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  1. Slaughterborn consists of an Exalted Deathbringer, 2-4 units of Skullreapers, and (I think) 1-3 units of Blood Warriors. It reduces the rend characteristic of enemy melee weapon attacks against these units by 1 (-2 rend becomes -1, -1 becomes 0). The units do not have to be near each other to maintain this benefit (unlike some other battalions). It's 180 points to take, but very useful if you're running a lot of those units anyway.
  2. This weekend I played Three Places of Power with my friend and used Apoplectic Frenzy on some Skullreapers to wipe out a unit of chainrasps in the Hero Phase, then they piled in against the Guardian of Souls holding the objective in the Combat phase and took him out, and meanwhile my Bloodstoker had just happened to walk right up to the objective amid the slaughter!
  3. Going to be getting in a 1500-pt game with a friend soon, and I'm bringing a new friend with me--an Exalted Deathbringer with Impaling Spear!
  4. It depends what you're fighting: if your opponent has a powerful spellcaster or two on the board, skulls make them have to be careful; if you're not worried about your opponent's magic, the skulls will just end up sitting around. The axe can do a fair amount of damage, and it also gives enemies within 3" a -1 to hit, which is probably our best shooting defense!
  5. I'm excited to see how it goes for you! I mean, we're talking about two units, so two blood tithe, for 120 points; a pup that rerolls charges, lets the Fiends reroll charges, and can unbind; a small-footprint unit for the "wholly within" standard for buffs, and TWO weapons with rend -1! They've got a lot going for them in an MSU, pawn-sacrifice army!
  6. I've run my two Khorgies in a single unit before, and it DOES get a lot of attention from the opponent--too much, in fact! I generally prefer to keep them separated so they can both get back a wound from Taker of Heads, and attempt to spread Horrific Predators around; and the 10" orbit of the Skullfiend Tribe's For the Brass Citadel ability isn't hard to squeeze a few into, even spaced out a bit. I get the fewer drops thing though, but in this case it's a difference of one drop.
  7. The Knight of Shrouds gives the the +1 attack to one unit as a command ability. Take advantage of Deathless Spirits for the 6+ after-save. Wrapping your heroes in chainrasps that get two saves and can be summoned back with spectral lure makes decent objective holders, or they can block off an area.
  8. It looks great! I can just see the action of it, bringing the shield up to block and then swinging the blade down into unguarded flesh!
  9. His "Immortal Champion" ability lets him take a god keyword, and the warscroll lists a Daemon Prince of Khorne as having the keywords, Khorne, Daemon, and Hero, so i assume he meets requirements.
  10. I'm thinking that you do since the Bloodstoker warscroll says to add 3" to run and charge roll, so it's distance beyond the roll. And the Ever Onwards ability basically declares that a unit "rolled" a 6 on its run. If unbuffed Bloodreavers were worth a hoot, you could get them to run 16" (6 base plus 6 ever onwards plus 3 whipped to fury plus 1 for hornblower), then have them charge 2d6 +4 (horn and whip again). You'd be in people's faces, at least for a minute lol.
  11. They can have their uses. I have both of the Khorne ones, and they have some unique features and they're cheap. Magore's Fiends are a compact unit (perfect for the new "wholly within" standard for buffs) with 2 rending weapons, gorefists, and a flesh-hound that lets them reroll charges.
  12. I'm happy to hear this about the Ex Death with Spear--I'm converting one now from a spare Bloodsecrator and Daemon Prince's sword!
  13. I can't wait for the danged errata to come out already.
  14. I'm actually planning to run a Daemon Prince in my Goretide army, so I can give him Hew the Foe and Thronebreaker's Torc, and let him fly around, shooting off units of bloodreavers as "nets" for him to ensnare enemy units. That's the plan anyway.
  15. Do you have anything to stop Battleshock in your list? If not, consider bringing an Exalted Deathbringer, whose Command Ability creates an 18" battleshock-free bubble!
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