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  1. I am not a daemon player; however, make sure to take a blood secrator and 1-2 priests - their buffs are just too good to ignore You don’t say what list he is running, but assume he has 2-3 thirsters in there. After those, any other leaders are not going to fit in. Except karanak as he does not take a leader slot
  2. Up down left right over there that way or sir Terry
  3. I am starting to get really tempted by archaon as part of a Khorne army. With the buffs available to Khorne mortals and Dawkins he looks like he could be an absolute monster, 2+ save rerolling 1, yes please. Obviously a buff sponge, but then all Khorne monsters are
  4. Both units are good, but can be overshadowed. They do have uses. if building a khorgorath list then you should go skull fiend host to make the most of them. I would also consider upping to 6 (you could use 2 spawn as proxies for now) Reavers are not a hammer or anvil, but are a viable utility unit eg speed bump, objective grabber, source of tithe. They should be taken in units of 10 due to battleshock and should be armed with meatripper axes. You will need some other bigger hammer units and some good anvils. On that note Daemon prince, if you take him then give him the sword of judgement take another big hero sledgehammer, there are several good choices eg a thirster, manticore lord, juggernaut lord, etc Skull reapers are well worth investing in, 10 is a good start I would also look to add some blood warriors, 2 priests and a blood secrator. For battalions then gorepilgrims is a good start
  5. Ok, it’s a bit of cheat as they were started last month. But 5 flesh hounds completed - the goodest of boys
  6. Finish my flesh hounds Knosso Prond then either an allopex or magores fiends
  7. This article will be the best starting point https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/03/21/who-fights-first/ the banner is an ability not an activation to happens independently of unit activation. There was a big discussion about this on the khorne Facebook page too but it may be buried now
  8. As I understand. In your turn it’s when you want, in your opponents turn it’s after their start of turn abilities
  9. Probably similar to @TheCovenLord process Do I like the army? Get some units around a concept or theme and then lose a lot Read around and add units, as I like them but also with a view to doing ok Keep playing and tweaking the list, all the time I learning the warscrolls by playing Hit a list I like and understand Modify as needed based on the game Yes I end up with more models than needed and it’s not a fast process, but it’s my army and I know it well
  10. Been away on business, but now that I am back I can work in the final judgement. Everyone’s favourite- the wrath axe. This is a wip and was a trial of wet blending, something I rarely do. I am pretty happy with the outcome.
  11. Difficult poll. I went with splintered fang which had a certain something that appeals, but iron golems are a close second which for my Mortal Khorne army and would slot in. After that I am really not sure.
  12. and now the skulls are ready. Surprisingly fun little models to do.
  13. Thanks everyone for their input. Seems like BoC maybe a side project for my Khorne. Which sounds fun. But maybe not a stand-alone army for me right now. I do like the models and the idea of mixing some into my Khorne mortals from an aesthetic point of view. I am sure I’ll be dropping back into the thread from time to time to ask questions
  14. Question for the BoC players. I am considering starting a new project and I am trying to decide what it is. One option is a 2k BoC army that I could use alone or mix in with my Khorne. BoC already ticks some boxes for me e.g., do I like the models and fluff. I would be looking for something that scratches a different play style itch to my main two armies. Khorne has its synergies and flexibility of build, a play style I like a lot. My other army are Idoneth which are super fast, hit like a tank and have a lot of tricks. So my question is, how would you describe the BoC style? Ideally I would like something with a different feel to my other armies. Cheers
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