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  1. The daemon prince Ophiocordyceps. General of my Slaves to Nurgle force. I need to do the base but the mini itself is done and I am pretty pleased with it.
  2. Had a battle last night vs cities of Sigmar - living city. Played focal points and won on points. This was my second game with the new daemon prince warscroll and I have to say I am impressed. His ability to debuff run and charge is fairly brutal, it really helps counter initiative loss as you can stop units engaging and then counter charge. I had him equipped with thronebreakers so he was very hard to shift, even with shooting thanks to lookout sir. If I had a second, I would take 2! Countercharging and goretribe work very well with him, you can hold units in place before hitting them with a unit you want. I managed to get the manticore lord charge off twice, in both times he had killing frenzy. He did a crazy amount of damage thanks to the daemon sword and lance w gorecleaver combination.
  3. I have had quite a busy hobby start to the year. I have done the following Introduced my club to Zombicide Invader, and had many fun games with them as well as with my son and his mate Painted scenery for my club Started a slow grow Slaves to Nurgle army Played several games of slow grow and have a 2k game tonight where my new manticore lord gets an outing. Some pics
  4. It’s a functional army so would give it a go. Over time I would consider dropping the letters as 10 is not good for them and replacing with eg wrathmongers and or skull reapers. i would split the bloodwarriors and reavers into 5s and 10s, respectively. karanak does not take a leader, he is a unique hero which makes him really interesting to take as leader slots are at a premium plus he brings some useful abilities.
  5. Well despite the FAQ, I am pushing on with my daemon prince and Slaves to nurgle army. Update on the prince. Starting to look suitably gross. Moving on to the horns, teeth and weapons tomorroe
  6. Some great minis so far! Very fun impressive all round. from my side, this Khorne Lord is done. I will be slightly sad to have finished him as he turned in to quite a fun project. On the other hand, a new sow grow project has started in the form of Slaves to nurgle. Just working on the skin for this prince. I think I may add some agrax and blood for the blood god to the recesses, as though the skin has broken
  7. Finish painting my deepkin - it’s only 3 models! Build a Slaves of Nurgle army Keep on with the Khorne army Play more games, helping others to get started try not to buy more than I can paint
  8. Slaves to Darkness was incredible. Full of so much - interesting rules, lore, artwork, stories. I still remember the story about the two brothers that started each chapter - 1 went Khorne and the other Slaanesh and it followed them to their ends. Personally I blame the parents for letting both kids go off the rails like that. i never had The lost and the damned, but I wish I had!
  9. Got to work on a Chaos marked lord to ride the manticore I finished before Christmas. Just base coats at the moment and I still need to work on the weapons.
  10. So new year and new army. Decided to make a thematic nurgle force. The Ophiocordycepian Despoilers to join my local store slow grow league. This month I want to get and build the starting units. Paint the Daemon prince of nurgle - Ophiocordyceps - this is real life weird fungus which infects ants and turns them into zombies 🧟‍♂️ Build 20 marauders Build a chaos sorcerer lord I also need to finish the Khorne rider for my manticore. progress so far
  11. The summon rules on daemon scrolls were made defunct with AoS 2 and the GHB 2018 which introduced the Khorne and Tzeentch summon rules. when pinks die you gain blue horror points which are spent on the Tzeentch summoning table. This is only available to disciples of Tzeentch armies not Slaves alligience
  12. @Overread hah, actually the first photo are various models I acquired in a few years of Khorne in AoS and hammerhal. What I had not appreciated was that when the new tome landed I pretty much had an army the had appeared by stealth. A few units or warriors and or knights and I will have about 2k haha. I don’t know if it will be any good though but it’s certainly unexpected
  13. There are no dice, all gaming decisions are made by appealing to the spectators who then vote. This did of course lead to the unfortunate incident regarding transferable votes. But that was soon FAQd
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