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  1. Whoa, it's been a while since I posted here. I hit a painting slump last autumn, and used mostly non-beasts to dig myself out of it. I finished painting the lightly converted dragon ogre shaggoth recently though, and am back to mostly full steam by now! I fiddled with the OSL for days, but I'm reasonably happy with the results. I've got a batch of bestigors on my table these days, so the next update shouldn't be as far away!
  2. I dislike it because in many cases it means that a majority of artifacts and command traits in the battletomes aren't used. Consider the Beasts of Chaos battletome. It's not a monobuild army, but there aren't many options if you want to even pretend to be competitive. Out of the three subfactions (greatfrays), most take Gavespawn which are considered to have the best artifact and a strong buffing CA but a weak trait, a handful take Allherd and even fewer Darkstalkers. Some take no greatfray, but the only real option in that case to have a shaggoth general and the Ancient Beyond Knowing command trait. That means that out of the 21 command traits printed in the book, 4 get used. The artifacts are marginally better off because you can usually get two in an army, but the second pick is almost always Aetherquartz Brooch anyway because the army is so CP starved, so the generic artifacts end up not getting used much. In practice, 90%+ of BoC lists I see have the Gavespawn artifact (Mutating Gnarlblade) and Aetherquartz Brooch. Contrast with the new Slaves to Darkness battletome. There are no generic traits or artifacts, and each subfaction gets to pick from a list of 6. There's going to be a lot more variety in the choices, and much fewer picks that never see play.
  3. Finished my Untamed Beasts for Warcry this weekend, and managed to take some half-decent pictures today. Lighting is not great this time of year and I don't have a good lightbox setup, so these will have to do. The skin is all painted with the new dark skin triad from Citadel (Catachan Flesh, Bloodreaver Flesh, Knight Questor Flesh), with Naggaroth Night mixed into the shadows and a wash of Druchii Violet. I can't decide whether I really want to, or really DON'T want to see the creatures some of those jawbones came off. I usually just use the same colour for bones, teeth and horns on models, but I realised these guys have a LOT of that going on so I needed something to break that up. Ended up painting the horns and teeth from a Zandri Dust base, and the bone from a Rakarth Flesh base. Worked like a charm, I think. Should, in retrospect, maybe have painted the skin of the Rocktusk Prowler some shade of light brown rather than grey, it's a bit monotone like this. Oh, well. I've said it before in other places, but I really, really like the new Gal Vorbak and Wordbearers Reds. Such a lovely shade of orangeish red! Here seen with Barak Nar Burgundy shadows, a wash of Druchii Violet and edge highlighted with Squig Orange. The bases were kind of low effort, two types of texture paint (Armageddon Dust and Astrogranite Debris), painted, washed and drybrushed, and then a tuft or two on each base. I used Thunderhawk Blue to drybrush the rubble to contrast with all the warm tones on the models. And a couple of group shots at the end! That's all I've got for now, until next time...
  4. The head is from Naeve Blacktalon, I believe. Shield from one of the Stormcast Upgrade Kits, which I believe aren't available any more.
  5. How nice of GW to just post my entire Christmas wishlist publicly. Seriously, I want all of those new models. 100% converting that Ogroid Myrmidon to a Doombull, shouldn't be a difficult headswap.
  6. My guess would be Zandri Dust, layered with Ushabti Bone, washed with Seraphim Sepia and then highlighted with Pallid Wych Flesh. Could also be done from a base of Rakarth Flesh instead of Zandri/Ushabti, I'm not completely sure. Striations on the larger horns are probably done with Rhinox Hide.
  7. Looks like a kitbash. The scythe is from the Empire Battlewizards kit, there's a glaivewraith stalker in there, head presumably from some old TK model etc. In other news, this was posted on the AoS Facebook page today:
  8. After the business of summer holidays and getting over the inertia of starting painting again after a break, I managed to finish my dragon ogres today! Very happy with how they turned out. I also did a minor conversion on the Malagor bray shaman model, which I recently acquired. I don't like the wings, so I put a space wolf pelt thingy I got from a bits trade on his back instead. I also wanted to put the Ravenous Direflock birdies to use, and found they really fit with his raised staff pose. I wanted to change out his staff as well, but didn't have anything to use instead (also, it'd be hard to get rid of because one of the ribbons wraps around his hand) so I just shaved off the fleur-de-lys (because I don't like Brettonian imagery in a world where they don't exist any more) and kept it. I also threw a bird's foot from the goblin shaman's (the one I turned into an ungor shaman) staff on his waist. I pinned the connection between the birds and the staff, because it would be super fragile otherwise. Furthermore, I played my first non-Path-to-Glory game today, 1000p against a mate's Trogherd. It went absolutely terribly for me, only one troll died in the entire game and everything except my two shamans had been wiped out by the end of turn 3. Still, I learned from it (mostly that trolls are impossible to kill) and will hopefully do a little less badly in the Meeting Engagement tournament I'm planning to participate in on the 11th. As for my next hobby plans, I've started a quick palette cleanser of five board game minis, after that I'll be getting the Warcry base box on Saturday and will at least need to assemble it soon. Maybe I'll kitbash a spawn while I'm in build mode, so I have three for the tournament... but the next thing I paint will probably be something for the herd, Warcry gangs will take the "palette cleanser slot" while the beasts remain my main focus.
  9. Also possible. Would explain why we haven't seen the Prefector before (afaik?).
  10. Pretty sure there's one repeated sprue for the iron golems, at least. One thing I noticed when reading the abilities shown: "Until the end of this fighter's activation..." - Phrasing seems to indicate alternate activations, which is great.
  11. Wait, are there no reveals today? I thought surely there would be something on Warhammer Day.
  12. Good start! Did you consider using the new Grey Knights Steel paint? It's a blue tinted silver colour, might be perfect if that's the look you're after. Sidenote: I take it from the avatar that you're a resident of the GitP forums? I used to frequent them myself for probably the better part of a decade, but it's been a few years since.
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