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  1. At least they're still giving this faction updates
  2. Only in a compendium? The eldritch council / loremaster was in the latest GHB? If you're just talking about not being in a new battletome, that's something that needs to be fixed (and rumored to be fixed with 1.5 years).
  3. I guess for me it's less about games being perfect narratively- It's more that the general theme of these armies seemed violated when grand alliances are mixed to this degree. I look at it on the table and even if GW has reasonings and *some* lore behind it, my brain cannot compute it as anything other than a fanfic fantasy game- but that's just me it looks like!
  4. I definitely appreciate hearing a different take on this. It will certainly take some getting used to, to say the least!
  5. If the plastic Loremaster is a legacy model to you then what are resin bloodknights to you? This decision still makes zero sense to me thematically. The point was that I cannot bring in aelves outside of allies to play with the sylv but the sylvaneth are ok with hiring Chaos and bloodknights? Just does not make sense to me, at all.
  6. Anyone else find stuff like buffed deathrattle and bloodknights appearing in any army super immersion breaking...? Realizing that my Sylvaneth will be allowed to play with blood knights, but not a lore master....? The more I look at it, the more it seems like a cash grab...
  7. I would say 4 to 6 months for mass-point updates would be appropriate. The key thing to remember here is, points only change if there is something noticeably off in balance to the testers. So the more often they update points, the less things will need to be changed as they find balance. (Unless they plan to routinely release game-changing boxes and rules like they did with endless spell releases, then all bets on "finding balance" are permanently off).
  8. Anyone who saw the GHB video recall them mentioning anything noteworth that wasn't mentioned in the article?
  9. People hoping that GW would learn lesson from #2 😝
  10. Not to continue discussion on this matter but just to answer your question and I will stop there- Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon team is one example of a warscroll missing from that set that you can’t find anywhere anymore at all and does not have points- even though sold in ‘AoS’ Spire of Dawn. If you still see it on your app you likely have not updated your app in a long time. Feel free to PM me if there’s still confusion. ——- Back on topic- if the Sylv June 29th rumour is true, it’s odd to me that GW wouldn’t announce the date at this point, if they’re actually sure. I mean, everything has been revealed and everyone is kind of awkwardly standing around since new Sylvaneth turned up as their official brick and mortar screen saver weeks ago. 😅
  11. Prime example of why I’ll always be a staunch defender of the position that, all factions and units that were sold in official “Age of Sigmar” boxes should be supported in Age of Sigmar. Anything less than that is pure misrepresentation at best, an outright scam at worst. Removing certain Spire of Dawn warscrolls completely from the game after so many people bought it.... Not good.
  12. I agree. I can’t help but feel GW does the “one at a time” drip feed to try to get people to buy into more factions to be honest. GW does however put a lot more into the battletomes than just rules, but that’s not an excuse to let the rules of certain factions fall off the planet for 50 years. Big company or not, they need a team dedicated to timely cross-faction updates. Not just for whoever they decide is the flavour of the month. GW is picking up their release schedule, but yet another GHB is being released where slaves, dwarves, elves, free peoples are in a completely neglected state, and even others like bonesplitterz and seraphon still need updates. Hopefully they’ll fix that in the coming year, but I’m obviously still skeptical based off choices I’ve seen made.
  13. You're comparing GW's in-house products to spells and products that they outsource from China. Even Malign Sorcery's price point would have meant good profits for GW if mass-produced from China. Also I wouldn't call their Chinese models "intricate" in comparison to their in-house or FW. EDIT: That being said, those GW models you listed in particular are very overpriced too IMO 😅 Their new pricing for single model heros is absurd as well.
  14. I don't think this is anything wrong with marketing or the boxed set. I think the reason people don't want it is very simple. 1) The pricing is off, 2) Overload of generic (universal) endless spells Malign Sorcery was 13 spells already (some big ones) for less than the cost of these 4 endless spells plus 1 endless-spell-like "terrain" in forbidden power. It doesn't take a mathmetician to feel like sticking with the 13 endless spells at a bargain price is way more "worth" it. Even a faction like Gloomspite Gitz is sold 4 endless spells (albeit smaller in size) for significantly less than half the price (sure, there's no book- but malign sorcery had a book).
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