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  1. Age of Sigmar's growing pains particularly when it comes to "old" armies has been ridiculously rough. Here we are 4 years later with numerous products on their shelves not having "full AoS" support yet.. But we are way better off than we were January of last year. IMO updating their old stuff should have been priority number 1 from the get go but we may be seeing things start to change.
  2. The melee sylvaneth guardian unit... A mostly melee 3-wound unit 5+ save for 80 points and lacks the movement abilities of the tree revenants... good lord that will never see play like that. However one rule made me wonder could this buff every tree-revenant in your army? This says "each friendly unit with this ability" has a chance to fight before everyone else. Tree-revenants also have the "Martial Memories" ability but it gives them different effects. Could be a silly question but could this buff their "martial memories"? I wouldn't be so sure, their limited edition battletome took very much longer to sell out than the other factions seem to have.. Beasts of chaos, nighthaunt, etc.
  3. Ok but what about the various effects it causes from the initial turn- first you set it up/ immediately move 8 inches for instant d6 damage for anything moved across and within 1 inch radius- not counterable. After the enemy also is forced to either move around it or use up a dispel even though it has already successfully dealt damage. Even if they end up dispelling it, you can get your 80 point mage to simply cast it again for the instant d6 damage move on their turn, can’t you? Honestly, I genuinely want to be sold on the idea that the spell isn’t a problem but I can’t help but see this.
  4. I am surprised we haven’t seen fan rules come out after malign sorcery... Can someone tell me how a D6 mass-damage dealing body-blocking spell that is impossible to turn or back fire for 40 points is balanced (aethervoid pendulum- can either park it in front of big unit that wants u stuck in combat or just slice straight thru enemy zone???) I just don’t understand it. Also, when any wizard of any army can whip out the exact same strongest broken spells in the game, every game, the character of different armies lose their flavour.
  5. First of all, wow! Thank you! I was hoping someone randomly screenshotted it- was it just coincidence you had that or were you trying to archive warscrolls in case they got pulled? Thanks!!! There was?? Geeze... What are the chances someone would have DL'd that if it was only 1 week?
  6. Yes but I made another discovery regarding the issue, which is going to sound weird. So if I use any browser on any computer from my city it will have the problems I listed above. However, if I VPN to the UK it will work. Now I found out that if I disconnect from the VPN it will still temporarily work on that browser UNTIL I CLEAR CACHE/DATA, then it will go back to not working until I VPN to the UK again. In other words, once I can get it to load properly the first time using a VPN it saves something in my browser cache/ data that temporarily allows the site to continue working for me regardless of whether I am using a VPN. However once I clear the cache and make a fresh connection to the website, it goes back to not letting me reply to things, etc. This is totally blowing my mind, I have no idea what the issue could be.
  7. No worries, thanks for the help. Part of why I think you might be correct that they were intended to be in the battletome is that I cannot even find them listed in the any of their compendium/ outdated scroll catalogues on their website. It is neither listed in the outdated warscrolls, nor in the battletome, what gives? I really hope someone on this site maybe downloaded the warscroll earlier this year! Our gaming group is interested in the most recently valid matched play warscrolls/ points not because we are super super competitive, but because that's basically the only way of playing that's looked at by balance teams. For us it's more fun if it feels like people put a lot of thought into it being fair for the recent meta of the game.
  8. I can appreciate if people have different opinions on the direction GW is taking the game. My opinion is that although GW is indeed growing it's not because they're removing rules/ support for not-even-old-looking models!! The fact GW is doing some things right just make it hurt all the more when they randomly pull support... As far as repurposing as acolytes goes, although they are both poison it is sadly not comparable for me to a long range mortar... Lobbing 1 big blob across the field that is either a hit or miss is what makes a mortar cool! Thank you for the input of what you can remember though! I am going to keep searching if anyone finds anything it would be greatly greatly appreciated if you post it here!!
  9. I couldn't help but notice that even though the Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon Team is a relatively new model and had POINTS for it in the last GHB and was in the APP until VERY recently, it was just removed along with the new Skaven battletome. Does anyone have a copy of the most recent/ up-to-date version of the warscroll from the AoS app? Or also know if the points had changed since GHB 2018?
  10. You're right, I hadn't fully read drycha's swarm ability before now. Yikes. It still seems so weird to me that these units can do so much for such little points (verminlords also have amazing defence and great offensive attacks), and if the issue with insane MW count spells is that widespread, then that would be an issue with AoS as a whole now, definitely not just the corruptor... point taken.
  11. I was considering using a Verminlord Corruptor but reading his abilities I felt like I would be "That Guy" for even placing him on the table! Does anyone else think the "Dreaded Plague" spell he has needs to be rebalanced? Here's my thoughts on the problem and the solution: PROBLEM: The spell isn't that difficult to get off, has a not bad range of 13 inches and can be buffed easily to go off on a 4 or 5+ on a 2d6. It does a number of wounds equal to 50 percent of the target unit size on average. So it does an average of 20 instant wounds in one cast against a unit of 40, does an average of THIRTY wounds in one cast against a unit of 60, 40 against 80? Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with punishing large mobs but 20-40 instant wounds for one spell cast at a decent range seems a little much. Especially because the spell is even still pretty good against small units (Being able to do 5 mortal wounds against a unit of 10 means there's no downside to bringing this spell). SOLUTION? I feel like it should be re-tuned so that first the "dreaded" version of the "plague" spell does the same amount of wounds as the regular "plague" spell, which is much more balanced, but instead add other benefits for the dreaded version. The regular "plague" spell does a number of wounds equal to 33 percent of the target unit size. On average it would do 3 wounds against a small unit of 10, 7 wounds against a unit of 20, 13 wounds against a unit of 40, 20 wounds against a unit of 60. These wound numbers seem much more balanced considering the corruptor is very strong already at only 260 points for reasons other than this spell (look at the rest of his warscroll!). I think the "dreaded" version of the spell could instead add another minor debuff, such as: -1 to run/charge, or -1 to save rolls as they are in poor health from the plague. For the health of the game it seems better to avoid doing flat-up insane numbers of mortal wounds and instead augment gameplay with other modifiers. Especially because of his point price! What do you think??
  12. None of my friends using any browser in Manitoba, Canada have been able to use any of the following functions in your site until we VPN to the UK: -Cannot click inside the quick reply box at the bottom of a thread -Clicking the Reply button does nothing -Clicking New Topic works, but there is no content box to actually type the contents of a thread, so it cannot be posted. Any ideas as to what on earth is going on? Why does this forum only work for me if I VPN to somewhere else (the UK??)
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