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  1. Free people are OP! ?
  2. Halflings are back after another three-month hiatus! It seems to be the trend for this blog. Anyway, a few days ago I was lucky to play my good friend Chuck Moore at local FLGS. He brought his Daughters of Khaine that he is taking to a Narrative Realms at War (RAW) event in England! Here's a link to his blog! (In case you guys didn't know Chuck has a blog). http://therealmgate.blogspot.com We played Blood and Glory scenario, which worked to my benefit since I could bunch up a lot of my key units in one corner, with them benefiting from one another. Long story short, I was able to outshoot his army and my Griffon was a total meatgrinder on his one charge, so by turn four there was not much left of the poor ladies. I will say that I'm definitely more of a competitive rather than a narrative player, so I had a tough time getting into a narrative playstyle. However, Chuck managed to keep the game very lighthearted and made it fun, letting me know when I was taking the game a bit too seriously. In the end, while neither army won major, Halfling snatched a minor victory! Another win for the small guys! Currently, I'm working on a unit of Halfling crossbowmen so expect some progress shots of those in the future. That's it for today! Hope you like what I've got, Until next time!
  3. AKING


    While there may not be an official halfling army, there is nothing stopping you from making your own and playing it as Free Peoples! Check out my blog on that:
  4. AKING

    Meet SPARKLES!!

    Nice! You should get some games in and post it!
  5. AKING

    Meet SPARKLES!!

    Oh yeah! What models are you using? Post pics!!
  6. AKING

    Meet SPARKLES!!

    Hey! Do you mean for the whole Halfling army? I just use Free Peoples Allegiance warscrolls, and make sure do model halflings appropriately.
  7. AKING

    Meet SPARKLES!!

    Welcome back! Here's the newest addition to Halfling force! He is as swift and furious as a gryphhound, and makes up for his size with unparalleled bravery and cockiness! Meet Sparkles the rooster! Sparkles will be attending local Coalescence event, along with Halfling Free Peoples army and a Steam Tank. Expect coverage of that event soon after! That's it for today! Hope you like what I've got, Until next time!
  8. AKING

    Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    I think a few Knight-incantators as allies will be very useful. Some casting + ability to autodispell is going to be crucial!
  9. AKING


    Thank you! Expect more in the future!
  10. Halflings are back again!! This time the hobbit forces attended a doubles tournament in Ohio hosted by "Rend 4, Age of Sigmar War Gaming" club! An unlikely alliance was formed between the forces of the Moot and the bloody pillagers of Khorne. Here's a bit of fluff on that! Since I didn't attend a tourney for a while, I wanted to make this one special and make my first display board, and boy did it pay off! Event itself consisted of 16 teams and 32 players battling it off to see who was superior! Each player brought a 1000 point list, so in the end it was a 2000 point battle. There were three games, with each lasting three hours, which was more than plenty of time. Me and my teammate brought middle of the road lists and were just hoping to stay on mid tables, and man were we wrong. . Our first game was against double Slaves to Darkness list with lots of chaos knights, and Total Conquest scenario. The guys, Josh and Nick, were newer players, but knew their rules very well, and were great fun to play against! They decided to give us the first turn, and that was their biggest fault as both my teamamate and I got lucky on our run rolls and grabed the side objectives early on. From then on we just had to weather the knights' charge and stay put, as we had a large advantage in numbers! We got 30/30 points this game, scoring both our secondary objectives as well! Going into game two, we were slighlty fired up since we unexpectadly did so well our first game! This time, our opponents, Rob and Matt, combined the forces of Nurgle and Daughers of Khaine (They also might have had one of the best team names "Dirty Girls"). The scenario was Starstrike. The first objective fell right into the middle of the table and large unit of bloodletters quickly snatched it away. However what the game came down to was where the other two objectives were going to fall, and they dropped exactly where we wanted them to, which won us the game. However, by the end of the game there was only one brave halfling left on the table. This game we also scored 30/30 possibe points! Pressure was one! Doing way better than we thought we would, our last game was against the "Defending Champs", Michael and Roger, who also scored 60/60 possible points so far. While we were excited to be on table 1, we also knew that now we were playing against top players. Our opponents brough a Stormcast and a Fyreslayers alliance list (+ flamesphyre pheonix). The scenario was Scorched Earth, and quite honestly we got pretty schooled this game. Our opponents outplayed us every turn, and we lost a crucial priority roll in the middle of the game. I also did not use my griffon as effectively as I could've, which Roger pointed out in the end of the game. Overall, we got crushed, but managed to score 5 points (due to the kindness of our opponents). This game was defientely a learning experience and showed us that there is much room for growth! In the end of the tournament we finished 5th out of 16 teams. Not too bad considering we were hoping for mid-tables! What was the most exciting though is that we got both "Best Combined Alliance" and "Best Chaos Alliance"! On the side note, there was also a pianting competition and my halfling ranger ended up taking home "Best Painted Single Model" award! At the end of the day, this was an absolutely amazing event, with a great TO and community which loves their hobby! There is also talk of even bigger GT-type event in the future, which is very exciting! ****Here's a link to the "Rend 4, Age of Sigmar Wargaming Club". You guys should definetely check them out! It's a very active Age of Sigmar group in Ohio, with some amazing people running it!*** https://www.facebook.com/groups/Rend4/?fref=gs&dti=274472279563016&hc_location=group_dialog That's it this time! Hope you like what I've got, Until next time!
  11. AKING

    Troggoth Hag painted

    The eyes look incredible!
  12. AKING


    Absolutely! Thank you!!
  13. AKING

    Finished tending to Nurgles Gardener

    Very Cool! Great job on the basing too!
  14. AKING

    Da Big Blue Fist: Leaders

    Damn! These look fantastic and the color scheme works so well! Keep em coming!
  15. AKING

    Halflings claim Best Order!!

    Ahhaha, yes I definitely need to!