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Found 23 results

  1. I've been sitting on Shadows Over Hammerhal for a while now and felt it was about time to build the models and get to playing it. I know there are a lot of weapon options for the enemies and was wondering if there is an ideal way to load them out?
  2. Bit of a weird question but what do you think other races might call the city of Hammerhal? Especially the evil ones. Was planning a quest with a Skaven infestation under the city with a boss character in an established area hidden under Hammerhal. Hoping for some ideas of how the Skaven would refer to the name of the city. Also other races terms for the place would be appreciated. Cheers!
  3. Hi all! GM:ing my first session of SoH tomorrow… After reading through some of the comments its seems that there can be an issue with players returning to town as soon as somebody gets grievously injured. I might have a sort of narrative solution for this but I need the some guidance from the TGA community. The plan is to keep tabs on how many times the players return to town. By the end of the campaign, and/or even half way through (if that would work), check the numbers with a post-game chart that tells what parts of the city that were destroyed. I might even add in some places and tie those places in with personal backstories – like a dwarven family for the Cogsmith or the Fleetmasters lover and/or frigate. This is to make them care. We are all old RPG nerds but at times the power gamer pops out, so I want to have a "built in" incentive. The questions I ask to all the people whom have played through the Shadows over Hammerhal campaign is: How many returns to town per dungeon level would you recommend to keep the players challenged, but not discouraged? Also, how many returns to town in total would you say is fair? The questions are in regard to the gameplay, not the story-line.
  4. Hey! Home - brew rules folks, Is there some sort of formula you are using when converting new adversaries or heroes into your games of Warhammer Quest? I know there is something for converting units into single units for Skirmish is there some thing similar out there for Quest? Thanks for any help.
  5. Hey everyone, I am planning to get into Warhammer Quest (Hammerhal) this autumn big time. Once I have played through the main adventure in the game I want to have a go at penning my own custom adventures as well as provide a load of rules for running games out in the wilds of the Mortal Realms (a Hinterlands style fan supplement). In preparation for that I couldn't resist taking a shot at designing my own Adversary table. Take a look: The rules are untested and so will likely need some tweaks, but I think I got some cool mechanics for them. Let me know what you think! Cheers, Bottle
  6. TheOtherJosh

