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  1. Had a game of Soulbound on Thursday with some folks at my club, a mix of RPG experience and no experience. We are part way through an adventure set in Brightspear. We had fun and plan to finish the adventure on 16th I am no expert on RPG rules, but it seemed very fluid and straight forward. We did not have to look in the rule book once. That seems good My group all play 40k and no AoS but after all seemed interested in the setting and one guy said he may build an army.
  2. Got a couple here. A top down at set up and an action shot. The terrain is the ruined village from battle systems which cost 25 and filled the mat. It’s probably not legally placed in this game vs my son, was just for fun I have really started to appreciate the value of garrisoning, especially buffs extending from the scenary as opposed to the model. For a Khorne army that’s pretty handy
  3. I hereby rename Lumineth realm lords as lumineth over lords LOL
  4. I have been struggling with motivation. I want to finish my 5 chaos knights of Khorne. And then I really need to work on something else, just not sure. Maybe some Idoneth or something
  5. I’ll second the daemon prince, you will determine when the battles happen. Denying movement is so important and with the battlefield sizes an 18 inch range is oppressive. He can the fight first and will do MW with his sword. I would also consider making a Bloodsecrator your general. He has a 3+ save which is golden and will make it harder for him to be blasted off the board. Especially if garrisoned (which you should be doing to boost aura range) and if you have bronze flesh to boost his save more. It will help deny the opponent an easy battle tactics and vp
  6. If spider dude isn’t called Harry-adnie it’s a poor world. Also pretty sure he is not chaos. As much as I love the old realm of chaos half human/half animal look. The star has curved points so doesn’t match a typical chaos star.
  7. Maybe look into War of the Ring. It’s an amazing board game that is very narrative and strategic. It’s hard to do it justice, but maybe this review will
  8. When 40k first came out it was very much a narrative type game, so much so it needed 3 players. One per side and a GM. I have fond memories and still remember the scenarios we created and fought over, my space orks trying to reclaim the booze and dubious magazines my friends space wolves had ‘confiscated’ (hey we were teenagers!) is still clear in my mind. However as an adult now I am playing pick up games at my club and that makes matched easier. Saying that some of my best recent memories of games are using the open ear cards as the random scenarios are fun. I did try to get a narrative campaign going but it took a lot of effort and fizzled out 😥 Recently my son and nephew have got more interested in AoS so this may be a time to revisit the open / narrative and try a short campaign with them.
  9. Oh yes the warshrine is a very good unit. Embarrassed I missed it. If you have slaves it will buff them plus give it a ward. Marauders especially will like it as it’s your best vehicle for curse. In addition it does not take a leader slot
  10. The good news is all slaves units which can take a mark of Khorne can be added to you blades of Khorne army. So long as they have the Khorne Mark they count as coalition and 2 in every 4 units in your blades army can be slaves units w Khorne Mark. Just to note they can not be your general Units which are decent in Khorne are Archaon, daemon prince, lord on krakadrak, lord on manticore, marauders, warriors and knights. Other are also viable but these probably add some of the most obvious synergies and fill holes in the army. Archaon is a real killer and synergises well with the buffs daemon prince has a great command ability which really favours a melee army Karkafdrak lord is a beat stick and tank and synergises well, even more so if you bring knights manticore lord can be a real blender on the charge w certain artefact combinations Marauders are a decent unit that can do a lot of damage and do a vile charge knigyts add speed and rend so make an laternative to eg skull reapers warriors make a very good anvil for us
  11. Had a great 1000 point game w my son at the weekend. He beat me by 1 point over the 5 rounds. Real nail biter and close. Can’t wait for the next one
  12. while the new slaves look dynamic I can’t get over the fact some of the warriors look like they are hitting the floor or tripping over. I ended up buying two boxes of old chaos warriors and knights as there is something about the uniform look I very much like. Which is ironic for a chaos army. I think there is an argument for less is more over some of the more modern fussy models. If one examines a painting then very often the detail is pared back to give an impression. And I feel that is true for minis. I recall over lock down painting some GW minis and just stopping as they were not fun. I switched to painting Star Wars rebellion and it was a blast. Tiny tiny models but enough detail to allow the eye to get a hook on what it was looking at. Amazing fun painting x wings or at ats while listening to John Williams
  13. Not making much progress. It feels like I have been working on these for forever. Still horses nearly done and then onto the riders. I should do the other 5 next but I think I want to paint something different next.
  14. The juggerlord is pretty decent, tanky and can pump out damage w gorecleaver and hew the foe. If you plan to add juggernauts he is a no brainier. The mighty lord of Khorne is also a good option. He had a 3+ save and an unbind. His axe will make opponents question where to put a monster or hero. Three fun ways to build him, goretide w hew the foe and gorecleaver. This gets rend and extra damage increasing chance a wound will get through. Reapers w Mage eater for 2 x unbinds and first unbind giving D6 MW on an 8. You can also add skillshard mantle to make a decent antimagic hero. Finally, No host and have bezerker lord and gorecleaver for a ward and rend. I would look to add a second hammer. Skullreapers are a decent unit and a source of MW. They will do a lot more than reavers with a Bloodsecrator and wrathmonger buffs. At 4+\4+ And coherency, reavers will struggle to do anything regardless of the number of attacks. I would be tempted to drop 10 reavers and the wrathmongers for 5 skullreapers Dont underestimate the bloodstoker, he can get people across the board fast and reroll all wounds is super nice. But you may not be able to fit him in yet w general and secrator
  15. Thanks for this. Really useful insights. I am trying to grow AoS at one of my local clubs and was thinking path to glory. But they are all experienced gamers so maybe the min 1k and escalate quickly approach over PtG for those who want would be good.
  16. Good points. Maybe less to be worried about.
  17. I know. It’s a lot at the moment and another rise obviously has an impact. On the bright side I am making an assumption that it will impact GW. But board games manufacturers are having to/have raise prices so there is a precedent. Maybe GW are big enough to absorb the costs and or things will start to come back down over 2022. If not it it’s hard not to see the cost being passed onto the consumer. Particularly non UK 😟
  18. While not GW specific. This article talks about the big issues with shipping containers and the impact on board game makers. It will be impacting GWalso. Strap in for some price rises as they claw back costs on containers which cost 3k but now cost 40k https://time.com/6096497/board-games-shipping-crisis/?fbclid=IwAR092ysTtaakbBWPekRfC9qry9u2x1iwhtGx1UzHGE2s24oZK4Ng2TavzQk
  19. I was initially really cool on AoS 3.0 as my army was messed up and did n it transition well. However in recent weeks I have started to warm to it. This is mostly driven by my son and nephew rekindling their interest. We have had a few games at home and at element games (first time been, was great). I am not as positive o 3 as I was on 2 prelockdown, but you know what, having games w my family is a lot of fun and the trajectory is upwards.
  20. That’s what a bloodreavers hit on a 4+ looks like
  21. Daemon prince and crown are some of the first things on my lists nowadays. Controlling the flow of battle is important to us
  22. I have given up on goretide. Hew the foe is nice but I don’t value the other aspects of it. Buffs to reavers and warriors run/charge isn’t that amazing on a smaller field. Likewise the wound roll buff isn’t great for units that struggle to hit anything. Reapers has been more of a goto host now, even if running mortals. The antimagic is too useful. With save stacks and the 2+ magic shrug item my general is hard to kill thus denying a source of VP.
  23. Thanks everyone for the advice. I think we have a bit of plan with the ironclad, start collecting and arkanaughts. That gives him enough for some practice games as he plans later steps. Looking forward to it
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