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  1. This is so disappointing to read. No they have not. This is so intellectually dishonest and disappointing. You know as well as I do that there are people that have recently bought and started building these armies (marketed for AoS) within the last year or two (AoS has only been around for 4 years), because they were sold for AoS. I didn't even play WFB, I am telling you how crappy this looks even from my perspective as a "new" player. As a new player, I am telling you that we were not accustomed to the "GW treatment" yet. So no, it's not the fault of these poor players for expecting GW to support AoS products for AoS. You should have told that to GW before they decided to release (and even officially rebox and rebase many of them) ancient models with officially branded "AoS" support... only to remove that "support" after such a short time in AoS. THAT is on GW. For the time that many of these models had in AoS, the rules for them were a complete joke and people here said things like "don't worry, just wait until they get a battletome before you complain about your investment"... That did not age well.
  2. This isn't true at all. The AoS team has just normalized this for you guys to the point that you think it is acceptable and the status quo. If they ever sold something under the "AoS" box, they should have kept supporting it until the game of "AoS" is no longer supported. I could point you to several wargames that do not do this greedy bs, trying to get you to buy the latest thing if you want to feel "safe".
  3. All I can say is this is the most depressing thing I've seen occur since starting AoS... For the people who collected and preferred these classic, grounded mortals, this can ruin the game.
  4. Totally, totally agree about the taste. All this superhuman stormcast and bs like that is so boring to me.
  5. I wonder why they would be routinely anxious? It's not like they've regularly axed models and even entire ranges without warning before /s "No longer available online" is different than "temporarily", the best you can hope for is a rebox with those words. I don't. The proof is in the pudding, and they've removed things without any warning from the game as recently as this year. I don't take vague asides on warhammer community at face-value, because there often seems to be a major disconnect between what gets posted (accidentally and then edited or removed later) and what actually happens.
  6. How the heck do SoTW look more like wood elves than glade guard?? SoTW look closer to regal high-elves with their hair and crowns. Glade Guard do not seem out of place to me at all... They're more like the defining characteristic, along with things like wild riders.
  7. It says no longer available online in other stores too now. Glade Guard already had round bases... Whatcha playing at GW? Wanderers were almost a full army, so please don't tell me the way you're finally giving love to the factions you've left untouched for this long is to just remove half of their ranges and staple the book together? I will pray for Wanderer players that their Glade Guard don't go the same way that their Waywatchers did...
  8. I completely disagree. They can have shared elements, but the high or low fantasy RULES of your world can easily be reflected in an army's aesthetic... when godly powers are infused with lightning bolts into god-like armies of radiant unpractical gold never seen before, sprouting angelic wings in a world where they can traverse across fantastic realms none of which are any longer reflective of our own world... That is absolutely reflected in the aesthetic of the Stormcast's design and it is absolutely reflective of high fantasy elements. However, the line between high and low elements is so absurdly subjective that to debate it at length would be a waste of time.
  9. The problem isn't how "clean" the warscroll looks, it's that they are worse at everything/ have no apparent role. As for being cheap as a benefit... -Cheap yet can't be used well for screening or objective holding, since cheap units used for screening/ objective holding can either be taken in large groups at a discount or have some sort of defense to make them annoying to get rid of. These have neither. These have nothing. -Can't realistically use their good movement, because their attack is so weak when you compare to the potential of any other faction's far-movers. Skin Wolves are much more expensive they are also 1000 times better than them at everything they can do and more movement (Untamed beasts are so weak they would not even be able to kill a small hero after a flank). Yes skin wolves are elite and we are comparing to a "cheap distraction", but with no defense, no offense or group discounts to speak of, there's no reason not to take other cheap distractions.
  10. For those thinking warcry units were going to lead into a slaves battletome, have you seen how poor the untamed beasts warscroll for example looks? That one is even worse than Underworlds warscrolls. Only 1 fighter out of all of them gets the single ranged attack, and the rest of them have only 1 poor attack...
  11. I was all prepared to come here to say free cities is fantastic news... But then mention vague discontinuations with no indication as to what... TBH, at least they're warning in advance unlike their other disgusting faction rug-pulls, but in general it would be so much better if they sold new casts of these old models instead of just cutting everything. Also RIP Slaves.
  12. Where are you getting this from? The SCE are literally described as crafted superhumans that have never been seen before. The free peoples of the free cities are surviving remnants completely separate from this. "The Stormcast Eternals are made for battle. Once they were mortal men, but they were taken to the Heavens and reforged by Sigmar, imbued with a portion of the glory of the gods themselves. Hard he crafts them, tempering each with justice and the raw energies of the storm. Upon the Anvil of the Apotheosis they are gifted with superhuman strength and courage beyond the ken of mortal man.[1a] Only after long toil did Sigmar cast forth his new army. It was a bolt of purest order to sear through the darkness, a storm of righteousness to battle the all-conquering night. Never before had such an army been seen." I haven't read anything to suggest that the SCE creation affected the surviving free peoples.
  13. GW does this in almost every book they release now though and they still don't learn their lesson. Got the Skaven book and not only found multiple typos throughout yet again (including an obvious error in the very first sentence of the very first page of the book introducing the skaven), but included pictures of a model that they had abruptly removed from the game literally with the publishing of this book. Not only do you remove one of my favorite AoS skaven models but you include pictures of it in Skaventide as if it still even had a warscroll with that book... Not excusable given they have had plenty of past mistakes to learn from, given the size of the company and the prices they charge...
  14. The only part I agree with is the past faction garb doesn't currently make sense (like the hurricanum has "Karl Franz" literally written on the model). The difference is both of the chaos example you gave are models supported by GW, but you're advocating abandoning 1 old unique faction in favor of creating another faction similar to SCE. You can have new mortal human foot soldier sculpts in dynamic poses without having to give them super powers like SCE or SC-like breastplate armor. Again we already have the massive SC range for higher fantasy Sigmar soldiers. It's 100 percent ok if low-fantasy is "boring" to you, but I don't think that means we should remove the option for regular mortal human soldiers, for the people opposed to the SC style.
  15. Understand where you're coming from but completely disagree. 1. We don't need more factions based on what you're essentially describing as lesser stormcasts. The SCE range is already big enough/ still growing. 2. Not all mortals need to reflect high fantasy. Higher fantasy troops do not resonate with some people. They like the grittier tried and true foot soldiers/ Glade Guard/ chaos marauders/ skeletons etc. It is best to maintain variation for all sorts of interests. That's just my opinion, but I'm sure a lot of you would be perfectly happy with all-high-fantasy-super-saiyan-stormcast-all-the-time.
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