280 / 400 In my current philosophy of 'giving up on the death save' I took the trait that gives +2 and fly and dropped the wight king with his banner, just running the skeletons instead. I took 180 points of summoning with the aim of dire wolves to block up early chargers allowing me to counter charge and bat swarms to deal with any shooting. It went well in that I won, but I think only because a block of 40 stormvermin didn't get into me until late game and once they did they tore everything apart. I really like the direwolves for blocking early charges, but I fudged my turn by getting excited and charging them in to one of the big rat things (not a seasoned skaven player here) and dying in my first combat phase. I'm still trying MSU vampire lords instead of the VLOZD. I'd be tempted to drop the summoning from this list for another vampire lord with spell, but I do like the utility of the dire wolves and unfortunately the vampire points cost would leave 40 spare points floating around this list, which I find is one of the big issues with the soulblight lists. I could just take the wolves as allies but being able to summon them gives them that first turn 'move' which I like. TBH I find summoning only really works early game or late game when the table is not too congested. Any other time and being within 18" but 9" away inevitably means that they don't end up where you want them to. Maybe wraith fleet is the answer to that?
  8. 1. No - gryph hounds ability triggers on 'unit set up' you are not setting up a new unit. 2. yes 3. Not sure 4. Yes
  9. Oh right, sorry reading spiny Normans post I've misunderstood, think it's been answered above
  10. So if you choose to take a soulblight army, you cannot use deathless minions even on allies, you must use deathless thralls. If you want to take any of the generic death abilities you are taking a death army and deathless minions applies to everything, but you can't get the soulblight stuff
  11. No, if you read the trait in the ghb, it only applies the units with the keyword 'soulblight' so not any allies.
  12. With the nix to the 5+ and to the range on the 'death save', is the save something that is now 'nice to have' rather than something you build an army around? Soulblight army traits - I could take the one that gives me a 6+ save even away from the heroes, but I'm not sure it's worth it anymore? It seems to come up so rarely as to not bother. What do others think?
  13. Mannfreds is a bubble as well, it makes him and any archai brutal but probably wouldn't do a great deal for skellies etc.
  14. Another game this time: Allegiance: DeathLeadersWight King with Baleful Tomb Blade (120)- AlliesVampire Lord (140)- General- Mount: Flying Horror- Trait: Mist Form - Artefact: The Scabbing Plate Vampire Lord (140)- Mount: NightmareBattleline5 x Blood Knights (260)- Soulblight Battleline5 x Blood Knights (260)- Soulblight Battleline5 x Blood Knights (260)- Soulblight Battleline3 x Vargheists (160)- Soulblight Battleline3 x Vargheists (160)- Soulblight Battleline3 x Vargheists (160)- Soulblight BattlelineUnits40 x Skeleton Warriors (280)- Ancient Blades- AlliesReinforcement Points (60)Total: 2000 / 2000Allies: 400 / 400 It was against a mono khorne list and so did ok. The skeletons held up two objectives by helpfully stretching across them. The blood Knights were ok, if they were d3 damage all the time they would be great. As it stands try can only really get at most three charges off in a game if you're lucky. I took the trait that means you don't need to be near a hero to get the 6+ save but I'm thinking the move and fly might be better. I'm going to stick with this list for a bit and see how it goes.
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