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  1. In case anyone missed it, the UK ordering point is via Zavvi. Mythic edition only https://www.zavvi.com/toys-games/heroquest-board-game-by-haslab-hasbro/12706785.html
  2. I'm looking at Sons of Behemat differently I'm seeing them as an experiment by GW, they're testing to see what people's single model price point tolerance is, and whether there's demand for big monster armies. This I suspect is a follow on to Beast Claw Raiders and the Thunder Lizards style armies that generated a lot of talk on social media when they came out. If the concept is a commercial success, particularly if Mega Gargants start turning in in people's armies then we'll get more models. Almost certainly another type of Mancrusher-sized Gargant, maybe even a kit that themes them alo
  3. The UV set resin from Green Stuff World works well and is slightly flexible so shouldn't break. Takes colour well from paints like the Citadel Contrast range or the Forge World clear air paints (which can be brushed on)
  4. This is AoS All the Lore crazy fantatics died with the Old World Only cool people left who'd say "go for it"
  5. GW resellers are definitely getting less stock as the production is focused onto keeping the webstore up and stocked a lot of the time.
  6. Getting used to saving up is my suggestion If you'd buy a £35 box a month collecting a normal army, put that money aside and spend it in 2-4 months time on the model. It's tough but the prices aren't going to drop any time soon
  7. Drybrushing has always been my go-to for large fleshy areas Base Bugman's Glow Layer on Cadian Fleshtone Wash Reikland Fleshshade Drybrush Cadian Fleshtone Drybrush Kislev Flesh Though tbh, having done a GUO using Darkoath Flesh Contrast paint I'm likely to do just that, and then use Drybrushing to vary the colour a bit
  8. Overall, you won't save any money. You could achieve similar armies by investing £32 a month in the hobby for the 2+ years it takes to get everything via a regular trade seller who offers a bit of discount. Also bear in mind that Hatchette have absolutely terrible customer service, with the 40k version, the Customer service team and Community team had to step in on several occasions to resolve missing or forgotten orders
  9. Each Knight will be different, either in layout or colours or both
  10. I'm not sure how close I'll come to the official board as I want to mount mine on squares or rectangles with a magnetic underside, so I can paint and base them to match my Aqshy themed terrain and then attach it to a magnetic whiteboard. Idea being to be a little like a Zone Mortalis board and be able to move pieces around but have them firmly held in place
  11. I'm liking Zarbag's Gitz as a core force, 3 x Shootas 1 x Herda 1 x Netta 2 x Squigs Add to that a Boingrotz Boss and it feels like a "knight" and his hunting party, leaving another 170 points free, for a couple of Stabbas or a 3rd squig.
  12. Same! Pretty much what I'd use though maybe with some more Mortal Realms style names Nexus / Realmdust for middle and edge, since they don't spin something like Suntrack (for clockwise), and Widdershins for anticlockwisw
  13. Been a while but managed to sit down to paint my test model for the Knights that go BOOIIIIINNNGG First time trying quartering, it's worked out quite well I think Other ideas to try will be checks and chevrons
  14. Loving the hyper realistic colour scheme you've used
  15. I've got to get a wiggle on with the Knights that go BOOOINNNG Got 10 Bretonian Knights of the Realm heads ready to cut up and Goblinify to use on the models
  16. I've been using the racks from TT Combat
  17. I hope so, set it in the ruins if Excelsior, the areas that haven't really recovered due to the events of the City of Secrets. Introduce Skaven, Fyreslayers and Khadaron Mercanaries and you'll have a fun time
  18. My gut instinct based on the shelf space of a typical one man store is we're reaching saturation point for factions, which is why we're seeing more consolidation since Beasts of Chaos. We've got 3 major "known" factions left, Aelves from Hysh, Aelves from Uglu and Ogors (which I think will see the Beastclaws folded back into Gutbusters) On top of that we seem to have one more Death faction left. All told that's enough along with Warcry to take us to the end of 2020
  19. Lucio

    Warcry wishlisting!

    I hope they AoSify them though. A race of Duardin who worship Chaos as the Consumer of All. Fond of burning things, tend towards making their bodies as heat proof as possible to better demonstrate their devotion. Half fire elemental - Half duardian daemons, Bull Centaurs become brass constructs, etc.
  20. First off, giving a bonus for winning is a sure fire way to suck the fun out of the tournament. The best players will get a bigger advantage. Secondly, if you are set on the idea, don't make up new items, use the Realm based ones from Malign Sorcery, they're ideal and can tie into where the campaign is located. Personally what I'd do is this Battle One - Objective based fight, winner starts the next fight as the defender Battle Two - Defend the treasure, pick a scenario that means the defender counts up a score to try and unlock the tomb
  21. Looking forward to this tome, paired up the forces have a decent synergy, a mix of cheaper numerous troops and more elite models. Mixing Gore Gruntas, and Boar Boyz will be fun
  22. I'm leaning towards Setra, the overall feel suggests Arabic / Egyptian influences, and the tombs stacked up appear to be a general pyramid shape, plus the heavy bone influence. I don't think it'll be the Tomb Kings per se, I think it'll be more about Undead constructs and animated statues. Things like the Necrosphynx, the Bone Giant, the bone Chariots and the Screaming Skull catapult are all fairly unique concepts. What we likely won't see are mummys, priests or quite so much of an Egyptian feel I also think the Ogor is going into a boxed set release with th
  23. Has to be Cities of Sigmar. They're not an army I play, or likely want to play but they round off the "normal" side of the Mortal Realms. With their background established, and the concepts finalised we'll have completed the move into a fully fledged game world and from here on out we'll see the more unique aspects explored and formalised.
  24. Lucio

    Warcry wishlisting!

    I'm looking forward to a "Gods" supplement, whereby your warband pledges themselves either to a specific Chaos god *or* follows the Chaos Undivided route The former get to elevate their leader to the status of the iconic warrior of that faction, the latter follow the Chaos Lord / Knight approach. I'd also like the rules to be used for a supplement set in Excelsior, in the aftermath of the City of Secrets novel. The ruined slum areas home to various gangs, the militia squads trying to keep order, the skaven burrowing up to infiltrate the city, and the remnants of
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