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  1. I have 2 gore beast chariots. Pretty good fun and as others have said people aim to take them out. I think pretty nifty unit and can do a job for us. Dont forget the bonus attacks on a big charge, which can be easier to do it whipped if you have Sayl the faithless you could deepstrike them too.
  2. I take one with 3 priests, love the prayers. Shrine had always been good in my Mortal army. Love whipping a mortal unit and getting the prayer off so they reroll all hits and wounds. The ward save just adds a bit of insult to injury 😀 for 160 pts I find it’s cheap to get in and takes a lot of flak so something more important is not being attacked.
  3. Definitely, I love my prince for this reason. one thing to note is you can only get 1 killing frenzy on him so the exploding 6 effect goes off on a 4 now.
  4. First part of the pledge is done. This is the last battle line unit for my deepkin, so they are now all painted. Onward to the next item - already I see myself getting distracted so need to stay on target 😀
  5. I think the dragon only really works in fun armies, he’s so big that he can be snarled up easily plus he is so expensive (model points as well as the points to provide buffs) that once tied up eating chaff you don’t have enough killing power to compete elsewhere and lose on objectives. Sorry to be the fun sponge 😕I want the big dragon to work but I struggle to see how
  6. I’m reminded of a joke My aelf has no nose. How does he smell? Fishy
  7. I fear just mentioning the words baby shark doo doo doo doo doo will have that in my head for days, in fact it’s too late
  8. I made some progress last month and ended up building several units, which was just what I realised I wanted to do as opposed to paint. At least I have loads of fun new models to play around with. For this month’s pledge I am going to 1. Finish off a unit of Namarti Thralls (final highlights on 5 and bases on all 10) 2. Paint Khorne Skull alter. 3. Paint 5 flesh hounds 4. And if time allows, start on my two allopex models while trying not to hum ‘baby shark’
  9. That was what I was thinking. Would rather spend the ££ on something more useful.
  10. I am wondering about buying Forbidden Power; however, before I do I wanted to know if there is there anything in Forbidden Power that is of use to use to a Khorne army? Obviously the spells are out, the engine may be ok(?) but what about items in the book?
  11. Thanks, it’s a discussion we are having in the club I am a member of and we have not come to a good decision yet. At the moment I think we will be playing it as DP are gained, but an FAQ would be appreciated. I assume that will be out soon enough.
  12. Hi Slaanesh-ies First off blood for the blood god! Now we have that nonsense out of the way, a question re endless spells. Do you gain depravity points if a generic endless spell eg aethervoid pendulum, cast by a Slaanesh leader causes wounds on an enemy leader? What if it was cast by an enemy leader ? I can understand a Slaanesh endless spell working that way, but the generic ones I can’t work out if points should be earned or not.
  13. Thanks, that’s the one. The MLoK is also a good recipient for it so he can fly about and smack something. Couple with some blood tithe andhe could be doing an 18 inch fly, plus charge, plus pile in. I may have to give it a go.
  14. Part of the mighty lords power is what he could do. His axe is so nice that opponents will react eg they won’t place a monster nearby if there is a chance it can 1-shotted, or they will dedicate resources to wipe him out. Which means the real damage dealers are left alone for turn. A useful artefact is the malign sourcery item that lets you fly, I forget the name, so he can hop over screens. But the build above is also very nice
  15. As the title says. Should they ignore los blocking ad they fly above it? I would think no as it get more complex
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