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  1. Personally, I think there are 2 ways you can go: 1. Start with a black basecoat and progressively make highlights towards the middle. Finally add a mid tone (orange?) on the edges to imitate glow. 2. Start with a white basecoat and go progressively darker from the centre. Add the glow on the edges. Here is a more complicated tutorial for a bigger surface, but it shows you the general idea
  2. Refreshed the mortar. The wheels are a bit off, but currently I have no alternative (the original ones were used for the war altar). Before After
  3. Reikland general and captain. As you can see the models have magnetized parts. I have also changed the grim reaper scarecrow for a real banner and the silly T hammer for a more realistic one. Hope you like it.
  4. This project is astonishing. The wolves are my favourite, especially their eyes. Keep up the great work. Can't wait to see more!
  5. New Ludwig Schwartzhelm. Unfortunately, I don't have the classic model.
  6. Aldebrand Ludenhof Group photo of electors on horseback
  7. They look a bit flat. Try using washes and/or highlights. Nevertheless, the colour scheme is really nice .
  8. Update! Marius Leitdorf, mad count of Averland
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