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  1. Praecautus

    AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

    Hi fishkin, I am slowly building my deepkin list to 2k and wanted some advice on next steps. Currently I have the following Akhelian king/Volturnus Soulscryer Soulrender Tidecaster 10 reavers 10 thralls 6 Morsarr Guard eels I would prefer to avoid the eel span lists and like to play with the infantry starting with eels and king deepstriking in. My current thought to get close to 2k is 6 more Morsarr and an aspect of the storm. I would like to squeeze another unit of thralls in if possible. Before I commit the funds are there any thoughts eg drop the aspect for more bodies?
  2. Praecautus

    The Painting Contract - January 2019

    Soulrender done. Also painted 3 soul snare shackles, built rogue trader and know no fear - 2019 going well
  3. How about something a bit more left field than 2 armies, how about e.g. Monster hunters Comes with s couple or destruction war bands, some giants and a playmat. The players control the warbands and a simple AI or other player controls giant(s). Aim to capture the giant for the glory of your warband. On the other side all models combine into one army.
  4. Praecautus

    Low Points Games...Who's Playing Them?

    I play 1k quite a bit, mainly for similar reasons. I find the games fun and not so much of a mental challenge. Just be aware some armies scale better at 1k and others are better at higher points. So you may need to experiment a bit with builds. For example I find my Idoneth perform better at 1k than my khorne, mainly due to how the armies work ie Idoneth units are more self sufficient than khorne ones.
  5. I found it invaluable to make two interlinked lists to help manage my painting/buying. Basically I have to paint so much before I can buy an item. What I need to buy - I drop in what I need to complete a project eg an army. Painting order list - this lists what is next on the table to complete projects. Each item is either a hero, unit or scenery piece. I also drop in a few purchases every 2 to 3 items so I can see what I have early as I go along. I review both lists al the time and move items about the painting order, add/remove purchases This system allows me to stay focussed and make progress. I can drop in the latest shiny things but more often than not I see that they lose their appeal once the hype dies down, I rarely buy things when they come out with system, and items often come off the to buy list. So I know what is on the buy list is usually something I need as opposed to want. I try to paint my leaders and units to a similar level to keep the consistent look across army. For units I tend to paint 5 models at a time but I mix in other things to break it up eg I leave washes to dry over night, so in this down time I make progress on another item in the current batch of items.
  6. Praecautus

    The Painting Contract - January 2019

    This month - Finish soul render Paint 3 eels - to complete 1k of Idoneth Paint some Rogue Trader models TBC Help my son build Know no Fear Build the Rogue Trader scenery
  7. Praecautus

    The Painting Contract - December 2018

    Hurrah 12 months of painting done! I decided to look back at what I painted this year Shadows over Hammerhal -1 cogsmith -1 Loremaster -1 Lord castellant and griffhound -1 dark elf pirate dude -1 chaos sorc -10 blood reavers -10 kairic acolytes -5 blight kings Wrath of Khorne blood thirster Chaos warshrine 5 blood reavers Gorechosen set -1 aspiring deathbringer -1 slaughterpriest -1 exalted deathbringer -1 skull grinder 1 chaos chariot 1 gaunt summoner 1 Akhelian king 10 namarti thralls 10 namarti reavers 1 tidecaster 1 soulscryer 1 chromatic cogs
  8. Praecautus

    AoS 2 - Slaves to Darkness / Darkoath Discussion

    It doesn’t stack as it’s an aura affect as opposed to the model granting an ability. The wording says you roll if the model being allocated the wound is in range of a shrine. There are other examples of an aura not stacking eg blood secrator and aspiring deathbringer.
  9. Praecautus

    The Painting Contract - December 2018

    Going to finish this before 2019!
  10. Praecautus

    The Great TGA Christmas Thread!

    I received a box of eels and some azyrite ruins that I can use instead of the flying stands for my eel units. I also got Rogue Trader which I am really looking forward to painting. I know it’s not AoS but the quality of the minis is important for me 😀
  11. Praecautus

    Blood for the Blood God !

    Lots of friendly khorne players about, welcome aboard 😀
  12. Praecautus

    What setting would you like for future WHQ releases?

    A jungle in the realm of life. Using a system like blackstone where The initial cards are exploring the jungle and then the battle cards are eg temples, villages etc to explore
  13. Praecautus

    Blood for the Blood God !

    Hi. Make sure to check out the let's chat khorne thread.
  14. Praecautus

    The Rumour Thread

    I manage to pause it on that spot. I agree look like the current start collecting boxes, 17 are listed if I counted right but 18 are on the gw page. Most I recognised eg seraphon but some too blurry to see if new or current . There are quite a few plans and a page or 2 at least of rules for skirmish Also some shadespire stuff in there. Looks like maps and rules. I saw something on mercenaries for kill team and crimson fists Managed to get the back cover
  15. Praecautus

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Hey Khorne dogs. I need some advice - should I buy wrath and rapture? I mainly run a mortal army based around gorepilgrims and summon in what I need. In terms of daemons for summoning I have the following 10 blood letters, 1 wrath of khorne thirster, skull cannon and heard on foot. Plus a prince, I know can't be summoned. I don't play in tournaments but likewise want to give my opponents a good game with an army that doesn't fold instantly. The gore pilgrims lists I use tend to meet that requirement. I have noticed I tend to have more tithe than models to summon. I was initially quite excited by wrath and rapture, but the rules and points changes are making me rethInk. It seems 20 letters would be a more worthwhile investment for now, then hounds when released singly.