    Gaunt Summoner

    Gaunt Summoner Of Tzeentch from the Silver Tower
  7. Reading about this new terrain set has gotten me thinking... would this be useful in creating larger-scale scenarios for Warhammer Quest? According to the description, it comes with "a set of double-sided card tiles, letting you choose between the overgrown ruins on the outskirts of Hallowheart or a volcanic landscape from the Realm for Fire" Since these two worlds meet at Hammerhal, our heroes could venture forth from the city and explore either one. I can imagine a whole host of enemies they might meet in the two realms.
  8. We visited the tower again this weekend, this time in search of the Shard of Ulgu. We brought the Cogsmith this time because I had just finished painting him. I forgot to take many pictures, but in the last room, the Cogsmith did BAD things to the Grot Scuttlings that were there. One round he killed ALL 8 of them... I almost started to wonder if we were playing it right... on a 3+, he can fire again without using an action dice? The Cogsmith's player rolled that about 10 times in a row...
  9. I am starting a brand new thread for my Warhammer Quest related stuff. I have both Silver Tower and Hammerhal, and a few extras as well. I hope to get them all painted up over the course of this school year. I decided to start with the Brimstone Horrors.
  10. I have almost finished painting up Silver Tower and am looking to start gaming. Only issue is that the group wants to play with a party composed of our heroes from our long running Old World narrative campaign. I was wondering if the text in the adventure book allows scope for this? I don't want to peak and no spoilers please. Man O War had floating Tzeentch towers in it so I feel the game could work set in the old world.
  11. Hey all, I started my first game of Silver Tower yesterday, but I have run into a few questions. What do the little portals--the ones that you place yourself--in the rooms do? Do they go to little portals in other rooms, or do they connect to big ones? Also, what happens when a party clears a room of enemies, but some players haven't gone yet? Can they search for treasure, or do they have to explore and look for more rooms? Thanks!
  12. It has been far far too long since I updated here. There have been some excellent releases recently that have reignited interest in painting. The main theory was that the two Warhammer Quest boxes provide a fairly varied starter set for a small Arcanite force and shouldn't need too much adding to bulk it out a bit more. Anyone that has had the misfortune of reading my threads over on Dakka know that I have lots of ideas and only occasionally get around to fulfilling them all as I'm very easily distracted... so hopefully you can keep me on track with some semi regular posts. I've been experimenting with colours for the Arcanites and the theme appears to have evolved into a combined Chaos force (Tzeentch/Khorne) under the command of a demon known only as the King in Yellow. No-one (least of all me) is quite sure how he has persuaded these two groups to join forces. I have plans for the King, but won't go into them here and now as they need a bit more fleshing out. The prototype Arcanite is this Tzaangor: For the Khorne forces, I've started putting paint to the Gorechosen figures. The yellow of these is actually what started the whole King in Yellow theme. I know there are a couple of other yellow Bloodbound forces on here and really liked the very different take on Khorne, so thought I'd give it a try on one Once he was complete, I needed to find some way to tie him into any other Chaos forces that I did. The Khornate forces are now amore orangey yellow, grey skin tones, black and steel; Tzeentch is a more lemonn-y yellow, purple/blue/turquoise and silver. With those rules now set, I attacked the next most common Slaughterpriest to see if it still flowed through. So, do you think it works?
  13. I've had Silver Tower sitting on my shelf for months, but for various reasons I haven't yet played it. Basically it boils down to the fact that I have almost none of the models painted, but I don't want to play with unpainted models. And since the number of models in the box is so daunting, I've kind of set it aside in favour of other projects. My question is, how many models would I actually need to paint in order to play the first mission? Obviously I'll need the requisite number of heroes, but what about minions? Is it possible that any of the minions could randomly turn up, in which case I need to have pretty much everything painted from the start? Or do the mechanics of the game mean that some more powerful models are highly unlikely to show up? Would appreciate any help/advice/insight that can help me get up and running without having to paint everything in one go.
  14. I never really liked the coffin-on-a-stick so here's my Lord-Relictor for Silver Tower, now with 2 hammers! I considered a different option before I settled on the 2nd hammer, I nearly went with an empty hand, but the pose seemed off: So I made a hammer using (from the Warhammer Chapel OoP scenery kit) and part of the staff from the relic, cut down with the base of the staff moved up to the new base.
  15. Hi all, Over what I imagine will be the next six months ? I'm planing on painting up my copy of Warhammer Quest Silver Tower. I'm looking for minimum effort but maximum effect, so lots expect to see lots of washes, glazes and other 'cheats' that I will share here as I go along. I started with the bases and looking at all kinds of different options for these (see below for that thread and thanks to everyone who added there own basing ideas) in the end I went with the nice and simple paint the sand blue opinion with added details, gold coins, scrolls etc. When I started painting I went with the with the smallest models in the set, the Brimstone Horror. I sprayed them Corax White and used Lamenters Yellow over the whole model, then added multiple layers of red, purple and black washes or glazes over smaller and smaller areas. The best thing about this method is it's very little painting time the thing that adds the time is drying time, so I did these layers in between painting Stormcast. Finally a highlight of Palid Wych Flesh where ever it was needed, teeth, eyes etc. On to the photos. Next up the Blue Horrors. I used the same technique as with the Brimstones Horrors but with Guilliman blue with thinned washes and glazes of red, purple then black going out on the arms and tentacles. The jewellery and gems where painted using the new metallic paints, big fan of these, but more of this next time. The faces and detail again highlighted with Palid Wych Flesh. The gold coins are made from thin slices of rolled out green stuff, this takes a bit of time to prepare but once done makes for a cool effect. So far I think there is about two hours painting time involved but that includes learning a new (new to me anyway) technique with all the glazing and making a tone of tiny coins. Hope you like them, Pink Horrors are next.
  16. With our first game done and what a blast that was, it's time to start painting the models. This game has really fired the painting mojo and I'm keen to get a full set painted and so begin some serious gaming sessions. To that end I'm painting quickly but to a good gaming standard using the Army Painter method of colour primer, block colours and a wash with Quickshade ink. Once based and given a coat of anti-shine varnish, these will then be ready to take once more to the labrynthine chambers of the Silver Tower. Here are the first models finished: Ox - Darkoath Chieftain The Mistweaver Kairic Acolytes #1 Kairic Acolytes #2 I'm now working on the Blue Horrors and should have those finished today, then it's on to another hero. I am absolutely loving this game - not the WHQ of old, but a great reboot of the classic game. There is so much potential here for expansion, even if it is just homebrew stuff, that I'm really excited about what may come in the future for this game. For anyone interested in the game, there is a Facebook Group.
  17. Hi gals and guys, i would start by saying that this forum looks fantastic, I really like the atmosphere and the quality of its content.... So I decided that I would share some of my (slow) progress painting Warhammer Quest. here we go:
  18. With the impending release of the new Sylvaneth models, and a long held desire to collect and paint Sylvaneth models, I've taken the plunge and ordered one of the Branchwraith models. Loving Warhammer Quest, I decided to create a homebrew character card and will be trying her out in the weeks to come.
  19. For those that have played the game, read any of the books etc. I am a bit curious about how adversaries are generated. When you draw from the dungeon deck does the card tell you which and how many enemies to put down? Do you have to refer to a separate table? I'm interested to see how easy it will be to add further enemies at a later date either by the app or new profiles and behaviour tables in WD. How does the game already deal with adding in the other Tzeentch units like Screamers and Flamers which I understand are in the book? I think its great that they will be supporting so many heroes from day 1 but what I'd really like to see the possibility of adding other gribblies from my collection too.
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