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  1. The core rules say that a "hit roll of 1 before modification always fails to hit the target," so it looks like there's no auto-hitting. Same goes for wounding and saving rolls.
  2. I agree with @Troll.exe on Gore Pilgrims, because it's going to be really hard to keep groups of 20-30 reavers wholly within 16" of the slaughterpriest AND keep that slaughterpriest safe. Plus, you can catch more units in the larger 24" orbit, so everybody will get more attacks. Also, if you're looking to have the bloodsecrator keep pace with the wave of reavers, you can give him the Thermalrider Cloak artefact, or if you want to soften up a bunch of units with mortal wounds, give him the Banner of Wrath.
  3. I submitted a pitch for a story about a wilderness clan pushed out of its ancestral homelands by a growing city. The clan heads north to the ruins of a city wracked by plagues in the Age of Chaos, and they hunt a hideous Nurgle-y beast covered in bloodshot, dripping eyes--basically conjunctivitis as monster--and its master. In any case, acceptance or rejection, it's given me the chance to think a lot about the sort of Free City dynamic I want for a future army, and it's given me the opportunity to develop my Silva Lacrimalis setting. We'll see!
  4. I like that vertical distance is rounded up, so falling is way more of a thing with the core terrain. Enhances the drama of slugfests up on those rickety platforms!
  5. Thank you, @Xasz, that was what I was hoping for, and how I intended to play him--a horrific counter-punch in turn 2 should my opponent run up on him recklessly!
  6. I have a question about Skarbrand's "Skarbrand's Rage" ability. Can he use this in the second round if he didn't fight in the first, or does he have to stay out of combat until round 3 to use it? The text of the ability is this: From the second battle round, if this model is on the battlefield and did not attack in at least one of the combat phases of the previous battle round, when you look up a value on this model’s damage table the model is treated as having suffered 13 wounds.
  7. An Exalted Deathbringer could be good for Brutal Command, to make sure nearby Bloodreavers stick around on objectives or just stay to gum up the works.
  8. Does anybody remember Aracula from Skeleton Warriors? I'm getting that vibe with these boys, and I like it!
  9. Katakros does say "ensorcelled ivory" so basically a wizard did it and that works for me! Interesting you mention the stonehorns--could that be the basis for a potential Mawtribes-Ossiarch battlebox? Nagash wants only thr coolest bones, and the Ogors won't give 'em up? 😄
  10. I plan on treating myself to a Bloodthirster--my first--when I submit my Black Library pitch. I have a nearly all-mortals collection, aside from 20 Bloodletters and a Daemon Prince. I lean toward Skarbrand, just because the model is so cool, and I like the fluff of him being eternally p*ssed off for coming at the king and missing. But then he can't be summoned, and I don't know if it's better to have another bloodthirster that I can use more flexibly. I run mortals, generally in Slaughterborn or Gore Pilgrims, and I'm wondering what complements that best. Thanks!
  11. I'm not sure what this means, but I was looking at the warscrolls for the Warcry models, and they all have the unique "Cultists" keyword. I wonder if this means something for how they'll be used in an upcoming StD book, if they'll have a special battalion or unique allegiance abilities. Hmmmm.
  12. It really annoys me that the Armator doesn't get a unique ability of his own. It's not even worth having him throw bolas. I'm already looking for proxies for additional Drillmasters because speed counts! I lost a game this weekend to my friend's Cypher Lords because the last person I had to kill in his Dagger burned a quad to leap up on the bell tower in round 4, and there was nothing I could do about it!
  13. I'd thought about doing this, and just explain the different look as warriors of a particular god taking interest in the Golems. Thus adding in a few Blood Warriors would be like the favor of Khorne manifesting.
  14. I've built the Untamed Beasts and Iron Golems from the core box, and I'm trying to get ideas for interesting ways to expand these warbands, or any others I get. I'm not really sold on buying multiple boxes of the exact same set to build a roster though. What are your plans for expanding your warbands--any warband--curious to see what people have planned.
  15. Has anyone gotten any games in with the Golems yet?
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