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  1. Awesome Breakdown! Makes me want to finally rebase all my skaven!!
  2. Thank you! There’s more coming!
  3. Oh love it! I’ll post as the army grows 😁
  4. Thank you! I believe most of them are bits from the duadrin set.
  5. Hi there again, Finally got a little more hobby done. This time it’s an addition to Halfling greatswords! I still need to complete a standard banner, and then a unit of 20 will be complete. These are part of a small force for a local escalation league that starts in January. Next are demigryph knights and a free guild general! Also, I know I promised Halfling crossbowmen last time, so here’s a little WIP shot. Hope you like what I’ve got! Untile next time.
  6. They look awesome. I think in a right set up, these guys can be really good. They are cheap for an elite troop, especially when you take 30 of them. Keep em close and use the +1 to save trait to survive longer at 3+ save/ give them griffons ability +1 to hit for combat, so you are potentially looking at 61 attacks 2+/ 3+/ -1/ 1. They can be pretty nasty 😉
  7. You really do a phenomenal job with your free peoples! Love the leopard pattern! Keep em coming! *Also, what list do you currently run?
  8. That is awesome! Such a cool idea to include the animals too! Especially love the fox 😄
  9. Halflings are back after another three-month hiatus! It seems to be the trend for this blog. Anyway, a few days ago I was lucky to play my good friend Chuck Moore at local FLGS. He brought his Daughters of Khaine that he is taking to a Narrative Realms at War (RAW) event in England! Here's a link to his blog! (In case you guys didn't know Chuck has a blog). http://therealmgate.blogspot.com We played Blood and Glory scenario, which worked to my benefit since I could bunch up a lot of my key units in one corner, with them benefiting from one another. Long story short, I was able to outshoot his army and my Griffon was a total meatgrinder on his one charge, so by turn four there was not much left of the poor ladies. I will say that I'm definitely more of a competitive rather than a narrative player, so I had a tough time getting into a narrative playstyle. However, Chuck managed to keep the game very lighthearted and made it fun, letting me know when I was taking the game a bit too seriously. In the end, while neither army won major, Halfling snatched a minor victory! Another win for the small guys! Currently, I'm working on a unit of Halfling crossbowmen so expect some progress shots of those in the future. That's it for today! Hope you like what I've got, Until next time!
  10. While there may not be an official halfling army, there is nothing stopping you from making your own and playing it as Free Peoples! Check out my blog on that:
  11. Nice! You should get some games in and post it!
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