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Found 5 results

  1. An eerie stillness hung in the crisp autumn air, that made both men and beast feel uneasy. The proverbial calm before the storm, that feeling which had everyone unconsciously glancing towards the old forest, hoping that this time they wouldn't come. This year, they would surely get the harvests in. But like the other years, the silence was broken by the sounds that everyone feared. It started deep, deep within the primeval woods, but came closer quickly. The war drums were heard first, but they were soon joined by the bellowing sound of hornblowers. They were coming. --- Hello everyone! This thread will document my project to build and paint a Brayherd army, with some conversions in between as I see fit. I was recently abroad in a country that, unlike my own, has Games Workshop stores, so I used the opportunity and bought a whole bunch of models to start me off - see picture! That's 20 gors, 20 ungors, 10 bestigors, 3 bullgors, a ghorgon, 2 beastlords (the GW one, and the Avatars of War one), a great bray shaman and a goblin shaman which will be turned into an ungor shaman. Yikes. What have I gotten myself into...? A little about me and my hobby background: I started playing WHFB when I was twelve, back in 5th edition. I had roughly 2300p of orcs&goblins in various states of painting by the time I eventually fell out of it around age seventeen. Many years pass, and I slowly start getting the urge to paint again. I bought a model for one of my D&D characters (the GW dwarf runelord), but it sat unassembled in my drawer for months before I finally bit the bullet in August last year and got the paint and tools needed to start the hobby again. I was initially just planning to buy a few individual models to paint, but that plan obviously didn't last long. I had some friends who are into wargaming, and they got me into Battlefleet Gothic. Since I can't seem to do anything like this in moderation, I now have two half-painted fleets (Slaanesh and Tau, if you're curious - not all ships pictured). In between I've also been painting various AoS miniatures (mostly various flavours of Chaos, most recently the Silver Tower Tzeentch cult which I put the finishing touches on earlier tonight) and board game minis (Banner Saga Warbands - two varls, one human and all the dredge left in case you're familiar with it), but now I'm taking the plunge and building a proper army, and here we are. I'm still in this because I enjoy painting, so I'm not rushing to have an army I can play with or anything like that. I'll be taking my time to do this properly, and I'll hold myself to as high a standard as I can manage with every model, down to the last ungor. I also have great plans for basing, my most ambitious yet. More on that later. I've already started some assembly work on the great bray shaman and the first batch of gors, expect the first progress pictures of that here tomorrow!
  2. Groje


    © Groje

  3. So I was looking through the GHB and saw that Gors and Ungors are really cheap battleline. Got me wondering if they were a viable option in tournament play. Then I read the rules for the Wildstalker Brayherd battalion and I had some thoughts. Could you build a strictly objective-minded army around brayherds? In other words, could you build an army that simply floods objectives and wins on points? So I started tinkering with a list... Wildstalker Battallion 140 Beastlord 80 General, Crown of Conquest, Cunning Deceiver Bray Shaman 100 Crown of Conquest Bray Shaman 100 Bray Shaman 100 Gors 240 30 Gors 240 30 Gors 240 30 ungors 120 20 ungors 120 20 ungors 120 20 ungors 120 20 Bestigors 140 10 Bestigors 140 10 Total Points 2000 Number of models 194 The idea is to bring the battalion so you have some flexibility with ambushes (as I understand it you don't have to deploy the whole army in ambush mode) but also lets you deploy your entire army in one drop. You use the incredible speed of the brayherds (6" base, extra 2" if near a shaman) to get into the objective zone early. Now, the battalion also lets you take an additional artifact, so you double up on the crown to keep battleshock loses to a minimum. General gets Cunning Deceiver to help mitigate early loses to shooting. This army is not designed to to win combats. It's designed to be a flood that the enemy can't burn down fast enough before turn 5. The issue is, if you don't win on objectives you would be assured a minor loss from kill points. I'm not sure if the Ungors should be all at minimum unit size (this would still fit in the formation). I need to think on that more...
  4. Hello all, thank you for reading! I've started this thread as I'm fairly new to Tabletop gaming despite having played a handful of 40k games a few years ago (and owning a size-able army of dust collectors). I was hoping to create a discussion where we could share the results of our battles to help each other learn and make our Chaos units more effective when on the battlefield. This thread will be used to discuss Tactical Theories (ex: I believe unit X is effective in scenario Y based on statistical probability) as well sharing the results of match ups of games we've played, recollecting our mistakes and the outcomes of each engagement and round of battle. Please keep the discussion civil and try to make sure you state if any point of your discussion is a theory, or based on actual experience. Both are welcome as long as you are quite clear about which one your topic falls under. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____ __ _ I'll get things started by discussing Daemon Princes! This is a unit that applies to a lot of Chaos armies so I figured I'd share my experiences with mine. My Daemon Prince has served me in most of the games I've played thus-far, having been one of the first models I purchased, assembled and painted. I equipped him with the sword and usually dedicate him to Undivided or Khorne for thematic reasons. EXPERIENCE - Engagement 1: Soul-Eater Daemon Prince vs Coven Throne (and then some...). Long story short, dedicating him to Khorne (in my case) would have been a far more intelligent choice before sending him into this match up. I sent him in way over his head and turned him into an expensive tar pit for a turn before he was wiped from the board. THEORY - Giving a boost to hit or to wound would've really helped in this scenario, but I should've been much wiser and avoided the throne altogether, especially when Skarbrand is on the table. Keep your Daemon Princes (especially your soul eaters), engaged with infantry. Engagement 2: Khornate Daemon Prince vs Treelord Ancient Having a better handle on my DP for this game in terms of his strengths and weaknesses, I used my big red bruiser to distract a Treelord Ancient and found it worked remarkably well. His high-flying movement put him at the edge of the board and caused the old tree to disconnect from most of his Wanderer allies. The DP stripped quite a few wounds off of the monster vegetable before falling to the Ancient. THEORY - Paint and Wings might be important for this one. Seeing a big red monster moving across the table could cause a primal instinct within us to protect ourselves. On a more serious note, a Khornate/Nurgle (even Slaanesh?) DP seems to be a credible threat to independent characters and some squishier monsters. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____ __ _ QUESTIONS - My opponents consist of a GA: Death player (mostly Malignants and Skeletons), Wanderer's/Sylvaneth player, and Nurgle - Dwarf - Ork player. We also have the occasional Seraphon and Stormcast armies on the board. What type of units would you send a Khornate or Undivided Daemon Prince after typically? Nurgle in particular has not been a pleasant foe. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____ __ _ I look forward to a great deal of tactical discussion! I'll be back to post more about my StD, KB and DoK forces.
  5. Hey Everyone. I decided to make a homebrew allegiance document. This one for the Brayherds. It can be downloaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/396eklxzwjjcigq/BrayherdsAllegianceV100.pdf?dl=0 Let me know what you think of it and if there should be some improvements for it.
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