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  1. If you took a poll for the age that most people had their first alcoholic beverage and made a conclusion based off of that, you would think that alcohol was designed for minors. I think that if you took a poll for the *current* age of warhammer players, the average age would be in the 20s. That all being said, the direction they're pushing seems to be younger lately...
  2. Genuinely wanted to at least try Cities of Sigmar, but after reviewing the battletome realized the motivation that I lost over the great culling is still gone and I don't know if it will ever be back. Losing the variety subfactions still had was the last kill of the appeal for me. This is just personal apparently, as I see most people here still enjoy it at best, or can overlook the problems at worst. I'm depressed with the direction the hobby has gone between the aesthetics of new factions, magic and MW power creep, lore, but most importantly depressed with how cheapened everything feels when GW's rinse and repeat sell cycle quickly treats old factions and rules as disposable. I feel like collecting what I am actually interested in in time to see support without major rule changes is just a race I am personally never going to win as a slow builder in their constant sales cycle. People will say things like "of course x models were gonna go", but as a new player I never saw it that way. Up until now I've just spoken against changes I don't like, but at this point I don't know what I want out of the hobby anymore. Might end up cashing in a few thousand dollars worth of models. We'll see...
  3. yes but that's only because those warscrolls themselves are very old and untouched. It's not specifically the battletome that makes a faction relevant again, it's the battletome treatment. That is to say, look at the difference in half of the cities of sigmar warscrolls a month ago til now. Not the book allegiance benefits. The warscroll changes alone (which work completely independently of the cities allegiance/ book) have doubled and tripled the efficiency of many units. I guess what I am trying to say is, if warcry units (which are brand new warscrolls) were supposed to be the beginning of the battletome treatment, they probably wouldn't be such yawners.
  4. You need to have the former to properly appreciate the latter, and vice versa. So, agreed.
  5. From the warscrolls in the table of contents in the book, I cannot find any other devoted of sigmar which is very questionable...
  6. If I'm reading this correctly... Can anyone tell me a possibility as to why they would have only kept 1 poor unit with the "devoted of sigmar" keyword, when all of the other devoted of sigmar (who would give buffs) have been removed?
  7. Don't think so, seems like facebook source updates are a thing now. They have been previewing/ revealing CoS rules that haven't been shown on WHC all week so...
  8. the listings on preorder I would think would have the updated warscrolls.. For example when the SC! sets go up for preorder... I dont know about the models that are already on the store though...
  9. He doesn't follow the ally points rules. He has a unique rule where he can be allied with any order faction regardless of point limits, but that nobody else can be allied if you take him. (I think it's BS but that's beside the point)
  10. It will also be better for us playing home-games when GW releases their promised matched points for every legends unit next year as well... Then you can house rule which units are allowed in each city, etc, without having to worry too much about the points being way way off.
  11. Cities of Sigmar is appealing but between the 2 start collecting's being released and soupy niche older factions, that may lower chances...
  12. Anyone have any theory or rumour regarding the fate of the Battlemage? It has been shown in multiple cities of sigmar displays and book pics, but is still totally gone from the store... Gone for good, or what else is happening?
  13. Yes, there's fewer instances of the actual models being shown incorrectly (though we'll see if the cities of sigmar photographs also fix themselves by bringing back removed models?), but the art often seems to lean towards things that are removed or no longer supported in the range.
  14. Someone hasn't been paying attention as usual.
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