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  1. Elvish ranger - Thalagwend
  2. In this topic I will post various minis that don't fit my WFB Empire. Randomness, no main theme, just some models that I like. I want to take a break from Karl Franz and company, but that does not mean I have finished my imperial log. First up: stormcast eternals paladins. Q: Why they don't have the "backpacks"? A: Because I don't play the game and I don't like the way they look.
  3. Hi. I have started this thread, because I need help identifying a model. Feel free to use this topic for other models as well. The model in question is the female warrior from Warhammer TV tutorial on painting tattoos at 3:27. Is it a normal model or a conversion? How to Paint: War Paint and Tattoos Cheers
  4. I had an opportunity to take an army photo. So here is the Empire so far, including Kislev and some mercenaries.
  5. Fixed bright wizard and a group photo of all foot wizards.
  6. Knights of the white wolf reforged. New heads and hammers. New freehand design and colour scheme.
  7. Personally, I think there are 2 ways you can go: 1. Start with a black basecoat and progressively make highlights towards the middle. Finally add a mid tone (orange?) on the edges to imitate glow. 2. Start with a white basecoat and go progressively darker from the centre. Add the glow on the edges. Here is a more complicated tutorial for a bigger surface, but it shows you the general idea
  8. Refreshed the mortar. The wheels are a bit off, but currently I have no alternative (the original ones were used for the war altar). Before After
  9. Reikland general and captain. As you can see the models have magnetized parts. I have also changed the grim reaper scarecrow for a real banner and the silly T hammer for a more realistic one. Hope you like it.
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