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  1. I didn’t enjoy being strong-armed into the preset subfaction builds with pre-determined artefacts and traits. People are saying it is “flexible”, but I feel like there’s surprisingly very few valid ways to customize the army. However this could be an AoS-wide problem these days. Old Gnarlroot players seemed disheartened because it was hard to bolster magic like before within the constrictions of the new gnarlroot. Also we could no longer bring unique order units / order wizards with cool buffs in our allegiance. Instead we are left just with order allies that - if we’re being honest- are relatively useless for us, as abilities simply do not synergize with sylvaneth 9 times out of 10. There are a couple exceptions but not many.
  2. [Cynical Hat] Regardless...if they are "revealing" things this early despite allegedly being 3 years out, I cannot help but think that all of this is just a ruse to persuade old players against buying into competitors' wargames ...
  3. I learned something new today: However, just because you *could* do it doesn't mean it would be realistic or very useful for you, considering the allies PLUS their battalion points would have to be <= 400 points total in a 2000 point game. What sort of battalion were you thinking of using?
  4. I can at least 100% understand where you're coming from on that.
  5. Not true. Talk to people outside your circle. Check social media. The fanbase can still be present as well as unhappy with the balance: Whether the fanbase is happy with the rules or frustrated with bad rules will determine how many pitchforks you will see on facebook and the general mood of the actually-playing community. Why do they stay? No, it's not because they secretly enjoyed getting their butts handed to them by slaanesh last year. People are fans of Warhammer and GW's models. For that reason people can still be fans and be very unhappy with the current rules balance. Sure, some people will be unhappy to the point that they stop playing (I've seen it), but others stay at least semi-active and provide feedback with the hope that GW will one day better balance their book releases (they do start to balance things eventually, but nearly a year too late and not quite enough). Until then, my circle for example would manually ensure our own "balanced" match-ups by avoiding anything that's obviously too broken. Note, it's not as fun to have to avoid anything in the game, but we make the fun that we can make. Personally I don't need Warhammer to be balanced to the point that the highest win rate faction is under 53%. I do however want them to focus on balance until they can at least achieve a range purely in the 41-59% win rate. To me, publishing and leaving a faction at 65-70 percent win rate is just disgustingly inexcusable.
  6. Searched everywhere for the results and can't find anything... Where are these results published?
  7. Seconding that changing thread pages is broken for me. Only ads load when I change pages. Of course the glitch is separate from the topic at hand, but still
  8. It is certainly not fair if one person has to shoulder the cost. Maybe it would make people more comfortable subscribing / accepting the ads to know - Where do the proceeds go if donation + subscription + ad money begins to exceed the operating costs for the month? Also, does the donation goal bar currently exclude subscription and ad revenue? The donation bar could be misleading if the site began to gain significant revenue in other ways. Here are what the ads look like when I'm logged into my account on my mobile phone:
  9. So far opinion is 3 - 3. I kind of understand both sides, it does help to give the subfaction further identity and balance. However, personally I felt my creativity really being killed when trying to build lists.
  10. Poll: Do you like / dislike that subfaction allegiances require you to lock your trait / artefact choices? Is it necessary to you? See other similar thread regarding potential ways to balance subfactions: I know the topic is a little too similar but I was interested in getting a show of hands with a poll
  11. Even as a God it would be very strange to me if Teclis was bigger than Celestant Prime. imo understated can be bad ass. Also I’d prefer the twins on separate bases as it allows for more flexibility in play (you could team them up side by side, flank, or spend fewer points to just take one). However they should obviously have bonuses together.
  12. Personally I think having a mix of the two versions is helpful... but nothing is helpful for transportation
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