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  1. Praecautus

    The Rumour Thread

    Latest roll models is about spider fang grots...
  2. Bonus points for being able to post pictures of the list fully painted? Maybe further points if the list is photoed in one location but the units came from multiple painters and places around the world?
  3. Praecautus

    The Painting Contract - August 2018

    @syph0n, they are looking great. The full unit will be a sight to behold.
  4. Praecautus

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Anti magic is very viable, earlier in this thread is a discussion that brought up a great list tooled to take on Tzeentch. It's basically built to make magic hard to get off so as many unbinds as possible and then many units have MW negating abilities e.g. Chaos knights. It is an AoS 1 list though so points may have changed plus the 30 inch unbind range may allow this to be tweaked a bit further.
  5. Praecautus

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    I am entering a small local tournament. Any thoughts on my list before I submit? Sigmar store tournament Blades of Khorne Realm Ulgu Wrath of khorne bloodthirster - 320 -general -immense power -doppelgänger cloak Aspiring Deathbringer w goreaxe and skull hammer - 100 Slaughterpriest w wrathblade and slaughter hammer - 100 -bronzed flesh -brazen rune Slaughterpriest - 100 -bronzed flesh Slaughterpriest - 100 -bronzed flesh Blood secrator - 140 Bloodreavers (10) - 70 reaver blades horn Banner Bloodreavers (10) -70 reaver blades Bloodreavers (10)-70 reaver blades Blood reavers (10)-70 meat ripper axes Horn Banner Blood warriors (10) - 200 gorefists Banner Blood warriors (10)-200 double axes Banner Skull reapers (5) -170 Daemon weapons Soul tearer Banner Khorgorath -90 Gorepilgrims -200 1 command point comes to 2000 if I added up right
  6. Praecautus

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Looks fun, only thing to consider is the exalted death bringer who seems to generally under perform. You may be better with the blood stoker to help get those slow dudes over the battle field
  7. Praecautus

    The Painting Contract - July 2018

    Well didn't manage the reavers but I added the following to my khorne army
  8. Praecautus

    The Painting Contract - August 2018

    I am away for half this month on holiday so not so much painting time. So I will keep it easy, just a unit of Idoneth reavers. So far only got 4 of the 10 to wash stage, need to layer them still.
  9. Praecautus

    Sell Me Your Faction

    Can you answer yes to all of the following? If so khorne is for you Like eating toes? Having no shirt on and being whipped? Reaity splitting axes? Impractically decorated helmets? The patience of a monk painting bronze trim? patholoical dislike of magic? Axes? So many synergies that Einstein would weep tracking it? Well done, join Khorne
  10. Praecautus

    New Podcast! Comedians talk Sigmar!

    Tzeentch lunch time cracked me up - answer me these riddles three shut up Tzeentch, I jut want my meat pie
  11. Praecautus

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    It has to be daemon weapons for skull reapers, it's like comparing an AK47 with a rocket launcher that fires sharks!
  12. Praecautus

    Age of Sigmar and New Players

    I have had experience bringing on 4 or 5 people now, so me have stuck with AoS and others have not as the prefer 40k. The intro games I do are open play or bring some stuff, but maybe with an approximate point value Eg 1k. we avoid the scenary rules. I bring a mix of units that do different things to demonstrate different affects. We would focus on core rules and warscroll rules only, everything else are best added in later games. I will also take them through relevant books and explain concepts e.g. Army building, I also stay in contact and use our club Facebook to answer questions or have PM conversations. I am pleased to say 4 of the 5 have armies and 3 are regular AoS now.
  13. Praecautus

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Can still take extra - says so in core rules
  14. Praecautus

    The Painting Contract - July 2018

    Blood thirster coming together. Just the flail to go.
  15. Praecautus

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    I painted the full unit but blinged the leader and swapped axe and shield round. Kit bash was very simple - the cloak is from the chaos chariot set and axe is from skull reapers.