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  1. Thanks I am really pleased with it. It’s just washes over a base of deepkin flesh but the model just makes it work so well. Its been the right antidote to some previous projects so I am happy to have it done
  2. I won’t make my pledge this month 😔 the shipwreck was a bigger project than I realised especially if you don’t own an air brush 😀 fantastic model though.
  3. Yes, it was the antidote to my Khorne army. A bunch of fun units to paint and a mix of models I like. In my local club it performs ok, it won’t win a tournament but it can get the job done and has various tricks to pull off. It was bought for fun.
  4. My deepkin army is fairly fun based but can still pack a punch Tidecaster (general) King Soul scryer Soul render Eidolon 2x10 thralls 1x10 reavers 6 eels 2 sharks and I also have some other units to mix in 5 kinerai knight incantor Shackles cogs It comes to about 2300 or so
  5. Khorne is a tricky army at lower points levels, our reliance on heros makes list building tough. In addition all the synergies mean the army takes time to learn, make it hardish to play due to buff ranges and it is incredibly easy to forget key rules. And this can make a difference. If you have not done so then maybe consider developing a cheat sheet for what needs to be done in which order for each phase. I found it helps to lay out my warscrolls out in order of left to right of who has to do what plus associated buff tokens on the scrolls so I don’t forget. I then just work along them. I also have the book handy as even the new scrolls are tricky to read and it’s easy to miss the detail.
  6. It was FAQ, should be reavers. To be honest though reavers are not our best unit, I run 1 unit and don’t plan on more. The deepkin battalions are not amazing either. But there is a lot of fun in the rest of the book, I have had some good games w my deepkin
  7. Sounds like a great game all round - as it should be. Glad the DP did well, he’s a bargain for 160
  8. No problem. Also consider banshee blade and blade of endings from shyish on him. They have the potential to be good v hordes. Also I just realised you are not taking a slaughterhost, in which case maybe give him slaughterborn command trait to reroll all hits Good luck
  9. The princes strength comes from being able to proc effects on the malign sourcery artefacts on a 4 or 5, using one that adds MW on a 6+ will help you more than ghyrstrike. Do consider blade of judgment on the prince to turn him into a hero/behemoth hunter. The mortal wounds go off on a 4 w killing frenzy. I also quite like jadewound thorn which is a MW in addition to his normal damage on a 6+ this makes him more of a horde buster especially with reapers.
  10. You are welcome. There are plenty of other options to kit him out, also consider jadewound thorn and blade of judgement are other good ideas for him.
  11. Yes 😀 Dont forget he has the locus of fury ability to reroll 1s
  12. The prince is fantastic for 160 points; his drawback is save and 8 wounds on a behemoth. So you need to time and position him right. My prince has been MVP a number of times, in the last few games he has one shotted a black coach, manfred and a zombie dragon in consecutive turns. Some of the new daemon buffs and use of the tithe table make him even better. His lack of command ability is actually no bad thing, if he goes down then it won’t affect the performance of the rest of the army.
  13. The prince is a ‘hidden’ gem in the army. He is especially good with blade of judgement and sent as a hero/behemoth hunter. As it’s still an exploding 6 for the D6 MW it can go off on a 4 plus reroll 1 for the locus. If he swings first then what ever he attacks is deleted. Plus at 160 pts I am not too worried if he dies, unlike a thirster Another option is jadewound thorn which a MW on a 6+ in addition to damage, which with +1 damage is pretty nasty esp vs hordes.
  14. Legends of the painty men for some fun, just don’t do any complex painting while listening 😀
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