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Name Your Hero (if you like)


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I love this guy's (https://www.realmofplastic.com) name generators!

I have decided, however, to really branch out creatively to name my Stormcast Lord Celestant on Stardrake. I'm taking the Table One parts from the stormcast doc and then the Table Two parts from the Gloomspite Gitz doc:

Vandwonk Hawksniffa, Fist of 'iz own backside

Has quite the ring to it!

Alternatively I can play it a bit straighter and take part of the LCoSD's old name and finish it with the SC doc:

Steelkex Steelheart, Hammer of the Mortal Realms.


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1 minute ago, Praecautus said:

Thanks, great model to build and paint. Whenever I post a pic all I can see is the bad join in the cape which I didn’t see until too late.

Oh I have a ton of models like that! I want to fix every single one but in reality the best thing is to just move on, just move along to the next unpainted mini.

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My Arch-Warlock is called Skurrilious Maus. Brave, heroic, powerful: these are all words used by him (and pretty much only him) to describe himself. Genuinely clever and a competent inventor, he is nevertheless nowhere near the genius he believes himself to be, but persists in a sort of scavenger hunt across the realms, hoping to find something he can use to unlock the secrets of Blōmafyrn, the Broken World... 

Then they'll see... They'll all see!

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Well for my current path to glory warband I have Vlad Von Carstein, last of the elector counts, true emperor of man and lord of the midnight aristocracy... because i'm using my old Vlad model and wanted the guy back in AoS...

But i'm working on a mounted Slaanesh lord for another path to glory that I will be kitbashing a model for, taking a steed of slaanesh and setting it on the side of a 60mm base (for a mounted lord of slaanesh) sort of in the same style a a mighty lord of khorne or skarsnik and taking a slaanesh icon from the sprew for my warshrine to make a banner to be planted in the back of the base, then magnetizing the center so that i can slot in my slaves to darkness lord of chaos on foot, who's helmet i will be swapping out for the more greek style helmet os either a hellstrider or maybe see if my idoneth buddy has any spare helmets kicking around. Since there is artwork out there of greek themed slaanesh mortals his name shall be 'Dionadys of the untold odyssey' with his goal in the path to glory campaign being for his exploits to be written into a great story (figured it would be a decent enough departure from most peoples ideas of a slaanesh lords goals while still staying artsy and a little pretentious) 

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My nurgle armies are led by two squabbling Great Unclean One brothers. 

One is Bho’Od’Jee Gutterbutter, an unusually serious and stern GUO that prefers to wage war with only his daemon followers, preferring to put his foes to the dirt with a vast, rust encrusted sword.


The other is Mondo Excrementus, the Lord of Lurgy, the Duke of Puke, the Ayatollah of E-ah-Bola, a grand standing, French Duke of a GUO, who prefers the company of his mortal followers and basking in their awe and adoration. He rings his bell when ever he goes to war, and his herald announces his every step, so that all may bask in his glory.


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Terrible paint-job but one of the first I did but anyway this is Vox Necrosyrtes aka The Vulture and his legion of the damned, The Vulture’s Wake.

Vox Necrosyrtes being very bad Latin for the ‘the voice that pulls the dead’.

Quick summary of his backstory, wizard who lived just outside of a small town in Shyish, was generally tolerated but distrusted and left alone. Over the years as generations passed and he remained experimenting in his tower he became more of a figure of fear, a bogeyman for town kids who nicknamed him the Vulture after his resemblance, both physical (his big collar and bald head) & behavioural (rumoured to drag away the dead for nefarious reasons) to the great bone picking  birds of the desert.

(incidentally that’s where I got his true name from as the hooded vulture’s Latin  name is necrosyrtes monachus).

so anyway finally the town mayor needing to distract from his disastrous plan to build a wall around the town and rumours of collusion with an enemy state decides to make a scapegoat of old Vox and sends his troops to arrest him on trumped up charges.

Vox is actually a fairly friendly necromancer, as they come if entirely insane,  just wanting to experiment in peace and learn the secrets of death. He’s out in the desert communing with the spirit (host) of his mentor when the nervous troops arrive and in a panic butcher his assistant and servants.

when he does come back to find the loutish soldiers despoiling his desmense he goes ape-****** and blasts them with a withering gale of raw Shyishian magic stripping the very flesh from their bones and condemning them to an unlife of servitude.

Rousing his newly acquired Skeleton warband, now known as The Vulture’s Wake (a wake being the collective noun for vultures, describing how they follow in his path and the obvious funerary aspect - just in case I haven’t tortured language enough already) he marches on the town, driven mad in anger he orders his ‘men’ to devastate it.

The town mayor is pulled from his chambers and cast low before our hero, deflensed  and has his clattering, chattering bones hoisted up onto the town’s tattered banner to forever recite a litany if his sins and warn all who would challenge the wizard in future (I plan to redo the standard bearer and add some mayoral accoutrements to the bones atop the standard).

Now Vox travels through the wilderness each unfortunate town or village he comes across swelling his warbands numbers, each barrow and gravesite defiled releasing the spirits within to turn their chill gaze on the living.

etc etc.

Terrible pics as well as dodgy paint jobs but all I have on me right now.



wasnt really a quick summary was it... I did skip a load though so be thankful for that, I could have started the story with Vox as a small orphan child growing up on the streets of... 😴😴😴



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Skratt - A devious little runt, who, quite frankly, got lucky a lot. Improbably lucky. He always got *nearly* eaten by the squigs, or *almost* stepped on by the Dankhold Troggoth's, or *barely* drowned in the Chief's looted tun of wine.


He was so lucky, that when his team who were out on a Squig hunt managed to bed down amongst a bunch of toxic gas vents, he instead got the spores from a Badloon Bossfungus buried into his head.


This of course inevitably made him smarterz sneakier and bigger than before but he never quite lost his luck.


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My Bloodstoker, the Warlord of my army in the local slow-grow league, is named Flense. That's it. He's picked up a few titles, such as The Quick, and The Vicious, and even The Strategist...but he's always Flense to me, a simple man with simple passions and a solid work ethic.

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This is the leader of my Chaos Dwarves: Lord Zarados the Inordinate, Arch-Sorcerer of Zharr Azmantar, along with some of his sorcerous disciples.

He believes that his epithet stems from the fact that no one has ever counted him and lived. However his rivals whisper that its is actually because he cannot be counted upon...

The other demonsmiths and sorcerers have tried to oust him from power many times. However he has the support of his brother General Screed who control's the city's military with an iron fist, and has a vested interest in routing out assassins and keeping Lord Zarados in power.


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Meet my tribe's bray shaman, Vorgrar Palehide.


And here's his apprentice, Wormbiter the Runt. He's in charge of making the pigment for the warpaint.


And, although the model is (still, to my shame) unpainted, here's the beastlord they both pay allegiance to, Renglor Darkhorn, atop his mount Chariot, who is some sort of degenerate, mutated cygor.


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