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  1. The Star Wars continues. Progress to date, this is about 3 weeks of painting. I hope you all don’t mind the clearly non AoS minis, buts it’s really helping to paint my progress in order to get the mojo back for painting
  2. Really nice. Like the scheme - ‘simple’ but effective
  3. I am working through Star Wars Rebellion and hope to have the Imperials completed in July plus make a start on the Rebels. So far I have painted 30 storm troopers, 24 tie fighters, 4 at at and 10 at at. Next up are 8 Gozanti assault carriers. Its not AoS so I won’t spam pics, but enjoy this tie fighter
  4. Wow great minis above. I have been trying to get my hobby mojo back. Star Wars Rebellion seems to have ignited it. Progress on the imperials - stormtroopers and tie fighters. Sorry it’s not AoS (yet)
  5. Apologies for non AoS minis. I have been struggling with motivation painting my minis up during lockdown, until I bought Star Wars Rebellion and decided it needed painting. It’s massively motivated me. I started yesterday on the stormtroopers and I got this far. I need to do the black parts of the armour and bases.
  6. I do the same build. It’s a great one on the charge but pray he does not get bogged down in combat. just to note it is 7 damage on the lance, the +1 applies after the gorecleaver effect.
  7. Yes. Entirely optional to pay back and suggests they are in a healthy position. The spectator are the only company I know to be paying it back in the UK. Ikea are doing the same in other countries. It does depend a lot on sector though, I can’t see many restaurant chains having the ability to do so.
  8. Not seen this on here, but it’s a good move from GW and driven by online sales. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/games-workshop-giving-back-its-furlough-cash-6qbhs9rn0 there are plenty of companies struggling and not all sectors can do this move
  9. Work in progress on some gellerpox / proxy spawns
  10. Well warqueen completed and work in progress on the Gellerpox walkers
  11. Next projects on my list are 1 generic endless spell (the fly swarm one) 3 Gellerpox walkers Idoneth Eidolon Good luck everyone
  12. Glitchlings completed and some progress on skin and hair for the warqueen.
  13. Working on a Khorne warqueen and the glitchlings from Rogue Trader set. The glitchlings are a surprisingly fun little project, lots of character and detail for such tiny dudes
  14. All done. Nurgle spells On to something else
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