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  1. Quick custom of the Warden- my wife requested a female warband leader!
  2. TremaPDX


    no... I just made them to look cool on the display board
  3. TremaPDX


    Thank you! Yeah, the White Lion Chariot lions.
  4. TremaPDX


    I made a custom warscroll, basing it off the White Lion Chariot. Just for fun
  5. Hi all, I'm very new to any sort of competitive gaming, but I've been painting and building a Stormcast army for a while. I've played just a handful of games (like, 5.. literally) and have an actual tournament coming up this weekend. I'm trying to get my 2k army situatied, and I've landed on a list that includes the Lord Celestant on Stardrake. I have a question about one of the possible abilities for the drake; Storm-Winged. It states one enemy unit you fly over in the movement phase can take D3 mortal wounds on a 2+. My question... if my Stardrake is engaged in combat... can he retreat in the next movement phase over the enemy unit that's in front of him and do some damage? She'll have to land more than 3" away from an enemy, and can't charge that turn... but free mortal wounds? Is that correct?
  6. TremaPDX


    I don't think so... might have been from a box of Prosecutors.
  7. Great points, all. I do see that with the Celestant on foot & Castellant, there are a lot of moving parts. Especially when I start thinking about adding Protectors and Thunderhead Brotherhood liberators/judicatory to set up a wall of defense/offense. I want to use a Celestant-Prime, and try to get him buffed with +1 to hit and save before launching him into to stuff mid-game. I need to set these guys up physically on the table and see how they fit and how I can move them.
  8. My question is, why not both?
  9. Quick question, and I apologize if this was discussed elsewhere- but why the auto-pick of Castellant with Staunch Defender over a Celestant? It seems to me you get the benefit of the Celestant's general ability plus the Staunch Defender (+1 to hit AND saves with the Celestant on foot). Why lose the + to hit?
  10. TremaPDX

    Portland, OR

    Hi! Are you guys still playing?
  11. I wouldn't mind at all if you made your own lion unit!
  12. thanks for all the kind words!
  13. TremaPDX


    Lions of Sigmar
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