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  1. That cape looks fantastic! Just like real satin. How did you achieve such an effect?
  2. The idea was simple, to paint the same mini in 3 different styles: retro, my basic table top and something more complex. Need to work on my photo skills and setup.
  3. "Ready to serve, my lord." I was not sure about the OLS, but it turned out ok. Guess you should try out new things more often.
  4. The concept and execution on the big guy is amazing! Keep up the great work.
  5. Empire artillery, now with bases. I have replaced the wheels on the mortar and cannon, and repainted the helblaster volley gun. Also, I have acquired the classic models.
  6. -What's worse than a charging unit of Bretonnia's finest knights? -What? -A charging unit of undead Bretonnia's finest knights 😱
  7. Test knights, one for the living and one for the undead. I would really appreciate some feedback, especially on the black knight. Did I overdo the aging effects? Isn't he a bit too dark? The coats of arms are simple, but the future models might have more complex designs.
  8. A different kind of paladin. Dynamic Duo
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