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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. An eerie stillness hung in the crisp autumn air, that made both men and beast feel uneasy. The proverbial calm before the storm, that feeling which had everyone unconsciously glancing towards the old forest, hoping that this time they wouldn't come. This year, they would surely get the harvests in. But like the other years, the silence was broken by the sounds that everyone feared. It started deep, deep within the primeval woods, but came closer quickly. The war drums were heard first, but they were soon joined by the bellowing sound of hornblowers. They were coming. --- Hello everyone! This thread will document my project to build and paint a Brayherd army, with some conversions in between as I see fit. I was recently abroad in a country that, unlike my own, has Games Workshop stores, so I used the opportunity and bought a whole bunch of models to start me off - see picture! That's 20 gors, 20 ungors, 10 bestigors, 3 bullgors, a ghorgon, 2 beastlords (the GW one, and the Avatars of War one), a great bray shaman and a goblin shaman which will be turned into an ungor shaman. Yikes. What have I gotten myself into...? A little about me and my hobby background: I started playing WHFB when I was twelve, back in 5th edition. I had roughly 2300p of orcs&goblins in various states of painting by the time I eventually fell out of it around age seventeen. Many years pass, and I slowly start getting the urge to paint again. I bought a model for one of my D&D characters (the GW dwarf runelord), but it sat unassembled in my drawer for months before I finally bit the bullet in August last year and got the paint and tools needed to start the hobby again. I was initially just planning to buy a few individual models to paint, but that plan obviously didn't last long. I had some friends who are into wargaming, and they got me into Battlefleet Gothic. Since I can't seem to do anything like this in moderation, I now have two half-painted fleets (Slaanesh and Tau, if you're curious - not all ships pictured). In between I've also been painting various AoS miniatures (mostly various flavours of Chaos, most recently the Silver Tower Tzeentch cult which I put the finishing touches on earlier tonight) and board game minis (Banner Saga Warbands - two varls, one human and all the dredge left in case you're familiar with it), but now I'm taking the plunge and building a proper army, and here we are. I'm still in this because I enjoy painting, so I'm not rushing to have an army I can play with or anything like that. I'll be taking my time to do this properly, and I'll hold myself to as high a standard as I can manage with every model, down to the last ungor. I also have great plans for basing, my most ambitious yet. More on that later. I've already started some assembly work on the great bray shaman and the first batch of gors, expect the first progress pictures of that here tomorrow!
  2. It looks like I’m all in with the new Nighthaunts. I’ve always been tempted by the army but now that they are getting what looks like a huge boost in terms of options my temptation has proven too much to resist. In anticipation of everything coming out I’ve decided to try and get a head start and get some painting done. I’ve picked up the Knight of Shrouds and a Tomb Banshee figuring that they will let me try my colour scheme out. Tyler Mengel has a great guide on painting the various Nighthaunts and, I’ve shamlessly copied it for the white portions of my ghosts. I think the pure white look is a little too boring, it works for the Spirit Hosts but it really doesn’t work on the more complex models especially the likes of the new Craven King. I’ve gone with something similar to the GW scheme for the rest of the model. I really want to get this army on the table as soon as I can and to that end I’ve made sure that I can paint these models quickly and well. Below is Grieven the Unrepentent, Knight of Shrouds and General of the Lament of Woes. He’s the second model I’ve finished painting for the army but the Tomb Banshee needs a little change and so I won’t show her here just yet. I also haven’t done the bases in the hope that there will be some Graveyard bases coming out soon. The previews at Warhammer Fest seemed to indicate this. I don’t really know how the Nighthaunts will fit on them but we shall see if they are actually released or not. . My ideas for playing with the army haven’t really been given much attention. The new battletome will likely change everything and so all I can do now is wait with bated breath until I have it in my hands. Hopefully I don’t have to wait too long, my excitement is at fever pitch!
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