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  1. Thanks. My Khorne army is from asqy so a simple desert base for these guys so they blend in with the bloodbound
  2. I won’t finish them this month due to work. But pleased with the 15 of them so far
  3. Liking the look of the Slaanesh mortals and slaves warband, very nice and probably going to be on my collection but the unhelmeted heads - this one probably wishes they had chosen Khorne instead
  4. While I love manticore lord, and this build in particular, he does not add a lot to your units. I would consider switching him to a lord on krakadrak or lord on daemonic Mount in order to buff the knights. Both will do well with hew the foe and gorecleaver. If adding chaos warriors then you need 15 to keep them above the magic 10. I struggle to see them getting into your list at the moment with out some serious adjustments. The big block is useful but goes against the multiple small units which is so good for Khorne especially as you have skull crushers which form a good brick wall.
  5. I pledge to finish my unit of 15 chaos warriors of Khorne. After that start another project that is yet to be determined but chosen from this list: final models in space hulk, eidolon, 2 sharks, wrathmongers, Talisman, Zombicide invader, war of the ring, gloomhaven jaws of the lion
  6. Couple of random ideas Polystyrene and moulded cardboard packing make great scenery after being painted up. Make your entire list using proxy bases for a test game against a friend before investing stick to a list and play it a lot, the familiarity w your units and list will stand you in good stead against most people/lists (to a point) without having to invest in the latest hotness. Besides winning w the same list will truly show how good a genera you are 😀 Try a few different game systems. There are plenty with a quick buy in. Fancy a skirmish then try Undaunted Normandy or Undaunted North Africa both about £20 a pop. Bigger modular war game then try memoir 44 w the overlord expansion (2x memoir base sets and the expansion is ~£100) w a socially acceptable number of friends in a up to 4/side battle. After a different painting project try Star Wars rebellion or war of the ring, 153 and 205 minis, respectively and each is ~£70.
  7. I’ve been building a new Khorne list based on slaves. WIP shot . Once these are done I plan to get a chaos lord on daemonic Mount (or convert one with a spare horse) I have also continued exploring the vast range of excellent board games out there. Recently getting War of the Ring. in the pic, Saruman is smashing Rohan, but Pippin is in fangorn - what could possibly go wrong. There are 205 minis! The quality of the plastic is bad but I am contemplating using different contrast paints and picking out key details to help distinguish the armies.
  8. Star Wars Rebellion is complete - obligatory shot of the whole lot. Wip of the slaves to Khorne - built, primed and armour started
  9. I suggest actually doing something else ax a project. Sometimes a break/change to something else is worth it. I got burnt out earlier in lockdown painting gw models and could not get the enthusiasm, probably due to lack of games. Picking up something totally different (Star Wars rebellion) has helped me get my mojo back. It was like a palette cleanser and just painting something for the joy of it as opposed to the chore
  10. When I got back into the hobby I started building a Khorne army and essentially went rule of cool and buying painting what looked fun. As I got to about 1500 of random stuff I started playing again and ended up fine tuning the list a lot. I ended up with a solid 2k list and a lot of add ons allowing experimentation around a core or mortals. It allows me a lot of variety and keeps it fresh. I can pretty much field different list types now eg horde, elite, multiple battalions When slaves to darkness came out it became clear I had most of a Khorne marked slaves army ‘by accident’ so I am currently expanding into that list. As such I can’t see my Khorne being complete with daemons and beasts of chaos still to explore, but it provides a huge area to experiment and play in. I also have an Idoneth army. I have about 2.5k and have stopped. Baring an interesting update these guys are done. I like them but currently I find them to be 1 dimensional to play and with none of the tricks I can pull in a Khorne army. They make a nice palette cleanser so to speak
  11. Close to the end of rebellion and it’s back to AoS. Rebel fighters and ships done. Just the last 3 min cal cruisers to go.
  12. First off I am not a competitive player, I just play at a club with a competitive mindset. Second I have not played Sigmar for months due to lockdown. Before lockdown I was playing gorepilgrims in goretide and was generally doing well. Struggled against the top tier armies eg Slaanesh and bonereapers. Plus w changed in GHB2020 I need to rebuild my list. I am planning to build around Slave knights w Khorne mark. I am still refining the list but it will include Lord on daemon Mount Priest or 2 Blood secrator 15 chaos warriors 10 knights w lances 2x5 knights w ensorc weapons some reavers or marauders warshrine skull reapers skulls alter darkfeast battalion
  13. I only play mortals so can’t really comment on thirster builds. In terms of mortals the best battalions avoid having units close to a squishy hero or putting too many leaders you don’t want into your list. So ones like gorepilgrims, dark feast and slaughterborn are my favourites. gorepilgrim is great, good buff as well as battleline and 3 or 4 heros you will want to take in 1 drop. dark feast is cheap and brings in your battleline and a priest. It synergises well with expensive low count builds eg thirster builds slaughterborn is good fun especially if you like skullreapers. It makes them harder to kill. The exalted deathbringer can become a powerhouse if built right. The big spear one can get over 10 attacks w his MW spear. if playing mortals you will need 1 thirster maximum for summoning. He is not worth being in the list on his own in a mortal list. too squishy and expensive plus bring a nothing to a mortal army
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